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Quick reference guide

  1. 1. General Contact And Quick Access Refernce Guide Name Contact and Acess (person/program) Details Comment/usage Details 1. Copying text highlight the text you Is very useful for just want to be copied copying information, and then Press instead of re-writing it Command+ C 2. Pasting Text once you have This is very useful for highlighted the pasting information, by information and have just pressing these two pressed Command + keys, instead of doing C, then to paste your the whole long process. information Press Command + V 3. Undo Press command z it helps erase the thing you have done. 4. Redo Press Command y it helps you just redo the thing you had undone. 5. Save document Press Command S once you press these two keys, you can save your document. 6. Eject USB drive Press Comman E this is an easy way to eject a drive 7. To search Press Command + By doing this, you can something in your Space straightaway right the Mac name of your document you are searching for, and it is very helpful as you do not have to really go in folders and check each one of it. 8. Writing a http://www.bibme.or this site is very useful, bibliography g/ because the only thing you have to do is, put the URL link and click "submit", you will get the bibliography. 9. to find something Press Command + F quick find 10. force quit Press option + easy way to quit a Command + Escape program 11. Show program Press Commad + on Good if you do not place dock icon know where things in the dock are. 12. Merge cells highlight, format, joins multiple cells merge cells together to make one. 13. Quick Definition Press Control + Works on Macs apps Command + D only Ex. Safari
  2. 2. General Contact And Quick Access Refernce Guide 14. Screen grab- Shift + Command + Capture the whole one whole program 4 + Space program more accuracy. 15. Changing the On the menu bar of This thing helps you sound of Speech your dock click on the choose difference voices apple sign, and then and allows you to on system choose different types preferences, then of sounds "like under the heading hysterical" is an "System" click on example. Speech,you can change the type of voice, and if you want the sound of a female or a Male. 16. Displays On the menu bar of by using this skill you your dock click on the can change the size of apple sign, and then your desktop on system background, if you want preferences, then it stretched or if you under the heading want it to fit your "Hardware" click on screen exactly. Displays, clikc on the size you want your desktop background to be. 17. Hiding Program Press Command + H hides the program you prefer. 18. Zoom in Press Command + + Easy to see your information closer. 19. showing dock option + Command + control hiding dock. D 20. KEYNOTE Click on the top right By this program you Adding songs to you corner where it says can easily insert songs, slideshow "Media", and there which will give a good click on Audio where effect to your slide you can add your show and is a very songs creative thing. 21. KEYNOTE On the menu bar, By clicking on this you Adding shapes to click on Insert, and will have a shape your slide show under that click on appear on your "Shape", and choose slideshow, and you can the shape you want. shift it to wherever you want. 22. KEYNOTE Click on Media , then This is an easier way to Adding photos, from on on "Photos" and add photos in your your iPhoto to your then click on the slide, then to copy the Slide show. photo you want to pic and paste it. add in the slideshow, and drag it on to your slideshow.
  3. 3. General Contact And Quick Access Refernce Guide 23. KEYNOTE On the menu bar By this skill you can Transferring your click on "File" and easily transfer your slideshow, to other underneath it click on slideshow to iTunes, as programs (e.g. "Send To" and choose it will be like avideo iTunes) iTunes . instead of a power point presentation. 24. KEYNOTE First click on This is very useful, as it Animation of words "Inspector" which is is something creative I (entering) on the top-right can do to make my corner , then click on slide interesting, and the diamond icon. not keep it the same Click on the "Built boring way. In", and choose the style of the text you want. 25. KEYNOTE In the Inspector box This is useful as it gives Animation of the click on "Action" and your slide a 3D look, slide then click on "effects" and makes it interesting under that you can for others to watch it. click any effect you want (e.g. spinning cube) 26. KEYNOTE First click on This is very useful, as it Animation of the "Inspector" which is is something creative I words (fading) on the top-right can do to make my corner , then click on slide interesting, and the diamond icon. not keep it the same Click on the "Built boring way.It even Out", and choose the arrests the person's style of the text you attention. want. 27. KEYNOTE View on menu, Presenters notes will Tools - Presenter's chooose presenter's show on presenter's notes notes, then go to screen only when play on menu, choose slideshow is being costimize rehearsel, shown. click notes + others, click done, then on play button click rehearsel. 28. KEYNOTE Click on inspectiore changes how slides Slide transition button, transition, change from one to choose effect , another. change time for slides to change.
  4. 4. General Contact And Quick Access Refernce Guide 29. KEYNOTE - Choose picture Helps, you to blend in Alpha already pasted into the picture in your slide, then choose background. Alpha tool from menu , click on picture background blends to color of slide WIKISPACES- To On the left side of This is helpful, because edit navigation bar you wikispaces, you sometimes a lot of will have a column , assignments from one click on "edit subject appear on you navigation" and then navugation bar, which you can just have takes a lot of space, so your important it helps you keep all subjects there, and your subjects not just anything. organised. WIKISPACES-To ON your wiki page, This helps upload files, upload files/pictuers on the side click on and pictures on your "EDIT" and then click wikispaces. on "FILE", then click on "UPLOAD FILES", choose the file you want to upload and click "UPLOAD" WIKISPACES- To On you wiki page first This helps people who create a link write your text and are looking at your then highlight it, page, easy, because after that click on they can just easily "EDIT" and then click click on the link and go on "LINK", choose th to the other page. page you want this to link. WIKISPACES- To Once you have added This helps as a caption, add captions an image, just click that describes the on it, and there you picture, as it is will see a box that underneath it and is says "CAPTION", well organized. beside it you have a box where you write in your text for the picture. Save wiki page, to see you caption.
  5. 5. General Contact And Quick Access Refernce Guide WIKISPACES - To To make a table, click This helps in keeping make a table on "EDIT" on your your page organzed wiki page and then because, you can add click on "TABLE", pictures in the table, choose the no. of which makes you work columns and no.of look more neat. rows. And click "OK"