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S&D Coffee Brews up Partnerships with Acclaimed Chefs
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S&D Coffee Brews up Partnerships with Acclaimed Chefs






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    S&D Coffee Brews up Partnerships with Acclaimed Chefs S&D Coffee Brews up Partnerships with Acclaimed Chefs Document Transcript

    • Subject: Culinary Article, Full Length FeatureWorking Title: Strong Relationships with Culinary Community Are Key Ingredients at S&D CoffeeAlternate -Title: From the Farm to Cup, S&D brews up Beverages with Culinary Community[Chef Patrick Gebrayel, Carlos Lopez and Brian Bradley of S&D CoffeeStepping out into the crisp morning air at the Finca Concepcion in Guatemala,the world seems new. There in the Antigua coffee region, “the land of eternalspring”, members of the S&D Coffee management team are getting a first-handlook at a possible new source for high-quality Arabica coffee.There are more than 60,000 coffee farms in Guatemala, but this one hassomething special: the recommendation of the former Executive Chef of theDunwoody Country Club in Atlanta. On this morning in 2009, he is also one ofS&D’s guides.Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Patrick Gebrayel, CEC, is awell-known advocate of farm-to-table programs that promote locally grown,seasonal foods for their taste and health benefits and as a way to support areafarmers. Even though coffee can’t be grown in Georgia, that didn’t stop himfrom wanting to see the best coffee make its way to his table. That desire madehim think of S&D.Chef Patrick was familiar with S&D and had met some of the company’semployees including Brian Bradley, Executive Vice President of CorporateOperations. They had made a very positive impression. 1 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027
    • “I was impressed with their knowledge and I was impressed by the culture ofthe company. There’s an integrity there that is hard to find these days,” Gebrayelsaid. “S&D supports numerous charities. They put money back into thecommunity and the company. They invest in their facilities and in finding thebest sources. Management is very ‘hands on’. I respect and appreciate all that.”So two years ago, he invited Bradley and John Buckner, S&D Coffee’s Director ofMarketing, to travel to Guatemala and meet the family that has operated theFinca Concepcion for generations.“They are now an S&D supplier,” Gebrayel said, “one of many in Guatemala, butthe owners are friends of mine and it has been interesting to see the relationshipgrow between a farmer and a giant coffee company.“S&D’s hands-on approach helps them to know the farm and the coffee betterthan any other roaster could, because of that direct relationship,” he continued.“That’s a positive for the farm, the company and their customers.”Chef Selects S&D For Chef’s Select 2 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027
    • Chef with Tom McAdams and Tim Fallar;The raw coffee beans that come to S&D are carefully handled and roasted to ISO9001:2008 quality standards. Some remain as varietal or origin coffees likeGuatemala Antigua. Others are blended for a specific flavor profile.With more than 100 blends and a roasting capacity of more than 120 millionpounds annually, consistent processes are necessary for consistent results.Still, there’s room for innovation and passion, which is what another renownedculinarian, Chef Michael Deihl, is bringing to S&D.Coffee begins and ends almost every day for Chef Deihl as the Executive Chef atthe prestigious East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, home of the PGA TourChampionship and FedEx Cup Championship.“It’s the first thing people want in the morning and often the last thing they have,with dessert, at night”, he said. “It’s always been very important. Now it’s evenmore so. Over the past 15 years, there’s been a real awakening about coffee.People expect good coffee and appreciate coffee flavor. That’s why it’s comingmore into the kitchen now as an ingredient, a flavoring, or a rub for meats.”With 39 years in the food and beverage industry, Chef Deihl has had more thanhis share of honors and recognitions. A C.I.A. graduate, he is a CertifiedExecutive Chef, a Certified Culinary Administrator, ACE Certified and a memberof the ACF Honor Society, the American Academy of Chefs. He has receivednumerous awards for his work in the kitchen and his humanitarian efforts.Michael Deihl is dedicated to serving others. One example is his outreach toothers who serve. Chef Deihl is the co-founder of Operation Chefs Unite (OCU),which in conjunction with the USO has fed over a million soldiers passingthrough the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. He also coachesand teaches culinary arts to students in high poverty areas.Ten years ago, Chef Deihl had an idea that combined his passions for food andservice, the development of his own special coffee blend. A coffee that couldplease the most discriminating tastes could also help fund more charitableendeavors, he believed.When his coffee supplier at the time couldn’t help him, he explored otherroasters but was not able to find the flavor profile or the scalability needed tomake his idea a success. 3 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027
    • That all changed at S&D Coffee. S&D sales rep Tom McAdams brought ChefDeihl to the company’s headquarters in Concord, N.C. for a series of tastingswith S.V.P. Fred Taylor. Taylor’s sophisticated palette has helped developproprietary blends for McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts and others.Chef Deihl loves to tell the story. “We went through about 30 different possibleblends, and they were good but they just weren’t what I wanted. We were downto the last four when I tasted one that was really good at the front of the mouth,but didn’t have a good finish. It just went away. Then the next one wasn’t asgood at the front but had a great finish. I was sitting there with these two cups infront of me and I thought what if we mix these two, so I poured them togetherand that was it. It was exactly what I was looking for.”After several months of perfecting the blend, the roast and the pack weight,Chef’s Select is now being marketed, and a portion of the proceeds will be usedto support Chef Deihl’s educational charities.“This is something I have been dreaming about for 10 years,” Chef Deihl saidrecently on another visit to S&D headquarters. “Now I’m holding that dream inmy hands.”Supporting the Next Generation of ChefsCatherine Rabb Stephen Schulman; Contest winners shot with big checkSupporting chef education and culinary dreams is not something new for S&DCoffee. The company provides both financial and educational support toJohnson & Wales University’s Charlotte Campus. JWU is a recognized leader inculinary education. 4 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027
    • Established in 2004, the Charlotte campus features new, state-of-the-art businessand culinary facilities, including the S&D Coffee Beverage Lab, funded by thecompany and designed to simulate conditions in a busy dining establishment.According to Associate Professor Catherine Rabb, the S&D Beverage Lab “is themost exciting room on campus.”In the S&D lab, students are taught about the entire range of beverages andbeverage service, including wines and champagnes, coffee origins, coffeeroasting techniques, tea selection, beer making and tasting, and the art of cutting-edge “mixology.”S&D’s involvement doesn’t stop there. The company provides guest educatorslike Stephen Schulman, Director of Business Development for S&D. Schulmanhas more than 25 years experience with specialty coffee in sales, marketing,green coffee purchasing and roasting. He is a certified Q grader, the mostrigorous coffee skills certification in the industry. There are less than a fewhundred in the country.The company also sponsors coffee and tea recipe contests at the school. In 2010,Johnson & Wales students were challenged to use green or black tea to create afresh food or beverage recipe using ingredients that can easily be found in a foodservice environment. S&D is the nation’s largest supplier of iced tea to the foodservice industry.The Grand Prize of $500 and the chance to do something new and innovative withtea drove dozens of JWU students to submit original recipes.“The recipe contests are important for our students,” Rabb said. “Coffee and teaare critical in many ways. We’re cooking with it, we’re serving it to more andmore sophisticated customers and it’s a major center of both flavor andprofitability.”Rabb is also a restaurateur, owner of Fenwick’s, a casual neighborhoodrestaurant in South Charlotte, and an S&D customer for 26 years.“We opened on August 4, 1984. S&D came in and set up the equipment. Theyhad different blends, more styles of coffee for us to choose from. Our coffee is alittle milder and our customers love it. I’ve always had very good comments.I had no idea how big S&D was. They were very responsive. I thought theywere just a small local company.” 5 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027
    • Rabb was surprised when she toured S&D’s roasting facility as a part of theJohnson & Wales faculty.“It’s just about the coolest place to tour ever,” she said, noting the size,sophistication and cleanliness of the operation, from incoming commodities andcupping to roasting and packaging. “The people who work there obviously careabout what they are doing. It makes a difference in the quality of their productsand the service they provide.”“I am very pleased to see this partnership continue with Johnson & Wales, and Iam pleased to see S&D giving so much to the university and reaching out tonurture young culinarian students,” she continued. “I have been completelyimpressed by their commitment to training, educating and supporting the youththat are going to make our field rather spectacular in the future.”S&D’s commitment to and involvement with the culinary community willcontinue far into that future. ### 6 S&D Coffee Marketing, 101 Commercial Park Drive, Concord, NC 28027