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Sana samad evaluation- reflection journal
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Sana samad evaluation- reflection journal


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  • 1. CT Reflection Journal <br />Date : January 20th 2012<br />What have you learnt about giving a good power point presentation?<br />In Today’s class some of the things that I have learnt about giving a good power point presentation is that, whenever you make power point presentation you should not put a lot of information as that will bore the audience. Instead, you can just have keywords, and most of them can be pictures. Another thing that I learnt was that when the slideshow is being shown on the screen, you should talk very effectively which will make the audience interested and you speech should even have a link with you Power point presentation. Just one kind of images from the internet will make the people bored, but to actually make your Presentation interesting you can have a variety of images, like the guy whose video we saw that day had a variety of images e.g. Google maps, internet pictures, screen grabbed photos of hotmail and other sites. You power point presentation should also be easy to understand for the audience and not very difficult. And at the end to make your presentation a really good one you can even add a bit humor to it. <br />What keynote tool has interested you the most? Describe it. <br />The Keynote tool that interested me the most is the “Inspector” tool at the menu bar. This tool interested me a lot as we could do a number of this with it. Example we could do the animation of the change of slides that would make it interesting and creative looking. I liked all the animation of the entering and fading of words. The animation that I liked the best for the “Built In” of the words was bouncy, as they really looked like the letters were dancing. This stool helps you study in a new way, like if you press a space bar you have a sentence appear on you screen in a creative way, which will more interesting to read than on a book. I liked all sorts of different animations of the letters. This was the tool that really amazed me, and I really really liked it. <br />January 22nd 2010<br />CT REFLECTION<br />Organizing CT Folder<br />In Today’s class we were organizing our CT folder. So that from next class we would know where all are stuff is kept, and we would not be confused about where our folders and files are. IN our CT folder We made a folder named” Who am I” which is our next project, in that folder we had a folder named “ Investigation” inside this folder we have saved our 7 features of Myself, 7 features of Keynote. <br />I really thought this was a good time to do this because we need to have our life’s organized and we can only do that if we have everything and every document in the right place in the beginning of the semester. Some of the tools I was already familiar with, but used it in today’s CT class was to save the document I just pressed “Command + S” which saved my document and then I dropped it in my different folders. <br />I copy-pasted my 7 features of keynote onto my word document of my investigation so that I can have all my information on Keynote on that one document, and when I have forgotten something about keynote I can just go back to the Ct folder and look into that folder to get some help. Under the folder “ Who am I” I had saved one more Quick reference Guide for general use, so that I can store in that all the other information not related to this project.<br />We organized our folders for the whole CT class, which will make it easy for us to work on our project next class, as everything will be in the very right place where it should be , and we do not have to worry about it , as being lost.<br />We put another Quick Reference Guide in another folder as it would be easy for us to ad other information then to mix that up with others.<br />February 1st 2010<br />REFLECTION JOURNAL<br />In Today’s CT class I was almost done with my power point presentation about myself. In Today’s class I finished my “hobbies” slide and my “Favorite communications skills” slide, for my hobbies slide, I took some pictures of my own drawing as that is one of my hobbies. For my favorite communication slide, I had taken a screen-grab for face book, hotmail, Skype and msn. I added some effects to these slides too, like when my drawings appear they sparkle, to show that they are very unique and to show the coins I did the same thing, I made them appear like they are shiny as coins are kind of shiny. For my favorite communication skills slide, the heading appears like a fire, as if its burning, and the picture of hotmail appears shimmering, it’s the same with face book, Skype and msn.<br />I had fun making this slides, as it is something very cool. I like the part where we can add songs and photos form iPhoto. I even like the various effects keynote have that make it easy and fun for people to work with it, for example the “Alpha” makes your picture look like it is right in the slide with no white bordering around it.<br />In every slide almost I am trying to use new effects like if you go in the “inspector” and then click on “built in” you can get various effects and styles you want your text to enter in the slide, and they actually are very good.<br />I the slide which talks about food – chocolate I tried joining the chocolate syrup picture with the cookies to make it look more nice, and so I used the feature” Alpha”.<br />The only thing I had to do was to finish up my Bibliography, and think about my ambitions slide, and my survey. I think I need to improve on my talking, because when I was practicing today, I was not very confident.<br />February 3rd 2010<br />CT REFLECTION JOURNAL<br />In Today’s CT class I finished my ambition and my bibliography’s slide. For my ambitions I added quite a lot of things, and that is basically because I want to talk about my ambitions more in front of my class. I added a stethoscope to show that I want to be a doctor, and that appears in a slide with the effect of “comet” which comes in really quick. I added a glass which says “Coca Cola” to say that I want to become the CEO of the Coca Cola company, the glass appears on the screen with the effect of shimmer, to show that coca cola is very chilling and cool. I have added a pen and a book to show that I want to be an author and I have added colors, to show that I want to be a painter but I did not add any effects to them yet as I want to make them look very creative, so I will have to think about that a bit more.<br />Some of the things that I learnt was that, although your power point presentation is good, really it just supports what your saying, so basically your power point presentation will just support you when you speak, and thus I am working more on how to speak well at the same time how to make my power point accurate and to the point. <br />In some of the slides like the “Books Corner” one I have not added a lot of pictures, which mean I will be talking less about that thing, so I guess I should add more pictures so that it can support what I will be saying. <br />I am really enjoying this, as this power point is all about me. I think adding songs to your power point presentation is a good idea, as it will be more interesting for the people who are listening to you. I am having a difficulty mostly in adding songs, as when I added a song to a slide, it stops when the slide is over, and does not continue playing on the next slide. <br />February 8th 2010<br />CT EVALUATION OF PRESENTATION<br />In Today’s class I presented my power point presentation. I talked about myself, I spoke loudly and clearly, I even added a bit of humor to my speech. I gave details for every picture whenever I talked about it, and I did not have a a lot of words on my presentation , I just had pictures which gave me a key what I could talk about.<br />I gave out a survey to 10 people, and the results I got was that 100% which means that everyone said that by looking at my power point presentation they could learn all about me, this means that I my PowerPoint supported my oral presentation. A lot of people thought that my presentation was humorous, which is a good thing because one of the aspects of having a good power point presentation is to have some humor in them, which interests the audience more. 90% thought that my power point had a lot of creative effects which was really good, as it had shown that I used the computer technology to make a good power point, and made it more creative, but 10% of people thought that I used some creative effects. 90% of students thought that I had a variety of pictures in my presentation and not only the ones from the Internet and 10% said that I used some variety of pictures. 80% thought I had a very eye-catching power-point and 20% many thought that I just had an average power point presentation.<br />Overall I think I did a good-job in my power point presentation, I had some humor I followed as per the task said, some of the things I think I could have improved would be to have some more of details in the slide, like beside the picture of the weighing machine, I could have put a picture of “50kgs” to show that that’s my weight. <br />The learner profile I think I was today was risk-taker, because I was the only one who spoke today and at the starting I felt a bit nervous, talking in front of the whole class, but once I saw everyone actually liked my presentation I loosed up a bit, and then I was pretty confident.<br />I really enjoyed making this power point presentation, as it was fun exploring the program of keynote and the features it has, this project will help me in future for even other subjects because now I know what can make a good power point presentation. <br />