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  • Notes to me: Open a copy of the control panel in the background for later use First of all, how many of you have poked at vista a little over the past couple of weeks? We want to ensure that you are up to speed so that you can support it. We have ~half a dozen in Bradford. I know of another ~half dozen not there. Don’t know how many more there are. (Probably at least a few) Probably 15-20 counting ITS students, probably 5-10 in general student population Virtually all new computers are shipping with it. (XP isn’t an option on most machines today) Many (most?) freshman will have it in the fall A quick survey showed 7 of 10 freshman bought a new computer for college. (Don’t know if this sample is representative, but I don’t have any good reason to believe it isn’t.) Plus with MS’s Express Upgrade program, XP machines since about Nov/Dec 2006 had a cheap/free Vista upgrade option. We really don’t care what you run on your personal machine (provided you keep it secure), but you need to be able to support Vista, so poke at it a little.
  • Here’s an overview of what we are going to talk about
  • This is a summary of most of the changes that will be very visible to end users. Instant Search – Similar to spotlight. It indexes stuff and you can search it very quickly. Aero – Flashy new 3D interface. Window drawing should be smoother. Not much of a productivity gain. IE7/Windows Defender – Available in XP, but now built-in. Networking – Back to this later SuperFetch – Uses RAM aggressively for caching. Free RAM almost 0. Should make application startup faster. This is a good thing. It is better for RAM to be used as cache than sitting around idle. Windows will kick out cache if an app needs the RAM. UAC - Back to this later ReadyBoost – Using flash drive for RAM. (Not nearly as good as more RAM, but better than nothing.)
  • Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate (few other versions offered outside the US – you almost certainly won’t see them) Short Summary Features missing in Enterprise: Media Center/Other MM Stuff Parental Controls Windows Ultimate Extras Features not in Business: (Everything not in Enterprise) BitLocker Features not in Home Premium: RDP Server Recommendation to Students Any edition EXCEPT Home Basic (It is missing a lot) Comparisons to XP Home Basic =~ XP Home Business/Enterprise =~ XP Pro Home Premium ~= XP Media Center Enterprise not available to retail customers. Volume License only. Repairs could be a bit tricky due to this Everything not enterprise use the same media. - Determine which bits to install based on key. We will have retail images. We don’t know if OEM keys will work with the media we have. This could become an interesting problem. Plan on emphasizing the need for them to bring discs to college http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/winvista_02.asp (Also http://tinyurl.com/ycec5s)
  • The minimums/recommends appear to be actually reasonable. It does not need to be 128 MB of dedicated graphics memory Compatible Video Cards for Aero Intel 965 NVidia FX, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx ATI 9500+, X-xxxx Aero will run on anything in the recommended section. Not necessarily well though. It ran slowly on an FX5200 Some specific data points: My Laptop Pentium M 1.4 GHz 768 RAM Intel Integrated 855 (No aero, but otherwise fine) Seems fine. I probably won't upgrade ram. I don't heavily multi-task on this machine. (Usually 3-5 programs max. - Primarily used in class for notes.) Desktop 1 1 GB RAM Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Radeon 9600 Video Card “ all in all it is okay. There have been a few times it just started chugging” Laptop 2 512 GB RAM 2.0 GHz Athlon 64 CPU ATI 9600 GPU (Aero) "little slow to open, but generally fine" Desktop 2 2 GB RAM Athlon X2 4400+ (2.2 GHz) GeForce 7800 GTX (Aero) "It flickers when UAC pops up and, in a few places is slightly laggy, but 3D desktop is nice"
  • UAC You’ve probably heard about it. You run without admin privileges even as an administrator. The result is malware can’t get into the system without your permission. (It still can get to your home directory.) ***SCREEN SHOT*** (Advance to next screen. Text repeated on next page.)
  • If your account is an admin it just makes you click ok, otherwise you have to enter username/password of an admin
  • UAC You won’t see it during general usage. The media/press has made a much bigger deal of this than it is. You’ll see it during system setup frequently, but after that it drops off heavily. You will see it if you change/delete/rename/etc. something that needs admin privs. Installers generally prompt for elevation automatically – other programs that are UAC aware are able to prompt automatically. Some programs don’t prompt automatically. You can manually elevate by right clicking. ***Screen Shot*** IE 7 Protected Mode It runs in a low-permission sandbox that has very limited access By Default IE can’t get to things outside of its temporary directory. Attempts by IE to open other programs cause a prompt
  • Security Center Added anti-spyware software Also added check for IE7 security settings and UAC Anti-Spyware Spybot 1.4 Works, but doesn't tie to security center It will automatically escalates with UAC 1.5 will tie in (it is in Beta ATM) AdAware They say SE Personal isn't supported. (Don't know if it works) AdAware 2007 will support Vista. (It is in RC ATM) Windows Defender Ties in natively Real Time Protection (Similar to TeaTimer) HijackThis Appears to work Doesn’t prompt for UAC – elevate manually Anti-Virus McAfee 8i does NOT work. 8.5 does. Norton 2006 or newer works (with updates) (I think) AVG 7.5 works
  • Trying to use the control panel through classic mode is hard. (I have 51 control panels on my Vista laptop. 36 on my desktop in XP.) Use the search. It works pretty well. In many cases it goes beyond single control panel and takes you to the part of the control panel you need. Network Control Panels overhauled IPv6 support is enabled by default. ipconfig will show lots of extra interfaces as a result. Window scaling problems Vista enables an option that should make connections faster that has been in the standards since 1992. (RFC 1323) Unfortunately some routers are broken resulting. Result is either slow or no network through router.) I’d recommend using the GUI to get IP data (Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> View Status) My laptop shows 4 interfaces in ipconfig Some stuff is easier to get to, others more of a pain Network Locations The first time you connect to a network, it asks what kind of network it is. Public networks are firewalled. Private aren’t. Home versus Business (No diff – I think) Firewall automatically adjusts as you move between them. Tracks network’s you’ve seen before and saves the setting for them Firewall To a first approximation it can be used the same as the XP one. It now has outbound filtering capabilities/more tuning options. They are a bit of a pain. I haven’t poked at them much yet. There is an “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” Administrative tool. Talk to Paul A if you run into support problems that require usage of this and you have questions As mentioned, with UAC you aren’t an admin Thus ipconfig /(release|renew) doesn’t work unless you run command prompt as an admin ***WALK THROUGH*** Status of a network Connect to wireless Programs and Features Replaces Add/Remove Programs Also has the ability to enable/disable windows components. Shouldn’t need the CD to do this. Windows Update It is now a control panel Doesn’t rely on IE working. (YA!!!) Will be Windows only by default. There is a button to click to enable searching for other MS products
  • Memory Diagnostic Search for memory in the control panel Runs on a reboot Similar to what Memtest86 does. (I’d trust MemTest86 more, but I’m not sure if there is any valid reason for that. Memtest86 has just been around longer.) Documents and Settings -> Users There are compatibility links still around for old paths Boot loading has been completely redone. F8 still works Yet another way to get at the memory diagnostic tool No more boot.ini Adjust boot config through msconfig/System Properties
  • Most stuff that works under XP works Data Points All but 2 components in my 6-year old desktop are supported Laptop 2 doesn’t have modem driver Some vendors will take this as an opportunity to force upgrades :( Audio and Video Driver Models were completely redone. Creative is having some problems with drivers. Video drivers are not as fast as they are under XP. (This will change though.) For gaming XP will still probably be a little bit faster. For everything else, the differences probably won’t matter. (Assuming there is driver support.)
  • Competely redone installer. Should be faster All prompting at start or end of install (much easier to run lots at once) Repair Options There is no longer such thing as a true repair install. We’ll see if we come to hate this. Booting off the CD gives you a bunch of repair options Walk through a couple steps and then you get a repair option. Windows Restore Restore Complete PC Backup Memory Diagnostic Tool Startup Repair (Replaces FIXBOOT/FIXMBR) Command Prompt See http://vistasupport.mvps.org/windows_vista_repair_options.htm for full walk through Keys/Activation All editions require activation (including enterprise) Try to close the piracy loophole that was Windows XP Volume License Non-Enterprise editions Use same CD media Prompt for key. Installs edition based on key Enterprise DOES NOT prompt for KEY MUST enter it manually On a corporate network it can activate itself, but that won’t work for us ***Walk Through*** activation process (Search for system in control panel.) Upgrades Upgrade Advisor on MSes Website http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=42B5AC83-C24F-4863-A389-3FFC194924F8&displaylang=en The new installer is supposed to make upgrades more reliable Mine worked fine (after freeing up HD space) I’ve seen reports of problems My gut – Take a backup and give it a try It runs a defrag during upgrade – so it will take a while. On my laptop the progress bar sat for about an hour with no progress. I think it was running a defrag at this point. The HD was flashing the whole time. Anytime Upgrade Lets you upgrade Basic -> Premium|Ultimate/Premium->Ultimate/Business->Ultimate
  • Going forward Driver support in x64 should be much much much better with Vista In order to get the Designed for Vista logo you must provide 64-bit drivers OEMs shipping 64-bit capable computers with 32-bit OS must also provide 64 bit drivers Same is true of software Current State Hardware is hit or miss Desktop 2 was supported fine in hardware Desktop 1 didn’t have sound drivers (Creative says they are coming though) Desktop 3 works fine (but it was built after Vista was released) Software – Most works. Things that need kernel drivers are problematic. (See next note for more details.) There are some additional security features in x64 Most noticeable is that all kernel drivers MUST be signed. Should help security/stability For everything except Ultimate, you get the x64 media from Microsoft. Pay S&H. x86 and x64 discs come with Ultimate
  • We support products as long as the manufacturer supports them. 2K will be supported through 2010 and XP through 2014.


  • 1. Windows Vista What’s new and how to support it
  • 2. Windows Vista
    • What’s New
    • Editions
    • Requirements
    • Security Changes
    • Control Panel Updates
    • Miscellaneous Updates
    • Driver Support
    • New Installer
    • x64
  • 3. What’s New in Vista
    • Instant Search
    • Aero
    • IE7 (more later)
    • Windows Defender (more later)
    • Wireless Networking
    • Network & Sharing Center (more later)
    • SuperFetch
    • UAC (more later)
    • ReadyBoost
  • 4. Editions of Vista
    • 5 Editions (Mostly)
    • Recommendation to students
      • NOT Home Basic
    • Site license covers Enterprise
      • Retail media for repairs
      • OEM Media?
    • http://tinyurl.com/ycec5s - Full Comparison
  • 5. System Requirements
    • Minimum
    • 800 MHz CPU
    • 512 MB RAM
    • CD-ROM
    • 20 GB HD
    • SVGA Graphics
    • Recommended
    • 1 GHz CPU
    • 1 GB RAM
    • DVD-ROM
    • 40 GB HD
    • Graphics Card with
      • 128 MB RAM
      • WDDM Driver
      • DX 9
  • 6. Security Changes
    • UAC
      • Never run as admin
  • 7.  
  • 8. Security Changes
    • UAC
      • Never run as admin
      • Shouldn’t notice during general usage
      • How to run as admin manually
    • IE 7 Protected Mode
      • IE can’t access much on local system
  • 9. Security Changes (Contd.)
    • Security Center
      • Added Anti-Spyware (+ few other things)
    • Anti-Spyware Software
      • SpyBot / AdAware / Windows Defender / HijackThis
    • Anti-Virus
      • McAfee/Norton/AVG
  • 10. Control Panel Updates
    • Completely Rearranged
      • Search works well
    • Network and Sharing Center
      • Locations
      • Windows Firewall
      • ipconfig vs UAC
    • Programs and Features
      • Replaces “Add/Remove Programs”
    • Windows Update
      • Only Windows by default
      • Option to search for other MS products
  • 11. Miscellaneous Updates
    • Memory Diagnostics
      • Run from Windows, Boot Menu, and Installer
    • File Location Changes
      • No more “C:Documents and Settings”
      • “ C:Users” now
    • Boot loading
  • 12. Driver Support
    • Pretty good with recent hardware
      • Few isolated issues
      • Mostly with less common peripherals
    • Audio
    • Video
      • Supported, but not optimized
  • 13. New Installer
    • Based on Windows PE
      • GUI the entire way through
    • New repair options
    • Activation/Keys
      • Single media for non Enterprise
      • Enterprise DOES NOT prompt for key
    • Upgrades
    • Windows Anytime Upgrade
  • 14. x64
    • Support should be better than XP x64
    • Windows Logo Program
      • Must provide 64 bit drivers
      • Even if shipping 32 bit OS
    • Adds some security features
    • Media available from Microsoft for S&H
  • 15. Concluding Notes
    • Should be smoother than 98->XP
    • Will be common by Fall 07
    • We will continue to support 2K and XP
    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE poke at Vista
  • 16. Presentation Notes
    • This presentation was originally given in mid Feb to a group of student ITS employees. It has had a few small updates made since.
    • Created by
    • Jefferson Cowart
    • [email_address]
    • © Pomona College 2007
    • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.