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Firmware 3.3 Summary Barracuda Spyware Firewall
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Firmware 3.3 Summary Barracuda Spyware Firewall


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  • 1. Firmware 3.3 Summary Barracuda Spyware Firewall
  • 2. Barracuda Spam Firewall Firmware 3.3 Key Feature Enhancements
    • Activation System
    • Basic Outbound Functionality
    • Enhanced Bayesian Analysis
    • Enhanced plugins for Outlook and Lotus Notes
    • TLS/SSL Encryption
    • Secure LDAP
    • Quarantine Retention Policies
    • Other enhancements
    • GUI switch for Outbound Mode
  • 3. Activation System
    • Informs Customer of subscription expiration dates
    • Allows customer to order Instant Replacement
    • Gives warning when expiration is within 60 days
      • Reseller can renew during this period
    • Provides on-line renewals after expiration
    • Gives error when North America Unit is used outside of North America
    • Requires Activation by reseller
      • reseller must provide end user information during activation
    • Supports sales through 2 levels of distribution
  • 4. Basic Outbound Functionality
    • Basic Outbound Functions included in all Barracuda Spam Firewalls with free firmware upgrade
    • Includes Spam Filtering with rate control
    • Includes Virus Filtering
    • Includes Attachment scanning
    • Includes attaching a corporate disclaimer (footer)
    • Allows relay function for travelling or remote workers
      • Controlled by IP, Domain, or email address
      • SSL Authentication with LDAP or SMTP Auth proxy
    • Allows use of Barracuda Spam Firewall in single IP environments
    • Supports inbound and outbound SSL/TLS encryption
    • Basic Outbound does not include
      • outbound quarantine
      • HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley
      • Keyword and regular expression outbound scanning
      • Outbound white listing
  • 5. Enhanced Bayesian Analysis & Plugins
    • New Bayesian Algorithm for Global and Per-User Databases
      • Includes Classification Statistics in Both Areas
    • Supports all languages
      • Tokenizing for Asian Languages
    • Enhanced Outlook and Lotus Notes Plugin
      • training for per user Bayesian
      • automatic building of whitelist based on email sent
    • Statistics for each users Bayesian database
  • 6. TLS/SSL Encryption
    • Support for START TLS
      • TLS/SSL encryption of outbound communication channel if destination supports it.
      • This is a standard of the SMTP protocol
      • Encrypts all email between two locations
    • Email between Barracuda’s automatically encrypted
    • Encryption supported from email clients and email servers sending to Barracuda as well
      • Provides full path encryption
    • Supported for both inbound and outbound email
  • 7. Secure and Enhanced LDAP
    • LDAP+SSL/TLS (out-of-band)
    • LDAPS (in-band TLS) for the MSExchange Accelerator.
  • 8. Quarantine Retention Policies
    • Admin-configurable retention policies
      • based on time
      • based on size of quarantine
  • 9. Other Features
    • Email delivery status in the message log
    • Quarantine ability for intent analysis
    • Extra information in quarantine account view (such as number of messages, account size, oldest message)
    • Multi-byte subject searching
    • New "score range" filter for the Message Log
    • Test Configuration button for user to check configuration
    • Password reset
    • Clustering robustness enhancements
    • Proxy for Energize Updates
  • 10. Outbound Mode
    • GUI switch between inbound and outbound mode
    • Full Support to switch back and forth between modes
    • Outbound mode whitelist of destination addresses to eliminate policy scanning
    • Encrypted email support via SSL/TLS
    • Relay controlled by
      • SMTP Auth via LDAP and SMTP Auth Proxy
    • Outbound delivery status in Message Log and syslog output
    • Statistics, log and other features
  • 11. Firmware 3.3 Status
    • In Beta test now
    • Shipping after testing complete and quality is assured
  • 12. Spyware
  • 13. Spyware Defined
    • Spyware is software that is downloaded onto a computer with out the users consent and then secretly collects and forwards information or displays advertising e.g. Keyboard loggers and screen capture
      • Spyware as a category overlaps with adware. The more unethical forms of adware tend to coalesce with spyware.
      • Malware uses spyware for explicitly illegal purposes
      • Barnacles can be classified as a special type of spyware ( Barnacles are data collection and/or advertisement producing software they normally targets the winsock protocol to redirect data from a system's TCP/IP stack . Removal it usually corrupts Internet protocols, thus requiring a reinstallation of the TCP/IP stack)
  • 14. The Spyware Problem
    • Problem already exists for many companies
      • Some industry analysts estimate that as much as 95% of all computers connected to the Internet already have a spyware problem
    • Lack of reliable methods for detecting spyware
      • Lack of universal definition of what is spyware
        • Are cookies spyware ??
        • Is adware spyware ??
  • 15. How you become infected
    • Companies bundle spyware with applications
    • Companies trick users in installing spyware
    • Visiting an infected page web pages
      • Typically makes use of Active X controls
    • Through email.
  • 16. Dangers of Spyware
      • Intellectual property theft
      • Productivity loss
      • Privacy invasion
      • Identity theft
  • 17. Preventing Spyware
    • Stop getting on to the network before it reaches the client PCs by..
    • Preventative, reactive & proactive measures
      • Stops spyware downloads
        • Including drive-by downloads that are unknown to the user often through ActiveX
        • Blocks .CAB, .OCX, .EXE, and .DLL files
      • Stops virus downloads
      • Blocks access to known spyware Web sites
        • Whitelists and blacklists
      • Detects spyware access to the Internet
        • Finds existing spyware installations, allowing administrator notification and removal
      • Facilitates spyware removal
  • 18. Implementing Anti Spam and Spyware
    • Set clear and achievable objectives
      • A 100% solution is not possible so…
        • How much is Spam and Spyware acceptable
        • What Spam and Spyware is acceptable
        • How much time needs to be invested in achieving and maintaining these “acceptable” levels
    • Minimise investment
      • Pay once
      • Keep the solution simple
        • Do not create complications to prevent the last few spam
        • Plug, play configure and forget
  • 19. Introducing Barracuda Spyware Firewall
    • First focused gateway appliance for powerful spyware, malware, and adware protection
  • 20. Architecture
  • 21. Barracuda Spyware Firewall
    • Gateway appliance
    • Powerful, easy to use & install
      • Intuitive user interface
    • Affordable
      • Prices starting at €2299
    • Available in three models:
      • Spyware Firewall 210
      • Spyware Firewall 310
      • Spyware Firewall 410
    • Inline hardware appliance
    • Fit & Forget
    • Complete scalability for growing organizations
  • 22. Barracuda Spyware Firewall Deployment
  • 23. Multiple department deployment Multiple location deployment Deployment Configuration Options
  • 24. Network Deployment With or Without a Barracuda Spam Firewall
    • Barracuda Spyware Firewall at Internet access points
    • Barracuda Spam Firewall in front of email server
  • 25. Barracuda Central - Energize Subscription
    • Barracuda Central
      • 24x7 operation
      • Monitors latest spyware Web sites & virus threats
    • Hourly updates
      • Latest updates on spyware & virus outbreaks sent direct to all Barracuda Spyware Firewall customers
    • Keeps Barracuda Spyware Firewall worry free & accurate
      • No maintenance for IT department
  • 26. Web Interface
    • Easy
    • Intuitive
    • Consistent
    • Multiple Languages