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  1. 1. REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION To access the Diggers Hotline server to file Remote Entry tickets, you will need an application called Remote Desktop Connection. If you have Windows XP, you already have this application. It comes as part of Windows XP. Simply click Start  Programs  Accessories  Communications Within that folder you will find the Remote Desktop Connection application. If you do not have Windows XP, you will need to download and install the application. The application is available at the following web page and is free to download and install. Simply type in your web browser: You will have to type the whole page into the Address window because this page is a stand-alone web page (there is no link to it within the other areas of The page looks like this:
  2. 2. Just click the link that says “Terminal Server” and the following window will appear: Simply click “Save” and select a location on your computer where you want to save the application. (Pick someplace easy to locate the application, like your desktop.) After it downloads (it is approximately 3.3MB) just double click the tsclient.exe file and it will begin to load. The following explains how to install the application: Click “Next.”
  3. 3. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement,” and click “Next.” Just click “Next.” There is really no reason to change the data in the 2 fields, unless you really want to.
  4. 4. Click “Install.” It will install the application. This will go quickly.
  5. 5. Click “Finish.” The application is installed. You will find the application by clicking Start  Programs  Accessories  Communications. In that folder you will find the Remote Desktop Connection application. IT CONCERNS There are only a couple IT issues you may face as part of this installation and usage of the Remote Desktop Connection application. 1. Inability to Download or Install Applications – Some networks restrict users from either downloading and/or installing applications. You may have to get your IT people involve to allow you to download the application and install it. 2. Firewall Restrictions – If your network has firewall protection, a firewall can sometimes block this kind of internet connection. If you click Connect in the Remote Desktop Connection application and it does not connect to the server and returns an error message:
  6. 6. This means your firewall is blocking access to our server through a Remote Desktop Connection. You will need to contact your IT department and inform them of what kind of connection you are trying to make. You will also need to tell them that Port 3389 needs to be opened on the firewall for traffic going OUT of the network. If you use an application like Norton Security to protect your system, those applications can also have firewall components. You may need to adjust some settings within Norton if you are having trouble connecting. If you have any IT problems, or your IT department has questions, you can contact Mike Meyer at 1-800-982-0299 Ext. 5329 or 262-785-5329 or at