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Linksys DSL Router Configuration Worksheet

Linksys DSL Router Configuration Worksheet






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    Linksys DSL Router Configuration Worksheet Linksys DSL Router Configuration Worksheet Document Transcript

    • Maestro Computing Services support@pcmaestro.com We make your system sing! www.pcmaestro.com 310-880-9891 Connecting to the internet using a DSL router Your system is connected to the internet using a DSL router and a DSL Modem. Connecting in this way provides several advantages over non-router connected systems. The router functions as a type of firewall for your computer. A firewall can prevent hackers from breaking into your system and stealing information such as passwords, credit card information and anything else saved on your computer. The alternative is for firewall software to be installed on your system. Firewall software is confusing, hard to use, hard to configure and if configured incorrectly, can block your computer from accessing the internet entirely. Hardware firewalls are always a better choice over software firewalls. The router/switch combination can give all computers in your network access to the internet without the need for additional expensive DSL accounts. The router eliminates the need for additional software needed by some DSL providers to login and connect you each time you want to get on the internet. Some DSL providers require a traditional login with user name and password before using the internet. This is true even for the "always on" DSL connections. SBC and Covad are examples of providers that require this login procedure. The router stores the appropriate user name and password, eliminating the need for a traditional login procedure. The router based system is designed to:  protect your computer from unwanted access by hackers.  eliminate the need for extra software that will slow down your system performance.  allow multiple users on your network an easy way to get on the internet. Page # 1
    • Troubleshooting the system. Given the advantages, there are some things you should know to diagnose internet connection problems. Check the lights on your DSL modem. The Power DSL and Ethernet lights should be on and not flashing Additional lights might always be on depending on the make and model of your modem. Check your DSL provider for exact instructions. If the DSL light or Ethernet light are flashing, you may have a problem with the phone line or your internet provider, not with the router system. Log into the router status screen to check the connection status. See UNABLE TO LOGIN TO ROUTER below if you cannot properly login to the router The Linksys router can be configured and the connection status checked by logging into the router. You do not need a live internet connection to view the router status screens. Open Internet Explorer. If you are disconnected from the internet or your home page does not load, hit the stop button to stop the page from loading. In the address line of Internet Explorer type This is the default address for Linksys routers. Check with the maestro if another number is to be used. Hit ENTER A password authentication window should appear There is usually no user name The password is admin This is the default setting for Linksys routers. Check with the maestro if user names or alternate passwords have been installed. Hit ENTER The Linksys Router setup screen should appear. Page # 2
    • Click on the Status tab The status tab should indicate:  if you are connected  if you are disconnected  if their was an authentication error (login, username, password) If you are disconnected: Click the CONNECT button to reconnect If you have an authentication error several things could be wrong  Your DSL username and password settings have changed or are incorrect  The modem needs to be reset  DSL service is not working on the phone line  DSL service provided by the phone company is down. Try again later Reset the modem  Turn off and unplug the DSL modem. Leave it off for 3 minutes. Be patient.  Plug it back in and turn it on.  Wait for the lights to stop flashing  Try connecting again DSL service provided by phone company or internet provider are not working If you are sure that the username and password are correct, it is possible that DSL service is temporarily down. Contact your DSL provider or contact the maestro to determine if other something else needs resetting. UNABLE TO LOGIN TO ROUTER If you are unable to login to the router using the appropriate login routines, you may have to reset the router. It is rare but sometimes this happens. You may have to unplug or turn off the router to have it reset. Warning! If you have a combination router and ethernet switch, you will disconnect your network computers from your local network when you unplug the router/switch unit. Be careful to notify all network users to save all work before unplugging the router with ethernet switch. It might be a good idea to have them shut off their computers, as they will have to restart them anyway once the router/switch has been reset. Wait 5 minutes then plug in the router and turn it back on Try logging in again and reconnecting to the internet. Page # 3
    • INFORMATION SPECIFIC FOR MY DSL SYSTEM My system has the following specifications: Router Brand and Model # Combination Router with Ethernet Switch Router Serial # DSL Provider Router IP address Router configuration login user name Router configuration login password Connection type (ADSL/SDSL/IDSL) PPP type (PPPOE, PPTP, Static IP, Dynamic IP) DHCP enabled/disabled DSL phone # DSL provider Tech Support Phone # Additional DSL related information: Phone Company DSL Circuit ID # DSL provider account # LCEC name (Local Phone Company) Modem Brand/Model # Modem Serial # DSL username DSL password Email information: Incoming Mail Server (POP3) Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) DNS Information: IP Addresses assigned in my system: Router Page # 4