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  • 1. GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES ("GS/OAS") BID 02/07 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DEDICATED ACCESS SERVICES SPECIAL PEACE MISSION IN COLOMBIA DEPARTAMENT OF CRISIS PREVENTION AND SPECIAL MISSIONS The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (“GS/OAS”) is requesting services from a provider for the installation of dedicated access services for the OAS’ Special Peace Mission in Colombia (“MAPP/OEA”). I. DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE • The service must include one main terminal accessing the net, which will be placed in Bogota. • Main offices will interconnect through terrestrial terminals. • The “last mille” for data sharing and internet accessing will be shared with the regional offices. • The terminal accessing the Internet from the main office (Bogota) will allow the regional offices this same access. • The “last mille” must be interconnected through: OFFICE SOLUTION LAST MILLE Bogotá (Main Office) Brass Medellín Brass Cúcuta Brass Valledupar Brass Barrancabermeja Brass Montería Brass Apartadó Brass Bucaramanga Brass • Transmission rate for each one of the offices must be as follows: SEDE TRANSMISSION RATE Bogotá (Main Office) 4 Mbps Medellín 512 Kbps Cúcuta 512 Kbps Valledupar 512 Kbps Barrancabermeja 512 Kbps Montería 512 Kbps Apartadó 512 Kbps Bucaramanga 512 Kbps • And the wide of the band must be: 1
  • 2. SOURCE DESTINY SPEED BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Medellín 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Cúcuta 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Valledupar 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Barrancabermeja 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Montería 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Apartadó 512 Kbps BOGOTA – MAIN OFFICE Bucaramanga 512 Kbps PRINCIPAL INTERNET INTERNET 1024 kbps INTERNET Internet access must have the following characteristics: • Speed of 1024 Kbps • Re-use 1:1 • Availability of 100% approximately. • IP services must included firewall, anti-spoofing, NAT and/or traffic, and shaping, which will allow a more secure and efficient access to the net, as well as a better way to prioritize data traffic flows. • Installation of last generation routers. RED WAN The installation and services must include RED WAN. For this purpose, the hardware used in the main office, Bogotá, must allow at least 8 out going phone calls simultaneously. For the regional offices, this hardware must be capable of 2 outgoing phone calls at the same time. Services must include but are not limited to: FIREWALL, ANTIVIRUS, ANTISPAM AND CONTROL OF CONTENTS. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the MAPP/OEA will take into account the following: • National Coverage • Terminals in regional offices must be high speed. MAPP/OEA will not consider those companies providing satellite access since that access is not suitable for this kind of project. • Customer support must include but are not limited to: evaluation of needs, feasibility and availability assessment, installation, support and maintenance. • Customer Service 24/7, 365 days a year, including help desk and technical support. II. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 2
  • 3. The supplier must provide the following equipment for leasing. The equipment is described as follows: RENT TOTAL FIREWALL DESCRIPTION Quantity Month or Year in COP ASA 5510 Appl w/ CSC10, SW, 50 Usr AV/Spy, 1 YR Subscript 1 Power Cord,110V 1 ASA 5500 CSC SSM10 Plus Lic. (Spam/URL/Phish, 1Yr Subscript) 1 ASA 5500 Content Security SSM-10 100 User License 1 ASA 5500 Series Software v7.1 1 ASA 5500 Strong Encryption License (3DES/AES) 1 ASA 5500 Series Content Security SSM-10 Software License 1 ASA 5500 CSC Security Services Module-10 included w/ bundles 1 ASA 5500 Series CSC Software 6.1 for Security Service Module 1 ASA 5500 Series CSC Software 6.1 for Security Service Module 1 SMARTNET 8X5XNBD ASA 5510 Appl w/ CSC10,SW,50 Usr AV/Sp 1 SMARTNET 8X5XNBD ASA CSC SSM-10 included w/ ASA Syst 1 Installation, setting up and maintainance 1 MAIN TERMINAL (BOGOTA) RENT TOTAL PRICE DESCRIPTION Quantity MONTH/ YEAR IN COP 2801 w/AC PWR,2FE,4slots(2HWIC),2PVDM,2AIM,IP BASE,64F/128D 1 Power Cord,110V 1 Cisco 2801 IOS IP VOICE 1 2-Port Serial WAN Interface Card 1 4 port FXS or DID VIC 2 16-Channel Packet Voice/Fax DSP Module 1 Cisco 2801 AC power supply 1 64MB CF default for Cisco 2800 Series 1 SDM software on flash and w/o startup-config 1 TERMINALS IN REGIONAL OFFICES RENT TOTAL PRICE DESCRIPTION Quantity MONTH/ YEAR IN COP Quidway AR 28-09 Router Host, 1 MIM slot, 2 SIC slots, 1 10/100BASE-TX por 7 2-port Analog Line Interface Card, FXS 7 V.35 DTE Cable-3m 7 NOTE: The supplier will be in charged of the installation, set up, running tests and functioning of the system. 3
  • 4. III. BID CLOSING DATE AND SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS 1. Closing date to submit Bid Proposals is: Wednesday, February 14, 2007. 1. Bid Proposals are to be submitted by e-mail to Ms. Pamela A. Mumuni at, Ms. Marcella Haugaard at, and to Mr. Raul Plata at, or by facsimile (fax # 202-458-6401) Bid Proposals submitted by e-mail should be sent in PDF format. 2. Bidders must include the following information with their proposal: a. Validity of the Offer b. Method of payment c. Contact person d. Minimum three (3) references 4