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Why trust Agnitum to protect your PC?

Why trust Agnitum to protect your PC?






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    Why trust Agnitum to protect your PC? Why trust Agnitum to protect your PC? Document Transcript

    • www.agnitum.com Why trust Agnitum to protect your PC? “On average, it takes Since the Internet became a mainstream consumer communications tool in the late 1990s, Agnitum has been focusing all its research and development expertise on protecting consumer and small business PCs against the only 20 minutes for an many threats faced online. The company’s flagship product, Outpost Firewall Pro, has won multiple awards around the world, and more than a million PC users rely on Agnitum to keep their PCs safe and secure. Agnitum’s dedicated Internet-connected and professional staff works tirelessly to provide consumers with best-of-class security protection, implementing a computer to become number of innovative technologies to combat today’s sophisticated threats. The company’s goal is to create the ultimate proactive security product to protect PC users against current and future cyber attacks, while retaining ease the target of a hijack of use and transparent operation. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important for your security tools vendor to constantly work on improving attempt.” protection: On average, it takes only about 20 minutes for an Internet-connected computer to be compromised as a result of a remote attack. Hackers are able to gain control over computers by exploiting unfixed vulnerabilities in Windows, Windows-embedded programs and third-party software. Drive-by malware installations can occur even when a user is browsing a seemingly innocuous website. Telltale signs of this happening include unwanted ads, hijacked home pages and redirection to inappropriate sites. Trojan horses, which can steal identities by recording users’ keystrokes and sell the information on to the highest bidder, are in wide circulation. Agnitum’s products provide a comprehensive, proactive defense against Internet and local network threats. Minimal hardware requirements Choose Outpost Firewall Pro: the most efficient way to protect yourself against Internet threats. Key security benefits of Outpost Firewall Valuable data is protected Online privacy is maintained Hackers can’t get access to your PC Easy to use—default settings deliver full protection Safe web browsing—for children and adults Automated updates ensure protection is always up-to-date Firewall cannot be deactivated
    • Why choose Outpost Firewall Pro? Best-in-class ID-theft protection Situation: You can download files from a peer-to-peer network (P2P) that contains a Trojan or you visit an unsafe website that delivers a spyware drive-by download. Either of these scenarios can—and does—easily happen behind the scenes, without your permission or involvement. But your computer still gets infected. Solution: Outpost Firewall Pro will detect and prevent (using the most effective data leak prevention technology available) malicious applications from trying to transmit data out of your PC. The security of that information is assured. Advanced protection against network attacks Situation: A computer can suffer a network attack even if the user is not logged on to the system. Hackers use automated vulnerability scanners, “robot” programs and worms to scour the web for computers they can penetrate and control using Windows vulnerabilities. You’re particularly vulnerable to this kind of attack when you’re going online from home or on the road. Solution: Outpost Firewall Pro detects and prevents any attempted hack attacks from outside the network. 360-degree protection against spyware Situation: When you visit an unsafe website or open an email attachment from an unknown source, chances are your computer will be infected with spyware. You won’t have seen it being downloaded onto your machine, but you’ll know it’s there when you begin to see unapproved traffic from your PC (this usually means your PC has been co-opted into a botnet army) or a rapid increase in pop-up ad displays or other unauthorized activity, which can lead to the theft of sensitive information. Solution: Outpost Firewall Pro detects all attempts by spyware to activate; instead, spyware is instantly removed from the PC. Automatic detection and configuration updates for optimum security Situation: Misconfiguration is the primary reason firewall installations fail. You need a foolproof way to know that your firewall configuration, and the changes to that configuration you make “on the fly,” are the best choices. Solution: Outpost Firewall Pro is always up-to-date with the most secure configurations. New spyware definitions are downloaded as soon as they are available, and ImproveNet lets you benefit from the configuration experience of Outpost users and Agnitum engineers by delivering known-good rulesets for most popular applications. Self-protection against malicious software Situation: Some types of malware are designed to disable or remove security software such as Outpost Firewall Pro. Solution: Outpost Firewall Pro recognizes this behavior and does not permit itself to be shut down. You are safe on the Internet What the experts say: with Outpost Firewall Pro "I've been using Agnitum's Out- With Outpost Firewall Pro your computer is protected against online threats: post Firewall Pro for the past two hacker attacks, ID-theft, spyware, Internet-propagating viruses and worms, years and it's consistently done a privacy compromises and other unlawful activity. good, reliable job of protecting Valuable data is safe Secure web browsing my systems." - Suzi Turner, Spyware Warrior Eliminate hackers Up-to-date protection www.spywarewarrior.com Deactivation resistant Easy-to-use “Best Firewall” Want to know more about Outpost Firewall Pro? Go to Agnitum Products – !COM Magazine, Germany ‘06 www.agnitum.com/products Download a free full-function 30-day trial of Outpost Firewall Pro www.agnitum.com/r/outpost/download/ Buy Outpost Firewall Pro for just $39.95 and get the ultimate in proactive “Editor’s choice” protection—plus a year of updates and support. - PC Shopper, Taiwan, ‘06 www.agnitum.com/purchase/outpost Already an Outpost user? Renew your Outpost license for just $19.95 per year. www.agnitum.com/r/outpost/renew/ www.agnitum.com © 2006 Agnitum Ltd. All rights reserved. Agnitum® and Outpost Firewall Pro™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Agnitum Ltd. Permission to copy all or part of this work is granted, provided that the copies are not made or distributed for sale, and that the copyright notice and this notice are retained.