Pre Treatment Processes
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Pre Treatment Processes



Pretreatment process involved in various seeds and fruits.

Pretreatment process involved in various seeds and fruits.



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Pre Treatment Processes Pre Treatment Processes Presentation Transcript

  • Pretreatment Techniques In Oil Refining
  • Outline • Pretreatment Process • Why Pretreatment Process? • Activity of Enzymes • Various Pre Treatment Process • Statistics and Graphs • Conclusion
  • What is a Pretreatment Process? • Raw • Pre • Oil Material Treatment Extraction Process • Effective handling of the batch • Efficient Extraction Of Oil
  • 1.Receiving and Storage Sample AnalysisTrainShip Receiving Drying StorageBargeTrucks Seed Preparation
  • 2. Preparation for ExtractionSeed From Process Scaling Cleaning Storage Drying Heat Dehulling Cracking Treatment Extraction Flaking Process Cooking
  • Activity of Enzymes Lipase • Free Fatty Acids • Increase Secondary Lipoxy Oxidation Products Genase • Increase the Non Phospho Hydra table Lipase Phospho Lipids
  • Why Pretreatment Process? Decrease wear and tear of Process equipment Efficient and Effective extraction of oil Inactivation of Enzymes
  • Sources of Edible oils
  • World wide Top 10 Oil Productions
  • Ground Nut
  • Oil Content in Fruits and Kernels 70 60 50 Oil 40Content 30 20 10 0 Olive Palm Palm Kernel Coconut Fruits
  • Oil Content in Seeds 50 45 40 35 Oil 30Content 25 20 15 10 5 0
  • Fruit Reception
  • Sterilization
  • Canola Oil
  • Cleaning Electro Oversize Undersize Magnetic Screening Screening Screening
  • Heat Treatment Heated : 30-40 C • Fluid Bed Type Dryers • Rotary Kilns with steam heated coils  More Pliable  Less Likely to shatter Fluid Bed Type Dryers  Reduce the moisture
  • Flaking rollsFlaking Flakes: 0.4 - 0.7 mm • Single stage flaking rolls • Double stage flaking rolls  Fractures the starch matrix  Ruptures the cell walls  More efficiently oil is leached out in subsequent solvent extraction
  • Cooking• Heated : 75-100 C• Ambient Air : 5-7% Moist Rotary Cookers Stacked Cookers Stack Cookers
  • Coalesces minute oil droplets into largerFacilitate oil and meal separationInsolubilisation of Phospholipids (Phospholipase) Increased fluidity of the oil Inactivation of enzyme (Myrosinose)
  • RBD Canola OilCrude Canola Oil Bleached Refined
  • Pre Treatment Process Heat Cleaning Flaking Treatment De Dehulling Cooking Shelling Drying Cracking Extraction
  • De Hulling Process Hulled Dehulled1.Increases Efficiency Dehulling Machine2.Increase the Capacity of Extraction Equipment3.Reduce wear and tear of Equipment
  • RBD Peanut Oil Crude Peanut Oil RBD Peanut Oil Groundnut oil Cake
  • Increase In FFA Lipolytic Enzyme
  • Quality of Bran Rice Variety Treatment of Grain Type of Milling Degree Of Milling
  • Rice Bran to Oil
  • Stabilization • Arrest lipase and lipoxy genase activity • Improve oil extraction efficiency • Reduce fines in crude oil • Reduce color development
  • Pelletization1. Rice Bran Converted to pellets of uniform size Pellets2. Diameter ranges 6-8 mm3. Pelletization makes process efficient for oil extraction. Refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Sun Drying • Kernels are separated from Shell • Drying 6-8 Days • Moisture 50% -- 6-8%
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Copra Cleaning Grinding Flaked Extraction Cooking(1) 8 Red/50 Yellow in the Lovi bond scale(2) Copra meal with 8% maximum residual oil(3) Approximately 0.6 cm and 6% maximum meal fines.
  • RBD Coconut Oil Crude Coconut Oil RBD Coconut Oil
  • Pre Treatment Process
  • Cold Pressing Roll Crushers Cold Pressing
  • Refined Olive Oil Refined Olive Oil Green Bottles
  • Pre Treatment Process Cleaning Delinting • Moisture 11% Dehulling Separating • Flakes 0.12-0.25 • Enzyme Gossypol Flaking Cooking
  • Refined Cotton Seed OilCrude Cotton Seed Oil RBD Cotton Seed Oil Cotton Seed Cake
  • Delinting Linted Seed Delinted Seed
  • Conclusion Ease the oil extraction Enzyme inactivation Technology
  • Any Quires??