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Jake's research paper

  1. 1. Forrester 1Jake ForresterMrs. MaxwellBritish Literature10/19/2011 Skateboard Film/Edit When I think of skateboarding, I think of it as an art. You can take a sport of such finesseand make some of the most stunning artwork and creativeness to it through film. Filming thissport does not only require a skillful hand, but a good capability of riding a skateboard. Thereason for this is because you have to be able to keep up with the rider you’re filming if you areshooting a “line” in which the rider is doing multiple tricks in one scene. Filming a line can be tricky if you are not used to doing it. However, there are somethings you can do to make it easier. If you invest in a handle for the camera, that could ensuregood control of the camera for filming line shots. Also, if you don’t have the money to afford acompany made one, you can make one yourself. PVC pipe and duct tape usually work well ifyou are crafty and can saw the PVC into sizeable pieces and shape the handle out of thematerials. I have never needed to make one though, because my camera has a handle built into it.If you are curious, and want further instructions on how to make these handles, you can easilywatch some simple step by step videos on YouTube to give you a more clear understanding ofhow to do this. I have also found that a “fisheye” or wide-angle lens is critical for filming multiple tricksin skateboarding. Lines are just about impossible to film without one. Not only that, if you watchskateboarding videos, you will see that the filmer is under the rail or gap filming from a fisheye
  2. 2. Forrester 2view. However, these are one of the most expensive lenses, let alone accessories, that you canpurchase for you camera. I will not be using one in my video for this reason. By all means theyare definitely worth the money when you have one though. You just can’t get carried away withit and forget about other creative shots too. From my experience in filming this sport, I have learned that you always have to be readyto duck or dodge a flying board, or even worse, body. I have seen many occasions where a flyingboard will come right at the filmer and hit his camera right in the lens. This is something thatcan’t be prevented though; you just have to make sure not to let it cause you to drop the camera.This is the worst thing that you can do. If you are filming lines, you have to be extra careful thatyou don’t fall or hit a rock. Always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on. When it comes to editing, there are many different programs that you can use. Some arebetter than others as with everything in life, but the name of my software is Pinnacle Studio HDUltimate version 15 made by Avid. I chose this program because it is everything you need for afair price and it is compatible with Microsoft, which is the system I use. I know a few people thathave Macs and use Final Cut Pro by Adobe. This system is only available on Apple’s Macsoftware, but is an amazing system to use. It is a bit pricey, but the details and setup are great.You are basically limitless as to what you can do. To get specific with what I have learned about making a skate video, the biggest thing Ihave learned is that music is the biggest influence. You have to choose whether you feel musicwill work with it or not. A lot of the time professional videos will use music during eachindividual skateboarder’s part. On the other hand, if you are making a sponsor edit that you willsend to companies, people won’t put music. The reason for this is because if you make a video
  3. 3. Forrester 3and use a song that may not appeal to someone’s taste, it can give them a negative vibe towardsyour work and the talent of the skating. So, if you are making a sponsor edit to gain a sponsor,don’t use music, just the sound of the good, clean skating. When you film for a video, you want to make sure that all of your shots are smooth.When I say smooth, I mean you want them to be as clean looking and creative as possible. Whenyou are filming fisheye, you want to be in a good position not too far away and not too close.You also want to hold the camera as still and steady as you can. When filming from a long lens,you can maybe film head on and roll on your skateboard slowly from the left or right when youare filming the trick to make it look more creative. Anything that you can do to make it artsy andcreative is definitely recommended. You just have to remember not to drop the camera! There will be times when you encounter people that don’t know how to edit very well,but will have an amazing system. Make sure you know the basics of how to edit make good shortfilms before you purchase pricey editing software. Beforeyou go out and buy one, when youdon’t really know what you’re doing, you have to play around with some and ask around forinput on what’s good for what you’re trying to spend and what’s going to be the best choice foryou. I enjoy using my software by Avid and couldn’t ask for more. Like I said before, Final CutPro is good software to use, and also Adobe Premiere Elements 10 is decent software for creativeediting. I am very excited to be making this video for my Senior Project. I love film/edit andskateboarding with all of my heart and will always put my best into anything involving the two. Ilook at skateboarding as a kind of lifestyle. I like to show that lifestyle and creativeness of thesport through filming and editing of these videos. A lot of people in society look at skateboardersas low class people with nothing to offer society. Because of this stereotype, it comes funny to alot of skateboarders that when you are out in certain places skating, people find it amazing that a
  4. 4. Forrester 4skateboarder can flip a board onto a rail, slide down the rail and land the trick and have a normalhead on his shoulders like everyone else. Not only that, but some of the nicest, most down toearth people that I have ever met are skateboarders. On another note, this research was very helpful in giving certain tips for better filming. Itis also good for teaching new things about features of editing and things to remember duringfilming and editing. Making a really cool skate video is what all skate film enthusiasts dream ofdoing. I plan to make this skateboarding video as creative, artsy, and unique as possible. If Ifollow the steps I have learned through it all, adding a little bit of every type of creativeness tothis project should be no problem.