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This is Twitter demystified. Helps those who "don\'t get it."

This is Twitter demystified. Helps those who "don\'t get it."

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  • 1. Twitter!
    What it is and how to use it
    Sandy Ketcham
    The Word Pro
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  • 4. Glossary
    Tweet - “What are you doing” in 140 characters or less.
    Follow – See what another person is “tweeting.”
    Unfollow – Stop seeing another’s tweets
    Twittosphere – Everyone on Twitter
    Link – Add a URL to your tweet – a way to shorten a URL for Twitter
  • 5. @TheWordPro
    @username – a way to send a Public Message to individual user.
    Everyone will see it
    A way to respond openly or mention someone.
    Your followers will see it; @username’s followers will also see it.
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  • 7. DM – Direct Message
    One-on-one message to someone who is following you
    Not Public
    Like email – only shorter
    You can have direct messages go to your email.
    There is a DM Link on your Twitter Home Page.
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  • 9. #Hashtag
    A way for people to follow a certain topic
    E.g. #fireworks
    People add # (hashtags) to tweets to alert others interested in that subject
    Use to find subjects, including hashtagsubjects
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  • 11. Applications
    There are hundreds. Here are a few…
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  • 24. Twitter Strategy
    Pique interest
    Direct people to your Website
    Link to your blog entries
    Link to Articles that show why folks need you.
    NOT a place to sell.
    …but you can post “specials” or coupons
  • 25. Strategy: Get their attention!
  • 26.
  • 27. Things to do on Twitter…
    Share what is going on in your community.
    (e.g. A parade, an expo, a Chamber Event.)
    Be helpful. Offer tips to help customers
    (e.g. Insurance agent: Car care tips.)
    Talk about non-business things
    Ask questions
    Conduct an opinion poll
    Comment on other’s tweets to build a community
    Retweet interesting things
  • 28. More things…
    Monitor your name/brand/industry
    Monitor your competition
    Keep current on breaking news
    Learn from the “experts” in your field
    Become an “expert” in your field
    Direct attention to good things
    Show you are human
    (personal, but not too personal)
    Start a conversation…
  • 29. Follow…
    Follow people and subjects that interest you
    Follow leaders in your field
    Follow your competitors
    Follow your customers
    Follow your Suppliers
    Follow influential people in your town/state/country
    Follow your mentors
    Follow interesting people.
    Follow people who make you laugh 
  • 30. Be followed
    Unless your Ashton Kutcher or Oprah, people are not going to flock to your Twitter page.
    Say interesting/useful things
    Use good keywords and #hashtags
    Retweet things from high profile people
    Add links to your Twitter Account on your website, email, business card, marketing pieces – everywhere you can!
    Evangelize! Tell people about Twitter!
  • 31. Follow me on Twitter…
    Read my blog:
    Check out my website:
    Link with me on LinkedIN:
  • 32. Thank you.
    Sandy Ketcham
    The Word Pro
    (815) 556-8505
    “Innovative Marketing for Small Business”