NJEDge.Net Mission Statement


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NJEDge.Net Mission Statement

  1. 1. NJEDge.Net Affiliate Newsletter May 23, 2005 We are pleased to send you this third edition of the NJEDge.Net Affiliate Newsletter. It is intended to keep our members informed about some of the products, services and current activities of our valued Affiliates. If you have questions or comments about the newsletter please send them to: carroll@njedge.net NJEDge.Net Affiliate program This is the second year of the program. We believe that NJEDge.Net becomes more effective as an organization through collaboration with leading corporations and recognizes significant opportunities for members to benefit from the exchange of technical expertise and experience through our meetings, conferences and other events. Information about the Affiliate program may be found in two places on our web site: http://www.njedge.net/membership/affiliates.html and http://www.njedge.net/representatives/affiliate-reps.html NJEDge.Net News On March 14, 2005 the NJEDge.Net Mission Statement was revised and endorsed by the New Jersey’s President’s Council. These revisions provide the foundation for an upcoming strategic plan that will outline the criteria for the next generation NJEDge.Net network. The complete text of the revised mission statement can be found on the NJEDge website. NJEDge.Net Mission Statement NJEDge.Net, Inc., New Jersey’s Higher Education Network, is a non-profit consortium that was developed as part of the state plan for higher education. The consortium was designed to support New Jersey’s institutions of higher education in their pursuit of excellence. The mission of NJEDge.Net is to provide collaborative resources and networked information services to its members and affiliates in support of education; research and development; outreach and public service; as well as economic development 1
  2. 2. throughout the state of New Jersey. In providing a statewide network infrastructure, NJEDge.Net establishes standards for interoperability, achieves economies of scale and supports new and emerging technology-enabled forms of inter-institutional collaboration among members and affiliates. 2
  3. 3. News from our Affiliate Members Each of our Affiliates provided current information about their company including products, services, and in some cases recent support being provided to member campuses. Advanced AV Systems Integration Introduces the Model A The Model A is a turnkey audiovisual system with touch screen control that will turn an ordinary meeting room into an exciting, interactive environment for collaborative meetings and presentations. Because the Model A is pre-engineered and designed, you get the same full-featured functionality and finished installation of a high-end custom system at a fraction of the cost. The Model A makes it easy to project PowerPoint presentations, control system operations (via touch screen), and view DVD discs and VHS tapes. In addition, you can manage AV resources and perform system diagnostics from anywhere in the world using a web browser. You can even swap system components and add functionality without costly system reprogramming. Colleges and universities have found the Model A to be the perfect solution for streamlining and standardizing multiple system installations. Recent clients include Haverford College and Franklin & Marshall College. Check out a virtual tour of the Model A system installed at Franklin & Marshall College by visiting http://ats.fandm.edu/facilities/virtualtours/goethean207.html. Call Advanced AV Systems Integration today at 877-696-7700 ext. 193 or visit www.AdvancedAV.com to learn more about the Model A and how it can benefit your institution. 3
  4. 4. Tele-Measurements by Bill Endress Every job we undertake presents unique challenges, special opportunities and when we are done, particular gratification. But, some projects standout from the rest, because of their special significance. Three years ago we were given the chance to work on just such a project. There are some K-12 students that, for one reason or another, are not able to function well in typical classroom settings. The young person may not be emotionally able to cope with the social environment of a local school. The student might be pregnant. Or the person might be mentally challenged. The state operates about 40 small school settings for these special needs children. The staff is able to provide highly individualized instruction tailor made to the students’ needs. Specialists can instruct the students in social studies, language skills, mathematics and basic science. However, students who are able to take advanced language, mathematics and science courses have limited access. Prior to instituting distance learning, advanced placement teachers visited the schools just one day a week. The student had to make do with email for any individualized assistance that was needed between visits. Tele-Measurements was given the opportunity to link these schools with Videoconferencing. Now advanced placement teachers are able to teach from one site and provide students at four other locations with instruction every day. The teachers rotate among the schools so that each institution is an origination site on one day of the week. Between the days the instructor is actually on-site, students can have in-person meeting over the videoconferencing link. The students have accepted the technology without hesitation. Aside from the intended usage, some students have put the systems to work in other educational ways. Recently, the students asked permission to conduct their own videoconferencing program. Students at several schools selected a favorite among the participants in the Ididerod dog sled race. Using the videoconferencing link, the students chronicled the competitor they were rooting for. Along the way, the students proved that videoconferencing isn’t as challenging as some of the staff imagined. It is rumored that some staff members are now using the systems for administrative meetings. Apparently, learning is a two way street. 4
  5. 5. Apple Bringing Training to Life ”Reading about a surgical procedure in a book — even one with great pictures — is a poor substitute for the real thing. High-quality video is a superior training medium.” So says Dr. Henry Spotnitz, Professor of Surgery at Columbia University (CU)’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. That’s why residents, interns, and medical students at the university now have online access to over 60 iMovie and Final Cut Pro-edited videos demonstrating a variety of surgical procedures. Full story: http://www.apple.com/education/profiles/columbia/ Apple Bioinformatics Award Winners Meet five people whose breakthroughs make the progress of science real. Chosen from hundreds of applicants to the Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics Award Program, they are shaping our health and our world through their research in biotechnology — and the help of Apple’s Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics. Full story: http://www.apple.com/science/profiles/bioinformatics/ Wireless iMacs and iBooks get to the Root of Endodontic Surgery Students at the University of Pennsylvania are incorporating dynamic video footage and still images from oral procedures into their presentations, courtesy of PowerBook G4 computers, Mac OS X, and iMovie. Full story: http://www.apple.com/education/hed/macsinaction/endodontic/ ________________________________________ Here is the summary of the discount that Apple is offering to NJEDge Members: The Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics provides a faster, easier, and lower- cost path to scientific discovery. You’ll get rapid access to over 200 bioinformatics tools with minimal administrative burden in one comprehensive, industry-leading solution. Apple is offering a special discount to NJEDge.Net members. Please contact Karl Pittenger to discuss pricing on 4 and 8 node Workgroup Clusters 609.945.5540 kpittenger@apple.com. 5
  6. 6. Audio Visual Associates Over the winter, Audio Visual Associates completed nine new SMART Board interactive classroom installations at Sussex County Community College, including six rooms in the new Library and Science Building. These room systems incorporated the new NEC WT600 lensless mirrored reflection technology DLP projector. More recently, AVA completed boardroom AV integration, including videoconferencing, at the Rutgers School of Business Management Education Center in which the new Extron Medialink MLC 226 IP enhanced control panel was installed. The MLC 226 controllers are used to select and control sources (for an NEC 61XM3 61” plasma display and an NEC MT1065 LCD projector, as well as power up both devices. The MLC 226 IP is equipped with Extron's IP Link, an IP integration technology specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional A/V environments — from small K-12 classrooms to large universities and businesses. Audio Visual Associates demonstrated the MLC 226 Medialink controller with IP Link at the recent Affiliate Technology Day event at NJIT. The flexible MLC 226 acts as an extended remote control panel. It is not a switcher; instead, as a controller, it tells the projector when to switch between its various inputs. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any multimedia classroom and operate the A/V system. With optional DVD/VCR transport control added, a user can externally control a DVD and VCR in their room system. IP Link facilitates key asset management functions including: proactive maintenance, event scheduling and remote technical support. IP Link can send a theft alert as well, as it routinely polls attached devices for status information. Other new products include the SMART Technologies SMART interactive slate (with Bluetooth® technology), which enables teachers and students to interact wirelessly with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. This new tool will help to create a truly collaborative learning environment and simplify integrating digital content into classroom activities. All SMART Technologies products (including the SMART Interactive Slate) as well as NEC projectors (6 new models) and plasma displays are available for purchase at a discounted rate under the SMARTer Kids Foundation (SKF) program. Please contact Corey Moss at (973) 442-1999 x221 or e-mail cmoss@avaonline.com for further information on these and all other products and programs. 6
  7. 7. Atrion Communications Resources Since 1985, Atrion Communications Resources, Inc (ACR) has been providing its clientele with IT services that help them stay competitive in today’s challenging market. From assessment to remediation, clients have trusted ACR to stay abreast of emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their principle business. ACR partners with only best-of-breed manufacturers to ensure their clients the best quality and technologically advanced solutions available. One of these partners is Packeteer, Inc, the pioneer and global leader in WAN Application Traffic Management. Packeteer solutions combine a family of scalable appliances with patented software capabilities to deliver visibility, control, compression, acceleration, and management of application traffic across WAN and Internet links. ACR’s Professional Services Organization has been working hand-in-hand with Packeteer since their inception in 1996. Focusing on the education sector, ACR and Packeteer have assisted NJEDge.Net members such as, NJIT, Gloucester, Ocean, Bergen and Passaic County Colleges, Seton Hall, Rowan, Rider, Montclair State, Fairleigh Dickinson, and The College of New Jersey in aligning their network and application resources, optimizing performance, and reducing total cost of operation. ACR is the primary training center on the East Coast for Packeteer, RSA Security and Juniper (NetScreen). NJEDge.Net members can submit technical Packeteer questions to us at: http://www.njedge.net/forum Look for ACR’s newest offerings to the education sector with Mirage Networks’ breakthrough technology for worm and virus detection and mitigation, 8e6 Technologies for Internet content filtering & reporting and Cisco Systems for data security solutions. ACR has also introduced Juniper Networks as the newest affiliate member of NJEDge.Net. ACR brings the technical expertise for the entire Juniper line of routers, NetScreen firewalls, and SSL remote access solutions. For a limited time ACR is offering free Packeteer training, exclusive to NJEDge.Net members with the purchase of any new 6500, 9500 or 10000 series PacketShaper for orders placed now through June 30, 2005. This 3 day course is your first step in becoming a certified PacketShaper expert. Here is a link to our website listing our training courses.http://www.atrioncomm.com/atrion/training.php?mode=all 7
  8. 8. MRA International is an Authorized Reseller for Hewlett Packard. We hold the highest standards of ethical business practices, and maintain a single-minded goal: To provide you with the most expedited, expert and hands-on service as you purchase HP products. Think of MRA International as your personal purchasing agent at Hewlett Packard. Just phone, fax or e-mail MRA to tell us what you need. Then go about your business and expect delivery in a very short period of time- anywhere in the US. It doesn’t matter how large your order, how frequently you purchase through us, or how big your company is. Everyone who contacts us receives the same courteous attention and expert assistance. Best of all three, there is no cost to you. You pay only for the products you purchase. And you receive a host of benefits:  Online, phone and fax ordering  Electronic order-processing through HP  Order-to-delivery product tracking  Expedited delivery  Instant product availability information  Immediate credit information  Troubleshooting via live-person phone calls One of the many services that we provide is FREE recycling of computer related equipment for all members of NJEDge.Net. For more information regarding this service please contact us at 732-222-0997. For more information: Email: sales@mrainternational.com or 732-222-0997 www.mrainternational.com 8
  9. 9. Verizon is working with numerous schools throughout the state in trying to deliver a turnkey solution for the customer in an attempt to reduce the burden out at the colleges and universities. Some of those solutions include offering managed services for the customer’s routers and switches, in addition to selling the equipment. Verizon is offering an all-inclusive approach when it comes to configuring your network. Some of the other notable items to mention is Verizon’s effort to try and bridge the gap between what the traditional university has to offer, and what it can be offering in the community. Few institutions can contribute more to rebuilding America's communities than its colleges and universities. They not only create and transmit knowledge, they are also economic engines, applied technology centers, major employers, investors, real estate developers, and populated with creative and energetic people. We can work with any college or university in assisting them in accomplishing this goal. With the IP/VPN as a backdrop, the members have a strong network powered by Verizon, which can open up the possibilities for institutions of Higher Learning in the state to offer applications and services in their respective communities. Verizon will not let the school go it alone, we have the skill and knowledge to assist in removing the technical roadblocks that some institutions may encounter. We can essentially take a brick or two off the load of the school, and with NJEDge.Net in the background in a facilitator role; we can help the schools accomplish the mission of the institution. For more information or questions about Verizon products and services contact Tom Mangano – (732) 530-8091 thomas.j.mangano@verizon.com or Guy Orlando – guy.a.Orlando@verizon.com (973) 765-8487 9
  10. 10. SunGard SCT Outsourcing and Technology Solutions — The Ideal Prescription for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey By Brad Rucker, senior vice president, Professional Services, SunGard SCT When the nation's largest health sciences university, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) www.umdnj.edu, wanted to improve efficiencies, communication, and self-service capabilities for constituents, it teamed with SunGard SCT www.sungardsct.com for technology solutions. The results: • Streamlined business processes, • Better communication with constituents, and • Improved coordination between departments. Working with SunGard SCT consultants, UMDNJ migrated its existing administrative systems to SCT Banner Self Service; SCT Workflow, a business logic solution with email notification; and SCT e~Print Reports, a report creation and distribution solution. Now, automatic email notifications alert those who need to know when a purchase order is created and e-reporting options significantly reduce processing time and paper usage for the finance office. December 2004 marked the rollout of the University's digital campus, a centralized network of information and services powered by our SCT Luminis Platform and Web content management solutions. Additional self-service applications and single sign-on capabilities are currently in evaluation. UMDNJ has relied on our outsourcing solutions for more than a decade and we look forward to continuing this successful relationship. Together we have ambitious goals to exceed the information and communication needs of this wonderful University's diverse constituency. For more information on how SunGard SCT solutions can help your New Jersey institution, contact Susan Josephson at 856-489-3517 or sjosephs@sungardsct.com. Or visit www.sungardsct.com. 10
  11. 11. HaiVision Systems Is On the Move By Don Lovelace April 6, 2005 HaiVision Systems is entering a key growth stage with the introduction of several new products and announcements of still more to come. Unveiled at the recent NJEdge.Net Affiliate Showcase, the new hai200 series codecs puts MPEG-2 video distribution and collection in the “palm of your hand” with a small, inexpensive IP appliance. With additional features such as a serial pass-through interface, a General Purpose Input/Output contact switch and an audio “talk back” the hai210E (encoder) and hai210D (decoder) also puts HaiVision squarely into the monitoring, security and surveillance markets as well. The hai210E signal is fully compatible with all the popular desktop MPEG-2 players and set top boxes. The hai210M is an MPEG-4 mobile communicator featuring a head set with camera, microphone and earpiece connected to a body side pack with an auxiliary camera for still shots or full motion video and Wi-Fi connectivity for full mobility. The hai220XGA encodes and decodes PC screens up to 1600x1200 at up to 15 frames per second and takes collaborative video conferencing to new levels. The hai230 is the world’s first, fully standards based H.264 (MPEG-4 part 11) video codec enabling MPEG-2 video quality at low bandwidths (768Kbps – 1.5 Mbps). Announced for general availability later this year are haiBridge, haiGate, haiServe and a new multi format Encode/Decode Blade for the hai500 series. haiBridge will digitally bridge hai500/200 series ATM and IP video network implementations. haiGate will digitally trans-code, trans-rate and trans-signal MPEG-2, H.323 and H.264 video networks. haiGate will be initially introduced this summer with MPEG-2/H.323 interoperability and H.264 will be added later in the year. The haiBridge and haiGate will be available as either stand-alone units or as a blade for placement in the hai560 chassis. haiBridge and haiGate will revolutionize gatewaying between video technologies. Since they are fully digital, users will no longer experience the added delay of traditional base band gateway solutions. haiServe will be an IP streaming server/video capture device for a robust, media storage and retrieval/playback solution. The new multi format encode/decode blade for the hai500 will feature MPEG-2 4.2.0, 4.2.2 and H.264 on the same blade. Additionally, the new blade will include S-video, composite or SDI video connectors. Please visit our newly updated web site at www.haivision.com or call Don Lovelace at (203) 661-0690 for more information. 11
  12. 12. "TransNet Corporation has continued to build a solid reputation within the Higher Education arena. The company specializes in VoIP implementations, Cisco-based LAN/ WAN upgrade projects, wireless connectivity, and network security. TransNet recognizes that many NJ Colleges and Universities are interested in some of the more sophisticated technologies, such as QoS/QPM, Video Conferencing & Archiving, Dynamic VLAN's, expanding wireless access for students, and 802.1x authentication. As one of the most experienced VoIP integrators in NJ, having installed thousands of IP phones, TransNet can make a compelling case for migrating to VoIP in terms of cost savings, ROI and network efficiency. TransNet is also offering QoS implementation services in partnership with NJEDge.Net, per its role as an affilated member. These are scalable QoS solutions, designed to enhance connectivity to the NJEDge broadband network." For more information contact Bill Pappas at 908 947 0218 or pappasb@transnet.com 12
  13. 13. WebCT New Jersey Institute of Technology breaks e-learning barriers with WebCT Campus Edition Three decades after coining 'virtual classroom' term, institution continues to expand e- learning boundaries LYNNFIELD, Mass., Jan. 3, 2005 - The New Jersey Institute of Technology, an e- learning pioneer and the confirmed originator of the "virtual classroom" concept, is using the WebCT Campus Edition course management system to expand its already broad range of innovative e-learning offerings. NJIT has just launched a customized e-learning program for pharmaceutical workers and is deepening counter-terrorism education for the New Jersey State Police. A professor has just won a prestigious national e-learning award, and the institution continues to deliver the nation's second-largest online graduate computing and engineering programs. NJIT's e-learning activity started 30 years ago with the creation of the first-ever computer-mediated communications network for education in 1975 and the trademarking of the term Virtual Classroom in 1989. NJIT has been delivering fully online classes since 1984 and fully online degree programs since 1989. "Whether we're helping a pharmaceutical plant avoid shutdowns, State Police combat terror, or the next generation of engineers and computing professionals meet the great challenges of the future, we're aggressively pursuing the NJIT's mission of economic development through education," said Gale Tenen Spak, Ph.D., NJIT's associate vice president of continuing and distance education. "WebCT Campus Edition is the platform for this pursuit and supports our activities by being flexible, reliable, powerful and easy to use." A WebCT user since 1995, NJIT has just launched an intensive public-private education partnership with a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. NJIT is delivering a customized technical writing program, in beta test now, for production line workers and managers in a southern U.S. plant. The program, which could eventually serve employees in 50 locations around the world, will help plant employees save the company time and money by writing more concise incident reports. Ambiguities and muddled language, even when no dangerous incident occurred, can prompt regulators to shut down a plant for days or weeks. The customized blended-delivery course relies extensively on online learning via WebCT Campus Edition NJIT is also using WebCT Campus Edition to help New Jersey State Police instructors deliver counter-terrorism training to more than 3,000 state troopers. The program saves the time and productivity lost when troopers must drive across the state to the State 13
  14. 14. Police training facility located near the Jersey shore. The program involves highly sensitive content and secure Web access to State Police databases. NJIT quickly trained police academy instructors to deliver effective instruction with WebCT course tools. Meanwhile, NJIT continues to deliver the nation's second-largest online graduate engineering and computing degree programs out of 332 institutions, as validated in U.S. News & World Report. Powered by WebCT Campus Edition, the 11-year-old program serves more than 800 students seeking master's degrees in engineering management, computer science and information systems each semester. NJIT's e-learning innovations have long paid off in awards and recognition. In November, two graduate students in NJIT's unique online master of science in professional and technical communication program, Michele Fields and Hilary Debelak, received the first-ever merit-based scholarships exclusively for distance-learning students. Also in November, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Ph.D., distinguished professor of information systems at NJIT, received the Sloan Consortium 2004 award for Most Outstanding Achievement in Online Teaching and Learning by an Individual. Hiltz, a recognized authority on computer-mediated communication and learning networks, has produced nearly 300 scholarly works on asynchronous learning networks (ALNs) and has spent 27 years refining their design, implementation, and study. Her seventh book, "Learning Together: Online Research on Asynchronous Learning Networks," co-edited with Professor Ricki Goldman of NJIT, reflects a rich history of e-learning research performed at NJIT. "NJIT is a true visionary institution, blending the power of technology with sound educational practices," said WebCT President and CEO Carol Vallone. "We embrace the challenge of anticipating and meeting the needs of institutions like NJIT that are constantly redefining the possibilities of e-learning." About NJIT Founded in 1881, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a public, scientific and technological research university with over 100 degree programs. Through its Division of Continuing Professional Education, NJIT develops and delivers education and training programs to students and professionals around the world via instructor-led e-learning, real-time distance learning, and blended delivery. About WebCT WebCT has set the standard for e-learning systems in higher education. Based in Lynnfield, Mass., WebCT provides a highly flexible e-learning environment that empowers institutions across the educational spectrum with the ability to achieve their unique objectives. Thousands of colleges and universities around the world, from community colleges to large university consortia, are using WebCT to expand the boundaries of teaching and learning. For more information, please visit webct.com. 14
  15. 15. For twenty years, York Telecom has been providing visual communications solutions, which include Interactive Distance Learning, to Federal, State and local Governments as well as Commercial and Education clients many of whom are located in New Jersey. Most recently, our work has grown to include the New Jersey Judiciary, for whom we convert video of live court proceedings into streamed content available as either a live or on-demand webcast. Although the intended audience for these broadcasts primarily includes lawyers and students, anyone with Internet access and Windows Media Player can view the recorded court sessions without making the trip to the Court’s Trenton, New Jersey location. Broadcasts, which will carry everything that happens in the Supreme Court courtroom, are accessed via the Court’s web page www.judiciary.state.nj.us. “The New Jersey Supreme Court is now able to do the people’s work before the people in a way few other courts have been able to,” said Ken Scaturro, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at York Telecom. “We’re pleased to be a part of the demystification of the judicial process by opening the virtual courtroom door to an unlimited audience.” This type of solution has numerous education-related applications, including commencement ceremonies, guest lecturers, and distance learning. For more information on these and other visual communication solutions by York Telecom contact info@yorktel.com call 866-836-8463 visit their website at www.yorktel.com or visit their brick and mortar facility in Eatontown, New Jersey. . 15