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Emerging Technologies Emerging Technologies Presentation Transcript

  • Emerging Technologies: Which Are Right For You David Strom Technology Editor, VAR Business Breakaway San Deigo August 2002
  • Some perspective: looking back to 1990
    • Illegal to have your own dot com domain
    • Novell was the biggest thing going in networks
    • Windows was still pretty dismal, v3
    • Unix was exclusively for geeks
    • P Cs cost $2000 for 25 MHz/200 MB hard disks
    • Email wasn’t used by anyone in your family
  • Today’s important technology questions
    • IP protocols or not?
    • Windows or Unix/Linux?
    • Where is networking going?
    • Can we ever secure our networks?
    • Are Java and XML going to be important?
    • What about web services?
    • Whither wireless?
  • IP or not IP
    • Just about every corporate network is built around IP protocols
    • But still have Netware and non-IP applications around (including mainframes)
    • Trick is for VARs to keep up with advances in IP technologies and yet maintain expertise in niche services
  • Voice over IP issues
    • Deployment
    • Do you need to upgrade your infrastructure?
    • Managing your combined VoIP/data network
    • Whether to run parallel networks for voice to obtain high enough QoS
  • Windows vs. Unix
    • Desktop is still Windows
    • Linux gaining ground in app servers
    • Unix now looked at as the new mainframe/data center OS
    • Microsoft vulnerable when it comes to stability, cross-platform apps delivery
  • Advances in networking
    • Gigabit Ethernet to desktop soon
    • Cheaper routers and firewalls
    • Everything becomes a 1U appliance (good news for VARs to integrate)
    • No one cares what your file server is running, just as long as it is running
  • Securing networks
    • Viruses will never go away
    • Viruses hoaxes now being spread
    • The hard part is securing the LAN from within (wireless, other intruders)
    • VARs that know this stuff will never lack for work
  • Web/database issues
    • Understand security weaknesses and access controls of local database users
    • Understand web/database interaction from security perspective
    • Understand proxy server attacks (ala Adrian Lamo)
    • Block them CGI scripts!
    • Who is root and what can they really do?
  • New security options
    • Applications-layer scanning tools like Web Inspect from SPIdynamics.com
    • Multi-layered IDS from OneSecure.com
    • Better email filtering and scanning tools
    • Combined anti-virus/proxy/cache tools from Cacheflow.com
  • Java and XML
    • The beginning of the whole open systems story: Apache, Sendmail ….
    • Applications will never be the same
    • Open systems have come and won’t leave corporate developers
    • Important standards for developing web-based applications
    • Java and XML have their place on servers, not on individual desktops
  • Web services
    • New breed of applications that reside partly on the Internet, partly on an enterprise’s servers, and partly on an external web browser
    • Safe, solid, and full of high profits for the right VARs
    • Look at Intuit’s web Turbotax and Quickbase as examples
  • Application server vendors
    • Oracle 9i Applications Server
    • Sun One Net
    • IBM Websphere
    • BEA Weblogic
    • Microsoft .Net
    • Various open source products
  • Issues with web services
    • Choosing the right applications server platform
    • Whether to go with J2EE or MS .Net
    • Who will own your directory of apps?
    • What kind of development environment do you need?
    • How deep do you go to integrate business processes and logic into your apps?
  • Wireless issues
    • Boon for home and SMB marketplace
    • Boon for VARs that can understand security and environmental setup issues
    • Bust for enterprises looking to keep control over their computing resources
  • Wireless LAN loopholes
    • Do you even know if they are running?
    • NetStumbler.com: good resource
    • New products like AirMagnet
    • Read this article too.
  • Wireless VPN/firewall appliances
    • BlueSocket
    • ReefEdge
    • Vernier Networks
    • Mobility from Netmotion Wireless
  • Conclusions and questions
    • David Strom
    • Technology Editor
    • VAR Business magazine
    • [email_address]
    • (516) 562-7151