Presentation finalistes midem marketing competition 2014


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Presentation finalistes midem marketing competition 2014

  1. 1. Midem Marketing Competition Finalists 2014
  2. 2. Best Use or Integration of Music Pitch sessions on Monday, February 3rd , 12.00 – 13.00 & 14.30 – 15.30 Brands & Fans Central (Riviera Hall) Beats by Dre #ShowYourColor For Beats by Dr. Dre by R/GA London (UK) Beats wanted to ramp up sales of their new coloured headphones. We identified that our target audience had one thing in common: their cherished individuality. So we created a campaign driven by the self-expression of the fans. Launched at the Olympics, we kick-started a culture around sound and self-expression. As a result of the campaign, Beats accounted for 80% of all premium headphone sales in the US during the holiday season in 2012, plus 50% of all headphone sales during the same period. Reaching 180 countries, the #showyourcolor campaign made Beats by Dr. Dre the #1 audio brand. Link to the campaign’s video: Beldent Random Music Fest for Mondelez International / Beldent By + Castro Innovation (Argentina) Since the creation of mp3 players, millennials have been listening to music in a new way: the RANDOM MODE. Our principal objective was to take this idea of the digital world and bring it into the offline world. Our solution: a concert where you didn't know what was coming next. 4 stages of 4 different colors. A multimedia lighthouse placed in the center of the crowd which randomly selected 1 stage among 4. A band came out, played 3 songs and right after, the light chose the next band. And so on, from stage to stage, for 5 hours.
In the first edition the Magic Numbers, Babasonicos, Mystery Jets, Tan Bionica, Poncho, Estelares and a set of 4 international DJs played randomly. Link to the campaign’s video: Discover the 3 winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) elected by the jury members on Monday, February 3rd at 16.45 during Midem Innovation Show- Main Room (Riviera Hall)
  3. 3. Converse Represent for Converse By Cornerstone (USA) This summer 2013, Converse dived into the San Francisco music scene through an extensive Converse Rubber Tracks onslaught with Converse Represent as the crowning foundation. Held at the iconic San Francisco venue Slim’s, Converse Represent brought five nights of free shows celebrating the local music community, the brands rich musical heritage and Converse's ongoing commitment as a catalyst and supporter of musical creativity. Artists performing included Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Hot Chip, Mastadon, Juicy J, Deltron 3030, and Angel Haze among others and fans entered to win tickets to the shows at no cost. Converse Represent was developed to honor and ‘represent’ the multitude of music genres and artists that shape the musical landscape of the past, present and future. Through this phenomenal program Converse has created and given back to the local community an alternative event and experience like no other. Link to the campaign’s video: Kaizervirus for Kaizers Orchestra By HES / Anorak / Notch (Norway) When the band Kaizers Orchestra was about to release their new album, they needed something that could make them relevant again and build expectations prior to the release and their upcoming tour. Based on the fanmade expression, The Kaizervirus, they released the album one month before the official release through an iPhone / Android application. The only way you could listen to the songs, was by catching the virus. To get infected you had to get close to someone who had the virus. And so the album infected fan after fan, just like a virus would spread. You could get infected simply by passing someone on the street. You could also use the app to get access to secret concerts, find listening spots, be the first to catch a new song, or help spread the virus through activities on Instagram or Facebook. Link to the campaign’s video: Discover the 3 winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) elected by the jury members on Monday, February 3rd at 16.45 during Midem Innovation Show- Main Room (Riviera Hall)
  4. 4. Make it to Muse for Studio Brussel By Mortierbrigade (Belgium) An authentic story on a group of people with dementia who became support act of MUSE, changed the prejudices about dementia and gave music therapy a giant boost. Link to the campaign’s video: Mindtunes for Smirnoff By Duval Guillaume Modem (Belgium) Enable 3 physically disabled musicians to realize their dream and make music again. To do this we set up the Smirnoff Mindtunes project enabling them to make music with the power of their mind as the only instrument. Goal was to allow the 3 disabled musicians to produce a finished track together with world famous electronic music producer DJ Fresh. The prchallenge for this first project was to create talk value and amazing content about this project set up to show what disabled former musicians have the power to create when they are given the means to do so. Link to the campaign’s video: Discover the 3 winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) elected by the jury members on Monday, February 3rd at 16.45 during Midem Innovation Show- Main Room (Riviera Hall)
  5. 5. Music in the Sky for Air France By BETC Music (France) Prick up your ears ! The sky has something to tell you. Known and appreciated by music fans for its sharp selections and exclusive content, Air France Music has decided to make you lift your head up with its iPhone and Android app : “Music in the Sky”. Exclusive pieces of music are hidden in the clouds, you can find them and enrich your playlists by lifting your iPhone up to the sky. From Paris to Tokyo passing through Buenos Aires, the sky in every region has its own tracks. Several times throughout the year, you’ll be able to discover unreleased tracks, as well as the chance to win concert or airline tickets, if you can find the games hidden in the sky. With this app, you’ll never look at the sky in the same way again ! The app can be downloaded for free for iphone and for Android. Link to the campaign’s video: Skype & Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball for Skype By Live Nation Entertainment (USA) With millions of users around the world, Skype has been a critical communication tool for years. But while the brand enjoys ubiquitous awareness, digital convergence and the proliferation of connectivity platforms have challenged it to not only expand its feature set, but also grow relevancy among a younger, more social and mobile audience. Together, Skype and Live Nation launched an integrated program centered on Skype’s official global sponsorship of the Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour. The sponsorship of Lady Gaga’s tour was truly a partnership in that Skype was able to enhance the fan experience before, during, and after the show. The marketing, awareness, content, and connectivity that the Skype Lady Gaga platform added to the tour allowed the brand to reach it’s desired audience and demonstrated that Skype was a viable promotional and collaboration partner for an entire industry. Link to the campaign’s video: Discover the 3 winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) elected by the jury members on Monday, February 3rd at 16.45 during Midem Innovation Show- Main Room (Riviera Hall)
  6. 6. Tree Concert for BUND By BBDO & Gang of Berlin (Germany) Berlin loses thousands of city trees every year. "Friends of the Earth Germany" aims to stop this trend. Our idea: a one of a kind charity concert - with a chestnut tree as the musician. For him we built a unique instrument: each impact of a falling chestnut produced an artistic composition of sound and light. So the tree could play for his companions and collect donations. "Tree Concert" gained massive media coverage and lead to a new donation record for the preservation of trees. Link to the campaign’s video: You Need to Hear This for Philips Sound By Ogilvy & Mather (UK) With You Need to Hear This, Philips presents music you need to hear in ways you’ve never heard before. Our audience doesn’t just want to hear about what’s awesome, they need to. For them, music is more than just something they share for social currency, it's how they define themselves. So who better to enhance the way they experience music than the people who have been helping musicians share music experiences for decades. Philips knows music. We know how to create technology that plays music the way it should be heard. And we understand that the way people listen to music improves what they’re hearing. That’s why from now on every time our target has an experience with Philips, we’re going to give them access to the music they need to hear, in amazing ways they’ve never heard before. Link to the campaign’s video: Discover the 3 winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) elected by the jury members on Monday, February 3rd at 16.45 during Midem Innovation Show- Main Room (Riviera Hall)