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Ömer Faruk ŞEN

  1. 1. Ömer Faruk ŞEN Resident Address In Turkey : Contact Phone: (+90-535-2155009,+90-212 5305025) Ereğli Mah.Deniz Abdal Camii e-mail : omer@faruk.net, ofsen@enderunix.org Sok.No:2/13 Şehremini /İSTANBUL EDUCATION 1998 - 2005 Electronical &Communicational Eng. Yildiz Technical University , Istanbul , Turkey OBJECTIVE Challenging technical position as a systems administration, especially on UNIX systems. Solaris, Linux (all distributions) and other open source BSD operationg systems are also matter of profession. WORK EXPERIENCE • Tutored several students to University Exam and tutored basic computer concepts. (Win9x and other programs) • 2001- December 2006 : Worked as a system and security administrator at The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey – National Electronic, Cryptology Research Institute (TUBITAK – UEKAE). Managed server farm composed of FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD and worked as a Security Auditor for various customers. http://www.uekae.tubitak.gov.tr • June 2007 – April 2008: Worked as a International Senior TAC Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent http://www.alcatel-lucent.com.tr • April 2008 – Current: Working as a Senior System administrator and Technology Manager at Endersys http://www.endersys.com.tr COMPUTER SKILLS •Operating Systems : Linux (RedHat and others) (8 years), FreeBSD (6 years), Solaris (6 years), OpenBSD (6 years), NetBSD, Tru64 UNIX, IBM AIX , Sco UNIXWARE •Languages : Unix Programming (Shell; Awk ) ; C •Tools : On UNIX Systems: Qmail+LDAP , QMAIL+SQL Apache Web Server , DNS(Bind and DJBDNS), Sendmail Samba, MySQL , IPCHAINS(Linux) and IPFILTER( and *BSD), PF (OpenBSD) Firewall Mailing Lists Managers ,Squid, FTP,
  2. 2. High Availability in Linux (Redhat Cluster Suite, Redhat GFS), Load Balancing for internet portals and for companies, LDAP Implementations(OpenLDAP), VPN (PPTP, L2TP) •Network : Network Equipments , OSI and TCP/IP knowledge High Availability Systems (Load Balancing, Clustering) Cisco Router Configuration, IPV6 Systems, IEEE 802.11x systems EXPERIENCE • Establishment and maintenance ( 1998-1999 ) of an Internet Cafe. • Establisment network infrastructure of an insurance company in Bahçelievler • Has tutored students in Computer Basics. • Has given a seminar on Linux being on November , 2000 being within the Istanbul Linux User Group seminars • Has given a seminer at Ankara University about installing and configuring DjbDNS (a secure BIND replacement. •Carried out the system administration of two hosting companies including their security auditing and system admistration.(Virtual Hosting) •Formation of http://www.enderunix.org which is largely-known for its support for BSD systems in Turkey. This site is the first such site to be run in Turkey, serves the official Turkey mirrors of FreeBSD, NetBSD, Ipfilter Firewall Package, Ezmlm Qmail mailing list software,DjbDNS , and Qmail, which is also hosting mirror site of OpenBSD. •Working on LDAP to implement a whole sign-on system.(User authentication,pop3,smtp) • Τranslated extensivly used Qmail administration frontend into Turkish, QmailADMIN (www.inter7.com/qmailadmin) • Establishment of a turn-key internet services platform which includes Firewall, Proxy Server, E-Mail Server, Intrusion Detection System, Web server, DNS Server, Ftp Server and Backup Server for “T.C. Kadinin Statusu ve Sorunlari Genel Mudurlugu”. http://www.kssgm.gov.tr • Establishment of Firewall, Intrusion Detection System and a web caching engine for Teknoloji Holding. http://www.teknoloji.com •Publications • Security Basics in UNIX ( http://www.linux.org.tr/documents ) • Security Auditing Documentation in Linux ( http://www.linux.org.tr/documents ) • Concepts and Free implementation of LDAP(http://www.enderunix.org/docs/ldap_fundamentals) • *OpenBSD Installation Guide ( http://ww.enderunix.org/documents/openbsd_installation.html) • ∗DjbDNS Installation Guide ( http://www.enderunix.org/documents/djbdns_installation.html ) This document has also referenced by official DjbDNS site ( http://www.djbdns.org ) This
  3. 3. document has also rewritten in English and mentioned at www.djbdns.org • *FreeBSD Installation Guide ( http://www.enderunix.org/documents/freebsd_kurulum ) • ∗Making a stable system with FreeBSD (known as “make world”) document http://www.enderunix.org • ∗Α document about Linux High Availability implementation that details both concepts of HA and installing linux-ha software in Turkish (http://www.enderunix.org/docs/high_availabilty.html ). This document has also mentioned in www.linux-ha.org • Has contributed to upcoming Linux book “ Kim Korkar Linuxten” from Pusula publications • Αn article about BSD systems (Free,Open,NetBSD) and Installation of FreeBSD from scratch in BYTE magazine’s turkey branch in July 2003 • BSD brochure for BSD advocates (www.enderunix.org/docs/bsd_brosuru) Books: • Written first Turkish FreeBSD book “Kurulum, Yönetim ve Servisleriyle FreeBSD İşletim Sistemi” by Acikkod Publications http://www.acikakademi.com/catalog/freebsd/ • Translation of Oreilly Network Security HACKS books as Ağ Güvenliği İpuçları http://www.acikakademi.com/catalog/nethacks/ Softwares: • Has contributed to QMAIL-LDAP ( QLDAPADMIN ) tool that allows to add, delete domains; add,delete users within doman; edit users preferences with different binaries. This tool is the first project in its branch done in "internet" domain. ( http://www.enderunix.org/qldapadmin ) .Written in C++ • Ηas contributed to Isoqlog ( http://www.enderunix.org/isoqlog/ ) software which is a MTA log analysis program written in C. It designed to scan qmail, postfix, sendmail logfile and produce usage statistics in HTML format for viewing through a browser. This software has also been selected as the first project in the Open Source software contest which was done by IBM Turkey (http://www-5.ibm.com/tr/products/linux/odul/index.html ) and also received best freesoftware of the year award by linux.org.tr *These documents are first Turkish Documents in their branch. ATTENDED SEMINARS * Have attended security seminar held by Intellect (www.intellect.com.tr)
  4. 4. * Have attended DNS seminar organised by TBD * Have attended SACIS seminar in Ciragan Palace (www.smartvalley.net/sacis ) * Have attended Pargem's Cisco AVVID and wLAN seminars (www.pargem.com.tr ) TECHNICAL AND NON-PROFIT SUBSCRIPTIONS - Member of IEEE community for 3 years - Member of TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) for 2 years - Member of Linux User Group of Turkey for 2 years. ( Member #17 ) - OpenSolaris Turkey User Group Coordinator (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/os_user_groups/tosug/) - *BSD Certification Group Turkish (www.bsdcertification.org) Translator PERSONAL Birth Date : 18 March 1980 Martial Status : Male , Single Military State : Completed as of May 2007 Foreign Languages : English - Very good Hobbies : Reading Books, listening to music ,fishing .. Outstanding characteristics : Self-motivated, self-starter, able to quickly assess situations, provide emergency counseling, and connect people with needed services. REFERENCES: Αvailable upon request. ** Most updated version of this CV can be found at http://www.faruk.net/omercv.doc $CV: Date: omercv.doc,v 1.8 05/05/2008 ofsen Exp $