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  • 1. INTELLIGENT NETWORK SECURITY "The RimApp ROADBLOCK firewall sets the bar on advanced stateful application layer filtering firewall appliances. The ISA Server 2004 based ROADBLOCK firewall appliance includes everything firewall administrators expect from a firewall appliance: headless operation, secure remote Web based administration and extremely easy setup and maintenance.” “Dr Thomas Shinder, Microsoft Security and Firewall specialist and an authority on ISA Products.”
  • 2. RoadBLOCK™ INTELLIGENT NETWORK SECURITY RoadBLOCK™ based on Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 is an Advanced Application-layer firewall, VPN, Web Cache Appliance Powered by Windows Server 2003 and is ideal for organisations of all sizes. Included in selected RoadBLOCK™ Appliances is the capability to perform Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Content Checking, Patch Management and Web Browsing Monitoring functions. Our Security solutions enable customers to easily maximize existing IT investments by improving network security and performance. RoadBLOCK’s™ unique RDA WEB-UI™ web interface provides a secured, intuitive and compressive one stop management point to enable even the new to RoadBLOCK™ administrator to perform administration tasks. RoadBLOCK™ has extra features to simplify the management of the appliance. Features Product Highlights These are just a few of the features available to you on • Pre-installed, Pre-hardened, Optimized and the RoadBLOCK™ Security Firewall Appliance. Verified Appliance. • Based on an Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ADVANCED PROTECTION and ISA 2004. Multi-layered Firewall Security – Protect your business • Comprehensive ease of use management tools from the new generation of attacks. Maximum security including our RDA WEB-UI™. provided by filtering at the Packet Level, Circuit Level and Application Layer. • Multi-layered Firewall Security - application filtering and stateful inspection. Stateful Packet Filtering – Determines which packets will be allowed to pass through the secured network • A choice of form factors and configurations – circuit and application-layer proxy services. Desktop or 1U Rack Mount. Application Filtering and Stateful Inspection – • Available in 4 Languages – English, French, Understand commands within client PCs’ application German and Spanish. protocols (such as HTTP FTP and Gopher). ISA Server , , • Getup and running ready to configure your acts on behalf of the client PC, hiding the network RoadBLOCK™ Appliance In Less than 20mins topology and IP addresses from the outside network. • Appliances available with integrated Anti-virus, Integrated VPN functionality – Helps secure incoming Anti-spam, Content Management, Patch traffic and protect your network from inside attacks. Management and Web Browsing Monitoring. Built-in IPSec tunnel-mode support enables you to easily (Powered by GFI Security) connect site-to-site VPNs. VPN quarantine capabilities. • Particularly well suited for protecting networks Integrated Intrusion Detection – Using integrated that are running Microsoft applications such as intrusion detection capabilities based on technology Exchange, IIS, Active Directory and more from Internet Security Systems, ISA Server 2004 can generate an alert and execute an action if it detects a network intrusion attempt (such as port scanning, WinNuke, or Ping of Death). Smart Application Filtering – Using RoadBLOCK™ you can control application-specific traffic with application, command, and data-aware filters. Through intelligent filtering of VPN, HTTP FTP SMTP POP3, DNS, H.323 , , , conferencing, streaming media, and RPC traffic, ISA Server can accept, reject, redirect, and modify traffic based on its contents.
  • 3. the ability to centrally configure cached object storage and retrieval policies improve network performance. Faster, lower-cost Internet access – Improves user productivity and saves on bandwidth costs by using the ISA Server Web cache to serve content locally. SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE Authentication mechanisms – You can authenticate users using built-in Windows, RADIUS, or RSA SecurID authentication types or namespaces, applying rules to users or user groups in any namespace. COMPREHENSIVE INTUITIVE FIREWALL Publishing – ISA Server 2004 enables you to place MANAGEMENT servers behind the firewall, either on the corporate network or on a perimeter network, and securely RDA WEB-UI™ Web Interface – RoadBLOCK’s™ publish their services to the Internet. unique RDA WEB-UI™ web interface provides a Secured, intuitive and comprensive one stop management point to Extensive protocol support – You can use dozens of enable even the new to RoadBLOCK™ administrator get predefined protocols to integrate ISA Server 2004 with to grips in no time at performing administration tasks. major Internet applications. ISA Server 2004 enables You can mange the appliance securely from anywhere you to control access to any protocol and usage of any using your web browser. protocol, including IP-level protocols and IPSec traffic. And much more… Multi Array Management – Using the RDA WEB-UI™ you can apply policy, rules and general settings to a group RoadBLOCK™ appliances configured in an array ADDITIONAL SECURITY model independent of there locations. Integrated into selected RoadBLOCK™ Firewall Appliances are extra software for added security and Policy-Based Access Control – You can control inbound ease of management. Powered by GFI a leading and outbound access according to user, group, worldwide developer of messaging, content security application, source, destination, content, and schedule. and network security software. Logging, Reporting Monitoring and Alerting – Event- driven alerts can trigger e-mail messages to GFI MailSecurity is an email content checking, exploit administrators, start and stop firewall services, and take detection, threats analysis and anti-virus solution that automated action based on alert criteria. Track and removes email-borne threats before they can affect an monitor in real-time sessions and performance. organization's email users. GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP offers spam MULTIPLE-NETWORKING SUPPORT protection and email management at server level. It Multiple-Network Configuration – You can configure offers a high spam detection rate using Bayesian one or more networks, each with distinct relationships analysis and other methods. to the others, and can define access policies for each network. ISA Server 2004 will inspect traffic between GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server checks all any defined networks. downloads for harmful content and gives administrators the power to control what type of files enter the network, Unique Per-Network Policies – You can protect your from where and for whom.. network against internal and external security threats by limiting communication between clients – even within GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server performs real-time your own organization. monitoring of the websites being browsed by network users and the files they are downloading; and allows SPEED ACCESS AND IMPROVE administrators to block current web connections. EFFICIENCY GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.) Enhanced firewall architecture – Increases network performs network security scanning, checking the efficiency by enabling authorized traffic to pass through network for all potential methods that a hacker might the firewall faster. Both the application-layer filtering and use to attack it, and patch management
  • 4. "As our products show, GFI firmly believes that the way forward in network protection is to have multi-layered security. RimApp is now taking this approach a step further by incorporating our network and content security products in their new firewall appliance. An appliance that includes in-built vital security products to tackle different aspects of network defense – and support from one company - will make it easier for companies to achieve the right level of security." Nick Galea, GFI CEO. RoadBLOCK™ Product Matrix Model Name Model Platform Description Desktop and 1U Rack Series – Small to Medium Size Business and Branch Office Appliance with Firewall, VPN and Caching Only (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) CF401D Desktop Pentium IV CPU CF401U 1U 2 x 1000GB NICs 2 x 10100 NICs Appliance with Firewall, VPN, Caching.PLUS Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Content Download Security, CF401D-Plus Desktop Pentium IV CPU Security scanning and patch management. (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) CF401U-Plus 1U 2 x 1000 GB NICs 2 x 10100 NICs Appliance with Firewall and VPN Only (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) F301D Desktop Pentium IV CPU F301U 1U 2 x 1000 GB NICs 2 x 10100 NICs Appliance with Firewall, VPN. PLUS Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Content Download Security, F301D-Plus Desktop Pentium IV CPU Security scanning and patch management. (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) F301U-Plus 1U 2 x 1000 GB NICs 2 x 10100 NICs Enterprise 1U Rack Series – Dual Processor – Medium to Large Business Enterprise Appliance with Firewall and VPN Only (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) F201U 1U Intel Xeon CPU 4 x 101001000 GB NICs Mirrored Hard Drives to Fault Tolerance SSL, IPSec Acceleration Card Appliance with Firewall, VPN and Caching (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) CF201U 1U Intel Xeon CPU 4 x 101001000 GB NICs Mirrored Hard Drives to Fault Tolerance SSL, IPSec Acceleration Card Enterprise 1U Rack Series – Dual Processor – Medium to Large Business Enterprise Appliance with Firewall, VPN and Caching (Inc. RDA WEB-UI™ Management module) C101UP 1U Pentium IV CPU 2 x 1000 GB NICs *Some products are Subject to change before final release. Pricing Starts at Estimated $2,300 or €2,300 Subject to Change For further information please contact: RIMAPP TECHNOLOGIES LTD T: +44 (0) 845 6586 003 F: +44 (0) 845 6586 006 E: