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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1 Biotelemetry UnitBiotelemetry Unit Tom MathewTom Mathew Andrew WhitingAndrew Whiting Dawnell WilliamsDawnell Williams
  • 2. 2 Project GoalProject Goal The goal of our project is to save livesThe goal of our project is to save lives by speeding up medical response toby speeding up medical response to persons in need. By creating apersons in need. By creating a relatively inexpensive, wireless homerelatively inexpensive, wireless home monitoring system, we hope to add amonitoring system, we hope to add a new dimension to health dimension to health care.
  • 3. 3 Project ImplementationProject Implementation  Create a compact low cost biotelemetry unitCreate a compact low cost biotelemetry unit that will monitor patient’s blood pressure,that will monitor patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and temperatureheart rate and temperature  Transmit patient data wirelessly for evaluationTransmit patient data wirelessly for evaluation at local PCat local PC  LabVIEW to display real time patient data andLabVIEW to display real time patient data and evaluate data for emergency situationevaluate data for emergency situation
  • 4. 4 SensorsSensors  Blood Pressure SensorBlood Pressure Sensor  Electrocardiogram (ECG)Electrocardiogram (ECG)  Temperature SensorTemperature Sensor
  • 5. 5 Blood Pressure SensorBlood Pressure Sensor  Flexible Diaphragm TonometerFlexible Diaphragm Tonometer - non-invasive blood pressure- non-invasive blood pressure measurementmeasurement - real-time data acquisition- real-time data acquisition - compact- compact
  • 6. 6 Reasons for Rejecting TonometerReasons for Rejecting Tonometer  Precision manufacturing requiredPrecision manufacturing required  Lack of available design informationLack of available design information  Time constraintsTime constraints
  • 7. 7 Electrocardiogram (ECG)Electrocardiogram (ECG)  Chosen as replacement for bloodChosen as replacement for blood pressure sensorpressure sensor  Allows measurement of patient’s pulseAllows measurement of patient’s pulse  Can be further expanded for accurateCan be further expanded for accurate cardiac diagnosticscardiac diagnostics
  • 8. 8 ECG CircuitECG Circuit  Three electrodes used to obtain signalThree electrodes used to obtain signal - Left arm, Right Arm (Signal)- Left arm, Right Arm (Signal) - Right Chest (Ground)- Right Chest (Ground)  Amplitude of ECG signal is a few millivoltsAmplitude of ECG signal is a few millivolts  Differential amplifier used to measureDifferential amplifier used to measure changes in biopotentials sent throughchanges in biopotentials sent through electrodeselectrodes  Non-inverting amplifier used to further amplifyNon-inverting amplifier used to further amplify signal to a few voltssignal to a few volts
  • 9. 9 Amplifier SchematicsAmplifier Schematics
  • 10. 10 ECG Waveform 1ECG Waveform 1 84 BPM
  • 11. 11 ECG Waveform 2ECG Waveform 2 96 BPM
  • 12. 12 Temperature SensorTemperature Sensor  Contact device desired to provide accurateContact device desired to provide accurate reading of body temperaturereading of body temperature - supplier could not provide sensor- supplier could not provide sensor  Used ambient sensor to replace contactUsed ambient sensor to replace contact sensorsensor - provided acceptable output for testing- provided acceptable output for testing purposespurposes - required amplification for improved- required amplification for improved dynamic accuracydynamic accuracy
  • 13. 13 ScalabilityScalability  Easily expandable for more sensoryEasily expandable for more sensory inputsinputs - add A/D converter- add A/D converter - add few lines of code to Basic Stamp- add few lines of code to Basic Stamp
  • 14. 14 Data Conversion and TransmissionData Conversion and Transmission  Analog to Digital ConverterAnalog to Digital Converter  Basic Stamp 2Basic Stamp 2  Transmitter and ReceiverTransmitter and Receiver  TTL to RS-232TTL to RS-232
  • 15. 15 A/D converterA/D converter  Sensors output analog signals whichSensors output analog signals which need to be converted to digital signalsneed to be converted to digital signals  8-bit conversion maps 0-5 Volts to a8-bit conversion maps 0-5 Volts to a byte representing 0 to 255byte representing 0 to 255  A/D selected by Basic Stamp andA/D selected by Basic Stamp and outputs serial TTLoutputs serial TTL
  • 16. 16 Basic Stamp 2Basic Stamp 2  Used to combine multiple sensor outputs inUsed to combine multiple sensor outputs in order to transmit on one frequencyorder to transmit on one frequency  Alternates between sensors’ digital signalsAlternates between sensors’ digital signals and sends them into the transmitterand sends them into the transmitter  Provides a clock and enable signals for A/DProvides a clock and enable signals for A/D convertersconverters  Adds delimiters to make it easier to separateAdds delimiters to make it easier to separate and analyze data in LabVIEWand analyze data in LabVIEW
  • 17. 17 TransceiverTransceiver  Decision on transceiver typeDecision on transceiver type - Motorola MC13176- Motorola MC13176 vs.vs. Linx ModulesLinx Modules - Factors- Factors complexity of transceivercomplexity of transceiver compactness of unitcompactness of unit
  • 18. 18 Comparing TransmittersComparing Transmitters LINX module MC13176
  • 19. 19 LINX modulesLINX modules  Easy to implement transmitter andEasy to implement transmitter and receiverreceiver  Does not require extensive externalDoes not require extensive external circuitrycircuitry  Transmits digital dataTransmits digital data
  • 20. 20 ReceiverReceiver  Meets design specifications forMeets design specifications for receiving data up to 30 feetreceiving data up to 30 feet  Use MAX232 to convert data for serialUse MAX232 to convert data for serial input into PCinput into PC  Make serial connection to PCMake serial connection to PC
  • 21. 21 RS-232 WiringRS-232 Wiring
  • 22. 22 Digital Transceiver SchematicDigital Transceiver Schematic
  • 23. 23 BS2 Output vs Serial InputBS2 Output vs Serial Input
  • 24. 24 LabVIEWLabVIEW  Used to display and analyze dataUsed to display and analyze data  Suitable for serial port applicationsSuitable for serial port applications  Provides user with interactive displayProvides user with interactive display  Ease of programmingEase of programming
  • 25. 25 Importing DataImporting Data  Data acquired through serial portData acquired through serial port - serial port read program available in- serial port read program available in LabVIEWLabVIEW  Used delimiters to separate two signalsUsed delimiters to separate two signals for processingfor processing  Sampling rate limited by A/D convertersSampling rate limited by A/D converters
  • 26. 26 Processing DataProcessing Data  Obtaining heart rate from simulatedObtaining heart rate from simulated ECG using function generatorECG using function generator  Converting temperature data to degreesConverting temperature data to degrees FahrenheitFahrenheit  Comparing data to predeterminedComparing data to predetermined thresholds set by user (physician)thresholds set by user (physician)
  • 27. 27 DisplayDisplay  Waveforms and data displayed inWaveforms and data displayed in real-timereal-time  Front panel indicators show when vitalFront panel indicators show when vital signs reach thresholdssigns reach thresholds  Call for medical attention made whenCall for medical attention made when thresholds reachedthresholds reached
  • 28. 28 LabVIEW Front PanelLabVIEW Front Panel
  • 29. 29 Problems and ChallengesProblems and Challenges  Building blood pressure unitBuilding blood pressure unit  Obtaining proper temperature sensorObtaining proper temperature sensor  LINX module transmitting at fixedLINX module transmitting at fixed frequencyfrequency  Importing ECG data to LabVIEWImporting ECG data to LabVIEW  Noise in bench supply voltagesNoise in bench supply voltages
  • 30. 30 ImprovementsImprovements  Contact temperature sensorContact temperature sensor  Better A/D’sBetter A/D’s  Housing for circuitHousing for circuit  Data Acquisition Card for LabVIEWData Acquisition Card for LabVIEW  Open communications channel for helpOpen communications channel for help
  • 31. 31 PossibilitiesPossibilities  Integrate GPSIntegrate GPS  Compact and comfortableCompact and comfortable  Expanded analytical capabilitiesExpanded analytical capabilities  Display on telemetry unitDisplay on telemetry unit  Dispense medicationDispense medication
  • 32. 32 Medical TelesensorMedical Telesensor Measures and Transmits Body Temperature (ORNL)
  • 33. 33 Commercial ECG TelemetryCommercial ECG Telemetry Ultraview Modular Digital Telemetry (Spacelabs Medical)
  • 34. 34 ThanksThanks We’d like to express our appreciation toWe’d like to express our appreciation to Dr. Thomas Ferrell of Oak RidgeDr. Thomas Ferrell of Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Shao Hsia, LeeNational Laboratories, Shao Hsia, Lee Rumsey, and Prof Andrew Webb forRumsey, and Prof Andrew Webb for their contributions to the success of ourtheir contributions to the success of our project.project.
  • 35. 35 ConclusionConclusion We feel this is the future of health careWe feel this is the future of health care in a system of rising costs and patientin a system of rising costs and patient volume. It provides more efficientvolume. It provides more efficient means of monitoring patients as well asmeans of monitoring patients as well as providing the patient with peace of mindproviding the patient with peace of mind without being restricted to a hospitalwithout being restricted to a hospital bed.bed.