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Hosted by Sandbox, this joint lunch & learn featured Josh Martin, Social Marketing Manager and Arby's approach to real time marketing. Also discussed was the framework necessary for Arby’s @Pharrell #GRAMMYS tweet that set the record for most engaging brand tweet of all time.

Here are just a few of the topics that were covered:
- Steps for developing an effective social marketing strategy
- Social listening – how and when should you be part of the conversation?
- Arby’s approach to social media
- Measuring the business impact of real-time social marketing
- Is a real-time strategy right for your organization?
- Case study of the Pharrell Grammy’s Tweet

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Sandbox Lunch 'n Learn Series - Arby's Real Time Social Marketing

  1. 1. Creating an Effective Real-Time Social Marketing Strategy March 18, 2014
  2. 2. # & @ #sandboxlunch @arbys @sandbox_digital
  3. 3. About Sandbox  Digital agency with an emphasis on creating content & experiences that connect customers with brands  Who am I? Began in digital in late ‘90s Started User Experience & Research practice at Spunlogic/Engauge On brand side for 6 years @donovanpanone
  4. 4. Vision Year One Tenets Developing a Social Strategy
  5. 5. Developing a Social Strategy  Who – Clearly define social audience segments – What are their needs & passions? – Social behaviors & tendencies – What action do we want them to take?  Why – Company: What business result are you driving? – Audience: WHY would they choose to interact with you?  What – Define a strategy that addresses the who & why – Content strategy – UGC strategies – Influencer strategy – Proactive listening & “real-time” approach
  6. 6. Developing a Social Strategy  – – –  – –  – – – –
  7. 7. Developing a Social Strategy  Where – Channel role & purpose  When – Day, time, timing between messages  How – Creative execution – Consistent brand voice & tone – Creative ways to tie content to the brand experience – Provide value (utility, education, inspiration, education) – 60 character rule
  8. 8. Developing a Social Strategy    – – – –
  9. 9. Listening: From Monitoring to Participating
  10. 10. Being Helpful Opportunistic Conversations Inspiring Content Joining Brand Conversations Listening for Brand Chatter Evolution of Social Listening
  11. 11. Evolution of Social Listening
  12. 12. Creating an Effective Real-Time Social Media Strategy J o s h M a r t i n | @ J m a r t 7 3 0 S o c i a l M e d i a M a n a g e r @ A r b y s
  13. 13. Social Media Manager • Responsible for activating the brand across social media platforms Prior to joining Arby’s, spent 4 years as a social media strategist at a digital agency. Clients included Chick-fil-A, The Hershey Company, & Food Lion. Husband. Dad. Golf addict. Sports nut. Owner of 2 gray cats. Kennesaw State & Middle Tennessee State alum. About Me 13#sandboxlunch
  14. 14. • Arby’s Social Media Strategy • What is Real-Time Marketing? • Real-Time Marketing at the Grammys • How did Arby’s real-time marketing moment during the Grammys happen? • Real-Time Marketing at the Oscars • Real-Time Marketing Tips • Q&A Agenda 14#sandboxlunch
  15. 15. Arby’s Social Media Strategy
  16. 16. Be a best in class brand for consumer engagement 16 Social Media Objective #sandboxlunch
  17. 17. Engagement Develop consumer centric content and programs around our promotions 17#sandboxlunch
  18. 18. Engagement Create original content around consumer insights, topical events, and cultural trends as they unfold 18#sandboxlunch
  19. 19. Engagement Continually monitor social conversation and respond/react in the voice and personality of the Arby’s brand 19#sandboxlunch
  20. 20. Real-Time Marketing
  21. 21. What is Real-Time Marketing? Responding in a timely manner with content that’s relevant to the interests of your target audience. 21#sandboxlunch
  22. 22. 1. Responding to a question 2. Providing customer support 3. Posting during a live event RT Marketing Has Many Forms 22#sandboxlunch
  23. 23. Responding to Questions 23#sandboxlunch
  24. 24. Providing Customer Support 24#sandboxlunch
  25. 25. Live Events 25#sandboxlunch
  26. 26. Grammys
  27. 27. Pharrell’s Grammys Moment On Sunday, January 26, 2014, Singer-Songwriter Pharrell Williams showed up on the Grammys red carpet wearing his Vintage Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat. 27#sandboxlunch
  28. 28. Arby’s Grammys Moment Noticing the similarity to Arby’s iconic Stetson logo and seizing the opportunity to insert Arby’s into the pop-culture conversation (soon to be a phenomenon), Arby’s decided to tweet @Pharrell. 28#sandboxlunch
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Grammys Results by the Numbers 83,085 Retweets 48,938 Favorites 6,000 New Twitter Followers 84,296,779 Daily Impressions 421 Total Media Placements 236 Broadcast Placements 181 Online Placements 4 Print Placements Public Relations Social Media Two Weeks of Results 30#sandboxlunch
  31. 31. • Over 135K social media mentions • Over 213 million social media impressions • Brands jumped on the bandwagon, in real-time Social Analysis | Summary 31#sandboxlunch
  32. 32. Social Analysis | Summary Top Emotion: Hilarious Entertainment was a key factor in capturing this audiences’ attention as they enjoyed watching the interaction between @Pharrell and @Arbys. Top Terms: Pharrell, Grammys & Hat: Consumers engaged in the conversation by retweeting the conversation thread. 32#sandboxlunch
  33. 33. How did this happen?
  34. 34. 1. Social Media Listening 2. Timely Tweet 3. Drop the Microphone Keys to RT Marketing Success for Arby’s 34#sandboxlunch
  35. 35. It all started with social listening consumers business 35#sandboxlunch
  36. 36. We noticed our brand being mentioned… 36#sandboxlunch
  37. 37. and comparisons being made to our logo. 37#sandboxlunch
  38. 38. • Social listening identified the opportunity for Arby’s to join the #Grammys conversation • Freedom & flexibility to respond in real-time • Content was simple, to the point, & in the brand voice/tone Timely Tweet 38#sandboxlunch
  39. 39. Drop the Mic • Once the tweet was posted & responses exploded: – Suspended all pre-planned content – Watched, Listened, Engaged 39#sandboxlunch
  40. 40. Oscars
  41. 41. The Challenge Not to be outdone, Pharrell put the hat up for auction on eBay and tweeted @Arbys the following message. 41#sandboxlunch
  42. 42. The Plan With a premeditated plan of attack already in place, Arby’s engaged by tweeting back to Pharrell to sustain the buzz and let fans know Arby’s “may” be engaged in the bid for that hat. 42#sandboxlunch
  43. 43. The Win The close of the auction came during an opportune moment in pop-culture: 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 2, 2014, right before the start of The Academy Awards. In this moment, Arby’s was successful in purchasing the hat for $44,100. 43#sandboxlunch
  44. 44. The Win While at the Oscars and upon the closing of the auction, Pharrell sent out the following thank you message, not knowing the identity of the winning bidder. Arby’s responded to Pharrell to let him and the world know that Arby’s was the winning bidder. 44#sandboxlunch
  45. 45. Pharrell’s Amplification The next day Pharrell responded to Arby’s tweet and the extensive coverage and interest from top-tier media continued. 45#sandboxlunch
  46. 46. Oscars Results by the Numbers Public Relations Social Media 10,072 Retweets 7,500 Favorites 33,690,855 Daily Impressions 783 Total Media Placements 507 Broadcast Placements 258 Online Placements 18 Print Placements Three Days of Results 46#sandboxlunch
  47. 47. • Over 16K social media mentions • Over 33 million social media impressions Social Analysis | Summary 47#sandboxlunch
  48. 48. Real-Time Marketing Tips
  49. 49. 1. Create a Listening Program 2. Build a Solid Foundation 3. Structure: People & Processes 4. Strategy & Preparation 5. Get it Right: Right Content, Right Context, Right Platform Tips for Real-Time Marketing 49#sandboxlunch
  50. 50. Starts with Listening • Impossible to read every tweet • Need a system/process to find relevant info • Priority should be your brand’s mentions • Identify keywords that relate to your brand/products 50#sandboxlunch
  51. 51. Before you do any posting, you should build a solid content strategy. Consider these key elements: • Goals • Audience type • Brand voice / tone • Frequency of content • Channel strategy • Benchmarks for success Need a Solid Foundation “Develop a brand compass if you don’t already have one, and apply it to real-time marketing. Set the boundaries around what does and does not make sense for you to participate in, so that every time something is trending, the team isn’t asking: ‘Is this appropriate?’” - Sabrina Caluori VP Social Media & Performance Marketing at HBO 51#sandboxlunch
  52. 52. Put the Right Structure in Place • Empower your community manager / social media team • Establish guardrails & trust • Develop an approval process that allows content to be posted without waiting a significant time for approval Before posting content, ask yourself: 1. Will this cause unneeded risk to the brand? 2. Could this impact the company or myself negatively? 3. Would I want my mother to read this? 52#sandboxlunch
  53. 53. • Apply “War Room” technique everyday – Being prepared for RTM at the Super Bowl is good, but being ready everyday is even better • Know what cultural moments are coming up & plan ahead • Be flexible & able to quickly change your strategy • Anticipate negative responses – Preparedness helps mitigate risks, but brands must be ready for anything Strategy & Preparation 53#sandboxlunch
  54. 54. • The right content, in the right context, and on the right platform. Get it Right 54#sandboxlunch
  55. 55. Questions?