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  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL RESUME Engr. Abdul Haseeb Syed Jeddah, KSA (Mobile) 0508604823 Email: PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVES: A challenging Engineering & Project Management position for: Project Development, Bidding & Contract Administration, Engineering / Design, Planning & Scheduling, Procurement, Quality, Construction Supervision, Testing and Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance for Industrial & Power Plants. EDUCATION NAME OF SCHOOL, COLLEGE OR FROM TO HIGHEST CERTIFICATE(S)/ UNIVERSITY MO/YR MO/YR DEGREE(S) RECEIVED S.U. Engg. College, Sindh University, 1971 1975 Bachelor of Engineering (Electr.), Jamshoro, Pakistan With 1st Division. IMS / German Goette Institute, 1990 1990 Post Graduate Diploma (One Karachi. Year) in “Operations Management” with 1st Position. Course work included Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, Project and Quality Managements. Project Management Institute (PMI), 12/2006 12/2006 Certificate Course for Project USA 09/2000 10/2000 Management Professional (PMP), PMI-AGC (USA). Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. SPECIAL COURSES/SEMINARS/TRAININGS/WORKSHOPS, ETC. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION FROM TO ORGANIZATION NAME • Did Three Training’s in 1976 1977 Europe for Engineering, Operations & Maintenance of 1983 1983 Power Plants and Petrochemical Complex, including SNAMPROGETTI and ANIC in Italy. • Approved Project Manager / 1991 2005 Engineer with SEC, SWCC, MODA, RC, S.ARAMCO, BECHTEL-UK, PARSONS and ILF Consulting Engineers (Austria / Germany). • Qualified Safety Engineering Course. 1982 • Did Raychem training on cable joints and terminations 1997 • Did Maintenance Management Course. 1989 • Member Project Management Institute, USA. • Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers , USA. • Computer Skills in MS Office 2000, P3(Primavera Project Planner) and MS Project. • Communication Skills: Oral and in written reports Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. SUMMARY OF WORK EXPERIENCE I Have 29 Years experience with the Engineering & Project Management, for reputable Industrial & Power Projects / Organizations for the following jobs / positions: 1) Costing, Estimation and Bidding Projects 2) Formulation, Negotiation, Finalization, and Administration of Contracts 3) Project Management: Phasing Project, Planning, Tracking / Evaluation and Control. Latest Project Management Tools & Tackles, as advised by the World Industry Leader. Project Management Institute, USA 4) Well versed with P3 (Primavera Project Planner, familiar with P3e), and MS Office 5) Engineering Management: Basic, Detailed Design, Marked-Up and As-Built- Drawings. 6) Procurement {Local Saudi and Imports) 7) Construction Management: Preparation of Construction Manual, Construction Supervision, and Testing & Commissioning. 8) QA/QC Management: Preparation of QA/QC Manual and Procedures. 9) Manage, Plan, Track, Evaluate and Control Resources, Performance and Productivity. 10) And, Operations & Maintenance THE FOLLOWING PROJECTS WORKED / COMPLETED (As A Result Oriented, Efficient, Time, Cost and Quality Conscious Professional): • Industrial Projects : Sea Water Desalination, Water Transmission Pipe Lines, Oil & Gas: Separating, Processing, Refineries & Pipe Lines. Petrochemical, Chemical and Iron & Steel Plants. • Power Generation : Steam, Gas, Combined Cycle and Diesel Power Plants. • Power Transmission & Distribution: Power Transmission up to 132kV and 380kV S/S, OHTL & UGC, and Power Distribution with 69kV, 36kV & 13.8kV S/S, OHTL & UGC, and associated Electrical, Protection and Control, Communication, SCADA, Network Management Systems (NMS), Instrumentation, Mechanical and Civil Jobs. Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. HISTORY OF WORK EXPERIENCE NAME OF THE EMPLOYER FROM TO JOB TITLE AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION COUNTRY & POSITION OF PROJECT/WORK Electrowatt-Ekono Consulting 07/2006 To date Electrical Consultant Engineer / Project & Engineers Engineering Management Consultant , and Switzerland Construction Supervision of Jeddah Sea Water Desalination & Power Plant-4 Client: Saline Water Extension Project. Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Riyadh ST Consulting Engineers 10/2005 07/2006 Projects & Engineering Management of different Power Projects Position: Project & Engineering Manager Client: SEC-SOA, HQ’s 04/2005 09/2005 Worked as Engineer-1 with Distribution ABHA, K.S.A. Engineering Dept., and did the Engineering, Projects & Maintenance Jobs, including the following jobs: 1) Development Of Engineering Database. 2) Review, Commenting, and Coordinating for Maintenance Plans / Schedules / Reports, Tripping Reports, and Operational / Loads,. 3) Recording and Analyzing Peak loads, and suggesting for future projects. 4) Materials Management: a) Trained for SEC Online “ASI Materials Procurement & Management System”. b) Procurement of Operational & Strategic Spare Parts, Tools and Testing Equipment. Worked as Project Engineer-1 with Client: SEC-EOA HQ’s 08/2002 03/2005 Transmission Project Management Dammam, and SEC-WOA, Department, for the Following Projects: Jeddah, K.S.A, as Project Engineer-1 1) 230kV Power Supply to Saudi Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Propylene Company, Jubail (Substation & OHTL). 2) 230kV Power Supply to Jubail United Petrochemical Company, Jubail (Substation & OHTL). 3) 115kV Power Supply to Saudi International Petrochemical Company, Jubail (Substation & UGTL). 4) Up Gradation Of Fiber Optics Based Communication Network Management System (CNMS) for all SEC-EOA, to meet the requirement by 2015. 5) Up Gradation Of 115kV Protection & Communication Network for the Al-Ahsa Area (SEC-EOA). 6) 69kV Power Supply to National Steel & Iron Factory, Dammam (Substation & UGC). 7) 380kV Taif North Substation Projects, including the following: a) New 380kV / 132kV Substation a) 380kV OHTL ( Loop In & Loop Out) and 132kV (OHTL & UGC) c) SCADA & Communication Saudconsult 09/2000 07/2002 As Project Manager, completed the Jeddah, K.S.A Following Projects: Position: Project Manager 1) 132/34.8/13.8kv Al-Mowah Substation Client: Client: SEC-WOA, Jeddah, K.S.A. 2) 132kv Ushairah – Mowah Over Head Transmission Line 3) Associated LDC and SCADA works ILF Consulting Engineers 1999 2000 Projects: (Austria/K.S.A) 1) SWCC - Yanbu 380kV Switchyard Position: Senior Engineer Extension (Electrical, Instrumentation & Control) 2) Yanbu – Al-Madinah Water Transmission System Phase-2 Client: Saline Water Projects (400 KM Pipeline, 2 Conversion Corporation pumping stations with 85,6 MVA (SWCC), Riyadh load), all with DCS and PLCs Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. based SCADA Systems. Suedrohrbau 1996 1998 Clients: Saudi Aramco / Bechtel-UK Germany/KSA 1) Shaybah Oil & Gas Fields Producing Facilities: for Inter Gas Position : Technical & Site and Oil Separating plants Manager (GOSPs) buried, teminated and tested 69kv Power and Fiber Optics Cables System (3 GOSPs and 360 Km each Cable). Client: SEC-WOA, Jeddah 2) Laying of 380kV and 132kV Power, Fiber Optic Cables, Communication and Control System and Interfacings with 380kv Faisalyah Substation (Jeddah) 3) Laying of 132kV Power, Fiber Optic Cables Communication and Control System and Interfacings with 132kV AlBayah and AlMadina Substations. SST / AlSharif Group for 1994 1996 Project: Trading & Contracting (Italy / K.S.A) 50 MW Al-Kharkhair Power Plant, and 13.8kv Distribution Network. Position: Projects Manager Clients: Electricity Corporation (E.C) Mitsubishi Electric 1992 1994 Client: S.Aramco, Dahran (Japan / K.S.A) As a Onshore and Offshore Safaniyah Position: Manager Power (world largest Gas & Oil Separating Engineering Department Plants) 230/69kv Substations Project, with PLCs and SCADA system. (During Site Construction Phase, worked also as Client: SEC-COA, Riyadh Senior Project Engineer) Many 132/33/13.8kv Substations Extensions Projects, with SCADA system Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Aromest, Riyadh 1991 1992 Did Turn Key (EPC Contract) defense K.S.A project “DPC Project” , comprising of 13.8kv Substations, Electro Mechanical Position: Senior Engineer Plants, and Buildings at Al-Kharj (Electical) Client: Ministry Of Defence & Aviation, Riyadh Resources Engg. Mgmt. 1986 1991 Project: Corp. Karachi FTC Cogeneration (Power and Air Senior Engineer (Electical / Conditioning Plants) Complex, with Instruments) DDC, BMS, and EMS Client: Finance & Trade Center, Karachi _______________________ ______ ______ _________________________________ 1984 1986 Project: Descon Engg. Ltd. Pakistan National Lube-2 Oil Refinery Project, with 40MW Power Plant, Karachi. Senior Engineer (Electical / Instruments) Client: National Oil Refinery Ltd, Karachi _______________________ _____ ______ _________________________________ Pak-Saudi Fertilizers 1982 1984 Engineering, Operations & Complex, Pakistan Maintenance of 1750 TPD Ammonia- Urea Fertilizers Complex (Natural Gas Deputy Manager (Electical / Processing), including 40MW Steam Instruments) Power Plant. _______________________ ______ ______ _________________________________ Pakistan Steel Mills Corp. 1976 1982 Did Engineering, Planning & Pakistan Scheduling, Procurement, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Operations Asst. Executive Engineer & Maintenance of the 165 MW Power (Electrical / Instuments) Plants Complex, 36 / 13.8 kV Power Distribution Network & S/S. Coke Oven & By Product Plant, Raw Material Preparation Plant, Blast Furnace, Steel Making Plant, Rolling Mills, Oxygen Plant, and Repair Workshops. Page 7 of 7