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Please find attached the NFIA presentation on the Dutch chemical sector

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Presentation Dutch Chemical Sector

  1. 1. 1901Jacobus van ‘t Hoff 1st winner Nobel Prize for chemistry
  2. 2. HollandYour chemical portal to Europe Welcome!
  3. 3. Great achievements, small country a regional powerhouse within Europe on a small surface at the North Sea
  4. 4. Holland offers: an international business environment
  5. 5. Holland offers: an international business environment a cutting-edge infrastructure
  6. 6. Holland offers: an international business environment a cutting-edge infrastructure a competitive fiscal climate
  7. 7. HollandYour chemical portal to Europe Source: VNCI/Shell
  8. 8. HollandYour chemical portal to EuropeBig picture overview 2010 € 47 billion turnover 18% of industrial output 64,000 employees 75% of Dutch chemical products is exported € 1.4 billion investment in innovation
  9. 9. HollandYour chemical portal to Europeexcels in: industrial biotechnology high performance materials fine chemicals
  10. 10. Holland has the community …connecting all players
  11. 11. Holland has the community connecting means… …value creation by open innovation Source: Nuffic / Arenda Oomen
  12. 12. Top chemical companies in the NetherlandsAbengoa, Air Products, Air Liquide, AkzoNobel, Albemarle, Arkema,BASF, BP, Braskem, Buteressence, Cabot, Caldic Chemical, Cargill,Celanese, Cerexagri, Chemtura, Climax Molybdenum, Croda, Dishman,Ducor Petrochemicals, DOW, Dr. Kolb, DSM, DuPont, Dynea, Eastman,Elementis Specialties, Evonik, ExxonMobil, FUJIFILM, Givaudan,Hexion, Huntsman, ICL Industrial Products, Indorama, INEOS, NOVA,Invista, Kemira, Kisuma, Kraton, Linde Gas, Lubrizol, Lucite International,LyondellBasell, Messer, Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics, Neste Oil, Norit,Organik Kimya, Petrobas, PFW Aroma Chemicals, PPG IndustriesChemicals, PQ Nederland, Praxair, PURAC, Quaker, Rohm and Haas,SABIC, Sachem, Sekisui, Shell, Shin-Etsu, Solvay, TANATEX, TeijinAramid, Tessenderlo Chemicals, ThermPhos, Tronox, Troy ChemicalCompany, Umicore, Westfalen, Yara
  13. 13. Value creation by open innovation …Therefore we created public-private partnerships centres for open chemical innovation: Plant ONE, Chemelot, Green Chemistry Campus Source: AkzoNobel
  14. 14. Three chemical clusters: industrial biotechnology & fine chemicals
  15. 15. Three chemical clusters: industrial biotechnology & high performance materials
  16. 16. Three chemical clusters: high performance materials & fine chemicals
  17. 17. Excellence in industrial biotechnology:Expertise: cutting-edge fermentation andcatalysis
  18. 18. Excellence in industrial biotechnology:Leading industry players: DSM,AVEBE, Cargill, Braskem, DyadicInternational, Pacques, Purac, Neste Oiland Abengoa
  19. 19. Research in industrial biotechnologyResearch leaders: Delft University ofTechnology, Wageningen University andGroningen University
  20. 20. Applied research in industrialbiotechnology: BE BASIC Supports the development of clean, robust and competitive biobased chemicals, materials and energy industries Pilot & bioprocess facility available for development, testing, demonstration and training
  21. 21. Excellence in high-performancematerials Expertise: supramolecular chemistry and advanced & functional materials Source: AkzoNobel
  22. 22. Excellence in high-performancematerials Leading industry players: SABIC Europe, Teijin Aramid, DSM Dyneema, DuPont, DOW, Sekisui, Ten Cate Source: AkzoNobel
  23. 23. Excellence in high-performancematerials Research leaders: University of Twente, University of Groningen, University of Eindhoven, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Source: AkzoNobel
  24. 24. Applied research in high-performancematerialsDutch Polymer Institute (DPI) Leading institute for innovative polymer programmes 250 PhDs & post-doctorals involved in DPI-projects throughout the world Focus areas: polyolefins, performance polymers, functional polymer systems, coatings technology, high-throughput experimentation, bio-inspired polymers, large area thin film electronics, emerging technologies, corporate research
  25. 25. Excellence in fine chemicals: Expertise in process technology and catalysis Source: AkzoNobel
  26. 26. Excellence in fine chemicals: Leading industry players: AkzoNobel, Chemtura, DSM Fine Chemicals, Dow, Eastman, IFF, FujiFilm, Givaudan, Kisuma Chemicals, PFW Source: AkzoNobel
  27. 27. Research in fine chemicals Research leaders: Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and University of Utrecht
  28. 28. Applied research in fine chemicals:Institute for SustainableProcess Technology (ISPT) Delivers a technological platform for the process industry Focuses on process intensification Aims to speed up and optimalize innovation processes Aims to improve sustainability and competitiveness
  29. 29. Applied research in fine chemicals:Technology Areasfor Sustainable Chemistry (TASC)Focuses on: low energy routes to bulk chemicals eco-efficient use of biomass for bulk and fine chemicals production syngas: a switch to flexible new feedstock for the chemical industry comprehensive analytical science and technology
  30. 30. So…we have the community
  31. 31. So…we have the technology Source: Nuffic / Arenda Oomen
  32. 32. So… the business climateAnd…
  33. 33. …we have the location
  34. 34. HollandYour chemical portal to Europe Welcome!
  35. 35. Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency