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Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing
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Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing
  • 2. Vasont Systems
    • Vasont Systems has leveraged a half-century of experience in the publishing and information industry from its sister division, Progressive Information Technologies, to create the Vasont Content Management System.
  • 3. Vasont Content Management Solutions
    • Vasont Content Management System
      • Powerful content management for multi-channel publishing with client/server or Web access
      • Payment options: purchase or subscription option
    • Vasont ASP
      • Hosted content for cost-effective content management
    • Vasont SG
      • Affordable content management for small groups
    • Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI)
      • Easy interface to editing tools
  • 4. Services
    • Data analysis & modeling
    • DTD creation
    • Data conversions
    • XML/SGML consulting
    • Technical support and training
    • Project management
    • V-Max1 high-speed pagination and proofing service
  • 5. Real Solutions to Real Problems
    • Created by developers who understand the editorial process, multi-channel publishing difficulties, & the complexities of re-purposing content
    • Vasont grew out of client projects:
      • Database project for WB Saunders’ Dorland’s Medical Dictionary
      • Database project for IEEE’s Standard Dictionary of Electrical & Electronics Terms
      • Vasont Content Management System is launched
    1992 1997
  • 6. Applications for Vasont
    • Technical documentation
    • Parts catalogs
    • User’s manuals
    • E-learning & training materials
    • Testing materials
    • Standards manuals
    • Scientific and technical materials
    • Dictionaries & encyclopedias
    • Reference material
    • Corporate manuals
    • Marketing & educational materials
    • Web sites
    • Directories
    Any product that needs frequent updating, re-purposing, or re-publishing:
  • 7. A Few of Our Clients
  • 8. Why Organizations Choose Vasont
    • Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing
    • Link Management Capabilities
    • Powerful Processing Options
    • Multi-Language and Translation Management
    • Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI)
    • Powerful Versioning
    • Integrated Search Capabilities
    • Vasont Systems’ Support
  • 9. Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing
    • Enables implicit reuse of content “chunks”
    • Ensures accurate content delivery to any media (CD, Web, print, wireless)
    • Provides extensibility by allowing for use of any tagging convention
    • Ensures that your system will NEVER become outdated
  • 10. Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing
  • 11. Single-Source Content Management for Multi-Channel Publishing CD-ROM Print Web
    • When we reviewed Vasont, we immediately knew that it was the best system for our needs. Vasont is probably the only content management system developed by people who truly understand the editorial process.
    • Roger Kasunic, Vice President of Editorial, Design, and Production of McGraw-Hill
    “ ”
  • 12. Link Management Capabilities
    • Automatic bi-directional linking
    • Ensures content accuracy by thoroughly managing cross-references
  • 13. Link Management Capabilities
    • Easy to get reference information
    • Unlink, delete link, relink in one step
  • 14. Powerful Processing Options
    • Vasont’s exclusive event-driven content processing
    • Can be written and applied by the user
    • Allows for customizations without the cost:
      • processing across multiple products
      • dynamic creation of content and/or entire products
      • automatic workflow task generation
      • publishing safeguards
      • dynamic task automation
  • 15. Powerful Processing Options
    • Each of 17 clients were analyzed for use of processing options
    • Each client on average used 51 unique options
    • Average total uses per client was 33,000
  • 16. Powerful Processing Options
    • Vasont gives us the ability to assign workflows to better manage our limited manpower resources and technical data. By eliminating expensive customizations and workarounds, the savings we have received from leveraging Vasont have essentially paid for the new system in less than one year. We anticipate that Vasont will improve our overall productivity by 20-40 percent, thus reducing the cycle time to produce new documentation.
    • Fred Rushman, Sales Engineering Manager for Detroit Diesel
    “ ”
  • 17.
    • Vasont is fully Unicode-enabled (UTF-8, UTF-16)
    • Vasont’s single-source component-level translation management saves thousands of dollars in translation costs
    Multi-Language and Translation Management
  • 18. Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI)
    • Vasont Universal Integrator hitches Vasont to XML authoring and editing tools: XMetaL, Epic, FrameMaker, MSWord, XML Spy
    • More than just a bridge between software programs…a tight integration loaded with functionality
  • 19.
    • Transactional snapshots at points in time
    • Compare versions to each other and to the current version
    Powerful Versioning
  • 20.
    • Searches text and multimedia
    • Reused and default searches
    • Enables maximum use of metadata
    Integrated Search Capabilities
  • 21. Vasont Systems’ Support
    • Knowledgeable staff is there for clients before, during, and AFTER the sale
    • Each client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager
    • Online user information
    • Available training
    • Annual Vasont Users’ Group Meeting
    • Offsite backup system
  • 22. Business Benefits Experienced by Clients
    • Content integrity through single sourcing, content reuse and automated bi-directional linking
    • Efficient workflow and tracking
      • Workflow, editing and metadata integrated in one process
      • Consolidated content and graphics management in one system
      • Faster production cycles
      • Produced more with the same resources
    • Streamlined translation process saved thousands of dollars in translation costs
    • Enabled remote users to access and share content
    • Increased ability to support their clients and reduce turnaround times to resolve defects
    • Efficient publishing to multiple media channels
    • On-demand publishing
    • On-time delivery of documentation with product releases
    • New revenue streams automatically enabled
    • We selected Vasont because its capabilities allowed us to manage content within the context of our new challenges—saving us staff time and money while strengthening our customer relationships.
    • Carol Wolfe, Vice President of ASHP’s Publications and Drug Information Systems Office
    “ ”
  • 23. [email_address] Suzanne Mescan VP Marketing 717-764-9720 x392 [email_address] Jack Danaher Director of Software Development 717-764-9720 x391 [email_address]