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  1. 1. Dustin D. Trammell 2833 West Walnut Hill Lane #2057 Dallas, Texas 75038 214.392.7903 dustin@dustintrammell.com FOCUS I am currently seeking opportunities in video game design, preferably in the role-playing/action/platform and/or strategy/puzzle genres, video game testing for either console systems or the PC platform, 2D graphic or 3D texture asset creation, or game server development in the Linux/BSD environment. All of these positions fall within my chosen career path and will allow me to continue to develop new skills as well as utilize and improve my current skill-set. EXPERTISE My current expertise is in video game asset design and development as well as video game beta testing for all platforms. TECHNICAL SKILLS Specific Software/Tools Documentation/Editing: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, vi Process/FlowChart: Microsoft Visio, SmartDraw Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, The Gimp Proprietary Software/Tools 3D/Modeling: There.com’s StyleMaker Level / World Design: NeverWinter Nights Aurora Toolset, iMaze’s edlab, Pingus Level Editor, Bang Programming/Scripting Languages and Development Tools UNIX: C, Perl 4.*/5.*, expect, sh/bash Microsoft: GFA Basic (DOS) Atari: GFA Basic (TOS) Revision Control: CVS Familiar Operating Systems UNIX: Linux (Slackware, RedHat), BSDi, OpenBSD Microsoft: Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server / Professional, Windows XP Corporate / Professional Other: Atari TOS Familiar Testing Consoles Nintendo: Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super NES, NES, Gameboy Sony: Playstation 2, Playstation Atari: Jaguar, ST line, 800XL, 2600, Lynx Network Systems and Protocols Routing/Transmission: TCP/IP v4 suite WWW: HTTP, SSL, CGI, (Apache, Stronghold, IIS) Remote Access: SSH (OpenSSH), Telnet, rservices, VNC, Microsoft Terminal Services / RDP Chat/IM: IRC (Hybrid IRCD, Hybrid IRC Services, ircii, mirc), AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger Other Technologies: Encryption Algorithms: PGP/GPG, DES/DES3, Diffie-Hillman, s/Key, SSL EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE 04.03 to Present Citadel Security Software Remediation Signature Engineer / R&D Dallas, Texas Providing Development of Remediation Signatures for Citadel includes: • Research of new and existing vulnerabilities for Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms • Determination / development of one or more applicable remedies for vulnerabilities • Development of instruction set (remediation signature) for use by the Hercules product in automated vulnerability remediation. Providing Research & Development for Citadel includes: • Research of potential vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, software defects, and architecture flaws • Development of proof-of-concept code, exploits, tools, and utilities • Authoring of security advisories, white papers, and theory papers Accomplishments at Citadel include: • Development of a large portion of the Hercules product’s remediation signature set 03.02 to 04.03 Penson Financial Services, Inc. Information Security Specialist Dallas, Texas Providing Information Security for Penson included: • Secure network architecture consulting to the Connectivity Group • Firewall/VPN management including policy, topology, and process design.
  2. 2. • Intrusion detection / Incident response • Accounting and reporting management • Network visibility & surveillance • Linux related projects and migrations Penson Financial’s public and private networks consist of the following components: • The full range of Cisco routers • Cisco Catalyst switches • Checkpoint FW1/NG Firewall/VPN devices (Secure Platform, Win2000) • Linux Netfilter / FreeS/WAN Firewall/VPN devices • Netscreen Firewall/VPN appliances • Radware Linkproof/Fireproof Load-balancers • Foundry Load-balancers • Intel based Compaq and Dell servers and workstations • WYSE Winterm thin clients Accomplishments at Penson Financial include: • Design, development, and deployment of a centralized logging, accounting, and reporting system enabling automated systems and the IT department groups to react to network, security, and desktop issues in real time. • Development and implementation of an enterprise-wide information security strategy. • Development and implementation of an Incident Response procedure. • Implementation and policy design of a Snort Intrusion Detection System. • Design and implementation of an NTP architecture. • Design and implementation of an IRC network, IRC Services, and management / accounting IRC eggdrop bots. • Development of a Slackware Linux software package management tool similar to Windows Update. • Modified existing Linux+ Certification training courseware to better suit the Penson environment and trained most of the IT Department in general Linux environment and administration using this courseware. • Design and implementation of multiple Firewall and VPN solutions on the Linux IPTables, Checkpoint 4.1/NG, and Netscreen platforms, including bridged, high availability, and load balanced configurations. 08.00 to 03.02 CAU Technologies, Inc. President & COO, Dallas, Texas Information Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst Primary Duties of President & COO included: • Business Development including: o Development of leads to identify potential clientele o Development of strategic, mutually beneficial business partnerships and/or agreements with similarly aligned companies • Project Management of various implementation/assessment projects • Operations Management of business functions such as: o Accounting / Finances o Receivables / Payables o Human Resources o Information Technology Primary Duties of Information Security Engineer includes: • Implementations for clientele such as: o Firewalls, NAT Devices, Routers o Virtual Private Networks o Intrusion Detection Systems o Secure Network Design Primary Duties of Information Security Analyst includes: • Consulting services for clientele such as: o General Needs Assessment o Network / Systems Assessment o Enterprise Policy Assessment / Design o Proposed Implementation Assessment CAU Technologies operates on a completely virtual corporate office network, consisting of approximately 6 home office networks connected via VPN in a mesh arrangement, 5 servers, 14 workstations, 6 users, and consists of the following components: • Misc. DSL/Cable modems • Homegrown firewall/vpn solutions • Misc. network switches • Intel Pentium III Systems running Slackware Linux • Intel Pentium III Systems running Windows 2000 Server/Professional 04.99 to 08.00 Xceed inc. (Formerly Big Theory LLC) Network Administrator Dallas, Texas Network Administration at Xceed’s Dallas office included: • Network and Systems Administration of public and private LAN/WAN • Systems Monitoring via Intrusion Detection Systems, additional loggers, filesystem integrity checkers, and real-time log auditing.
  3. 3. • Network Surveillance via packet sniffers, additional loggers, and real-time firewall/system log auditing • Network security via surveillance, policy definition and enforcement, and real-time firewall/systems log auditing • Systems Security via Vulnerability Reduction, security patches, Intrusion Detection Systems, filesystem integrity verifiers, additional loggers, real-time log auditing, Reconnaissance/Assessment Tools, and secure remote access • Supervisory Management of Desktop Support Team and Junior Network and Systems Administrators • CrystaLAN IPBX Phone System Administration (Shoreline Teleworks) The Xceed Dallas public and private network consists of approximately 3 segments, 12 servers, 60 workstations, 50 users, and consists of the following components: • Cisco 2600/3600 series routers • 3com Superstack II Hubs, 3com Switches, and Cisco Catalyst Switches • ADSL Modems, CSU/DSU • Intel Pentium PII/PIII Systems running Slackware & Red Hat Linux • Intel Pentium PII/PIII Systems running Windows NT 4 Server/Workstation • Intel Pentium PIII Systems running Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server and Professional • Intel Pentium Workstations running Windows 95/98 • Macintosh servers running MacOS X and MacOS • Macintosh workstations running MacOS 8.5-9.0 Accomplishments at Xceed include: • Coordination of the technical side of an enterprise move into a new building. This consisted of breaking down the current network and migrating it into the new facility, incorporating a topology re- design to facilitate enhanced performance and network security. • Implementation of a Voice-over-IP Telephony system. 07.98 to 12.98 InNet Service System Systems Administrator Dallas, Texas Systems Administrator position duties at InNet included: • Web Development for multiple webservers and virtual-hosted websites • CGI Web Systems and Applications Programming (C/Perl) • Network and Systems Administration (local & remote) • Systems Monitoring via Intrusion Detection Systems, additional loggers, filesystem integrity checkers, and real-time log auditing. • Network Surveillance via packet sniffers, additional loggers, and real-time firewall/system log auditing • Desktop Support/Troubleshooting The InNet public and private network was approximately 2 segments, 8 servers, 6 workstations, 6 users, and consisted of the following components: • Alpha 533 system running RedHat Linux • Intel Pentium Pro Systems running Slackware Linux • Intel Pentium Pro Systems running Windows NT 4 Server • Intel Pentium Workstations running Windows 95/98 Accomplishments at InNet include: • Served as an applications developer for server-side administration applications • Designed complete CGI solutions systems A complete employment history is available upon request. NON-EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE 08.03 to Present IdolEyes Entertainment – 2DClash Artist / Level Designer Graphic Design for 2DClash includes: • Development of background overlay tile assets such as pipes, lights, etc. • Development of level object assets such as doors, crates & boxes, etc. Level Design for 2DClash includes: • Storyboard / concept development for individual levels • Building of levels with the 2DClash Bang level editor 01.03 to Present There.com - There Public Beta Beta Tester / Developer Providing Beta Testing for There includes: • Testing the user client application for stability and bugs • Testing the voice chat functionality of the extended user client application • Involvement with the There economy designers providing input on virtual currency, market trends, merchant tool / service design, employer tool / service design, and general virtual economics Being a Developer for There includes: • Developing graphical assets such as custom textures for 3D models of avatar clothing, vehicles, and furniture • Using the StyleMaker tool to produce custom 3D avatar clothing model assets • Please review my developed assets at http://www.druidic-enterprises.com Accomplishments with There include: • Creation of an in-world Fashion label which provides custom avatar clothing as well as being one of the first user-run organizations to employ other avatars in-world
  4. 4. • Position on a There, Inc. hosted private virtual-economics panel to provide input on There’s virtual currency, merchant tool / service design and employer tools / service design 02.03 to 04.03 Klear Games – Reiner Knizai’s Samurai Beta Tester Beta Testing for Klear’s implementation of Samurai included: • Testing the user interface application for stability and bugs • Testing network game-play for connectivity and stability PUBLISHED WORKS / MEDIA None. FAVORITES / INSPIRATION Strategy: Magic: The Gathering, Chess Puzzle: Tetris, Pingus / Lemmings, Frozen Bubble Arcade: PacMan, Centipede, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Ikari Warriors Action/RPG: The entire Zelda franchise, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger Platform: Super Mario Brothers (1-3), Super Mario World, Metroid, Kid Icarus First Person Shooter: MidiMaze / iMaze, Unreal Tournament, Quake (1-3), Doom II Real Time Strategy: Warcraft, Red Alert 2 REFERENCES References are available upon request.