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Nortel’s Converged Data Networking Portfolio

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Nortel's Converged Data Networking Portfolio


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Nortel's Converged Data Networking Portfolio

  1. 1. Quick Reference Guide Nortel’s Converged Data Networking Portfolio Introduction to Nortel’s Third-party vendors have verified that > Up to 40% less energy consumption. enterprise data portfolio Nortel’s data portfolio can deliver supe- Recent third-party testing (Tolly) rior resiliency, performance and reduced results showed that users pay up to Nortel offers one of the most compre- total cost of ownership: 40% less in electricity costs to operate hensive enterprise data networking portfolios in the industry, covering a Nortel network than a comparable > Up to 7x improved resiliency. In everything from Ethernet switching to network from the industry leader. failure scenarios, Nortel has been mobility to security. Our data network- shown to recover up to 7x faster than Nortel data products are also optimized ing strategy is based on “Business competitive offerings due to innova- for the transition to unified communi- Optimized Networks”. The premise tions such as Switch Clustering/Split cations. In addition to working with behind Business Optimized Networks is Multilink Trunking. Microsoft to integrate key pieces of to deliver an end-to-end infrastructure technology (i.e., Mediation Server and > Up to 20x increased performance. that is simple, optimized for business Microsoft NAP) into the Nortel data Tests conducted by Tolly demonstrate applications and, most importantly, portfolio, Nortel data products have that when Nortel data products are aligned to our customers’ overall business been thoroughly tested with Nortel stacked up against the leading priorities, whether that includes improv- and Microsoft call servers and verified competitor they can deliver perform- ing customer service, increasing competi- to deliver toll-quality voice/unified ance increases up to 20x. tiveness or reducing costs. communications through load balancing > Up to 50% reduction in Cost of and sub-second recovery and intelligent The products Nortel offers as part of Ownership Quality of Service (QoS). its Business Optimized Network – Up to 50% lower on CAPEX and implementation include: lower Maintenance > Ethernet routing switches, which span from the wiring closet to the large campus core > Branch office converged routing platforms > Wireless LAN/mobility solutions > Application switches and optimization solutions > Security solutions > Management solutions
  2. 2. Nortel Ethernet Product Features and benefits Routing Switches Ethernet Routing Switch • High-density, flexible and scalable connectivity, 2500 Series supporting up to 384 user ports per 8-unit stack The Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch The Ethernet Routing Switch • Convergence-ready platform enabling simplified portfolio includes a broad collection of end-to-end deployments of voice, video and 2500 Series is a family of cost- Ethernet switching products designed effective 10/100BaseT Ethernet data on the same infrastructure switching products that provide a • Enterprise-class management and a common to deliver secure Layer 2- and 3-connec- industry look and feel with other members of low-cost yet feature-rich solution tivity for converged networks. With in the wiring closet. the Nortel fixed configuration switching portfolio 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplinks on the • Offers high levels of security, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access to a stackable products and high-density company's LAN 10-Gigabit Ethernet aggregation ports on the modular products, the ERS port- Ethernet Routing Switch • High performance switch architecture and stacking folio offers the flexibility and perform- 4500 Series performance delivering 320Gbps The Ethernet Routing Switch • High-density 10/100 or 10/100/1000 ports for edge ance to cost effectively deploy connectivity 4500 Series offers a secure, next-generation technology, today. reliable and economically priced • 10 Gigabit as well as shared SFP uplinks ports desktop networking family that for high-speed connectivity back to the core Did you know… supports Fast Ethernet, Gigabit or aggregation point Ethernet or a combination of • Simplified converged network deployments through > Nortel’s Ethernet Routing Switch both in a single stack. support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), advanced Quality of Service (QoS), and auto-configuration of architecture recovers up to 7x faster ports with IP Handsets than the leading competitor’s product. Ethernet Routing Switch • Flexible and scalable solution that can be deployed > You can buy three ERS 2500s for the at the edge or core of the network or as an aggrega- 5000 Series price of one Cisco Catalyst 2960. tion switch The Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series includes • Ideal solution for Gigabit to the desktop and for > You can add a new ERS unit to an top-of-rack data center deployments; supports stackable 10/100/1000 and operational stack in 72% less time 10 Gbps for uplink connectivity at the aggregation 10-Gigabit Layer 3 Ethernet or core of the network than it takes to add a Cisco Catalyst Routing Switches designed to provide high-performance • Simplified converged network deployments through 3750G. desktop connectivity for medium support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), advanced QoS and auto-configuration of ports with IP hand- to large enterprises’ wiring > ERS 4548GT-PWR offers a cost- closets. sets • Ability to mix and match with other ERS 5000 per-Gigabit of throughput that is Series products in the same intelligent stack; almost 72% lower than the Cisco includes support for Nortel’s Switch Clustering 3750G, and 46% lower than the technology 3650G-48PS. Ethernet Routing Switch • High-performance 464 Gbps of switching capacity 8300 Series • Simplified converged network deployments through The Nortel Ethernet Routing support for Power over Ethernet, advanced QoS and Switch 8300 is a cost-effective, auto-configuration of ports with IP handsets PoE-enabled, modular Layer 3 • Resiliency through features such as Switch Ethernet routing switch that Clustering (SMLT) and VRRP delivers high-density 10/100/1000 • Advanced routing capabilities and 10-Gigabit Ethernet connec- tivity as an access switch or mid-tier core switch. Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 Series Ethernet Routing Switch • 1.440 Terabit Switch Cluster Architecture with 8600 Series support for 240 non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet ports and 24 non-blocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports The Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 combines Terabit perform- • SMLT and RSMLT ensure maximum uptime to ance with Nortel's unique relia- increase employee productivity and efficiency bility technologies to create the • Integrated security with support for thousands basis of a Resilient Terabit cluster access control lists and built-in firewalls provides solution and provide enterprises end-to-end data integrity and control with a truly unified communica- • Half a million route entries for full Internet route tions network. support provides scalability in routing applications 2
  3. 3. Nortel Branch Office Product Features and benefits Converged Routing Solutions Secure Router 1000 Series • Delivers wire-speed performance regardless of packet size, traffic load or services enabled Secure Router 1000 Series prod- ucts are fixed-configuration plat- • Toll-quality voice transport under load with Optimized for regional sites, branch forms optimized for a single advanced services enabled offices and remote locations, Secure serial/T1/E1 dual T1/E1s or quad • Industry-aligned command-line interface to ease T1/E1s. Small, fast, and optimized Routers offer the lowest latency and configuration and management for multiservice converged envi- highest throughput for VoIP and other ronments, these products offer • Voice over IP friendly security with seamless tremendous value. interworking with Nortel Call Servers multimedia traffic. With up to 4x the performance throughput of equivalent offerings, the Secure Router portfolio allows for better utilization of WAN Secure Router 3120 • One of the only routers in its class to offer bandwidth — and at a price that is up Channelized T3 for cost effective T1 aggregation Secure Router 3120 is a power- to 50% lower than the competition. ful 2-slot modular platform that • Delivers wire-speed performance regardless of scales up to 2xDS3 or 16x T1/E1s. packet-size traffic load or services enabled Did you know… Delivering fast, secure and • Toll-quality voice transport under load with reliable connectivity. Secure > The Secure Router portfolio delivers advanced services enabled Router 3120 is perfect for 4.5x the performance throughput for enterprise branch offices • Industry-aligned command-line interface to ease and/or regional sites. configuration and management up to 50% less cost than the leading • Voice over IP friendly security with seamless competitor. interworking with Nortel Call Servers > Secure Routers are proven technology with an eight-year-old comprehensive code base and a significant installed base of customers. Secure Router 4134 • Only device of its kind to support Microsoft’s Mediation Technology, enabling seamless > Secure Router 4134 is one of the Secure Router 4134 is Nortel’s integrated interworking between Microsoft Office unified branch solution. It only devices of its kind to integrate Communicator clients, other clients and the consolidates IPv4/IPv6 routing, PSTN at the branch office Microsoft’s Mediation Technology — high-performance WAN, high- a key piece of every Microsoft Office density Ethernet switching with • High level of modularity and flexibility supporting optional Power over Ethernet, up to seven different interface slots Communicator 2007 deployment. security, Voice over IP (VoIP) • Seamless interworking with Nortel Call Server, and Microsoft’s Mediation including future support for Nortel Communication > Secure Router 4134 can act as a Technology. Server 1000 integration remote branch office voice gateway • Industry-aligned command-line interface to ease for your Nortel/Microsoft Unified configuration and management Communications deployment. Nortel Secure Router 1000 Series Nortel Secure Router 3120 Nortel Secure Router 4134 3
  4. 4. Nortel Wireless Product Features and benefits LAN Solutions Access Point 2330 • Self-configuration upon installation The WLAN Access Point 2330 is • Dual-homed Ethernet ports for service resiliency The Nortel WLAN 2300 Series is a controlled by WLAN 2300 • Continuous RF scanning to detect unauthorized complete 802.11 system for enterprises Security Switches and provides activity that want to deploy widespread wireless multi-mode 802.11 a/b/g service • Priority queuing for voice and multimedia for mobile clients. The 2330 is • Hardware-based encryption coverage for today's business, IP designed for dense deployments Telephony and converged multimedia and delivers high-performance mobile connectivity without sacri- applications. The system combines the ficing security or manageability. latest industry standards with a central- ized architecture and advanced features Access Point 2332 • Self-configuration upon installation to create a secure, cost-effective and The WLAN Access Point 2332 is • Dual-homed Ethernet ports for service resiliency highly scalable WLAN infrastructure. controlled by WLAN 2300 • Continuous RF scanning to detect unauthorized Security Switches and provides activity Did you know… multi-mode 802.11 a/b/g service • Priority queuing for voice and multimedia for mobile clients. The 2332 is • Wireless backhaul and bridging > Nortel’s unique WLAN architecture designed for dense deployments • Local traffic forwarding offers distributed forwarding to allow and delivers high-performance mobile connectivity without sacri- low-latency seamless roaming. ficing security or manageability. It provides enhanced RF > Nortel’s WLAN Solutions span the compared to the 2330. spectrum, from 400 Application Points (APs) distributed across the Management • An integrated tool suite for pre-, and post-deploy- New York Stock Exchange to a metro- Software 2300 ment planning, system-wide configuration and politan-wide deployment of 10,000 The WLAN Management Software upgrades, ongoing monitoring and reporting • Operates on common server platforms including wireless mesh APs distributed across 2300 system is a comprehensive design and management tool for Windows 2000, Windows XP and LINUX the City of Taipei. the WLAN 2300 Series. The tool • Enables administrators to perform system-wide identifies ideal access point loca- updates with a single key stroke and view what’s > Nortel has an ecosystem of WiFi tions on detailed floor plans, happening via a graphical interface partners that include Air Defence, configures all devices with a • Granular monitoring and customizable reporting single click and provides granular provides everything needed to handle trouble- Ekahau and Auro Scout. shooting and support calls for enterprise-wide monitoring and reporting for complete visibility and control converged wireless services over the entire system. Security Switch 2350 • WAN link offload and WAN link failure protection for reliable branch office wireless service WLAN Security Switch 2350 is the smallest switch in the 2300 • “No Touch” configuration and management for Series and is ideally suited for sites without local technical expertise extending WLAN services to • VPN and firewall compatibility for non-disruptive small or branch office environ- implementations ments. It can control up to three • Wireless threat protection defends against RF access points and offers the attacks same features as the larger • Guest access provisioning provides convenient 2300 switches but in a smaller controlled wireless networking for guests Access Point 2330/2332 package and at a lower price. — Continued Security Switch 2350 4
  5. 5. Nortel Wireless Product Features and benefits LAN Solutions Security Switch 2360/2361 • Wireless threat protection defends against RF — Continued attacks WLAN Security Switch 2360/2361 is ideally suited for mid-size • Dynamic RF management with user RF performance office sites or wiring closet optimization ensures a high-quality user experience deployments, controlling up to • Guest access provisioning provides convenient 12 access points either connected controlled wireless networking for guests directly to one of the eight • Seamless, fast roaming across access points and Ethernet ports or indirectly switches preserve voice quality through a Layer 2 or 3 network. Security Switch 2382 • Flexible licensing tiers support 32, 64, 96 or 128 access points WLAN Security Switch 2382 provides control, management • Wireless threat protection defends against RF and security for up to 128 attacks distributed access points and • Dynamic RF management with user RF performance is designed for centralized optimization ensures a high-quality user experience deployments in data centers or • Guest access provisioning provides convenient at network aggregation points. controlled wireless networking for guests The 2382 provides the flexibility • Seamless, fast roaming across access points and Location Engine 2340 of using closet PoE switches for switches preserves voice quality connectivity and power to the • Multi-cast management delivers high-quality video access points. and multimedia • Self-healing, resilient design minimizes service disruption Location Engine 2340 • Locates and tracks any active WLAN client The WLAN Location Engine • Displays locations on floor plans (WLE) 2340 enhances WLAN • API provides location information to other 2300 systems with an integrated applications location services capability. The • Can be calibrated for high-resolution accuracy WLE 2340 locates and tracks • Supports Newbury® location applications suite mobile clients and enables asset tagging and tracking, zone-based access control and content delivery applications. 5
  6. 6. Application Switching Product Features and benefits and Optimization Application • Can improve application performance 5 to 34x, Accelerator 510 and includes profiles optimized and tested for Nortel Application Switches and Nortel Application Accelerator IBM WebSphere, Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Microsoft SharePoint Accelerators deliver application avail- 510 can reduce costs and increase user satisfaction by • Reduces server load through SSL termination, ability, performance and security by acceleration and centralized certificate reducing server and bandwidth balancing and accelerating traffic and by management needs and improving the respon- • Uses delta encoding to compare objects at the giving IT managers control over their siveness of web-based applica- tions. It is optimized for up to byte level to ensure that only changed content network. Nortel Application Switches 4,000 peak users. is transmitted enable application optimization, delivery, • Reduces bandwidth needs through the improved performance of the client’s local cache and high availability through the use of sophisticated application load balancing, intelligent traffic management, applica- Application • Can improve application performance by 5 to 34x, Accelerator 610 and includes profiles optimized and tested for IBM tion-layer security, security acceleration, WebSphere, Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) Nortel Application Accelerator and bandwidth management. Nortel 610 is ideal for enterprises that and Microsoft SharePoint Application Accelerators improve web- plan for more than 4,000 peak • Reduces server load through SSL termination, acceleration and centralized certificate users or require the assurance of based application response time by as management continuous availability that dual much as 34x and reduce server and power supplies, hot-swappable • Uses delta encoding to compare objects at the fans and dual hard drives deliver. byte level to ensure that only changed content bandwidth requirements through TCP is transmitted optimization and SSL acceleration. • Reduces bandwidth needs through the improved performance of the client’s local cache Did you know… > Nortel Application Accelerator can Application Switches • Reduces infrastructure costs by allowing resources deliver up to 34x improved WAN Nortel Application Switches to be used to their fullest capacity performance for web applications and deliver application availability, • Provides high availability through instant fail-over performance and security by when a server, site or WAN link becomes unavailable is optimized, tested and preconfigured balancing and accelerating traffic. • Puts IT back in control by identifying and managing for IBM Websphere, Microsoft They integrate routing and application traffic and by providing extensive tools switching by forwarding traffic for application identification, prioritization, redirec- Outlook Web Access and SharePoint. tion, rate limiting, and shaping at Layer 2 speed using Layer 4-7 information, and are designed • Secures and accelerates traffic with integrated > Nortel Application Switches have been secure sockets layer (SSL) acceleration, multi- from the ground up to optimize tested to deliver uninterrupted service networks for application plexing and compression to Microsoft LCS/OCS call servers performance. > Microsoft LCS/OCS servers can be loadbalanced to other Microsoft servers in the network to achieve faster response, increased reliability and to maintain user sessions in the event of an outage. Application Accelerator 510 and 610 6
  7. 7. Nortel Security and Product Features and benefits VPN Solutions VPN Gateway • Clientless VPN access eliminates client support and maintenance requirements associated with VPN Gateway is a remote access Nortel uses a Layered Defense approach security solution that extends the traditional remote access solutions to network security, designed to ensure reach of enterprise applications • Supports multiple VPN access modes (browser only, to remote employees, partners java applet or full SSL VPN access via Net Direct) there are no single points of security and the Nortel VPN Client (IPsec) and customers. Designed for failure in a network. This is accom- medium to large enterprises, a • Provides VPN acceleration, load balancing and can be clustered in groups of up to 255 units to support plished by using multiple approaches to single VPN Gateway can support highly robust VPN designs. up to 5,000 concurrent SSL and security enforcement at multiple areas IPsec VPN user connections. • Provides a suite of security features that enforce within a network, including: endpoint security policies, thus protecting networks from malicious code and preventing loss or theft of confidential information > Communications Security — ensures information protection from unautho- rized discovery over the network. VPN Router • Cost-effectively extends IP-based remote access > Perimeter Security — keeps the to remote locations The VPN Router portfolio “good” stuff in and the "bad" stuff out provides VPN, routing, IPsec, • Performs as either an IP access router, dedicated SSL, firewall, encryption and VPN device, or firewall in a single unit by securing the boundaries between authentication services for • Supports dynamic routing and load-balancing for zones of different levels of trust. secure connectivity across tunneled and non-tunneled traffic, and sophisti- IP networks and the Internet. cated quality-of-service (QoS) and bandwidth > Endpoint Security — ensures valid management features identity and connected device compli- • Provides flexibility of IPsec, SSL or both to meet all customer requirements ancy with security policy. > Core Network Security — keeps Secure Network • Designed to inspect, assess, ensure compliance watch for malicious software and Access Switch to business security policy, and remediate at the traffic anomalies, enforcing network network endpoint source, prior to granting The Secure Network Access network access policy and enabling survivability. Switch acts as a centralized “controller” that delivers unified • Controls network access by enabling only trusted and privileged access based on users’ > Security Management and Platform access policy and network access identities and the security of their devices control (NAC) for wired, wireless Security — manages security solution and mobile users/devices. It • Simplifies access complexity by centrally configuration, policy and event supports 2,500 concurrent managing and enforcing access policy for all enterprise user types management components. users per switch and up to 10,000 users per switch cluster • Open API integration with leading endpoint security vendors, including Microsoft NAP Did you know… • Flexible deployment options utilizing single- sign-on installable client for employees and > Nortel embraces an open security clientless operation for guest access philosophy, which is based on an ecosystem that leverages solutions from security technology leaders such as Threat Protection System • Protects networks from zero-day and emerging Symantec, Check Point and Sourcefire. The Threat Protection System attacks (TPS) is based on Snort, the open • Provides queries and reports on network threats > Nortel’s Secure Network Access Switch source intrusion detection engine. • Reduces false positives by providing end-point provides integration with Microsoft’s Using Real-Time Network intelligence to determine the impact of threats. Network Access Protection (NAP) Awareness (RNA) technology to • Enables accurate automation and real-time adap- profile assets on the network, tive defense responses to all threat scenarios to provide a comprehensive security TPS provides a comprehensive across the enterprise through remediation with solution for protecting against intrusion detection system while the Nortel Application Switch, Switched Firewall, reducing the number of false Secure Network Access Switch and VPN Gateway internal threats. positives. — Continued 7
  8. 8. Nortel Security and Product Features and benefits VPN Solutions Switched Firewall 5100 • Firewall clustering with single system image — Continued Series for pay-as-you-grow scalability and central management The Nortel Switched Firewall 5100 Series is ideal for deploy- • Integrated with Nortel Threat Protection ments at small or medium-sized System to prevent real-time threats and attacks sites. Based on the Check Point FireWall-1 inspection engine, • Deep Packet Inspection with Check Point Switched Firewall provides a SmartDefense for extra protection from resilient, high-performance, high- sophisticated attacks availability L2/3 firewall solution. • Support for Nortel VoIP portfolio (e.g., Multimedia Communication Server 5100 and Communication Server 1000) Switched Firewall 6000 • Dual-component switch-based appliance for Series high-capacity, accelerated and low-latency performance, leveraging Check Point secure The Switched Firewall 6000 XL technology Series performs accelerated deep-packet inspection and is • Hitless upgrade capability for improved resiliency and availability ideal for large enterprise, data center and service provider • Firewall clustering with single system image L2/3 deployments. for pay-as-you-grow scalability and central management • Integrated security pack for Advanced Denial of Service protection • Support for Nortel VoIP portfolio (e.g., Multimedia Communication Server 5100 and Communication Server 1000) VPN Gateway Switched Firewall 5100 Series Secure Network Access Switch Switched Firewall 6000 Series Threat Protection System VPN Router 8
  9. 9. Nortel Enterprise Product Features and benefits Data Network and Service Management Nortel Enterprise Network • The device inventory manager helps network Management System managers keep a complete inventory of their Solutions network devices Nortel’s Enterprise Network Management System helps • Provides powerful navigation tools that enable network administrators identify network managers to move seamlessly between Nortel Enterprise Network and Service logical and physical topology views with one and resolve problems and Management (ENMS) delivers strategies, performance bottlenecks before mouse click solutions, and tools to enable a system- they impact network services. It • Provides a detailed view of the physical network encompasses performance and and logical connections wide, life-cycle management approach, • Provides a monitoring system to help identify fault monitoring, central database dedicated to delivering converged solu- and asset management, and device network problem location and cause to help discovery and management. improve network performance tions that reduce the total cost of ownership and enhance the end-user experience. Proactive Voice Quality • Continuously and passively measures user quality of Management (PVQM) experience for all IP Telephony communications • Performs health checks for IP Telephony servers Did you know… PVQM continuously measures the user quality of experience for all • Identifies when performance degrades or faults > Nortel can help you address service IP telephony communications, occur in the network conducts system health checks for • Enables closed-loop monitoring of a voice call management issues as your enterprise IP telephony servers, and provides network transitions to IP telephony resolution for performance degra- and other converged applications. dation and fault conditions. > Nortel has tools to assess your network • Quickly applies traffic filtering policies from a Nortel Enterprise to determine if it is ready to handle Policy Manager single console across multiple device types IP Telephony , then proactively Nortel Enterprise Policy Manager • Prioritizes business-critical traffic flows for is a single, network-level applica- effective bandwidth management and QoS monitor the experience of your • Responds to network threats in minutes tion that allows administrators users once deployed. to manage network bandwidth, • Screens users logging into the network prioritize traffic streams, and > Nortel can help automate configura- set network access policies. tion, software updates, and backup tasks in order to reduce OPEX. • Simplifies deployment and ongoing configuration Enterprise Switch Manager management Enterprise Switch Manager is a Java™-based, real-time, configu- • Improves fail-safe redundancy and ongoing network ration management application performance for Nortel Ethernet Routing • Backup and restore support with scheduling capa- Switches, Application Switches bility ensures that the network can be recovered and WLAN devices. • An intuitive GUI for configuration of multicast networks supporting real-time information across multiple sites Network Resource Manager • Accelerates device deployment and configuration Network Resource Manager is a • Reduces administrator time and effort spent web-based configuration tool reacting to security incidents and network outages which simplifies key configuration • Allows for higher network uptime by reducing management services for large configuration management errors networks of Secure Routers, • Improves security with faster response to fix secu- Secure Network Access Switches rity incidents and reduces security incidents related and VPN Routers. to manual device misconfigurations 9
  10. 10. In the United States: In Europe: Nortel Nortel 35 Davis Drive Maidenhead Office Park, Westacott Way Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 3QH, UK Email: euroinfo@nortel.com In Canada: Nortel In Asia: 195 The West Mall Nortel Toronto, Ontario M9C 5K1 Canada United Square 101 Thomson Road In Caribbean and Latin America: Singapore 307591 Nortel Phone: (65) 6287 2877 1500 Concorde Terrace Sunrise, FL 33323 USA Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for our customers. Our next-generation tech- nologies, for both service provider and enterprise networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications. Nortel’s technologies are designed to help eliminate today’s barriers to efficiency, speed and performance by simplifying networks and connecting people to the information they need, when they need it. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries around the world. For more information, visit Nortel on the Web at www.nortel.com. For the latest Nortel news, visit www.nortel.com/news. For more information, contact your Nortel representative, or call 1-800-4 NORTEL or 1-800-466-7835 from anywhere in North America. Nortel, the Nortel logo, Nortel Business Made Simple and the Globemark are trade- marks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their owners. Copyright © 2008 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this docu- ment is subject to change without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. NN123393-070708 BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE