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  1. 1. What is Moocs? A MOOC is a massive open online course on different topics—varying from the sciences and finance to music, humanities and information technology, offered for free via the web by top performing universities around the world.
  2. 2. Moocs MOOCs can answer and provide data for developing world institutions to review their teaching and learning practices for better quality and outcomes.
  3. 3. Who can register for Moocs? Anyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone and Internet broadband connection can register with MOOC groups using an email. Each student may choose to sign up for as many subjects he or she wants.
  4. 4. How does Mooc benefit the life of a teacher? A teacher can use moocs to search and look up work, they find hard to explain to the learners. It can also be used to provide information for the learners and as a guideline for the teacher. Technology make the life of a teacher easier.
  5. 5. How can teachers use moocs to benefit them? Teachers can release videos on a weekly basis. Most courses have about two hours of video lectures per week. A learner can access videos for the current week and previous weeks.
  6. 6. Can a learner watch the lectures at his or her convenience? Yes. All video lectures are prerecorded and can be viewed at one’s own time.
  7. 7. Moocs Access to free online courses on the Internet for years, the quality and quantity of courses has changed. Access to free courses has are available for learners to use anytime.
  8. 8. Moocs Moocs are there to open learning opportunities and to create online information for anyone to use.
  9. 9. Moocs MOOCs offers to beam information and knowledge directly into classes in areas that do not have broadband.
  10. 10. Moocs MOOCs are free non-degree online courses with open unlimited global enrolment to anyone who desires to learn, and regardless of their current educational level.
  11. 11. The history of Moocs Moocs where used as a online source in universities, but expanded and everyone can make use of this technology. It Is was created to expand learning . Tutors, teachers, lecturers and learners can use MOOCS to expand learning.
  12. 12. My interests Afrikaans and Life Orientation teacher. I want to use Moocs to expand my knowledge in my field. I love the subject Afrikaans and will use Moocs to enrich my poetry skills poetry.
  13. 13. My interests I would also use Moocs to expand my knowledge as a Life Orientation teacher. This technology will make my life easier as a teacher.
  14. 14. Reference List ine_course /How-Moocs-Are-Changing-The-Way-PeopleLearn.htm