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  • 1. Basic PC Maintenance
  • 2. Terminology
    • Hardware – Physical devices such as motherboard, keyboard, mouse, etc.
    • Software – Programs that run on a computer such as games or office suites.
  • 3. Terminology
    • Driver - a program that is written specifically to control a certain piece of hardware, such as a soundcard, modem, graphics card, printer, scanner, etc.
    • Bluetooth – A wireless technology which allows digital devices to easily transfer files at high speed.
  • 4. Terminology
    • CPU – Central Processing Unit, the brain of the PC. New PC’s have multiple CPU meaning faster speeds on the PC’s
    • Motherboard – The main circuit board, holds and connects all components of the computer
  • 5. Terminology
    • Hard Disk Drive – Main storage device. This is permanent storage
    • RAM – Random Access Memory – this is dynamic memory, temporary storage. RAM holds the data the computer needs when running a program.
    • Operating System – OS, main software of a computer system. ie – Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • 6.
    • Fragmentation – Caused when an OS breaks a file into pieces because there is not enough space on the hard drive *(Show example)
    • Firewall – A Security program which protects your computer from unauthorized access through a network and/or internet (Zone Alarm)
  • 7. Terminology
    • Wi-Fi – Wireless technology which allows users to connect to a local network without the need for cables
      • Three types of Standards
        • 802.11a - 54Mbps on 5GHz Range of up to 35m
        • 802.11b - 11Mbps on 2.4GHz Range of up to 38m
        • 802.11g - 54Mbps on 2.4GHz Range of up to 100m
        • 802.11n - 600 Mbps on 5GHz or 2.4 GHz Range of up to 300M
  • 8. Terminology
    • Spyware - Software that sends information about your Web surfing habits to its Website.
    • Virus - Software used to infect a computer.
    • Spam - e-mail that is not requested. Also known as unsolicited e-mail
  • 9. Terminology
    • Worm - A destructive program that replicates itself throughout disk and memory, using up computer resources until it becomes unusable.
    • Cookie - A small data file created by a Web server that is stored on your computer. Cookies provide a way for the Website to identify users and keep track of their preferences.
  • 10. Terminology
    • Adware - (ADvertisementWARE) - Any software application or program in which advertising banners are displayed or Pop-up windows appear while the program is running. Adware is considered “spyware”
  • 11. Recommended Software to Download
    • Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus
    • Malwarebytes’ Anti Malware
    • Spybot – Search & Destroy
    • Ccleaner
    • ZoneAlarm Firewall
    • Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
    • Smart Defrag
  • 12. Links
    • Tech Republic
    • Cnet