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  • 1. Michael E Hurn. BSc, CCNA., 23 Gowrie Drive, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2T5, Canada Phone: (613) 963-0195, Cell: (613) 601-4876. PROFILE Network, Security & Systems Integrator working in Network Infrastructures for over 12 years. My experience as an Information Systems professional includes 10+ years exposure to Unix. Windows NT/2000/XP from when they were still OS/2. Played a pivotal role in the design and development of the Network & Security Architecture for the United Kingdom's first online banking system.  Strong knowledge of how routers interact and experience in diagnosing major network faults.  Strong inter-personal and communication skills, training users in complex topics, acting as a vendor liaison, and interacting positively with upper management.  Strong focus on developing and learning new skills as the industry evolves.  A good team player who enjoys the camaraderie that comes with a cohesive team.  Strong problem solving and decision making skills, will present a situation overview not a list of problems. KEY SKILLS • Network Management. • System Integration. • LDAP Directory Server. • Perl Programming. • Identity Management. • Network Architect Security. • Networking. • Unix Solaris. • Linux SuSE, Red Hat. • Leads by example. • C / Assembler. • RDBMS (SQL). • Good team player. • Java Script. • Customer focus. • MS Windows. • Apache. • Oracle PL/SQL. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY 2005 - Present Analyst Programmer - Senior Computer Sciences Corporation - Nortel Account. 2003 - 2005 Network Integration Analyst - Senior Computer Sciences Corporation - British Telecom Account 2001 - 2003 Network & Systems Integrator / Troubleshooter Contractor / Consultant. 1999 - 2001 Systems Analyst Sprint Canada 1989 - 1999 Senior Technical Analyst Nationwide Building Society 1976 - 1988 Computer Engineer & Programmer. ICL Ltd, a Fujitsu company. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Cisco CCNA® certified. BSc, Computer Network Engineering, Rochville University. HP OpenView NNM 6.1 (on Windows & Unix), (A Hewlett Packard OpenView Certified Consultant.) Micromuse/IBM Netcool Omnibus, Router configuration and management, Managing Microsoft Windows Advanced Server, Remedy Action Request, C, Advanced C, Unix for users, Unix Administration and Vi. Numerous CBT (SkillSoft) courses: on Active Directory, PKI/X.509, SAN/NAS and Cisco. SELECT ACHIEVEMENTS  Troubleshooting: In response to a major fault, I designed a new topology to the company's WAN router network. Result: The fault was corrected and the network has been stable ever since, with a saving of approx. $90,000 in router upgrade costs.
  • 2. 2/4  Initiated Action: Realised the need for a company wide web telephone directory. Designed, developed and negotiated with management and user groups, from initiation to delivery of the first production system. Result: The Company stopped printing paper directories, with a saving of approx. $80,000 per year.  Problem Solving: For security, the network devices were set to report all problems and anomalies to the Network Management System (HP OpenView & Micromuse Netcool OMNIbus). The sheer volume of fault data swamped the network administrators. I devised a severity moderation scheme to solve the problem. Result: The number of false positives was reduced thereby making it much easier to see the true state of the network.  Appraisal Quote: "Mike constantly takes initiative to make the right things happen and even when not directly requested to do so he puts in extra effort to find performance improvements. He thinks out of the box and applies this quite well."  Appraisal Quote: "Michael is very proactive and is eager to take initiative for immediate result oriented actions. During an upgrade Michael did an out of hours check to see if the upgraded system was working as expected (it wasn’t). Checked production server and found that it was out of action, hence the customer had NO service. Took responsibility to get the upgraded system stable and switch the users over to it as the production server had a hard disk fault and would not be back in service for quite a while." TECHNICAL SKILLS Sun s/w & h/w Unix Solaris (SunOS), Veritas RAID & VM, SPARCstation, Ultra and Enterprise systems. P.C. skills Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Project, NetMeeting, Exceed, Visio etc. Servers Apache, MySQL, Netscape/Sun (Certificate, Directory, News, Proxy, Web), WU-FTP. Network Management Cisco Works, HP OpenView NNM, Micromuse Netcool OMNIbus & Webtop, MRTG, Netsaint/Nagios, NetScout, Remedy. Cisco products Distributed Director, DNS software, Local Director, PIX firewall, Routers & Switches. Programming Skills Assembler, C, CGI, CSS, DHTML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LDAP, Omnis (4GL RAD), Perl, Perl/Tk, PL/SQL, Shell Script, SQL. Firewall/security Checkpoint Firewall1, Cisco PIX firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Penetration Tests Systems. Network Skills ADSL, ATM, BGP, BOOTP, DHCP, DNS/BIND, EMAIL, FDDI, Frame Relay, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IPSec, ISDN, L2TP, LAN, LANE, LDAP, NAT, NFS, OSPF, POP3, PPTP, RADIUS, RIP, SMTP, SNMP, SCP, SSH, SSL/TSL, TCP/IP, VLAN, VPN, WAN, WHOIS, X.25. Strong Working Certificate Authority, EDI, Ethereal, Expect, MPLS, PDA (Palm & Pocket PC), PGP/GPG, PHP, Knowledge PKI, POS, RDBMS, Samba, SQL Server, Sniffer, VRRP, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Wireless networking (802.11), X.500, X.509, XML, X-Windows. WORK EXPERIENCE May 2005 To Present: Analyst Programmer, Computer Sciences Corporation – Nortel Account (Kanata) Key technologies / products used in this role: Email, MS Office, Omnis 7, Oracle PL/SQL, Perl, Unix (Sun), VPN (IPsec), Windows 2000.  Responsible for support of some of NT’s legacy applications written in Omnis a powerful and flexible Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool ( ).  Activities included troubleshooting, analysis, design, coding, documentation and integrated testing of application software. Supported/updated perl scripts that exported & imported data between the Oracle database and the data feeds. Michael E Hurn,, 23 Gowrie Dr, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2T5, Canada. Phone: (613) 963-0195, Cell: (613) 601-4876.
  • 3. 3/4 July 2003 To May 2005: Network Integration Analyst, Computer Sciences Corporation – British Telecom Account (Montreal) Key technologies / products used in this role: Apache, Cisco routers, Email, FTP, IPsec, Linux (SuSE), Micromuse Netcool OMNIbus & WebTop, MS Office, Perl, Unix (Sun), SSH, TCP/IP, Telnet, VPN, Windows 2000.  Responsible for configuration and support for BT’s Consolidated Alarm Management System (CAMS). The BT network of Cisco routers is managed by a collection of Network management systems running Micromuse Netcool OMNIbus (  Activities included troubleshooting, analysis, design, coding, documentation and integrated testing of application software. Written utilities in shell script and Perl to test, manage and report on Netcool.  Last role was providing 3rd line support and working on a major upgrade of the Alarm Management Infrastructure. May 2001 To July 2003: Network & Systems Integrator/Troubleshooter, Contractor / Consultant (Vancouver). Key technologies / products used in this role: Apache, DNS, Email, LDAP, Linux (Debian, Red Hat & SuSE), MySQL, MS Office, Netsaint, OpenOffice, Perl, PHP, PPTP, Unix (SCO), RAID, Samba PDC/File server, SMC router, SCP, SSH, TCP/IP, VPN, Windows 98/2000.  Set-up Windows 2000 Professional PCs for logons via a Linux/Samba domain controller (any user can logon to any PC).  As a systems administrator I supported end-users accessing servers (Unix, Linux, Windows NT/2000) using PC's and Dumb Terminals.  Set up remote access systems, to allow monitoring of security cameras via a firewall and the Internet.  Capacity Planning, Manage tape backups, security, DNS, Internet access, user accounts and training end the users.  Troubleshooting of terminal emulation software for PC to Unix access.  Worked on XML parsing script written in perl to extract information from XML tags.  Configured VPN network to allow remote access to the office server.  Configured Linux servers with RAID and backup tape for file and print sharing to enable multiple Windows users to keep the company's data on one backed up server. 1999 To May 2001: Systems Analyst. Sprint Canada ( (Vancouver). Key technologies / products used in this role: Apache, Cisco (PIX, Routers & Switches), DNS, Email, HP OpenView NNM, JavaScript, L2TP, LDAP, Linux (Red Hat), MySQL, MS Office, NetScout, Oracle, Perl, PHP, Unix (Sun/Solaris Ultra and Enterprise systems), SNMP, Sniffer Distributed, TCP/IP, Veritas RAID & VM, VPN, Windows 98/NT.  I set up and supported Network Management Systems, using HP OpenView NNM and Paradyne OpenLane (for their large IP-VPN and Frame Relay Networks (several hundred routers).  Responsibilities included: Capacity Planning, designing network topology to enable customer access to reports via the Internet. Provided initial training to the sales and first line support staff. Trained a member of staff how to program in Perl.  Development work: developed database and dynamic web tools to improve circuit provisioning, this cut a 30 minute process down to less than 30 seconds. I was able to extend HP OpenView by linking it to a database via a dropdown menu to give key information about the device in question (contact name, location, phone number etc.). A number of other add on utilities were written to make life easier for the other groups within the department.  Proof concept: using a Netscape/Sun Directory Server I was able to take it beyond an electronic telephone directory and developed ways to use it to control access to routers and CGI scripts on web servers. September 1989 To 1999: Senior Technical Analyst, Nationwide Building Society, the fourth largest financial institution in England ( Michael E Hurn,, 23 Gowrie Dr, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2T5, Canada. Phone: (613) 963-0195, Cell: (613) 601-4876.
  • 4. 4/4 Key technologies / products used in this role: Apache, ATM, Auto CAD, C, Checkpoint Firewall1, Cisco (PIX, Routers & Switches), DNS, Email, FDDI, HP OpenView NNM, Intrusion Detection Systems, JavaScript, Linux (Slackware), Micromuse Netcool, MRTG, MS Office, Netscape/Sun (Certificate, Directory, News, Proxy & Web servers), Penetration Tests Systems, Perl, Unix (Sun/Solaris SPARCstation, Sun Ultra and Enterprise systems), Remedy, RAID, Shell Script, Sniffer, SNMP, TCP/IP, Veritas RAID & VM, VLAN, Windows 95/ NT.  As a Senior Technical Analyst I co-designed & built the infrastructure for the Internet based home banking service. I was a member of the team responsible for the configuration and management of about 800 routers.  Responsibilities included: Access Control, Capacity Planning, Building (from disk and BOOTP/jumpstart server) and Securing Sun Unix systems, setting-up & management of Firewalls, Domain Name System servers and network management systems (Cisco Works, HP OV NNM & Micromuse Netcool Omnibus). Maintaining Hardware/Software standards, Network Security and support rotation. Mentoring and supervision of the junior technicians in the team.  Evaluating and making recommendations, as to the suitability of new hardware and software.  Being involved with a wide variety of cutting edge technology and systems at Nationwide meant that I gained useful experience in building good working relationships with the suppliers of the technology we were using. If there was a problem with the hardware, a test network would be assembled to test configurations, plans etc. showing what the perceived problem was and how to reproduce it. The team at Nationwide enjoyed the privilege of being among the first companies to gain access to new hardware.  An important part of this job was the use of Intrusion Detection Systems and Penetration Tests Systems. November 1976 To 1988: Computer Engineer & Programmer. ICL Ltd, a Fujitsu company ( (Bracknell, England). Key technologies / products used in this role: Assembler, C, CPM, DOS, ICE, Unix (for C training).  I started out as a field engineer: Installed, maintained, and repaired (to sub unit and component) ICL mainframes, minis and microprocessor based systems on customer premises. At ICL I was trained to write programs down to micro code level so that I could test individual logic gates if necessary to aid fault tracing.  I supported the hardware for the entire range of ICL Personal Computers. This involved attending an Intel microprocessor design course and writing test software. My role progressed to installing and supporting the operating systems. The work involved writing low-level code, for the device drivers, support utilities in C and assembler. The user utilities took into account usability and the 'Man Machine Interface'. OTHER Languages  English. Citizenship  England - British.  Canada - Since January 2006. Security  England - Ex Government Worker, Still covered by British Official Secrets Act.  Canada - PWGSC Level II (Secret) clearance. Michael E Hurn,, 23 Gowrie Dr, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2T5, Canada. Phone: (613) 963-0195, Cell: (613) 601-4876.