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Comment diffuser massivement une approche Kanban

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  • Agile france2013 samuelretiere

    1. 1. May, 23rd 2013Agile France 2013Comment diffuser massivementune approche Kanban
    2. 2. 2Agenda Context People Learn Explain Spread2
    3. 3. 3Pain points driven In Kanban we trustCultureScrum onlyObjective0510152025OpsDevTeams using KanbanContext
    4. 4. 4People : Nobody’s perfect but a team can beITECCOOTUPSGCIBCentre AgileCompleter-FinisherCo-ordinatorNo referentImplementerMonitor EvaluatorPlantShaperThe early adoptersJean-MarcDECOULEURThierryMONTULESamuelRETIEREIconography : Belbin
    5. 5. 5People : ExpectationsYou are smart enoughBe the best at what we doJean-MarcDECOULEURLaurentMORISSEAUDavidANDERSON
    6. 6. 6Method to learn : I don’t know, Experiment (1/2) Size of the team One team fit all : 1 daily meeting with 21 people• 25 people seems to be the limit to insure collaboration Small teams : Creation of a (light) dedicated pattern• More about practices than coaching Trainings No training : Start with what you do now• Only for senior coach and a good level of trust between IT manager and coach No more slides (Wall of fame)• A visual management approach with posters to get a global picture Short games to explain the theory• Flow ball game, Penny game,…6Results
    7. 7. 7Method to learn : I don’t know, Experiment (2/2) Daily meetings A pull system• From right to leftOnly talk about turned cards Dynamic assignation during daily meeting• Reinforce engagement of the team Retrospective Improve fast• The Toyota Kata7Results
    8. 8. 8Learn : Not always the best8Talk about commitmentsStart with limits at the beginningSometimes start with technical coachingto be able to get a laminar flow
    9. 9. 9Learn : Continuous ImprovementPurposeImprove KanbanPeopleKanban practitionnersProductCommunity of practicesProcess2 ways of developmentThe Kanban cornerQuaterly conference« Agile with Kanban »Digital communityTrainee for summerAssistance could have been betterHelp needed
    10. 10. 10Learn : ReferencesConferencesLean KanbanBook clubBooksMust readWebBlogsCultureDistributed teamsTwitterCan’t go outside FranceTravelsManagement styleis differentespecially onassignment
    11. 11. 11Explain : Spreading rumour (1/2)Scrum vs Kanban« The coach chooses theframework regarding his owncompetences »Decision chartOnly a guideline, not a processBe able to explain your choices
    12. 12. 12Explain : Patchwork (2/2)ScrumFacilitation KanbanSoftwareCraftmanshipLeanManagementOperationalExcellenceLet’s talk aboutpatchworkStop trash talking
    13. 13. 13Spread : Operations (1/2)WALLOFCONFUSION43% 2%DevelopmentI want changeOperationsI want stabilityAgile AgileBefore Fev 2013
    14. 14. 14Spread : Operations (2/2)Kanban for managementOps executive committeeCoachingAgile CenterWait for the right momentumProofs of conceptQ&A, Integration, SupportAfter Fev 2013
    15. 15. 15Questions