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Summary presentation: Improving Collaboration between people and between organizations is no longer optional if you want to survive in today s hyper connected business world. Speed of change, unpredictability and the increasingly social nature of the marketplace make collaboration instrumental to your company s ability to differentiate. New ways of collaboration are starting to take place within your company, across value chains and in the individual social domain of your employees. At the same time, new architecture and delivery models are bringing many new collaborative tools within reach of every person in your organization, with or without your knowledge or control. The use of personal email is one example we have learned to address, but how do you respond to personal workspaces, document sharing or instant messaging? Or even better: how does your business benefit from them? On the technology side, a volatile mix of acronyms like SOA Service Oriented Architecture, SaaS Software as a Service and Web2.0 is brewing that is drastically changing our view on the role and value of Information Technology. If left to chance there is little hope for success: you need a strategy. The new business world that is starting to show all around us is driven by autonomous, bottom up organizations where innovation and collaboration are part of the culture. In Value Chain 2.0, it is about quickly establishing combinations that offer value to the marketplace. It is about crossing boundaries and taking the full benefits from Cloud Computing and anything available As A Service, from platform to complete business solution.

Also check out Amazon, where the book Collaboration in the Cloud will be available on the 1st of April 2009.

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Collaboration In The Cloud

  1. Collaboration in the Cloud How cross-boundary collaboration is transforming business Sander Duivestein
  2. Times of Opportunity - Survival and Innovation Importance of Collaboration – New Nature of the Firm Cloud and Collaboration - Natural Fit
  3. Times of Opportunity
  4. PRESENT 5000 BC
  5. “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell | 1984
  6. Hunter-Gatherer Agri-Cultural Industrial Knowledge Religion Companies Kingdom 1800 1960 60.000 2.500.000
  7. “Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society rearranges itself; its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later there is a new world… We are currently living through such a transformation” Peter F. Drucker |Post Capitalist Society
  8. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis [...] If you stop and think about, 1837, '73, '29, 2008, it's almost exactly a whole lifetime between each of the major economic difficulties that we face.” Steve Balmer
  9. Steam Engine Railway Electricity Petrochemicals Information Cotton Steel Chemistry Automobiles Technology 1800 1990 1850 1900 1950 2009 Kondratiev Waves
  10. “We might already be beyond the age of speed, by moving into the age of real-time” Ivan Illich “From atoms to bits”
  11. “It is not a recession, but a transition.” Barack Obama
  12. New Nature of the Firm
  13. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin
  14. “Networking has been a key to evolution since this universe first flared into existence.” Howard Bloom | Global Brain
  15. Changing Shape of Society
  16. New Nature of the Firm
  17. Value Chain 2.0
  18. Cloud and Collaboration
  19. are conversations” “Markets Cluetrain Manifest
  20. “Classic economic theory, based as it is on an inadequate theory of human motivation, could be revolutionized by accepting the reality of higher human needs, including the impulse to self actualization and the love for the highest values.” Abraham Maslow
  21. “Crowdsourcing becomes key”
  22. “I think when people talk about cloud computing they're talking about taking some stuff, putting it outside the firewall, and perhaps putting it on servers that are also shared--or storage systems--that are also shared, perhaps with other companies that they know nothing about.” Steve Balmer
  23. “Free is the new business model” Chris Anderson
  24. Times of Opportunity - Survival and Innovation Importance of Collaboration – New Nature of the Firm Cloud and Collaboration - Natural Fit
  25. “The purpose is to bring about a higher level of consciousness about our planet and the imminent danger and opportunity we face because of the radical transformation in the relationship between human beings and the Earth.” Al Gore 12481400@N00/1442893185
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