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  1. 1. GRSE E-TENDER A. Limited e-Tender B. Open e-Tender GUIDELINES TO BIDDERS FOR PARTICIPATION BID INVITATIONS (e-TENDERS) The details of Bid Invitation can be accessed from our e-Tender Portal (Web site) you may login using your login id & password to view all tenders available for you. PRE-REQUISITES TO SUBMIT TENDER ONLINE: 1. You should have a valid User ID to access GRSE e-Tender site. 2. You should have a legally valid digital certificate as per Indian IT Act from the licensed Certifying Authority operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India. 3. You should have Internet connectivity, preferably broadband. 4. You should have paid the requisite tender fee, as applicable, for the Bid Invitation. Tender fee as well as EMD will have to be paid by a Demand Draft in favour of Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd., payable at par at Kolkata and the same must reach GRSE official named in the e-Tender by speed post /courier before the closing of the particular e-Tender. 5. If you are exempt from paying tender fee, you should get an exemption from Contact person as mentioned in the Bid Invitation. 6. You should fulfill any other pre-requisites mentioned in the tender documents of a specific e- tender. Obtaining User Id to access GRSE’s e-Tender site 1. In case you are not a registered supplier of GRSE, but interested in participating in e-tenders of GRSE, please ensure that you can COMPLY with the pre-requisites as stated in the invitation for e-Tender participation and then obtain digital signatures certificate (DSC). You may contact our e-Procurement Cell (Contact Person Sri.S R Ganguli – 033 2489 3902 / (033 2469 8110 – Extn: 315) 2. If you are already a registered vendor of GRSE, and interested in participating in e-tenders of GRSE, please ensure you have the valid digital signature certificate (DSC) and then you must register the DSC Serial Number as mentioned in your e-token (DSC) and other relevant details with the GRSE site 1
  2. 2. Instructions for obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) In order to bid for GRSE e-tenders all intending vendors are required to obtain a legally valid digital certificate as per Indian IT Act from the licensed Certifying Authorities (CA) operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India. Please download Form for digital certificate and other Declaration documents and submit the same dully filled in, enabling us to process your digital certificate for GRSE e-Tender site. Contact Person: Sri. S R Ganguli – 033 24893902 / (033 2469 8110 – Extn 315). Technical Settings: 1. Web Browser: Internet explorer ver5.5 or above. 2. Proxy: If you are unable to access GRSE e-Tender site or Bid Documents, check if you are using proxy to connect to internet or if your PC is behind any firewall. Contact your system administrator to enable connectivity. Please note that standard Port for HTTPS (443) connectivity should be enabled on your proxy/firewall. Using Broad band without Proxy settings is another preferred option. 3. Pop-ups: Pop-ups should be enabled on GRSE e-Tender URL and Bid Documents URLs. This is required to view Bid Invitation documents. 4. Recommended Screen Resolution: 1024 by 768 pixels. 5. Internet Speeds: If you are experiencing slow connectivity to GRSE e- tender, then contact your system administrator/ISP provider (or M/s.ANTARES SYSTEMS LTD, details at GRSE) for desirable speeds. 6. Active-x controls: Maintain the settings as described in Internet Explorer settings document to enable digital signature signing and verification. 7. Digital signature client SW/Component: To use Digital Signature, a client level Software is required. This is third party software. This is to be installed for accessing the GRSE e-Tender site ( You need to ensure you have administrative rights on the PC or the laptop. This installation is one time activity for a PC or Laptop. 8. To sum up you need to have the following: 1. Computer with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (with all upgrades) 2. Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above. 3. Legally valid class IIIb Digital Signature Certificate 4. Internet Connection (Broad Band) 5. Install Digital Certificate CD 2
  3. 3. Note: In case you are already in possession of a Digital Signatures Certificate (Class IIIb), you will have to register the DSC serial number at the GRSE e-tender site – while registering your organization (click on Vendor Registration link). For any details please contact Sri. S R Ganguli – 033 24893902 / (033 2469 8110 –Extn 315). Service Provider’s Details: Antares systems Limited #24, 1st Floor, Sudha complex 3rd Stage, 4th block Basaveshwaranagar Bangalore -79 Karnataka. Telefax: 91- 8040482000, 114, 119, 122. Contact Person: Suprit D. 09434676132, 09880808165 3