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  • 1. At ERAWTFOS TNEMEGANAM TCEJORP ESIRPRETNE -KSAT@ N O ITC U D OR T N I Teamware, groupware, collaborative solutions, peer-to-peer, professional services automation, portfolio management, task management, workgroup software . . . During the past decade, project management solutions have taken on many names and faces, and have been clustered with a variety of applications and services. Among the muddled mix of applications are point solutions that resemble or incorporate certain elements of project management and a number of applications targeted to specific vertical industries. The market is packed to capacity with posers, wannabes, cross-dressers and over-the-top applications that have created confusion for organizations simply looking for a comprehensive project management solution. Regardless of what it has been called, the core of project management is the same; facilitating the planning and management of project processes from start to finish. Today’s project management technology, spawned by the growth of Internet access, broadband and Web services, has found a home on the Internet. Facilitated by convenient remote access, real-time communications and integrated applications, project management software has grown beyond merely tracking tasks to incorporating a variety of features and benefits that allow teams to manage every aspect of projects, from virtually any location and at any time. The future of project management is now focused on the idea of getting distinct software systems to communicate with each other in order to facilitate business automation. . 0. 4 K S A T @ F O Y T I L A E R D N A N OI SI V E H T SI SI H T @task 4.0 from AtTask, was designed from the ground up to serve as an automation tool for enterprise application integration and act as the brains and nerves of an organization to connect disparate systems and enterprise applications. Built upon a proven Web-based infrastructure, @task serves as the human touch point where work gets done by triggering one or more events in different business areas and applications as tasks and projects are completed. To understand where @task is taking project management, it is important to understand the market and the challenges facing project teams. T E KR A M EH T Gartner recently commented, “The IT project and portfolio management market is quickly evolving. IT PPM applications are changing to meet dynamic market needs; they increasingly address financial, operational and software asset management requirements. Though recent regulations have renewed the focus on managing costs and justifying the value of projects, extending resource management and providing an integrated view of the IT portfolio will be in the ascendant.” While project management applications have been around for several years, the market is still growing with a number of new products coming from established enterprise resource planning vendors and portfolio management software companies. The growth of the project management industry, estimated to be more than $2.7 billion by 2008, has also been spurred by significant consolidation and new vendors with a vertical focus or single function area, such as resource management, time management, or skills management, that are working to expand their current capabilities to include more extensive project management functionality. 1 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 2. At Unfortunately, project management applications that have been designed exclusively for accounting firms are being mentioned alongside targeted suites for construction projects and Web-based time-tracking applications are categorized with Enterprise Project Management solutions. While the growth under the project management umbrella creates volumes of choices for organizations, it also creates congestion and confusion in an already crowded project management space. S E G N E L L A H C T N E M E G A N A M T C EJ O R P Despite the vast amount of project management solutions, failures have become all too common as project teams repeatedly miss deadlines, budgets are overshot, inaccurate reporting inhibits tracking and accountability, and geographically or departmentally dispersed teams find it difficult to work together. Organizations are facing challenges in multiple areas of project management, from project definition and execution to collaboration and resources management. With the mounting volume of information to sort through, lack of central data repositories, and inefficient search and sharing methods, project teams often find it impossible to develop a project structure or to collaborate and communicate effectively about project priorities, strategies, issues and progress. The need for project management solutions is also evident in the results of several studies that associate staggering statistics relating to ineffective management and the failure to complete projects. A study conducted by ProudFoot reported, “that poor management practices such as insufficient management planning and control and inadequate supervision” result in 96 unproductive days a year that U.S. workers spend at work,” while many experts estimate losses due to failed projects are well over $100 billions dollars in the United States alone. Info-Tech Research Group reported that “95% of IT departments are not delivering at least some projects on time or to the full satisfaction of business executives.” Additionally, “Only 26% of IT departments in midsized enterprises have a system or process in place for projecting and measuring ROI. Over one-third of enterprises have nothing in place and no plans to develop an ROI system. Without such a basic common point of reference as ROI, it’s hard to imagine how IT professionals can have meaningful planning discussions with executives about a critical project.” A Dell executive commented in a recent article in NetworkWorld when asked about the “highest hurdle” in IT project management, “Getting IT people to understand structure and accountability. The goal is a single point of truth for everyone, instead of you saying you’re two months early and me saying you’re two months late.” Understanding project ROI and implementing structure and accountability are only a few areas of concern that plague project success. Compounding the problem are inadequate project management solutions. When the solutions promise certain capabilities that don’t exist or make unproven claims, a project management solution implementation may become an organization’s project failure. With @task, organizations have a central location to help, • Identify, promote and track projects goals, expectations and ROI; • Implement project structure; • Track and report on projects; and • Encourage individual and team accountability. 2 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 3. At GN I OG ER A E W ER EH W The answer to these project management challenges, as well as to project failures, whether in IT, accounting or construction, is @task 4.0, a comprehensive project management application that is as flexible and useful to a five employee Web design shop looking for a better way to manage projects and customers as it is for a 5,000 employee corporate division looking to enhance project execution and as a starting point for process automation. Today’s technology-driven organizations need a centralized project management solutions that will unite and manage multiple resources, stimulate knowledge sharing and equal distribution of work and responsibilities, and perhaps most importantly, operate across multiple systems, applications, locations and hardware. Gartner recently stated, “By 2009, most IT organizations will have adopted a set of PPM application Web services to plan project portfolios, allocate resources to projects and support tasks; support project team collaboration; and track schedules, resource utilization and costs. “IT organizations have turned increasingly to more integrated applications for planning and controlling IT projects and other portfolios to support IT governance, to track costs against plan, to allocate IT service requests to appropriate resources and for portfolio analysis and related functions. . .” While project management challenges are many, @task 4.0 helps organizations move towards a level of integration that will greatly reduce challenges associated with project planning, execution, tracking and technology. As mentioned earlier, the next big wave for technology is focused on getting software systems to communicate with each other. This wave will introduce the next level of automation, for which project management is uniquely positioned to lead. Automation services and initiatives, such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), require a human touch point, and as the first point-of-contact for human activated events, a comprehensive project management solution can trigger one or more events in one or more applications throughout the enterprise, thus driving true business automation. . 0 . 4 K S A T @ F O N OI S I V E H T S I S I H T , NI A G A E C N O 0 .4 KS AT @ G NICU D OR T N I @task 4.0 is Web-based enterprise project management software architected from the ground up to serve as an EAI automation tool. With growing interest in true application integration, @task has a unique opportunity to be the human hub for the automation process that will trigger inter-application communications. At the heart of @task 4.0 is the @task kernel, which acts as a project management operating system and exposes all business functions through its APIs. This allows third parties to access all the functionality of the @task project management engine using any platform or programming language. By completing a task, reporting hours and approving documents within @task, users can trigger multiple automation processes. For example, completing a consulting project could trigger any/all of the following: • an application programming interface call that could create an invoice in the accounting system; • approving a task milestone could initiate an email tree to project members, as well as create an audit trail for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; 3 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 4. At • and setting a value for a custom field on a project issue could execute a script that automates a function in a document repository for the development team. @task 4.0 also uses enterprise-class messaging support so that events initiated internally can trigger activities that can be used to communicate with external systems. This new design provides an attractive solution for organizations looking to automate business process or for third-party applications that want to integrate scheduling, task management or resource allocation capabilities into their solutions. @task features and functionality are not limited to a specific industry or market segment, rather @task is an ideal project management solution for everything from construction crews to PR agencies and IT projects to product development plans. KR O W @ KS AT @ The possibilities for business process automation are literally endless. @task 4.0 was designed to accommodate and encourage integration, as well as to provide a consistent user interface, simple and flexible presentation and native application look-and-feel with Web-based compatibility. @task 4.0 offers an enterprise-class architecture that allows it to host thousands of users in a corporate environment. The turnkey solution for task management makes it easier to define, sort, group and access data in a simplified presentation, which also makes it easy for user’s to learn and navigate. Built with advanced HTML and Flash components, @task 4.0 provides a rich experience regardless of the Internet browser or operating system. @task Components @task core components and advantages are found in the solutions four principle feature sets: • Planning • Working • Tracking • Technology GN I NN A LP Planning is critical to the success of any project, and with @task 4.0, planning is enhanced with a number of features and components that allow administrators or project managers to position their project for success. In @task, projects are created as a collection of tasks, deliverables or processes that act as the center for setting up work, sharing documents, tacking budgets and managing resources and timelines. @task’s predictive work analysis tools allow organizations to quickly define project objectives, and plan for the necessary labor and skills needed for each project. Users can also plan for cost and billing structures for users, roles and tasks, as well as expenses and potential revenues. @task’s built-in “what-if” scenarios help project managers to resolve potential resource conflicts before they happen. During the planning process, users can save all aspects of a project as templates and define their project team in terms of groups, roles and access levels that can be used for multiple projects and tasks. @tasks resource analysis tools, organizational charting and skill set profiling help users to understand current workload, task and project relationships, notification trees and help match individual tasks with employee skill sets. 4 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 5. At @task also includes a number of scheduling components such as collaborative calendaring, schedule conflict analysis and multiple work calendars that can be linked to individual users and projects. Project managers can also set up intuitive helpdesk queues, which can define request routing, notification and user-definable data to accompany each helpdesk request. It provides an easy entry point for users to submit work orders and a complete system for feedback and status tracking. GN I KR O W @task 4.0 was designed to accommodate individual working styles, and facilitate project management, workflow, information access, and communications through a user-friendly Web interface. What makes @Task unique is a combination of components that help position @task as the place where work gets done. Each user can customize their @task workspace by selecting from a list of pre-defined or custom-built portal components. The @task workspace allows users to create a space they are comfortable with, and provides them with immediate access to pertinent information about their responsibilities. The portal is enhanced with an integrated timesheet that is tied into @task timeline and financial reporting tools and allows users to enter and report on time spent on task, project and overhead categories. @task customizable portal dashboards provide quick and easy access to critical information that include project, CRM and financial features. @task is available as an Internet or intranet application that can be accessed through any Internet browser or a WAP- enabled device. Users can stay connected using integrated instant messaging, threaded messages and notes features. Its communication capabilities extend into @task’s workflow automatic and email notification features, which provide project owners and project team members status updates on tasks, projects and document updates, deletes and uploads. All notification can be automatically or manually sent to project participants via email. @task makes it easy to sharing documents by attaching documents to specific projects, tasks or users. The application’s complete file versioning allows participants to check out, revise and update project documents based on security rights. Administrators can establish document access and editing during the planning process. @task’s meeting tools provide a simple, yet comprehensive way to manage meeting coordination, establish meeting agendas and assignments. The built in issues management component providers users with a simple and effective way to share news and concerns that affect projects and tasks. Issues can then be targeted to members of an entire project team and/or individual users with appropriate skill sets. Timelines in @task, which include comprehensive Gantt charts, provide users with a visual comparison of original versus estimated start and completion dates for each task. Each task level has its own visual timeline and @task’s resource charts provide actual and projected work by day, week, month or year and can be aggregated by task, user or role. G NI K C A R T Many project failures can be attributed to the lack of accurate tracking and timely reporting and notification of task and project status. @task offers a number of reporting features that help project managers to direct their teams. These reporting features include: 5 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 6. At • Work reports: Tracks hours worked, approvals, statuses and customer information related to tasks, project roles, users, companies and objectives. • Ad hoc reports: Creates reports on the fly using multiple variables. • Profitability reports: Displays which core organizational activities, groups, skill sets or individuals are most profitable. • Productivity revenue reports: Allows project managers to review revenues in terms of the time it took to gen- erate revenues. • Resource reports: Provides quick views of resource allocation by user, task and role. Workloads can be viewed by day, week and month views for better management. • A/R reports: Allows project managers to distribute financial information according to security rules so that appropriate people will know of account status of projects and users. Among @task’s tracking features are workflow notifications that provide project managers with automatic updates on completed, incomplete or late projects. @task can also be set up to integrate milestones, capture historical data and compare similar tasks and projects to allow for timely corrections to processes. Financial forecasting and tracking is also addressed in @task using a number of profit and financial analysis tools, including cost/revenue analysis, labor cost analysis and overhead analysis. @task also offers comprehensive tools to manage expense tracking, account billing, invoices and budget requests. N O IT AR GET N I D N A Y G OL O N HCE T @task was designed with the latest technology to provide organizations with convenient access to a suite of powerful project management tools. The user interface can be customized to match an organization’s look and feel and style sheets can be edited online with @task’s StyleBuilder. Users can also define custom data fields and attach them to categories for users, tasks and projects. @task also provides organizations with multi-language support that allows users to work in their native language. One of the most powerful features of @task 4.0 technology is that its interface and functionality can be easily extended and integrated with other applications and processes. Tasks can be scheduled at the system level for active integration with other programs and system events. @task seamlessly integrates with industry standard database solutions, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MySQL. The Web-based solution is compatible with multiple operating systems, can be accessed through any browser, and imports Microsoft Project files for easy conversion of existing projects. Users can manage system configurations through @task’s Web-based interface. S TI FE NE B 0 .4 KS AT @ @task manages and improves all aspects of project organization – from planning to working to tracking and reporting. It provides organizations with all the tools they need to help ensure project success while acting as the starting point for business process automation. Below are 10 reasons why organizations will benefit by implementing @task as their enterprise project management solution: 6 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 7. At 1. Integration The key to effective project management is the ability to connect disparate systems and enterprise applications with the project management application. @task 4.0 provides two-way integration with off-the-shelf and home-grown applications, which increases the speed of business and initiates process automation. 2. Scalable Small shop or big enterprise, no problem. @task 4.0 is designed to accommodate all sizes of organizations and is an appropriate application for any size project. 3. Agility @task provides quick and convenient access to information that will help organizations sidestep obstacles and react more effectively and efficiently to changes in business processes or climate. 4. Communications @task’s integrated communications tools, including task and project notification, reporting, instant messaging and threaded messages allow organizations to understand task and project status while allowing project teams to stay connected throughout the project life cycle. 5. Cooperation & Collaboration @Task helps project teams to understanding the roles, responsibilities and capacities of each team member and provides a clear picture as to who’s doing what, when and why. 6. Easy to use Beginners are led through the application, while more complex features can be added or used as needed without complicating things. 7. Save Money A better map means fewer wrong turns. With @task 4.0’s integrated approach to project management, users, administrators and project manager have a more clear idea of what is going on in the areas of task management, time management, resource management, financial management and beyond. 8. Informative @task 4.0 allows organizations to put their most commonly used information where it will do the most good; the rest is available when organizations need it. The solution simplifies managing vast amounts of project data by providing a central repository for convenient access to critical information. 9. Secure Users can define an organizational hierarchy that can be preserved through user-defined access levels. @task 4.0 provides a secure working environment that delivers unrivaled power and flexibility. 10. No strings attached @task allows organizations to maintain their current infrastructure and platform – no additional software is required. @task can be stored in-house or offered as a hosted solution. N O IS U LC N OC Project management software, like many technologies, is going through an evolution. Sparking the change is the increasing demand for integrated approaches to doing business, as well as the need to reduce project failure rates, streamline processes, and better manage expenses and resources. During the past decade as project management solutions have emerged and grown increasingly specialized by industry or functionality, AtTask has worked towards developing a comprehensive software solution that that can be used by companies of all sizes across all industries. AtTask introduces new features and functionality that are made possible through the growth of the Internet. 7 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com
  • 8. At @task 4.0 answers the call for integrated applications by providing a project management operating system that functions as a human hub for business process automation. As projects are completed, tasks are initiated, documents are updated or resources change, @task acts as an organization’s brain to stimulate action across disparate applications, users, departments and companywide. As a result, businesses can more efficiently organize project teams with the appropriate resources and skills, share and access mission-critical information, track and report on progress of issues, tasks and projects, and react more quickly to internal and external business changes. 8 801.373.3266 1511 North Technology Way Orem, UT 84097 www.attask.com