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  • 1. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Name: Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Position: IT Contractor Born: 1966 IT experience: since 1984 Education: Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science, Datanom and various certifications. Courses: Digital, Tandem, TCP/IP, Delphi Advanced-3.0, Delphi/MS-SQL special course, MCSE, SUN, HDS, TQM, HP, IBM, Anoto, Azlan, DTU, Sigma, Elma. Contact: Hjørnet 8a, 4792 Askeby, DK. E-Mail: Phone: +45 20861208 Person: -Very analytical, with sound structured approach that has proven to be a good combination to guarantee control of the tasks and ensure progress. Aim to have a broad professional knowledge while maintaining a good technical depth. Establishing a good base value for projects involving multiple platforms, programming languages, networks and databases. Also had roles as IT manager and project manager. Adding an extra dimension in process communication due to knowledge of issues beyond the purely technical. Special abilities include a personal drive, focus on the solution of the whole task and capacity to adapt to the task. Profile: IT-Freelancer/IBM (2009-) Contractor- •Storage administration, -operations, outsourcing, process and incident handling. •AIX, Solaris, Windows, HDS, SAN, Brocade, SAN Volume Controller, Lotus Notes, ServiceCenter... ZenIT/NNIT/PROgrator|gatetrade (2009) Contractor- Side 1
  • 2. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen •Develop Use Cases, system test, test data generator, process analysis, error identification/correction and documentation. •Windows, C++, Windows Workflow Foundation, OIOXML, OIOUBL, XML, XSLT, scripting MSSql, Sharepoint Server... Fujitsu Services/Cell Telecom/Ericsson Spain (2008-2009) Contractor- •All round system, database, software and network bug-fixing, solution identification and documentation. •SUSE 10 Enterprise Edition, OpenSAF, MySQL cluster, Java, Bash scripting, LOTC... Data Respons/Foss (2008) Konsulent- •Validating existing code for X-ray equipment, debugging and develop new functionality. •Windows 2000/XP, C++, OLE/DDE, system kernal, controller assembler... IT Freelancer/EDB Gruppen/IBM (2007-2008) Contractor- •Security, monitoring and quality assurance. While being part of operations. •AIX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Oracle, DB2, Informix, HACMP, SAP, WebsPhere, Apache, Microsoft Windows-32/-X64, MS-SQL, Lotus Notes, SAN... P. Ø. Data/Shell (2006-2007) Contractor- Side 2
  • 3. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen •Setting up cleansing- and transformation tools. Coordinate with international data contributors, Indian and Phillipino cleansers and data receivers in SAP •Consolidate data from mixed platforms into SAP •SAP, AS400, Windows 2000/XP, SQL Server, Access, MS Office Mandator/Nordic Processor Sweden (2005-2007) Contractor- •Ensure compliance with standards and optimal quality on alle platforms and subsystems •Security, monitoring and quality assurance •AIX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Oracle, DB2, Informix, WebsPhere, Apache Mandator/Nordic Processor Norway (2005-2006) Contractor- •Install front-end controllers and gateways •Host/Network •Relocate servers and applications to Sweden •W2k/W2003/CISCO/SNA4.0/HIS2000 Elan-IT/HP/TDC (2005-2005) Contractor- •Design of MS SQL/IIS/Exchange/storage clusters on Windows 2003 64-bit enterprise servers •Design, test, documentation •Evaluate the various configurations •Produce recomendations and technical manuals for consolidation process •Build Proof of concept servers based on Opteron. Side 3
  • 4. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen ZenIT/TietoEnator/Saxo Bank (2003-2004) Development/software error fixing- •Develop new trade types, find remedies for errors and code new functions into the existing software. Relieve the internal staff for roll-out of new releases •W2k/W2003/W2005(pre-release) server -also 64-bit, W2k, WXP, MS-SQL 2000/2005, VB6.0, Visual C++, Visual .NET Rigsrevisionen (2003-2004) Development- •Code new automated work-processes •W2k server, W2k, MS-SQL, Outlook, Active Directory, MS-Office Retsmedicinsk Institut (2003-2004) Development- •Convert old WordPerfect macro based solution to Visual basic in Microsoft Office •W2k server, W2k, W98, WM-Ware, Paradox, WP, MS-Office IBM/EDB-Gruppen (2003-2004) •Ensure compliance with standards and optimal quality on all platforms and subsystems Contractor- •Security, monitoring and quality assurance •AIX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Oracle, DB2, Informix, WebsPhere, Apache Side 4
  • 5. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Fruits/Care/Mærsk SeaLand (2002-2004) Adminitration, operations, design and development- •Start-up of Fruits Inc. Primarilly solutions based on Anoto technology •W2K Server, Java Orange World/French Telecom (2002-2003) Administration, operations, design and development- •Designing and develop a complete basic offerings platform using J2EE websphere AIX 5.2 based Regatta machines with most of IBM's products •AIX, Linux, BSD, W2K Server, Java, Oracle, Cluster, Cisco, Brocade, Shark, IBM 3584 EDS/Carlsberg (2002-2002) Contractor- •Splitting and migration part of NT domain/Exchange 5.5 users to W2K AD domain and Exchange 2000 •W2K AD domain, MS Exchange 5.5+2000 Bridicum (2002-2002) Contractor, Analysis- •Analysis and quality assurance og configurations of routes and firewalls •NT, IIS web server, Firewall-1, Cisco TDC Internet (2002-2004) Developer- •Develop GSM- & E-mail gateway towards existing SQL Server Side 5
  • 6. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen •NT Server, MS Sql Server, Java, C++ Institute of Forensic Medicine (2002-2002) Contractor- •Error fixing •Identify problems, mainly with communication •W2k server, W2k, MacOS TDC Internet (2001-2004) Contractor- •Design, configuration, programming, demonstration and education •Establish a complete web-site with front-end IIS-webservers, firewalls, W2k Servers with SQL clusters, active directory, DNS, backup/restore... •W2k, W2k enterprise edition(cluster), IIS-webfarm, W2k Enterprise SQL(cluster) Danish Radio (2002-2002) Contractor- •Design, advice and education •Construct an active cold standby NT/SQL server, as well as automatic data replication. Sysstem for collecting electorial information from polling stations and graphic presentation on DR1/DR2 of results from folketing-, amt- and kommune election •NT, W2k, w98, MS Sql Telia (2002-2002) Administrator, operations- •Hotline and operations •Splitting and migrate NT domain, Exchange system and users Side 6
  • 7. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen •NT, W2k, w98, Exchange DataPharm (2001-2002) Contractor, developer- •Test/optimize ADSL based solution •Optimize database, network and Power++ code on existing solution •Re-code Favonian(Eterra) translating bridge •Identify and solve general error in Watcom compiled code •NT, SqlAnywhere, Power++, Cisco, Favonian, Analyzer ProData/Kallisoft (2001-2001) Developer- •Integrate firewall in system kernal •NT, W2K, XP, C++ Hitachi Data Systems (2000-2002) Consultant- •Analysis, installation, education, operation and development on hardware from HP/RS/6000/SUN/HDS/NT/BULL/Tandem/Digital/PC... – as part of setting up HDS’ SAN-solutions by customers in Scandinavia, Germany, England, Holland, California, Singapore •HDS, AIX, RS/6000, SAP, MVS, CICS, DB2, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, NT-cluster, MS SQL, Veritas, OpenView, SNMP, 9900 Lightning, 9200 Thunder, 7700(e), 5000, Emulex, Qlogic, Ancor, Brocade, Vixel, Gadzoox, McData, InRange, StorageTek, EMC, Crossroads Unibank (1999-2000) Project manager(1 of 2), administrator, designer, developer- •Programming of solutions for portfolio management •Building clearing systems for the Euro throug swift Target/EBA/ECB Side 7
  • 8. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen •Restructuring systems for 24-hour operation •Clean-up in code-structures on Tandem systems •MVS, CICS, DB2, Tandem, Enscribe, SQL, MS Office Enator (1998-2000) Project manager, designer, developer- •Consolidation of front-/backoffice dealer systems •Re-code dealer systems to handle multi-currency/Euro •Preparing systems for Y2K •Migration of the DB2 databases to Enscribe(for better performance) •MVS, CICS, DB2, Tandem, Enscribe, Tal, Cobol JC Data/Cell Free Agents (1998-1999) Administrator, developer, designer- •Planning for conversion of systems to handle EMU •Migrate Unibank's arbritrage backoffice applications from OS/2 to NT and MS Office. •MVS, CICS, DB2, OS/2, NT, SQL, MS Office, Java LR-Software (1997-1997) Developer- •Client/Server interfaces in banking solution for companies •Delphi, MVS, CICS, DB2, 3270, NT, C Contractor (1997-Still active) Side 8
  • 9. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Monberg & Thorsen/Greenland Contractors (1995-1998) IT coordinator, designer, developer- •Database management and development •Project manager, developer of the companys system migration from Unix/SuperMax to Windows NT, including the administration, booking, case management, HR and finance. •Network management and development •Developed small subsystems as add-ons to Oracle Applications •Unix, Windows NT, MS-SQL server, Oracle, NT server, Delphi, ODBC, Native drivers •Development of software to support the infrastructure on Thule Air Base •Invoicing and bookkeeping interface developed in VB for the Office suite •Migration of data to Oracle and modification in Oracle Applications using PowerDesigner Tandem(while in Defence Command Denmark) (1990-1995) Consultant in Tandem-products- Digital(while in Defence Command Denmark) (1986-1995) Consultant in Digital-products- Defence Command Denmark (1986-1995) Project manager, designer, system developer, system programmer- •Network administration and development •Database management and development •The integration of multiple platforms •Development of case management system, including advanced ”message- handling” •VMS, JCL, CICS, RSX, RT, Fortran, Pascal, C, hypertalk, assembler/Meta-assembler, REXX, Cobol, ADA, Oracle, RMS, SQL, Enscibe, DB2, Clipper •VAX, Tandem, IBM, Manintosh, PC, PIT, SUN Side 9
  • 10. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Penta-kæden (1984-1985) Programer, system developer- •Development of stock management, finance and system management •Supermax, Unix, Pascal Side 10
  • 11. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Qualifications: (Levels: Expert, Very experienced, Experienced, Good knowledge, Knowledge) Group Subject Level Last used # of years Work category Program design Expert 2010 19 Programming Expert 2010 24 Database design Expert 2010 21 Database management Expert 2008 17 Data modelling Expert 2010 21 Data analysis Expert 2010 20 System design Expert 2009 19 Storage management Expert 2010 20 Education Experienced 2007 11 Network management Expert 2009 18 Project management Very experienced 2006 13 Data communication TCP/IP,IPX, NetBeui Expert 2010 25 FDDI Experienced 2000 13 Side 11
  • 12. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen SAN Expert 2010 12 Gigabit/iSCSI Very experienced 2010 8 X.25/X.75 Expert 2002 17 SNA Experienced 2006 16 ATM/ISDN Expert 2006 7 Cisco/3Com/IBM Very experienced 2010 20 Databases DB2/VSAM Experienced 2008 6 Oracle Very experienced 2009 12 SQL Expert 2010 21 Tandem SQL Expert 2000 8 Paradox/Transact Experienced 1996 2 Enscribe Expert 2002 9 MS SQL server Expert 2010 13 SQLAnywhere Experienced 2002 2 RMS Good knowledge 1995 6 MS Access Very experienced 2010 14 MySQL Very experienced 2009 9 Side 12
  • 13. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Platforms Tandem/Guardian Expert 2002 9 RSX/RT/VAX-VMS Expert 1998 9 DesqView Experienced 1995 6 Windows 3.x,95/98 & OS/2 Very experienced 2004 13 Windows Expert 2010 15 NT/2000/2003/2005/Cluster/ datacenter/enterprise/XP MS Mail, Exchange Server Very experienced 2006 10 5,5/2000 UNIX (Ultrix, Solaris, HP- Expert 2010 17 UX, AIX, Supermax) Linux Very experienced 2010 10 MVS/CICS/TSO Knowledge 1990 2 MacOS Good knowledge 2006 6 SuperMax Good knowledge 1999 3 Programming Pascal Expert 2010 20 .NET Expert 2010 9 C++ Expert 2010 14 MetaAssembler Expert 1998 9 Side 13
  • 14. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Fortran Expert 1995 5 Assembler (x86) Experienced 2002 6 REXX Knowledge 1989 2 PERL Experienced 2009 7 Java Experienced 2009 8 Power++/Watcom Very experienced 2004 4 VBA/Visual Very experienced 2010 12 Basic/Office-/Outlook-script Development tools Visual C++ Very experienced 2010 13 Cobol Expert 2000 7 .NET Expert 2010 9 PL/1 Experienced 2000 2 Borland C++ Good knowledge 1999 7 Delphi + C/S + Turbo Pascal Expert 2008 10 Visual Basic Experienced 2010 10 Tacl/Tal Expert 1999 8 ADA Good knowledge 1991 2 Side 14
  • 15. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Hypertalk Expert 1995 4 Java Experienced 2009 9 Fortran Expert 1995 5 MS Office Expert 2010 16 Oracle designer Good knowledge 1998 2 Oracle developer Good knowledge 1998 2 Technologies Win16 Experienced 2002 5 Win32 Expert 2010 13 X64 Expert 2010 6 COM/DCOM Experienced 2009 9 OLE/DDE Experienced 2009 10 Client/Server Very experienced 2002 6 OOA/OOD Experienced 2001 4 Deft Experienced 1995 4 PowerDesigner Experienced 2004 5 DLL/OCX… Expert 2009 18 ODBC/Native Expert 2009 12 Side 15
  • 16. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen HTML/ASP/CGI.. Expert 2010 14 XML/OIOXML/XML... Expert 2010 6 Other tools TSM/NSM/SMS Experienced 2008 4 HSM/RMM Experienced 2000 2 SAMS Experienced 2000 2 Scripting Experienced 2010 10 ESS Expert 2004 4 Brocade Experienced 2010 11 SVC Experienced 2010 3 Other qualifications Development of database Expert 2009 21 applications Development of Windows Expert 2010 20 applications Multitasking & Expert 2010 25 Multithreading Development of Expert 2005 13 Client/Server solutions Development of real time Expert 1999 9 solutions Creating web sites Experienced 2010 18 Side 16
  • 17. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Development of E-Banking Experienced 2005 5 Side 17
  • 18. -Johnny Bahr Jakobsen Project experience(major tasks) •Forsvarsstaben – Development of communication-, database-, encryption- and case systems •Monberg & Thorsen – Data-/system migration from Unix/Oracle to NT/MS SQL including storage management and tape-robots •Monberg & Thorsen – Develop HR-, management- and booking systems •Monberg & Thorsen – Design and construction of wan/lan infrastructure •Greenland Contractors(Thule Air Base) - Design and construction of wan/lan infrastructure •Unibank - Restructuring and development of systems to handle EMU •Unibank - Review and streamlining the systems for Y2k problem •Unibank/ECB – Development of clearing systems •Nykredit og LR Software – Development of online(web) facilities •Hitachi Data Systems - Design and construction of wan / lan / san & Tape-robot solutions for HDS customers •DataPharm(Dansk Apotekerforening) - The establishment of commercial networks for pharmacies •Telia – Splitting and moving data in NT/W200 Domain, Exchange and users •TDC Internet – Building a Web farm, firewalls and SQL Cluster •Orange World/Fransk Telecom – Create a HW/SW baic offering platform •IBM/EDB-Gruppen – Security, monitoring and quality assurance •Nordic Processor– Migration of Nordeas Norwegian servers to Sweden, and the transformation of networks •Økonomistyrelsen– Quality assurance of web-based procurement •Nordic Processor– Security, monitoring and quality assurance Side 18