Microsoft PowerPoint - 2008 08 email morass [Compatibility Mode]


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Microsoft PowerPoint - 2008 08 email morass [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Mastering your Mailbox: g E-mail and Information Management •Dominic Jaar •David J. Bilinsky
  2. 2. B Make thi S M k this Session a Hit i What areas must be touched upon p to make this a hit? What burning issues do you need addressed? This session is driven by YOU!
  3. 3. J Topics To Be Covered Today Tips and techniques Filters, Flags, & g Search Folders Spam Phishing emails Security y Learning more
  4. 4. B Tips and Techniques
  5. 5. B Tips and Techniques #1 use more than one email address: Business (may even consider 2…) Personal P l Web-based email (Gmail, Hotmail) – for travel p and…Disposable #2 Don’t use your business address for anything other than business Use a separate email address for listservs and other public uses….let these emails build up elsewhere…
  6. 6. J Tips and Techniques #3 Use your inbox only to gather mail Not as a repository for To-Do’s, memos, meeting notes, reminders, attachments, notes reminders attachments events, addresses, URLs etc… Put those items in folders or in your y Practice Management Software (TimeMatters, Amicus Attorney etc…) #4 Clean out your inbox …now now Need a fresh start…by filing the emails (not dealing with them right now)
  7. 7. B Tips and Techniques #5 Organize into sub-folders Clients - Open Sub-folder for each client Clients – Closed Administration (e.g.: accountant) Informational (e.g.: mailing lists) Personal P l #6 Backup the Outlook.pst file
  8. 8. J RSS – Really Simple Syndication Get h information you want when you want i G the i f i h it Separate current awareness from correspondence How to get started: g Get a reader Outlook 2007 / IE7 / Firefox FeedReader (download) Bloglines (web-based) MyYahoo (web-based) Subscribe to Feeds Feedster Syndic8 Look for
  9. 9. B Arguably the world’s best web-based mail Free, and available to anyone HUGE capacity!! 7,000+ megabytes Automatic threading of discussions Automatic notifier (with download) Automatic spam filtering Forwarding, signatures and much much F di i d h h more!!
  10. 10. J ..or Zoho!
  11. 11. Filters
  12. 12. J Filters in Outlook Once you have filters built, you can have your mail automatically filed into folders as you wish Or you can use filters y to automatically delete junk mail Use the exceptions and variations to suit your situation
  13. 13. J Filters in Outlook
  14. 14. J Filters in Outlook
  15. 15. Flags
  16. 16. B Flags in Outlook Use fl flags to f ll follow-up f for incoming and outgoing e- mail Numerous action options and colours Uses pop-up reminders for you or recipient Arrange by colour for at- a-glance priorities
  17. 17. B Flags in Outlook
  18. 18. B Flags in Outlook
  19. 19. B Flags in Outlook
  20. 20. B Flags in Outlook 2007
  21. 21. Search Folders
  22. 22. J Search Folders in Outlook Search folders show unread messages and those marked for follow-up by default Customizable – will show any search you create Contains copies of messages - they remain in the original folder
  23. 23. J Search Folders in Outlook
  24. 24. J Search Folders in Outlook
  25. 25. Spam
  26. 26. B Spam
  27. 27. Phishing Emails
  28. 28. B How to Prevent Phishing You need to be running Outlook 2003 or 2007 Install th l t t Offi I t ll the latest Office 2003 Service Pack Install the Junk e-mail filter update for Outlook 2003 IE7 built-in Phishing Filter
  29. 29. B Anti- Anti-Phishing cont’d Dangerous email is automatically routed to your “junk” mail folder. All formatting has been stripped out – all html, all pictures – all you see is straight text. All hypertext links are turned off off. If good emails are ending up in your “junk” folder, then: Right-click on one of these emails. Then click “Junk E-Mail” and then “Add Sender to Safe Senders List”.
  30. 30. B DB SimplyFile The best tool I have found this year... ☺ Intelligent filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook “Guesses” the folder that an email should go One click – and it is filed! Speeds up handling the S d h dli th email avalanche!
  31. 31. Security
  32. 32. J Passwords and Encryption What do: “Mon Cheri”, “070956”, “Quebec”, “Admin”, “Quebec” “Admin” “Password” or a note stuck to your monitor have in common? They are all really really bad passwords!! Don’t store your passwords in a Word or Excel file...easily found!
  33. 33. J Passwords and Encryption Good Passwords: Have upper, lower case letters and characters Are not names, dates or words in a dictionary Change frequently Are kept *Secret* ~#mIck3yM0u5e!~
  34. 34. B Passwords and Encryption Password Storage Applications: Logon King ( RoboForm Pro (www roboform com) ( Account Logon ( Password Safe - *free* ( / de s t ) /index.shtml) Some allow your to store your passwords on a USB drive
  35. 35. B Antivirus, Anti-Malware Protection Hit with malware...who you gonna ith l h call? Trend Micro’s “HouseCall” p // Free scan – tells you what it found...can then go searching for a removal tool SpyBot Search and Destroy *USED TO BE GOOD* ((www.safer- f Trashed by PC Mag: Worst Tech Products of Q1 2008
  36. 36. J Anti- Anti-Spyware PCPro tested anti-spyware products Their results are at: (2005) (2006) Winner was (2005,2006 & 2008): PC Tools Spyware Doctor py
  37. 37. B Antivirus, Anti-Malware Protection CounterSpy v2 Norton Internet Security *beware* of rogue software: www spywarewarrior com/rogue anti spyware.htm. Also lists trustworthy software!
  38. 38. J Firewalls See – Firewall Ratings Excellent rated software firewalls: Comodo Firewall Pro (free!) OnLine Armour Personal Firewall ProSecurity 1.43 Outpost Firewall Pro 2008
  39. 39. B Firewalls Hardware fi H d firewalls: ll Usually built into cable and wireless modems available from: Linksys D-Link Netgear SMC Gibson Research: “ShieldsUP!!” tests a firewall and its ability to block incoming attacks. “Leaktest” will check your Leaktest firewall for outbound data security. Both are available at:
  40. 40. J Anti- Anti-virus & Firewalls Software Certified Anti-virus software: ICSA labs tests a-v software Results can be found at: Certified Firewalls:
  41. 41. J Learn and Test Forewarned is forearmed Bruce Schneier – CTO Counterpane Security C t S it g gram.html Steve Gibson – Gibson Research Corp – ShieldsUp! g c com ShieldsUp!, “Perfect Password Generator”, LeakTest Norton Security Check N S i Ch k
  42. 42. Learning More
  43. 43. B Learning More… More useful information and links: ABA LPM eZine: Law Practice Today Subscribe to Bruce Schneier’s newsletter on internet security: l tt i t t it Go to www grc com – Test your firewalls, wireless security and more…
  44. 44. Our Thanks!!! And questions please! Dominic and David David J. Bilinsky: y Dominic Jaar: