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    hongkong.mfa.gov.il hongkong.mfa.gov.il Document Transcript

    • January 2004 Letter from the Commercial Attaché Up Coming Events In Dear Friends and Colleagues, Israel Happy New Year to everyone. May this year bring a time of joy and happiness to all. May 2004 be one of peace and prosperity and may Israel-Hong Kong ties continue to flourish. We have closed 2003 with 2 very important delegations from Israel, including the President’s visit to Hong Kong, that have further boosted the economic ties between our nations. The delegations were very impressed with the services provided in HK for doing business in China. Moreover, 9 new Israeli companies have opened up their offices in 2003 in Hong Kong and today Israel has a record high total of 64 companies in Hong Kong. I would also like to take this opportunity to promote several events: there are 7 Israeli companies in Hong Kong this week for the toy fair - make sure to visit them; the consulate is also promoting a brokerage meeting event between Israeli and Hong Kong wireless companies in Cannes, France this coming February. In this month’s Special Report, we have a special article about how Israeli technology affects your life in Hong Kong. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it: Innovated In Israel – Serving Hong Kong Business. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance required economyassist@hongkong.mfa.gov.il. Sincerely yours, Ornit Avidar Commercial Attaché hongkong@moit.gov.il
    • 1. NEW PUBLICATIONS AND MESSAGES 2. UPCOMING EVENTS IN HONG KONG 3. UPCOMING EVENTS IN ISRAEL AND WORLDWIDE 4. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FROM ISRAEL - AGRICULTURE - ELECTRONICS - GENERAL - HIGH-TECH - PHARMACEUTICALS - SAFETY & SECURITY - SOFTWARE - VENTURE CAPTIRAL 5. SPECIAL REPORT: Innovated in Israel - Serving Hong Kong Business 1. NEW PUBLICATIONS AND MESSAGES A new edition of the "Advanced Technologies from Israel" focused on COMMUNICATIONS is awaiting for you at http://www2.matimop.org.il/newsletter/newsletter200311.htm Back 2. UPCOMING EVENTS IN HONG KONG The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2004 – will be held on 6-9 January 2004 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. 7 Israeli companies will be exhibiting in the show. For a list of companies, please contact us. Hofex 2004 – the 10th Asian International Exhibition of Hospitality Equipment, Supplies & Technology, Food and Drink - will be held on February 10-13, 2004 in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. All sectors of the food industry will be on show, from beverages and processed food to chilled food, ingredients and dairy products. All aspects of hospitality management will also be on show, from bakery and foodservice equipment to hotel supplies and internet solutions. Hong Kong International Jewellery Show – will be held on 2-5 March 2004 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. 20 Israeli Diamond & Jewellery companies will be exhibiting in the show. 9 Israeli companies under auspices at the Israeli National Pavilion, located at Hall 2. Come visit us. For a list of companies, please contact us. Hong Kong International Plastic & Packaging, Machine tools and Linkage Industry Expo - will be held on 12-15 March 2004 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. This is one of the leading International Plastic, Packaging and Machine Tool show in Hong Kong.
    • Information & Communications Technology - International ICT Expo@Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) will be held on 14-17 April 2003 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. We Plan to bring 10 Israeli companies to exhibit in the Expo. The International ICT Expo is an evolved version of TDC's Hong Kong Information Infrastructure Expo (II Expo). It will be held concurrently with TDC's Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring edition). The ICT Expo will have ten themed zones including Telecom Services, Mobile & Wireless Technologies, Digital entertainment, Digital Imaging, Enterprise Solutions, Home-grown Technologies, E-Logistics and Retail Technologies, Linux applications, Hall of Innovations, E-Learning and Trade Related Services. Back 3. UPCOMING EVENTS IN ISRAEL AND WORLDWIDE The 3GSM World Congress, 23-26 February 2004 in Cannes, France is coming up. Once again Israeli companies will participate in this important congress. This year 35 Israeli companies will participate. To facilitate your participation in the Congress and to maximize your visit, we would like to suggest a "meeting brokerage event" in which you can meet top level management of Israeli companies which you are interested in. BROKERAGE EVENT Organized by IMA – Israel Mobile Association Venue: Majestic Hotel Date: February 24 & 25, 2004 Time: 9:00 – 18:00 Address: 10 La Croisette, Cannes (right across the Palais des Festival – where the GSM exhibition is held) NETWORKING PARTY Organized by IMA – Israel Mobile Association Date: February 24th, 2004 IMA will also hold a special evening of entertainment and networking. You can check and see the full list of Israeli wireless companies at: http://www.imaworld.org/Ima/ImaContent.asp?cc=solcat. For meeting opportunities or further information you can contact us. Medax 2004 – will take place in Tel Aviv between 2nd – 4th March 2004. Medax, sponsored by the Israel Medical Association, brings together professionals and technologies in the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries. Exhibition Topics: Medical equipment & technology, Medicines, pharmaceuticals, electromedicine, physiotherapy, orthopedic technology, rescue & emergency medicine, requisites, hospital
    • equipment, laboratory equipment, medical furniture, services, literature, information technology, clothing. Come join us in this event. Building 2004 – The Israel Building & Infrastructure Exhibition – will take place in Tel-Aviv between 19-22 of April 2004. Building 2004, is a major Building & Infrastructure Exhibition in Israel. Back 4. BUSSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FROM ISRAEL AGRICULTURE Shelah Systems Kibbutz Alumim (Field: Electricity and Electronic control system for Agricultural; Seeking: Distributors/Agents) ∗ Shelah Systems Kibbutz Alumim – manufactures turn-key projects and individual machines for various projects in the agricultural sector from the field to the freezer. They manufacture according to each client's specific needs. The company projects provide the various services needed, including electricity and electronic control systems. Shelah Systems provides designing and programming advice for a wide range of agricultural concerns. They manufacture: box tippers, hoppers, brush-washing machines, waxing machines, dryers, packing tables, herb and cut vegetable washing systems, centrifugal dryers, and treatment lines (including weighers, washers, sorters and dryers). They manufacture systems for the following types of agricultural produce: citrus fruit, peelable fruits, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and onions. In addition, they manufacture packinghouses and systems for packing houses for celery, cabbage and strawberries. The company also supplies packaging, weighing and sorting solutions. These solutions are tailored to their customers' needs. They also offer solutions for netting and packaging systems for agricultural purposes. ∗ The company is seeking Agents/Distributors in Hong Kong and China, in the field of agricultural and low-tech companies, which for flow packaging systems for items as diverse as vegetables, to items such as cosmetic and paramedical items. ∗ For more information, please contact Mr. Taichman at Tel: 972-8-993 7140 or e-mail: shelah@alumim.co.il ELECTRONICS Gartle Innovative Trade (Field: Electronic Gadgets; Seeking: Distributors) ∗ Gartle Innovative Trade – deals with international trade of innovative goods. Two of the products are: Adapters for recording line conversations and Handsfree kits with a recording function for mobile phones. These adapters can be sold as package with tape recorders. ∗ The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China. ∗ For more information, please contact Mr. Shay Bahat, CEO at Tel: 972-3-613 1139, Fax: 972-3-613 0958 or e-mail: gartle@bezeqint.net GENERAL
    • Easy for you Ltd. (Field: Wooden Sticks; Seeking: Manufacturers) ∗ Easy for you Ltd. – is an import and export trading company in Israel. They are looking for a supplier of Wooden Sticks for (sugar) cotton candy. ∗ The company is seeking manufacturers in Hong Kong and China. ∗ For more information, please contact Mr. Shlomo Nir, Managing Director at Tel: 972-3-903 1955, Fax: 972-3-903 1962 or e-mail: easy_for@netvision.net.il HIGH-TECH Edu-Cut Ltd. (Field: Personal Promotion Builder (PPB); Seeking: Distributors) ∗ Edu-Cut – is a high-tech company in Israel. The company represented “Sagarmatha” which has developed the product called “Personal Promotion Builder (PPB)” and would like to expand their business in this region. PPB is an IT solution for affinity/loyalty clubs of supermarkets and other retailers. This genius solution offers each customer the coupons that fit him/her according to past purchases and redemption of past discount coupons. The system has proved substantially increase to the loyalty and average spending of the members. ∗ The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China. ∗ For more information, please contact Mr. Ami Mintzer, Managing Director at Tel: 972-3-906 3849, Fax: 972-3-906 3001 or e-mail: edu-cut@bezeqint.net KP ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS LTD. (Field: Long Range Radio Equipment; Seeking: Distributors) ∗KP Electronic Systems Ltd. – is a world leader in manufacturing of Long Range Radio Equipment for the Security, Irrigation, SCADA and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Industries. ∗The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China. ∗For more information, please visit www.kpsystems.com or to contact Mr. Carmit Leib, International Marketing at Tel: 972-4-987 3066 ext. 124, Fax: 972-4-987 3692 or e-mail: carmit@kpsystems.com XtraWireless Ltd. (Field: Two-Way Wireless Automation; Seeking: Technology Partners) ∗ XtraWireless Ltd. – is a leading developer of smart wireless automation solutions that enable organizations to secure, identify, track, and continually monitor their physical assets over a defined area. The company has developed a unique two-way wireless platform, enabling battery powered modules to have two-way communication at extremely long communication ranges (1-3 miles open space) with long battery life time (10 years). Its technology in the license-free UHF frequencies which enables real-time communication between remote assets tagged with a compact battery-powered autonomous tracking unit, and an advanced central management system. ∗The company is seeking Technology Partners in Hong Kong and China, preferable in the field of “Automatic Meter Reading”, in which the utilities (electricity, water and gas companies) perform
    • remote reading of meters that are installed in commercial or residential locations, wirelessly. ∗For more information, please visit www.xtrawireless.com or to contact Mr. Lior Rapaport, at Tel: 972-3-900 7515 or e-mail: liorr@xtrawireless.com PHARMACEUTICALS KoVax Ltd. (Field: Vaccine for the Koi Virus; Seeking: Distributors) ∗ KoVax Ltd. – a medical company specializing in the development of a vaccine for Koi Virus for poultry and birds. A worldwide patent which is the only solution of it's kind today. ∗ The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China, in the field of Veterinary Drugs and Food. ∗ For more information, please visit http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/newse/ 20031124wo21.htm ; http://www.tampabaykoi.org/KHV %20Info.htm; http://www.singaporekoiclub.com/interkoishow/37thjapanshow.ht m or contact Ms. Orit Kotler, Manager by e-mail: york.group@bezeqint.net SAFETY & SECURITY ICTS Technologies Ltd. (Field: Safety & Security; Seeking: Distributors) ∗ ICTS Technologies – specializes in the development and implementation of unique, state-of-the-art integrated technological solutions for Homeland Security, Immigration System, Border Passage and Aviation Security markets. The company is interested in exploring their products in this region. ∗ The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China, in the field of Safety and Security. ∗ For more information, please visit www.icts-tech.com or to contact Ms. Michal Dror, Manager at Tel: 972-9-955 3232 or Fax: 972-9-950 7440 or e-mail: michal@icts-tech.com SOFTWARE Yael Software and Systems Ltd. (Field: Software; Seeking: Distributors) ∗ Yael Software & Systems has developed a solution, which provides the organization with the ability to computerize the company’s connection to its suppliers and business clients. The solution supplies a unified Internet platform for the organization, suppliers and customers, while preserving the authorization and security of information. The organization can work in partnership with its suppliers and clients in its purchasing and distribution procedures. The solution, which was conceived specifically for the government / defense / public sectors, currently counts amongst its major users in Israel; the Ministry of Defense, Israel Defense Force and the Ministry of Health. ∗ The company is seeking Distributors in Hong Kong and China, Purchasing organizations that supply central purchasing services for a broad range of business customers with a wide array of
    • suppliers; Major organizations situated in a significant number of geographic sites and want to improve efficiency with purchasing procedures in cooperation with their suppliers; Organizations who are interested in improving their work flow in collaboration with their business customers and offering them the opportunity to computerize their entire business connection. ∗ For more information, please visit www.yaelsoft.com or to contact Mr. Bentsie Brandes, EC Division Manager at Tel: 972-9-763 9335 or Fax: 972-9-766 0444 or e-mail: bentsi@yaelsoft.com VENTURE CAPITAL Apax Partners Ltd. (Field: High-Tech; Seeking: Strategic Business Cooperation) ∗ Mr. Yechiel Kurtz , VP Business Development of Apax Partners will be coming to Hong Kong on Thursday, 12th February 2004. He is looking to strengthen their network in the far-east and seeks strategic business cooperation with high-tech corporations in Hong Kong, which cover the Telecom and IT fields. In particular, networking technologies and high-end Consumer Electronics. Apax Partners Israel is a large private equity group in Israel with over 30 years of experience part of the worldwide Apax Group. The company currently manages 29 funds with $12bn under management. Apax's uniqueness is in its balanced portfolio investment strategy, investing in early stage, later stage and large buyout opportunities. They have a global portfolio of 330 companies, with a successful track record of 62 IPO's on stock markets around the world since 1995. After studying the market in Hong Kong they believe there is a very interesting business opportunities for Apax Partners portfolio companies. ∗ For more information, please visit www.apax.com or to contact Mr. Yechiel Kurtz, at Tel: 972-9-960 8122 or e-mail: yechiel.kurtz@apax.com. ∗ For meeting arrangement, please contact us. Back 5. SPECIAL REPORT Innovated in Israel – Serving Hong Kong Business You'd be surprised just how much Israeli technology affects your life in Hong Kong. Say you are sitting in your air-conditioned living room, watching the races on your flat-screen TV; perhaps you pick up your mobile phone to bid on your favorite horse. You've won big! Time to SMS your friends to tell them you are rich!!! By this time you have probably already used 4 Israeli technologies. HK is a special place which makes it a unique and memorable
    • experience to any visitor, your telephone company helps you keep it that way. Hong Kong's special IDD dialing conventions can confuse visitors who need to use their mobile phones in Hong Kong. The same problems also confront Hong Kong people traveling overseas, when they try to dial the familiar 001 international prefix. Starhome, an Israeli telecom company, has countered this problem by implementing its Dialing Assistance Service at CSL, enabling visitors roaming on the CSL network to use short codes and dialing conventions as they do at home. Travelers are greeted by a SMS welcome message on behalf of the mobile Operator, notifying them of available services. This unique technology, provided by Starhome, generates additional revenue for mobile operators, while at the same time assisting travelers when they need it the most. When you make a call to a mobile phone in Hong Kong and there is no answer on the other end, 50% of your messages in Hong Kong will be left on a Comverse Technology voice mail platform. Comverse Network Systems Asia Pacific Ltd., an Israeli company, is the world leader in providing network-based multimedia enhanced total communication services. When you send a text message, SMS, or MMS through your mobile phone, Comverse's systems have made it possible. Comverse is behind the successful Inter operation SMS service which enables all mobile phone users to send short messages to each other in Hong Kong, regardless of which service provider they use. Every time you make a cheap IDD telephone call from Hong Kong, you are benefiting from the cost savings telephone companies have made using Voice over IP. A large percentage of these calls are being handled by VocalTec's technologies. Leading international long distance carriers in Hong Kong have deployed VocalTec's packet telephony equipment in their network operating centers to deliver IP based voice traffic to and from any destination in the world. Were you hit by the "So Big" virus this year? The Hong Kong Government wasn't. Hong Kong Government systems are secured by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Firewall. Through its Next Generation product line, Check Point delivers a broad range of Perimeter, Internal and Web security solutions that protect business communications and resources for corporate networks and applications, across a broad business spectrum. Check Point’s VPN solutions are helping corporations in Hong Kong to securely expand their businesses worldwide. Their firewall solutions provide an accurate and highly efficient traffic inspection with full application-layer awareness for the highest level of security. Their SmartDefense solution blocks not only specific attacks, but also entire categories, providing Hong Kong customers with a “worry-free” secured working environment. In Hong Kong, we need to trust the transactions we make by telephone – in good times or bad. Say you've got a great tip on a horse, and you ring the Hong Kong Jockey Club to place a serious bet. You're going to want to be very sure that you have proof you made that bet when the horse beats the field. Or, if you're unlucky enough to have a car accident, you'll need to call your insurance company to file a claim. In both these situations, you will often get a message telling you that "this
    • call may be recorded". NICE Systems technology enables your call to the Jockey Club, the insurance company and 70% of the banks in Hong- Kong to be recorded. This benefits customers in many ways. If you ever get into a dispute over who said exactly what, the stored recorded calls are indisputable evidence of what really happened. Or, if you're dissatisfied with the customer service officer you're speaking to, the emotion detection and word spotting capabilities of NICE solutions will alert the agent's managers immediately to make sure you get the help you need. If you're betting on the horses, you may want to know that Orad Hi-Tec Systems (North Asia) Limited's cutting-edge technology is also used at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, providing the world's first dynamic horse tracking system with multimedia presentation for horse racing. Orad's CyberSet Virtual Studio and CyberGraphics 3D Real Time are also used for air graphics for web casting TV productions in Hong Kong's major TV stations. Israeli innovators are also looking after your safety in Hong Kong. Verint Systems, a leading provider of analytic software solutions for communications interception and digital video security and surveillance, helps government agencies and law enforcement officials in Hong Kong intercept the "bad guys". In addition to recording calls and data, Verint solutions transform raw voice, video and data into actionable intelligence - mission critical analyses to enhance security and increase enterprise profitability. When you walk into a high-rise today, Verint may be keeping you safe. Businesses and organizations are saving money using the technologies of another Israeli innovator, MTS Asia Ltd. City University in Hong Kong selected their call accounting and management solution, TABS.IT, to help allocate communications expenses more effectively and evaluate the utility of the IP phone network for assessing the need for expansion. Israeli innovation in telephony is not limited to operators. Your handset itself almost certainly has benefited from Israeli technology. 90% of the electronic boards of mobile phones are inspected by either Orbotech or Camtek systems, leaders in automated optical inspection, imaging and computer-aided manufacturing solutions. This type of technology is also applied to flat screen TV sets. If you're happy with the image on your new flat screen TV, thank Orbotech, which provides the inspection equipment that inspects 80% of TV screens. When you are buying an air conditioner or a dehumidifier, look for one by Electra or Brandt. Based on the latest Israeli technology, these appliances are manufactured and sold here in Hong Kong and China and are also distributed from Asia to world wide markets. Electra HK Technologies Ltd., a technology-based company with a wide range of R&D and manufacturing activities, along with a strong growing export business, is a regional cornerstone of the global Electra Consumer Products Ltd group. In fact, you can find Israeli technology in quite a few of your high-end
    • electronic products: mobile phones, laptop computers, DVD players, Video camcorders, digital cameras, Sony Play-station and many more. Did you know that the majority of these products’ Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) were verified and/or assembled using Valor Computerized Systems sophisticated engineering software products? Israeli technologies have an effect on the very look of Hong Kong. The next time you pass through Causeway Bay or Wanchai, take a look at the billboards and gigantic advertising posters on buildings. Chances are, they were produced using NUR Macroprinters’ wide format production printers. NUR Macroprinters is a leading supplier of wide- format inkjet printing systems for the out-of-home advertising market. NUR’s printing solutions are helping customers in Hong Kong, in Asia, and throughout the world deliver the high quality and fast turnaround they need to meet their clients’ exacting demands and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Israeli technologies benefit your health as well. If you ever have an endoscopy, think about asking your doctor to use Given Imaging's M2A Capsule Endoscopy system. The company has embedded a tiny camera in a pill that, when swallowed, examines the small intestine the way an endoscopy would - but without the discomfort associated with that procedure. This procedure is available today at Hong Kong Chinese University and Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. On a more pleasant note, you probably know by now that Diamonds are a woman's best friend. So, play it safe, buy Diamonds. Around 25% of the Diamonds sold in Hong Kong are manufactured by Israeli firms. In recent years Israeli technology, combined with the talents of a combined Israeli and mainland China workforce, have created a local hub in Hong Kong for Diamond trading, attaining the highest quality with minimum cost to consumers throughout Asia. From your TV screen to your mobile phone to your wedding ring, Israeli companies in Hong Kong are making your life richer. This document was prepared by Ornit Avidar – Commercial Attaché with the support of the Israeli companies mentioned and Ms. Tally Ben-Sira. Innovated in Israel Have you discovered the potential? For more information about how Israeli innovation can benefit your organization, please contact: Economic and Trade Department Consulate General of Israel Tel: (852) 2821 7500 Direct: (852) 2821 7509 Fax: (852) 2865 0220 e-mail: hongkong@moit.gov.il www.israeltrade.gov.il/hongkong Back
    • #####