Windows Azure [R]Evolution - Applications Integration with Azure Service Bus (BizTalk as PaaS)


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Within the Microsoft stack, both EAI and EDI have historically been tackled by BizTalk. With this preview we will give an early glimpse into how Microsoft envisions these types of integration scenarios being addressed in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based environment.

In this session we’ll see EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionalities like: how to manage EDI message exchanges and trading partners with the Azure EDI Portal; how to support Flat files; edit Schemas and transformation maps.

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Windows Azure [R]Evolution - Applications Integration with Azure Service Bus (BizTalk as PaaS)

  1. 1. Integração de aplicações com o Service BusSandro PereiraMicrosoft BizTalk MVP since 2011 Senior Software Developer at DevScope
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction - Microsoft integration stack• Windows Azure Service Bus• Windows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI• What’s next? – on-perm – IaaS – PaaS (Windows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Services)
  3. 3. Microsoft integration stack
  4. 4. Current Microsoft integration stack
  5. 5. New Challenges
  6. 6. Windows Azure ServiceBus
  7. 7. Windows Azure Service Bus overview
  8. 8. Service Bus Relay• Great sample: “How to Use the Service Bus Relay Service”
  9. 9. Queues
  10. 10. Queues
  11. 11. Topics
  12. 12. BizTalk Azure EAI & EDIServices…or Windows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDILabsCTP (Community Technology Preview) version
  13. 13. BizTalk Azure EAI & EDI Services are in CTP• Public announcement: here• Portal to provision namespaces:• EDI Portal:• SDK & Samples: here• Tutorial & documentation: here• Forum:
  14. 14. BizTalk Azure EAI & EDI Services are in CTP• XML Bridge• Transforms• Service Bus Connect• B2B
  15. 15. BizTalk Azure EAI & EDI Services are in CTP• Flat File Support• Enriched the Mapper functionalities• Enriched EDI Portal functionalities – Message Tracking and send side batching• FTP Support• UTF-16, UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE
  16. 16. EAI CapabilitiesEnterprise Application Integration (EAI) which provide rich messageprocessing capabilities and the ability to connect private cloud assets tothe public cloud.
  17. 17. EAI Scenario Bridge LOB Relay On-Premise Line of Service Bus Connect Business LOB Target System
  18. 18. EDI CapabilitiesElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) targeted at business-to-business(B2B) scenarios in the form of a finished service built for trading partnermanagement.
  19. 19. EDI Service – Order Processing ScenarioEDI App Sales Order Dashboard Management (ASP .NET) LOB System
  20. 20. How can I get Started!Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI LABS
  21. 21. • You can download the Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs SDK – April 2012Requirements Release from • Installing the Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs - April 2012• Platform: – Server 2008 R2/Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server, Windows Server AppFabric 1.0• Windows Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI April, 2012 Release – WindowsAzureServiceBusEAI-EDILabsSDK.msi – ServiceBusConnectSetup.exe – – Portal to provision namespaces: – EDI Portal:
  22. 22. DEMOEAI Capabilities ( , VETER, CBR, )EDI Capabilities ( )
  23. 23. What’s Next?
  24. 24. What’s Next?
  25. 25. BizTalk on-perm
  26. 26. BizTalk Server
  27. 27. BizTalk Server 2010 R2 feature enhancements• Platform Update: support for Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 Server, SQL Server 2012, Office 15 and System Center 2012• B2B enhancements to support the latest standards natively• Better performance• Better manageability (ESB Toolkit as core part)• Improved Connectivity – Consume REST services directly in BizTalk – Easy connectivity to Azure Service Bus relay, queues and topics• and BizTalk running in Azure…
  28. 28. BizTalk in Azure IaaS• Provision a simple BizTalk developer environment or a multi-node test environment on Azure• Configure BizTalk & SQL IaaS• Develop integration applications, deploy and test• Deploy BizTalk solutions developed on-premise or in IaaS• Eliminate HW procurement lead times• Reduce time & cost to setup and maintain BizTalk environments
  29. 29. BizTalk on Azure PaaSWindows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Services
  30. 30. Windows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Services• Sequence of activities to • Scalable EDI bridges for X12 • Include on-premises perform impedance mismatch and AS2 applications, services, data in• Disassembly • EDI Portal for agreement cloud applications• Message Validation management and tracking • Manage hybrid apps easily• Transforms • Enable store and forward• Content based Routing scenarios in BizTalk by enabling Service Bus• Hosting custom code queues, topics• EAI Bridges • EDI Bridges • Azure Service Bus Connect• Transforms • EDI Portal • BizTalk Service Bus Adapter
  31. 31. EAI Capabilities• Sequence of activities to perform impedance mismatch• Disassembly• Message Validation• Transforms• Content based Routing• Hosting custom code • Auto pull messages from FTP shares • Disassembly of messages • Processing flat files • XML message validation• EAI Bridges • Enrich message properties• Transforms • Transformations: structural normalization • Operational Tracking and Archiving • Character set encoding (Receive side) • Content based routing
  32. 32. EAI Capabilities• Sequence of activities to • Looping functoids – foreach, mapeach perform impedance mismatch • Expression functoids – arithmetic• Disassembly , logical , conditional , if-then-else• Message Validation • Temporary store – Lists and related operations• Transforms • String and date-time manipulation• Content based Routing operations• Hosting custom code • Cumulative operations • Number format operations • Support for Pages in UI • Test map functionality• EAI Bridges• Transforms • Migrate BizTalk maps • Support XSLT maps
  33. 33. EAI Capabilities• Include on-premises applications, services, data in cloud applications• Manage hybrid apps easily• Enable store and forward scenarios in BizTalk by enabling Service Bus queues, topics • SQL Server • Oracle DB• Azure Service Bus Connect • Oracle E-business suite • SAP• BizTalk Service Bus Adapter • Seibel eBusiness Applications
  34. 34. EDI Capabilities• Scalable EDI bridges for X12 • Support AS2 and FTP as transport and AS2 • Process X12 messages upto 5030 • Generate and process MDN, TA1, 997• EDI Portal for agreement management and tracking • Archiving • Batching • Tracking• EDI Bridges • Metro UI for managing trading partners• EDI Portal • Manage & Monitor AS2, X12 agreements • View Resources like Transforms, Schemas, Certificates • Delete, Redeployment of agreements
  35. 35. Questions
  36. 36. Blog: http://sandroaspbiztalkblog.wordpress.comMVP Profile: Profile: of BiztalkAdminsBlogging: of BizTalk Brazil Community: Thanks Sandro Pereira +351 223 751 350