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  • 1. Background to Vaulting Technology Alon Cohen Feb 2004 4 May 2010 1 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 2. Protecting data in a Network environment - What kind of risks does it face? Application Based Security Attacks Endless Security Risks, in 4 main categories: Storage Based Security Attacks  Storage Based Security Attacks My ERP  Host Based Security Attacks  Application Based Security Attacks  Network Based Security Attacks Network Based Security Attacks Host Based Security Attacks 4 May 2010 2 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 3. How do we deal today with all these threats? Storage Based Host Based Security Risks Security Risks What Technologies Should I Use? What TechnologiesVPN? I Use? IPSec/SSL Should What Technologies Access Control? I Use? What TechnologiesUse? Should I Should The Problem: Firewall? Storage O/S Hardening? Encryption? Scanners? Application Dos/DDos Defensive Tools? LUN Masking? Application Firewall? We actually need Proxy? Based Firewall? most) of these! to Host Zoning? (or combine all Storage Intrusion Detection? Based Application Control? Intrusion Detection? Security is a chain andWhichContentAuthentication? its strength is the strength of its weakest HBA-Based Factors Authentication? Vendor? Two Filtering? link. Which Vendor?Vendor?Sanctum? Which Anti-Virus? Brocade? Kavado? Which Vendor? Computer Associates? Neoscale?Foundstone? Netegrity? Checkpoint? Decru? Argus? Stratum8? Netscreen? Vormetric?Harris? Cisco? Cisco? Orano? Microsoft? Microsoft? Permabit? Entercept? Symantec? RSA? Network Associates? Application Based Network Based Security Risks Security Risks 4 May 2010 3 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 4. The Role of Perimeter Security Perimeter Security only splits the world into two networks: the Internal Enterprise and the Internet. Now we still need to secure the data within each one of these networks, dealing with Internal Risks and External Risks. The Enterprise The Internet 4 May 2010 4 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 5. Introducing Vaulting Technology: The Vault is a Safe Haven, highly secured regardless of overall network security. No need to deal with security risks related to the Storage, the Host, the Application or the Network, the Vault is designed and built to deal with all these risks. The Enterprise The Internet 4 May 2010 5 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 6. Security becomes easy: US Patent #6,356,941 A Standard Non-Vaulted Environment - Many interfaces to the system SMB/CIFS RPC SMTP SNMP Interfaces & Data A Vaulted Environment – A Single Data Access Channel SMB SNMP Network Vault SMTP Protocol Interfaces Data 4 May 2010 6 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 7. 10 Layers of Security are already there File Encryption Authentication VPN  VPN Visual, Manual File  Firewall Firewall & Geographical Access Security Control  Data Access Control  Authentication (including PKI and Token Based).  Encryption  Content Inspection  Secured Backup and Version Control  Visual Security  Manual Security  Geographical Security 4 May 2010 7 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 8. But not only security is improved so is connectivity… HTTP Telecommuter The Vault Internal HTTP Network Business partner CIFS, FTP, SMTP, HTTP CIFS, FTP, End-to-end Security, High-Performance, Worldwide SMTP, Accessibility and Distributed Admin. HTTP Business partner 4 May 2010 8 Cyber-Ark Software
  • 9. Thank You 4 May 2010 9 Cyber-Ark Software