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  1. 1. ANTI-VIRUS & FIREWALL 9.0 SURF THE WEB WITH CONFIDENCE LOOKING FOR MORE PROTECTION THAN AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall 9.0 is simply smarter YOUR BASIC ANTI-VIRUS? security that doesn’t slow you down. AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall 9.0 brings you all the It doesn’t waste your time. It just keeps you safe – online or off. protection of AVG’s Anti-Virus 9.0, plus a brand- LinkScanner® for safe surfing and searching new, high-efficiency firewall that keeps hackers WebShield for safe social networking, chatting and downloading out of your PC. And your PC out of botnets and Enhanced firewall to keep hackers out of your PC firmly under your control. High-speed anti-virus/anti-spyware with auto updates AVG IS SMART PROTECTION Anti-phishing keeps you safe from cybercriminals AVG’s new high-speed anti-virus/anti-spyware combo scanner is smarter than your average scanner. It keeps track of what’s already been scanned and found clean. If those files haven’t changed, they’re not scanned again – if they haven’t changed, they’re not infected. AVG’S SECRET WEAPON AVG Anti-Virus Firewall 9.0 also has a secret weapon other anti-virus products don’t have. It has LinkScanner®. LinkScanner takes over where your anti-virus doesn’t go – into the depths of web pages you haven’t even visited yet. LinkScanner gives you a vital extra layer of protection that you won’t find in any other anti-virus software. Whenever you’re on the web, the moment you go to click on a link, LinkScanner analyzes the page behind that link to tell you whether there’s something nasty hiding there. Most web threats these days are literally here today, gone tomorrow. So the only way to protect yourself is to use software that checks the page behind every link at the only time that matters – right before you click on it. And for added peace of mind, you also get safety ratings for your Google, Yahoo! and Bing/MSN search results. 80 million people trust us to keep them safe online – and so can you.
  2. 2. Why AVG? When you’re surfing and searching the web, sharing photos and music with friends, and keeping up with your social networks, security’s not the first thing on your mind. So AVG helps you to stay safe by protecting you from hidden dangers on the Internet. Here’s how AVG’s home computer protection compares: AVG AVG AVG Internet Anti-Virus Anti-Virus Firewall Security BANKING AND SHOPPING ONLINE AVG Identity Protection Keeps your private information secure SURFING AND SEARCHING THE WEB, SOCIAL NETWORKING LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield Ensures every web page you visit is safe LinkScanner Search-Shield Applies safety ratings to your search results Superior Phishing Protection Checks to make sure web pages are genuine Enhanced Firewall Prevents hackers from accessing your PC E-MAILING, INSTANT MESSAGING, AND DOWNLOADING Anti-Spam Blocks spammers and scammers WebShield Checks downloads and file exchanges for viruses E-mail Scanner Keeps you safe from dangerous e-mail attachments and links WHETHER YOU’RE ONLINE OR OFFLINE Anti-Virus Makes sure you can’t get or spread viruses Anti-Spyware Prevents spyware phoning home your personal information Anti-Rootkit Ensures even the toughest threats are kept out Game Mode Keeps you safe without interrupting your gameplay Update Manager Keeps you safe from the latest threats – automatically System Tools Lets you customize how AVG protection works All AVG products give you: Recommended System Requirements Pentium Processor, 1.2 GHz Free automatic updates and version upgrades 1 250 MB free hard drive space (for installation) Hassle-free security that won’t slow you down2 512 MB RAM And don’t forget – if you ever need help with your Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4) AVG protection, just head on over to our support Microsoft Windows XP (32/64 bit) website at and our Microsoft Vista (32/64 bit) experts will get you back on track – fast. Microsoft Windows 7 More information AVG home and small office security products: AVG network and server security products: AWARD WINNING 1 For the term of your license. 2 All security software uses memory and processor power, and can therefore result in slower system performance. AVG has been built to minimize these effects. Copyright, 2009 AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. All rights reserved.