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Young living everyday oils ppt.canada
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Young living everyday oils ppt.canada


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Introduction to Everyday Oils Class
  • 2. Essential Oils •Life blood of the plant •Carry oxygen •Fight illness •Protect the plant •Work the same way in the body •Penetrate cell membranes •Diffuse through blood & tissue •One drop contains hundreds of beneficial compounds •Super-concentrated •Can be used as medicine and to correct underlying problems
  • 3.  Essential oils are God given and work perfectly with the body.  There are recipes for essential oils in the Bible – Exodus 30:23  Over 200 references to essential oils in the Bible.  God created oils for our healing. Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2 and Proverbs 21:20 are just a few scriptures that reveal this.
  • 4.  Like every living thing, essential oils carry a frequency.  Eating processed foods, stress and even coffee can lower our frequency.  Disease and sickness set in  Viruses, bacteria, and cancer thrive in a low frequency environment  Adding high frequency to your body in the form of essential oils is simple and convenient.  Makes your body less susceptible to disease
  • 5. Why Young Living  Key to producing therapeutic essential oils is to preserve their delicate compounds  Effected by soil conditions, fertilizer, geographic region, harvesting methods and distillation process  Fragile components are easily destroyed  Young Living oils are produced from carefully identified plants with chemical profiles that match or exceed the world standards.  The most rigorous standards of any essential oil producer. This is essential to gain therapeutic results.
  • 6. Seed to Seal Guarantee  Young Living tests EVERY BATCH OF OIL yet only 28% of all oils are accepted.  The rest are used on Young Living farms as a natural herbicide.
  • 7. Ways to use: Topically- Directly on desired area, bottom of feet, vita flex points Oils are in the blood in 3 sec. Direct Inhalation – access to limbic system on the brain, emotions Diffuse in a room – cleans the air, kills bacteria, viruses, mold etc. Effects the mood in the room Internally - put in empty capsule, put in water, juice, or NingXia Red
  • 8. Frankincense  Very valuable oil, valued more than gold in ancient times  A 16th century B.C. medical record contains 877 prescriptions and recipes  Antidepressant & Antianxiety  Recover from depression and PTSD  Acute skin conditions: stretch marks, scars, sun spots  Promotes healing, repairs DNA  Anti-cancer/anti-tumor  Studies show only YL Frankincense dissolved cancer cells
  • 9.  Comes from the rind, not pulp  43 lemon rinds = 1 bottle of oil  Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti- tumor  Diffusing lemon kills bacteria in the air in 15 – 20 min  Cleans and smells good  Dissolves chemicals (plastics)  Skin Care, acne  Cough, ear infections  Detoxify liver and kidney  Enhances concentration  Antidepressant Lemon
  • 10. Peppermint  Very potent, 1 drop = 26 cups of peppermint tea  Alertness  Study showed inhaling peppermint increased mental accuracy by 28%.  Digestion  Headaches  Anti-inflammatory  Bruises and pain  Congestion/sinus relief  Curbs appetite and cravings  Add to food and drinks  Spray on in summer to cool off
  • 11.  Has over 200 constituents  It takes 170-250 lbs. of lavender          plant material to make 1 lb. of lavender oil Anti-anxiety Anti-histamine, knocks seasonal allergy symptoms Wound healing Skin issues, eczema Sunburns Relaxation, inducing sleep Cuts and burns Respiratory and ear infections Anti-inflammatory Lavender
  • 12. Purification  Disinfects and cleans the air  Neutralizes mildew, smoke, chemicals and any bad odor  Make natural air freshener  Bug repellant  Bug bite remedy  Highly anti-microbial  Disinfects and cleans cuts and     scrapes Allergic reactions Fungal problems Great for pets – ear mites, fleas Anything itchy
  • 13. Thieves  YL is well-known for this unique blend  Contains 5 HIGHLY anti-viral, anti- bacterial, anti-infectious oils  Studies show it kills bacteria, viruses and mold in the air  Great for diffusing when anyone in your home or office is sick  Kills household germs  Prevents and treats colds and flu  Strep throat  Tooth aches, infections, pain, gingivitis, bleeding gums  Fungal infections – athlete’s foot etc.
  • 14. Thieves Products  Household Cleaner  Cleans everything from floors to mirrors to produce!  Concentrate makes 14-16 bottles of cleaner  Mouthwash  Hand Sanitizer  Foaming soap  Disinfecting/Throat Spray  Toothpaste  Dental Floss  Wipes  Bar Soap
  • 15.  Reduces pain from injury  Anti-inflammatory  Increases circulation  Accelerates healing  Great for bruises  Soothes arthritis pain  Back, neck and shoulder pain  Great for massages  Muscle spasms and cramps  Menstrual cramps  Sciatic Pain PanAway
  • 16. Peace & Calming  Promotes relaxation  Gives a deep sense of peace and       emotional well-being Calms, decrease stress Great to diffuse for peaceful home Calms overactive kids Soothes frightened pets Reduces panic attacks and depression Promotes sleep  Massage children’s feet before bed
  • 17. Valor  Grounding blend, helps your body hold a chiropractic adjustment  Same frequency as your bones  Balance and alignment  Emotional benefits  Courage  Self-esteem     Sleep Apnea Kidney issues, bed wetting Anxiety TMJ
  • 18. Countless Essential Oil Recipes
  • 19. Other Young Living Products  NingXia Red  Skin care  Weight loss  Everyday products (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant)  Supplements- Fish oil, endocrine support, shakes, bone health, digestive health and much more!
  • 20. How to get your own YL Oils  Retail Customer or Wholesale Member  Members can share/sell but do NOT have to  Premium Start Living Kit = Best Value Special Price - $173 Retail Value - $296 + membership