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    Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Document Transcript

    • Carl Zwanzig 1713 Nason St, Alameda, CA 94501 +1 510 523 3427 zbang@radix.net (US Citizen) QA & QA automation. Systems & software test. Network & software systems design and engineering operations. Systems and hardware/software integration. Problem solving. Systems, Languages, Protocols, etc Operating Systems: Unix (BSDI, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, linux, SCO), Microsoft Win95/98/NT/2000/XP, DEC RT-11, RSX-11, RSTS/E, VAX/VMS, CP/M, PrimeOS, NetWare, others... Languages: c, Fortran-77, BASIC (various versions), ALGOL-60, Dibol, PERL, tcl, AWK, Access VBA, various assemblers (DEC PDP-11, VAX, PDP-10, Intel 8080, IBM 370, IBM 1130, others...), SQL Other: Ethernet (10/100/1000), FDDI, ATM, DSL, Cable modems, TCP/IP and related protocols (RIP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, NTP, NNTP, DNS, RADIUS, CIFS, SNMP, DHCP, iSCSI), Microsoft networking, command scripting languages (unix shells, DEC DCL), DECnet, Telephone systems (Lucent Definity PBX, Mitel SX-200 PBX, 1A2 key systems, ISDN), Network Appliance filers, Internet Domain Name Service (BIND), Internet News (INN), snmp monitoring, Internet security practices, Gauntlet Internet Firewall, Watchguard Firebox firewall, Netscreen firewall, Vpnet & Nortel vpn systems, OpenBSD pf firewall, sendmail, postfix, apache, messaging protocols (POP/ IMAP), monitoring (MRTG, custom systems), tcltest, expect, FibreChannel, EMC storage arrays, Qlogic & Emulex FC HBAs, PostgreSQL Professional Experience Monosphere, Inc.- Redwood City, CA SQA Engineer- September 2006 to October 2008 Company produces data storage usage & capacity planning software. Design and implementation of automation tools for SQA. Tools include those for creating synthetic input databases by injecting XML into the product, backup/restore of test databases, and validation of processed data. Other tools include those for collecting host and storage array configurations and comparing with product database contents. Design and implementation of complete data-driven test harness and basic regression tests. This includes test framework, UI emulator to communicate with product's server, writing & parsing XML, PostgreSQL database interface, data validation, etc. Testing of data collection subsystem, including creating multiple configurations of hosts, volume managers, and storage array volumes, and validating collected data. Work includes developing test plans, creating automation code where applicable, and manual testing. Setup of test environments, including EMC Clariion configuration, Veritas and Microsoft clusters, Veritas volume manager, NetApp filers, Qlogic & Emulex FC HBAs. Fabric7 Systems, Inc- Mountain View, CA SQA Engineer- September 2003 to August 2006 Carl Zwanzig 14-Oct-2008 Page 1
    • Company produces a partitionable server chassis, including Ethernet & Fibre Channel I/O and internal server offload options. Systems test of a server/networking product. Testing the 'platform' section of the control system, including embedded O/S, internal system control/management software, CLI, error/exception handling, and related pieces. Work includes developing test plans, creating automation code where applicable, and manual testing. Testing of embedded Fibre Channel/iSCSI gateway SW/HW. Work includes reviewing system design and functional specs, developing test plans, manual testing, implementation of automatic tests (tcl & expect) where possible. Create and maintain iSCSI targets for test usage. Test areas also include server boot from iSCSI targets and FC targets through gateway. Create and maintain automated test control and reporting framework (tcl & expect), used for both smoke/regression tests and for specific functional test runs. Designed and implemented test/emulation hardware management system (tracks users, network info, manages test lab DNS/DHCP). Install and maintain lab control system, including PXE and tftp servers, and lab network. Participate in system design and functional spec evaluations of both hardware and software components. Intransa, Inc- San Jose, CA QA engineer- October 2002 to June 2003 (contractor) Systems test of iSCSI network storage product. Work includes verifying overall functionality; testing data integrity, cli, error reporting, network interfaces; designed UPS (power) monitoring & management scheme. Designed and implemented automated tests using tcl and expect. Consult with system architects and product marketing on matters of system management/administration, network configuration/operations, Provide backup support to sales engineers. Panasas, Inc- Fremont, CA QA engineer- March 2002 to October 2002 (contractor) Software test of network storage product. Work includes verifying backup/restore via NDMP using Veritas NetBackup, Legato Networker, and ndmjob; testing data snapshot functions; testing cli and gui as related to backups/snapshots. Most tests were automated with tcl, tcltest, and expect. Consult with system architects and product marketing on matters of system management/administration and network operation. Provide backup support to sales engineers on matters of system operations. Kinaare Networks- Sunnyvale, CA Senior Network Engineer- Dec 2000 to Jan 2002 Integrated and tested the components of a DSL gateway, including DSL modem, wireless LAN, flash disk (DiskOnChip), custom-built PCI hardware, and embedded linux. Includes documentation, release management, manufacturing initialization for devices, etc. Design/impliment the integration of Kinaare's gateway manager server systems into those of client ISPs. Carl Zwanzig 14-Oct-2008 Page 2
    • Software QA on MSWindows for the PC client & device drivers of wireless networking hardware, assist in developing field trial plans, assist in design of software for DSL gateway.. InterTrust Technologies Corp- Santa Clara, CA Manager, Networks & Systems- March 1993 to December 2000 Built company network and infrastructure from a single unix server with 14.4k Internet dialout to 20+ servers, diverse T-1 Internet connection, switched gigabit ethernet backbone. Servers & systems: NT servers, BSD & Solaris unix servers, Network Appliance filers, DAT & DLT backup systems. Networking: Nortel Networks (routers, switches, VPN, hubs), Foundry Networks (routers, switches), cisco (routers), Network Associates (Gauntlet Firewall, virus detection), Ascend ISDN remote access routers. Other equipment: APC and MGE UPSs, Lucent Definity PBX & Intuity voicemail, PictureTel teleconferencing. Applications/etc: O’Reilly Website, Allaire Cold Fusion, CAI ArcServe, Apache, MRTG, UCD-SNMP, sendmail. Projects include: Implementation of corporate data network, from original 10baseT hubs, to combined switch/router based network, to switched gigabit ethernet backbone. Implementation of original corporate server “farm”, based on Windows NT; corporate e-mail systems (sendmail & MS-Mail, later Exchange); external web server, DNS, etc. Implementation of corporate firewall and establishment of access policies. Migrate company from Centrex telephone system to Lucent PBX/Voicemail. Member of planning committee for company move to present location. Coordinated all telecom, datacom, and security system installations. Coordinate design of both existing and replacement computer rooms, including HVAC, power, cabling. First and second level end user support for desktop systems & applications. Networld+Interop Network Operations Center NOC team member- 1993 to 1998, May-August 2001 (part-time) Assist team in developing, deploying, and operating the world’s largest portable civilian data network Duties include installation and maintenance of core network service systems for the InteropNetLabs (routers, DNS & monitoring systems, iLabs WWW server and pages, etc), power systems (specifying requirements, handling, configuration, and test UPSs); configuration and support of PC systems & servers; support of GPS time servers, coordination of physical network install; second and third level network troubleshooting. Independent contractor- January 1992 to March 1995 Projects include: Automate generation of contracts for armored car company. Novell network support to central office of large bank. Design and install Novell networks for small offices. Assist users to properly utilize new resources. K L Ginter & Associates- Beltsville, MD Carl Zwanzig 14-Oct-2008 Page 3
    • Senior Staff- February 1987 to July 1994 Projects include: Application and utility design / implementation for large real estate management firm. Evaluation and test of new network infrastructure for large real estate management firm. Implementation of control systems and data conversion for medical battery test system. Application and utility design / implementation of user interface components for steel casting facility. Software porting for steel casting facility. (Re) implementation of specialty communications protocols for steel casting facility. Novell network support to central office of large bank. Software and operations support of VAX systems to US Dept of Labor. Evaluation of network hardware for US Dept of Education. Independent contractor- May 1986 to February 1987 Projects include: Design and implementation of tracking system for EPA pesticide date submittals. Porting of trucking industry cost analysis software to new hardware/software platform. Design and implementation of convention membership automation system. General Digital Corp- Rockville, MD System Specialist- November 1985 to May 1986 Provide software support to a variety of clients using the RSTS/E operating system and DECNET. Kastle Systems Inc- Arlington, VA Staff Programmer & Hardware Specialist- April 1980 to November 1985 Maintenance and enhancements to PDP-11 based alarm/card access/building control system. Projects included: Design and implementation of user applications, device drivers, kernel enhancements to proprietary operating system. Design of specialty & custom alarm control units. Design of data collection equipment & software. Pre & post sales consultation with project staff. Carl Zwanzig 14-Oct-2008 Page 4