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  • 1. Security vendor list Aladdin Knowledge Systems Founded in 1985, Aladdin Knowledge Systems ( develops and markets products that protect against software piracy, license infringement, unauthorized access to computer and network resources, and Internet risks that threaten the safety and security of people and networks around the world. With a worldwide network of 50 distributors and eight company-owned offices, Aladdin supports customers in more than 100 countries, providing solutions to millions of individuals and corporations, including major banks, financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, international governments, and major educational institutions. Type of product Software and support Product eSafe ( provides proactive, multitiered Internet content security from the gateway to the desktop, protecting the entire enterprise from: malicious code that destroys or steals digital assets, inappropriate and nonproductive material, the misuse of company resources, and Internet-borne content. Its components are: • eSafe Gateway ( • eSafe Enterprise ( • eSafe Desktop ( eToken ( is a portable USB authentication device. EToken stores private keys, passwords, or electronic certificates in a USB-based token the size of a house key, enabling businesses to provide secure remote access, verify identity, and enable secure business- to-business e-commerce through digital certificate storage. HASP ( is a hardware-based system that protects software developers against piracy and illegal use by preventing unauthorized access and execution of the protected software. Privilege ( is an integrated electronic licensing system that allows software vendors, publishers, and resellers to securely sell and license software via the Internet. Price Pricing will vary. Many products offer a free evaluation period and can be downloaded from the company Web site. ESafe Desktop is available for free at References None provided Virus Center Content Security Resource Center ( csrt/index.asp) Contact 1(800) 562-2543
  • 2. Computer Associates Computer Associates International, Inc. (, a business software company, delivers the end-to-end infrastructure to enable e-business opportunities through innovative technology, services, and education. CA has 20,000 employees worldwide and had revenue of over $6 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2000. Type of product Software Product Computer Associates’ security product is eTrust (, a security suite comprised of: • Access Control ( Policy-based, resource-level authorization and access control across a distributed enterprise. Access Control protects the server/host and logs all attempts to intrude. • Admin ( Policy-based role/group, user and resource privilege management across heterogeneous enterprise systems. Admin provides a single point of control across multiple systems. • Antivirus ( Total virus protection across the enterprise from the Internet gateway, server, and the local desktop with centralized policy management. Also available as InoculateIT. • Audit ( Centralized, enterprise-wide collection of security-specific auditing information from host operating systems, including Windows NT and UNIX. • Content Inspection ( n/): Detects, blocks, and alerts you to malicious code, including Java and ActiveX, at the gateway. Content Inspection is open and extensible and supports all protocols. • Directory ( X.500-standards compliant, scalable, fault-tolerant directory services for the enterprise backbone structure. Provides LDAP interfaces and works with the popular directories, including MS Active Directory, NDS, and NIS. Can support more than 20,000,000 entries and 1000 searches per second. • Encryption ( Simplifies end-to-end secure communication by encrypting the payload. Allows you to remotely manage multiple locations. ETrust Encryption provides three levels of security: LOC (Low- Overhead Cipher), DES (Data Encryption Standard), and DES3 (an enhanced Data Encryption Standard). • Firewall ( Fast, efficient, and manageable protection of networks using state-of-the-art technologies that protect against low-level
  • 3. protocol attacks and manage multiple pipes. • Intrusion Detection ( on/): Intelligent real-time network intrusion detection and prevention. Protects against low-level protocol attacks, server and desktop intrusion attempts, and the deployment and execution of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Detects viruses and malicious applets traversing the internal network. Detects and blocks inappropriate network access to internal services, desktops, and outside URLs. • OCS Pro ( Provides a scalable and distributed Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responder implementation, allowing any client application to authenticate a digital certificate from a trusted authority in real time. • Policy Compliance ( e/): Regularly monitors your systems to identify weak points in your organization’s security policies, automatically generating corrections. • Single Sign-On ( Provides a single user interface to one or more applications on one or more platforms (including the Web). • VPN ( Secures all application traffic, centrally manages all servers, and provides detailed audit logs for comprehensive analysis through drill-down querying and reporting. Open and extensible, eTrust VPN works across any firewall, including proxy- and packet-based. Price See Web site References No response by publication time Virus Center Virus Information Center ( Contact (631) 342-5224
  • 4. Counterpane Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. ( provides Managed Security Monitoring services for e-businesses. Founded by security technologist and author Bruce Schneier and security executive Tom Rowley, the services include 24/7 monitoring, as well as real-time penetration detection and response with expert human interface. Counterpane offers around-the-clock monitoring of the entire network, attack prediction, immediate response to intrusions, and frequent reporting. Type of product Monitored security service Product Managed Security Monitoring Price 24/7 security monitoring at about $12K per month. References Jim Hurley, Aberdeen Group Steve Hunt, Giga Information Group Conxion ( ( Solsoft ( Virus Center N/A Contact 1(888) 710-8175 KPMG Consulting, Inc. KPMG Consulting ( provides consulting services and products along six industry lines: communications and content, consumer and industrial, financial services, health care, high tech, and public sector. KPMG’s primary focus is on Internet and e-business services, including strategy, supply chain and customer management, systems integration, and outsourcing. KPMG Consulting operates in more than 160 countries. KPMG owns 80.1 percent of the company; networking equipment maker Cisco Systems owns 19.9 percent. Type of product Customized security solutions Product The KTransactions Group provides end-to-end eCommerce solutions scaled to fit the client’s needs. Applications hosting is also available. eJumpstart ( offers a comprehensive approach to successfully plan and launch an Internet e-business. Services include market analysis, overall strategy, and planning marketing, distribution, pricing, and support. KPMG provides complete design and implementation of infrastructure services for security and transaction processing
  • 5. (Certificate Authority, ePay, and eBill). • Certificate Authority (CA) enables clients to quickly deploy the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based security solutions needed in today's e-commerce marketplace. CA manages the registration, creation, distribution, and life cycle management of digital certificates while allowing the client to have full control over approval of who is to receive and use them. Pricing for the issuance and ongoing management of customized digital certificate programs for clients is individually negotiated. • ePay services encompass a transaction-based revenue building strategy with an ability for B2B or B2C e-commerce Web sites to securely accept credit cards and electronic funds transfers (EFT) via ePay Gateway. Pricing is market- competitive and is based on initial setup, recurring, and transactional fees. • eBill enables companies to translate their paper-based legacy billing data to the Internet. Price See above Clients/References NetAid ( KPMG Consulting designed the security infrastructure design and implemented the ePay solution for NetAid. This ePayment solution is capable of accepting credit cards from more than 110 countries around the world, and can process 1,000 secure transactions per second, with an estimated 10 million credit card donations to be processed in the initial three months. State of Texas KPMG Consulting designed an electronic framework for the state of Texas. The eGovernment Framework will provide license renewals, franchise and sales tax filings, electronic bill presentation, and a host of information and services designed to serve the people of Texas. The eGovernment Framework will be accessible by over 26 million citizens and utilized by 200 agencies. Bilingual and adaptive technologies are part of the framework's functional design. Contact KTransactions: Thomas Patterson, (703) 747-3220, eJumpstart: David Walters, (703) 747-6996, CA: Ken Fiduk, (512) 320-5242, ePay: Forrest Snowden, (404) 846-0666, eBill: Bohghee Lau, (617) 988-1687,
  • 6. PentaSafe Inc. PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc. ( creates software to audit, secure, and protect operating systems, applications, and data. PentaSafe's VigilEnt Security Management Solution provides companies with a systematic way to audit, assess vulnerabilities, define security policies, implement, and manage the security of a heterogeneous IT enterprise from a central point of control. PentaSafe Security Technologies is a privately held company with offices in Houston, Oklahoma City, Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Buenos Aires. Type of product Security audit and management software Product PentaSafe's technology is highly scaleable and affordable, meeting the needs of the largest companies as well as small to medium-size businesses. Products include: VigilEnt Security Manager ( VigilEnt allows companies to centrally audit and analyze different systems, applications, and servers, including Windows NT, UNIX, IBM AS/400, and Web servers. VigilEnt Security Agents for: • Windows NT ( • UNIX ( • IBM AS/400 ( • Linux ( • Apache Web servers ( These agents monitor security and event data, and forward that information to the VigilEnt Security Manager. Price Pricing ranges from $750 per system to $7,500 per system, depending on the system. Clients/References Today, over 1,200 customers use PentaSafe's solutions, including four of the "Big 5" auditing firms, one-third of the Fortune 100, and many small to medium-size businesses. Customers include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Staples, ADP, McLeod, Lexmark, LG&E, Ernst & Young, Abbott Labs, Allied Signal, American General, First Union, British Airways, and Coutts Bank UK. Virus Center N/A Contact
  • 7. RSA Security RSA Security Inc. ( helps organizations build secure foundations for e- businesses through its RSA SecurID two-factor authentication, RSA BSAFE encryption, and RSA Keon public key management systems. There are nearly a half billion RSA BSAFE-enabled applications currently in use worldwide, with more than six million RSA SecurID users. Type of Software solution product Product RSA SecurID ( RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is based on a password or PIN, and an RSA authenticator ( smart card or token. RSA BSAFE ( developments kits enable software and hardware developers to incorporate encryption technologies into their products. RSA Keon ( public key infrastructure (PKI) products, including server, desktop, and application solutions. Price See RSA’s Web site References See RSA’s Web site Virus Center N/A Contact (781) 301-5000 Symantec Symantec ( provides content and network security solutions to individuals and enterprises, including virus protection, risk management, Internet content and e-mail filtering, and mobile code detection technologies. Headquartered in Cupertino, CA, Symantec has worldwide operations in more than 33 countries. Type of Software solution product Product Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution 4.0 ( Includes: • Symantec System Center, a centralized management, auditing, and incident reporting system • Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 • Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 for NetWare • NAV for OS/2 Server and Client
  • 8. • NAV for Macintosh Client • NAV for Lotus Notes/Domino for NT • NAV for Microsoft Exchange for NT • NAV for Lotus Notes/Domino for OS/2 • NAV for Internet Email Gateways for NT • NAV for Firewalls for NT Norton Internet Security 2000 2.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 ( for small businesses and home PCs. This package: • Detects viruses. • Blocks banner ads and pop-up windows. • Guards against malicious script. • Filters content. • Restricts outgoing information. I-Gear ( Server-based, Internet content filtering and user management solution. Mail-Gear ( E-mail filtering software that prevents spam, and filters inappropriate content. Expert 4.1 ( A network risk analysis tool that can measure and manage network security risk, and perform meaningful business impact analysis. Retriever 1.5 ( Retriever™ is a proactive network security management tool that automatically discovers and maps network components, unobtrusively identifies vulnerabilities, provides safeguard and policy recommendations, and performs customizable network audits. See Web site for more products. Price See Web site References See Web site Virus Center Symantec AntiVirus Research Center ( Contact 1(800) 441-7234
  • 9. Trend Micro Inc. Trend Micro ( is a provider of enterprise antivirus and content security software. Its products are designed to protect the flow of information at the Internet gateway, on mail servers, file servers, and PCs, providing a comprehensive, centrally-controlled, multilevel system for protecting the enterprise network from Internet-based and e-mail-borne security threats. Trend Micro delivers a range of Web-based services for consumer and corporate users, and is working to build security into the infrastructure of the Internet through its eDoctor Global Network, which helps leading service providers deliver value-added Internet content security services to their customers. Type of product Software solutions Product Trend Micro's products are designed for the high-performance requirements of large organizations, but are scalable to work with any size environment. All installed products feature Web-based update capabilities for virus pattern files. Scan engines give users the latest available protection, and come with one year of maintenance support. Small to medium-size companies may find the following network and desktop antivirus products especially suited for their environments: ServerProtect ( Virus protection for Windows NT and Novell NetWare servers to prevent virus-infected files from being copied to shared drives or infecting archives during back-up procedures. Multiple servers and domains are protected with real-time scanning, detection, and removal of macro viruses from even-compressed file formats. Fully compatible with Windows 2000, Office 2000, Cluster Server, Terminal Server, and Index Server. ServerProtect for 25 users is priced at $600. OfficeScan ( Desktop antivirus for the enterprise. This virus scanning and detection application is centrally managed from the network, allowing administrators to update, configure, and monitor from a single Web- based remote management console. OfficeScan Corporate Edition is supported on Windows NT and Netware; a 25-user license is priced at $300. OfficeScan for Microsoft Small Business Server provides virus protection for Microsoft BackOffice SBS v 4.5. PC-cillin ( Stand- alone antivirus solution for home computer users. Using the same scanning and detection technology found in Trend Micro's enterprise-level products, PC-cillin scans and removes boot, file, and macro viruses; protects against malicious Java applets, ActiveX controls, and Web scripts; and filters inappropriate material. Single- user copies available for download for $29.95, or on CD-Rom for $39.95. HouseCall ( Trend Micro's free Web-based antivirus scanning and detection service available for
  • 10. PCs, Exchange, and Lotus Notes, without requiring installation. NeaTSuite ( Packaged solution for the entire network. Includes InterScan VirusWall, ScanMail for Exchange (or Lotus Notes), ServerProtect, OfficeScan Corporate Edition, and Trend VCS. A 25-user license is priced at $1,145. Also offered: InterScan VirusWall ( Scans SMTP, HTTP, and FTP traffic at the Internet gateway for protection against Internet-based viruses and content security threats. Customizable notifications, detailed virus activity logs, and automated updates provide powerful tools for the enterprise administrator. Compatible with most major firewalls, including CheckPoint Firewall-1, InterScan VirusWall supports the widest variety of platforms, including Windows NT, Solaris, and Linux and HP-UX. A 25-user license for InterScan VirusWall is $725. InterScan AppletTrap ( Protects against malicious Java applets, ActiveX controls, and Web scripts that can be embedded in HTML pages. Hostile applets, downloadable via the Internet, have the potential to grow quickly as a vehicle for hackers and virus writers who intend to destroy information and compromise security. A 25-user license for InterScan AppletTrap is priced at $600. InterScan WebManager ( Filters URLs, stops viruses, and secures and manages Internet traffic. WebManager provides integrated, comprehensive virus detection and removal of all incoming files, including zipped files and malicious Java and ActiveX code from Internet downloads. Internet traffic monitoring helps ensure employee productivity and manage bandwidth. A 25-user license for InterScan WebManager is priced at $600. ScanMail: Scans e-mail messages and attachments on Lotus Notes (, Microsoft Exchange (, Lotus cc:Mail (, and HP OpenMail (http:// servers to help stop viruses before they have a chance to spread to mail clients. Optimized for each different messaging environment, ScanMail provides high performance, in-depth scanning of even-compressed-format files with minimal impact on server performance. A ScanMail 25-user license for Exchange, Lotus Notes, and HP OpenMail start at $600; a 25-user license for ScanMail cc:Mail starts at $300. eManager ( Content filtering plug-in for ScanMail for Exchange and InterScan VirusWall blocks unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam), prevents confidential or inappropriate information from entering or leaving the organization, and balances e-mail traffic loads. A 25-user license for eManager is
  • 11. priced at $181. Trend Virus Control System (Trend VCS) ( Web-based HTML console coordinates the functions of most Trend Micro products over multiple user sites. Administrators can use Trend VCS to install, update, upgrade, and configure Trend Micro software running on their networks. A single administrator's license is priced at $3,000. Price All products (except for PC-cillin) are sold on a per-seat basis; minimum license package is for 25 users. All prices are stated at suggested retail price in U.S. dollars. Evaluation copies of Trend Micro's products can be downloaded for a 30-day trial period. Clients/References Trend Micro's security solutions have been chosen by leading companies such as Boeing, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Chase Manhattan Corp., Lucent Technologies, GTE, ConAgra, Coca-Cola, MCI WorldCom, UAL, Sprint, and Electronic Data Systems. To read in-depth features on some of Trend Micro's customers, see Trend Micro's Web site ( Virus Center Trend Virus Information Center ( During a virus outbreak event, Trend Micro's average time to provide new pattern file updates for its enterprise customers and on its Web sites is about one hour from detection. Contact 1(800) 228-5651 TruSecure TruSecure ( is a comprehensive security assurance program that helps hundreds of Internet-connected organizations increase their security using the people and products they already have. TruSecure is powered by the experience and expertise of, which has spent 10 years setting security industry standards and certifying virtually every Internet security product on the market. Type of product Security assurance/analysis Product TruSecure enables organizations to achieve and maintain a sound and proactive security posture against new threats and vulnerabilities, new business requirements, and new network environments. The program follows a multilayered approach and incorporates over 100 security controls, providing security assurance in six major areas of risk: • Electronic Threats and Vulnerabilities • Malicious Code
  • 12. • Downtime • Privacy • Physical Security • Human Factors Price TruSecure is a flat-rate priced program that provides companies with all the support they need from's security analysts to achieve the standards of a sound security posture. The annual cost is generally $80,000, although that flat price will be driven by the complexity of the organization, the number of facilities to be certified, and other factors. Contact 1(888) 396-8348