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Enterprise SEO ionsearch Samuel Crocker
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Enterprise SEO ionsearch Samuel Crocker


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A look at common problems with big brand and big site SEO and the organisations responsible for them. …

A look at common problems with big brand and big site SEO and the organisations responsible for them.

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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • IAB jargon buster: lexicon:
  • Image:
  • Image:
  • Clear processes, PR training, etc.Image credit:
  • Sometimes you have to earn trust over a long period of time before you can unlock these budgets though
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  • Image Credit:
  • Image Credit:
  • Do you know how much it can cost to lose just one position for a term like this?
  • Constant deliverable model:
  • Image credit:
  • If they have the resource
  • *Without being spammy and without the world’s biggest budget
  • Much less a case of “one off” or simple strategy of pursuing content strategy, head terms and long-tail
  • Categorisation and prioritisation as key here – start with proven response (i.e. high conversion, just outside of top ranking)
  • Woo Rank, Screaming Frog, etc.Image source:
  • Woo Rank, Screaming Frog, etc.
  • Image Credit:
  • Screaming Frog often falls over on larger sites, DeepCrawl can be used for Information Architecture, migrations, etc. – as well as some of the tasks for which Screaming Frog is used
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  • Transcript

    • 1. @SamuelCrockerEnterpriseSEOIon
    • 2. 2en·ter·prise/ˈentərˈprīz/noun4. boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity.
    • 3. Winning a big client
    • 4. Do your homework4WINNING A BIG CLIENT
    • 5. Set up chemistry sessions and find out about whatbusiness issues are important to them5WINNING A BIG CLIENT
    • 6. Learn how to speak the language6WINNING A BIG CLIENThreflang<title>Schemarel=canonicalROITVRATLDRIncrementalCost of SaleLifetime valueAttribution
    • 7. Know your audience7WINNING A BIG CLIENT£ BS ROI YOU ME
    • 8. Winning budget from “brand” clients8WINNING A BIG CLIENT• Understand customer behaviour (ROPO)• Create scoring mechanisms• Understand advertising equivalencies for content• Challenge the effectiveness of other channels• Show cost savings in terms they understand• Feeding the funnel• Illustrate brand ranking issuesDon’t call it SEO.
    • 9. Advantages to working with big clients
    • 10. Big brands that have neglected SEO (or been with a badagency) can see massive results – quickly.10ADVANTAGES• Write and rank• Technical tweaks• Sitemaps
    • 11. If you play your cards right you can get someone else todo your job for you11ADVANTAGES
    • 12. Large companies and websites are inherent authorities12ADVANTAGES
    • 13. Potential budgets can be much larger – if you canunlock them13ADVANTAGES
    • 14. Overcoming Business Obstacles
    • 15. 15Politics and People
    • 16. Getting them to think about what their customersactually want from their brand can be difficult“If someone doesn’t want to share it,then it might as well not exist”- Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA16BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 17. So hit them with some facts from a source they’ll knowand trust17BUSINESS OBSTACLESSource: IBM,
    • 18. You’ve got to play nice with others18BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 19. However, integration can be overrated19BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 20. So take the lead on integration where it makes sense20BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 21. But build a strong enough relationship with the clientthat you can speak up when it doesn’t21BUSINESS OBSTACLES“I’m not sure this is the bestuse of people’s time…”
    • 22. Getting your channel on the radar can be toughPersonalitiesApathyUnderstandingReputation of industry 22BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 23. So you’ve got to be proactive and take every chanceyou get to present to senior leadership23BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 24. And you’ve got to be prepared to capitalize (scaremonger) if the chance arises24BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 25. Otherwise you may only be noticed when things gowrong25BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 26. And ultimately you are just one cog in the wheelfighting for finite budget26BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 27. So always be looking to make your channel and yourclient (boss) look good – because there’s a lot at stake27BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 28. 28Structure and Process
    • 29. Traditional brands are (often) woefully unpreparedGetting s**t done≠Real company s**t29BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 30. So you need to define ways of working, rules andprocesses up front to make sure progress is made• Working on site• Meet with their dev agency/teamfrequently• Training in the diary• Constant deliverable model• Transparency on costs• Streamlining approval process30BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 31. Compliance and brand guidelines can really suck thewind out of your creative linkbait ideas31BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 32. But bigger brands often mean you can make biggerplays – but you’ll have to massively up your game32BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 33. 33Working with Global
    • 34. Working on global businesses is not always asglamorous as it sounds34BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 35. You’ve got to get time in the diary with the global teamas early as possible35BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 36. The reality of working in the UK market for most“global” brands is that you need to earn local control36BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 37. And you won’t always win, so pick your battles37BUSINESS OBSTACLES
    • 38. Overcoming common SEO barriers38
    • 39. 39Too big to fail?
    • 40. The issue with many enterprise clients is that theyinherently compete with themselves40SEO BARRIERS
    • 41. The ideal solution is to take a portfolio approach toyour work41SEO BARRIERS
    • 42. But this can get a lot more complicated when holdingcompanies split their brands across agencies42SEO BARRIERSBRANDSAGENCIESFUN
    • 43. Large sites that have grown organically can havehorrible information architecture43SEO BARRIERS
    • 44. And can be plagued by duplicate content and orphanedpages44SEO BARRIERS
    • 45. The correct solution can be time consuming and costly– but it can also deliver huge results45SEO BARRIERS
    • 46. 46Content and Outreach
    • 47. Issues with content production include scale, brandguidelines, style guides, ability to publish, etc.SEO BARRIERS
    • 48. You could audit existing content and create processesand guidelines for internal production…SEO BARRIERS
    • 49. Outsource to a trusted partner, or take the production offtheir hands if you can manage.SEO BARRIERS
    • 50. Linkbuilding: for how many pages are you genuinely going todo outreach*?SEO BARRIERS
    • 51. So, you’re better off mixing it up.Conduct training (internal and for partneragencies)Provide keyword mappingDon’t make them sweat the anchor textSEO BARRIERS
    • 52. 52Keyword Research
    • 53. Keyword research for large brands is not a one-off becauseyou need to be clued up on other marketing activitySEO BARRIERSI’d better spend£2,000,000 on a TVcampaign and not createcontent to rank for it.- No one smart, Ever
    • 54. Focus on categorisation and prioritisation for round one.SEO BARRIERSBRANDConvertsRanks
    • 55. Do research based on nodes, and use trend level datato template large initial changes.Car rental (27,100) Car hire (60,500)Car hire new york (480) New york car hire (210)Car rental new york (260) New york car rental (91)France car hire (590) Car hire france (4,400)France car rental (240) Car rental france (880)SEO BARRIERS
    • 56. 56Technical Audits
    • 57. With Technical Audits you need to avoid going down therabbit holeSEO BARRIERS
    • 58. Spend some time onsite and do some diagnosticsSEO BARRIERS
    • 59. Focus in on problem areas and dig deeper into these.It is lupus.SEO BARRIERS
    • 60. 60Multiple Site Issuses
    • 61. International SEO is a minefield that deserves its ownpresentation61SEO BARRIERSHreflangDuplicate contentEtc.
    • 62. Multiple Domains and Migrations are common barriersbut also are often huge missed opportunities62SEO BARRIERS30% increasein searchvisibility26% MoM &55% YoYincrease intraffic377% Increasein mobiletrafficReview ofInformationArchitectureContentCreation forWebsiteSub-DomainMigration
    • 63. Enterprise toolkit
    • 64. Brightedge for reporting, transparency and campaignmanagement64ENTERPRISE TOOLKIT
    • 65. Woo Rank to help you diagnose issues that warrant adigger deep (after you’ve looked around yourself)65ENTERPRISE TOOLKIT
    • 66. Screaming Frog* and/or Deep Crawl to find errors,issues with keyword optimisation, etc.66ENTERPRISE TOOLKIT
    • 67. Proprietary tools are essential for rank tracking and linkmanagement67ENTERPRISE TOOLKIT
    • 68. Reporting and Analytics
    • 69. Enterprise analytics platforms are usually not fun to use69REPORTING & ANALYTICS
    • 70. Always pay close attention to cross-domain tracking70REPORTING & ANALYTICS
    • 71. Automate so you can spend more time providinginsight71REPORTING & ANALYTICS
    • 72. Or, better still, educate so you can provide full visibility72REPORTING & ANALYTICS
    • 73. 73Dear Google, please give usback our dataREPORTING & ANALYTICS
    • 74. Special Thanks
    • 75. Image Credits