Project Management Certificate Program


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Project Management Certificate Program

  1. 1. Business and Management Project Management Certificate Program Accelerate Your Career Project Management ® CHARTER MEMBER Institute REP#1043
  2. 2. In today’s competitive business environment, leaders are appointed based on credentials and experience. To stay ahead of the competition, Improve Your advance your career and increase your earning potential, enroll in one of Career Options University of California, Irvine Extension’s with a Professional professional certificate programs. Certificate Convenient and affordable, UC Irvine Extension makes it easy to learn on your own time, in your own way. Courses are designed to ensure you gain mastery of a particular topic, and instructors are highly qualified leaders in their professions. UC Irvine Extension is the only continuing education provider in Orange County that represents the University of California. A certificate bearing the UC seal signifies a well-known, uncompromising standard of academic excellence.
  3. 3. Project Management Certificate Program cate candidates may enroll in any or all of the courses, UC Irvine Extension is a global charter member of certificate candidates should apply for the Certificate the Project Management Institute, the governing body Program before completing the third class in which that sets the standards for excellence in the project he/she enrolls. management profession. Most project managers start After you have completed all requirements, you may with training in the technology of their projects, but request to receive your official certificate by completing frequently lack an understanding of the managerial the Request for Certificate Form (available online) function necessary to manage projects. With industry and returning it to our offices as noted on the form. leaders as instructors, UC Irvine Extension’s Project Management Certificate Program teaches students Accelerated Format how to apply fundamental project management principles, theories and practices, including the Our accelerated format gives you the same compre- concepts described in the most recent edition of A hensive and in-depth course of study as the traditional Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge format. However, the concentrated course schedule (PMBOK® Guide). in the accelerated program expedites your learning experience, enabling you to achieve your educational, The program offers an organized sequence of courses professional and organizational goals in as few as 9 that will provide preparation in the practice of profes- months. You may enroll in the accelerated format at sional project management. Required courses cover any time and may begin in any quarter. Participants the body of knowledge helpful in preparing for the taking courses in the classroom or online format Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam. may also take any course in the accelerated format. Elective courses further develop skills in the area of Accelerated courses are held at our satellite campus process improvement, scheduling using Microsoft (UCI Learning Center) located at 200 South Manchester Project, rapid product development, and cost Ave, Orange, California. management. Transfer Credit Who Should Enroll This program qualifies for degree credit at our partner This program benefits project managers from all universities. Visit for industries who want to prepare for the PMP exam, information. project team members who want to upgrade their skills to become project managers, and those who want to make a career transition into project management. On-Site Training Upon completing the program, graduates will meet the Bring this program to your workplace. Through educational requirements to sit for the PMP® exam. Corporate Training, we can deliver this program or Education credits in this certificate are not only valid customize one that fits your company’s specific needs. as professional development units, but are also trans- Visit or call (949) 824-1847 ferable toward applicable degrees at our partner for information. universities. Certificate Requirements For more information: To receive the Project Management Certificate from UC Irvine Extension, you must complete six required Vonessa Low courses and two elective courses each with a grade of “C” or better for a minimum of 175 hours of instruc- (949) 824-7774 tion. These requirements must be fulfilled within five years. Although interested persons who are not certifi-
  4. 4. Program Benefits Advisory Committee 1. Apply fundamental project management principles, Diana Adler, Technical Specialist/Scientist, theories, and practices, including the basic concepts Management and Supervisory Development, described in the most current version of the Project Nuclear Training Division Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide. Timothy Covington, M.S., PMP, Senior Manager – 2. Use project management tools and techniques Engineering, the Boeing Company that are effective in initiating, planning, executing, Quentin Fleming, M.S., Author and Management monitoring, controlling, and closing a project. Consultant, Fleming Management Consultancy 3. Identify characteristics of high performance teams Steven D. Hall, PMP, Sr. Project Manager, Abbott and ways to manage stakeholder expectations. Vascular 4. Select appropriate techniques to communicate Deborah Wright Henley, M.B.A., Manager, Project effectively with team members and other stake- Management – IT Solutions, Northrop Grumman holders. Corporation 5. Meet the education requirement to become certified Stephen June, M.B.A., PMP, IT Consultant as a PMP® and assist an individual in preparing to take the PMP® exam. Adrienne Keane, PMP, MAPP, Talent Operations Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc. 6. Earn continuing education credits for professional certifications (PMI REP number 1043). Leroy Lambright, PMP, CSQA, Director, Engineering Quality Assurance, L3 Communications/IEC Program Fees Karen Nguyen, Systems & Program Manager, Kia Motors America The following is only an estimate of program costs for those who choose one format. Students have the Janice Preston, PMP, CPA, Core Performance option of taking courses in various formats. Your Concepts, Inc. total cost may vary substantially depending on the Tony Roberts, M.S., PMP, VP, Program specific courses you choose. Actual fees may differ Management, Masimo Corporation from the estimate below. Fees are subject to change without prior notice. Stan K. VanBibber, PMP, SCPM, AVP, Enterprise Project Management CLASSROOM ONLINE ACCELERATED Course Fees $5600 $5825 $5875 Mark Van Holsbeck, VP, IT Governance and Risk (6 required & Management, CISSP at Avery Dennison 2 electives) Marty Wartenberg, M.B.A., P.E., Business Candidacy Fee $125 $125 $125 Consulting & Training Textbooks $825 $825 $825 Julie Wilson, ACS, CEPM, FLMI, PMP Parking* $136 $0 $0 Total Estimated Cost $6,686 $6,775 $6,825 *Based upon 4 quarters of enrollment. $34 per quarter for evening parking privileges. For course schedule:
  5. 5. Curriculum Required Courses (6) Project Risk Management (Mgmt X474.1 – 2.5 units) Introduction to Project Management Principles Project success is achieved by project managers and and Practice teams skilled in coping with project risks. Making good (Mgmt X442.28 – 2.5 units) decisions and using proven processes requires both Project management has been proven to be the most training and experience. Gain in-depth practice apply- effective method of delivering products within cost, ing subjective and quantitative methods to an actual schedule, and resource constraints. Gain a working project situation. Learn from peers through risk analysis knowledge of the basics of project management that exercises, case studies, and persuasive presentations. can be instantly applied to any project. This course will Discover how to recognize, assess, and respond to provide the skills to ensure your projects deliver on time project risks in an appropriate, cost effective manner and on budget. Learn to define and manage scope via in order to make better decisions. Prerequisite: the elicitation of requirements and the creation of a Mgmt X442.28 detailed work breakdown structure, create a defensible and realistic project schedule and budget, develop and Earned Value Project Management manage the project team, identify and manage risks, (Mgmt X474.7 – 2 units) and understand the project procurement processes. Earned value is a technique for defining and establish- Prerequisite: None ing project scope, schedule and cost in order to align with executive management expectations. Learn to use Management, Leadership and Team Building the earned value method to establish a realistic project in the Project and Program Environment baseline, calculate a range of estimates-at-completion (Mgmt X474.9 – 3 units) (EAC), and apply effective methods for keeping your The success of projects is dependant upon people and project budget and schedule on target. Develop the how effectively they work and communicate with one strategies to effectively monitor, measure, and control another. You will reflect upon your role as a manager/ costs and schedule. Set project standards and metrics leader within a project management framework. Explore to measure project success and forecast results. Hands- concepts of human behavior, motivation, problem solv- on exercises in this course will demonstrate how ing, decision-making, influence, conflict management, earned value can be used on any project of any size. and organization structure. Build skills in recognizing Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28 and managing project stakeholders, communications, team development, and working with virtual team OR members, via presentations, case studies, readings, Project Monitoring and Control essays, and discussions. Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28 (Mgmt X452.39 – 2 units) This course establishes the essential steps to plan a Project Procurement Management: Contracting, project by developing a performance measurement Subcontracting, Teaming baseline (PMB) to integrate the project cost and (Mgmt X478.7 – 2 units) schedule information. During execution of the plan, Procurement management has become a vital project compare schedule and cost progress data to actual management skill, as organizations increasingly out- performance to date by applying earned value metrics source all but their core competencies. Understand the (EVM). Use EVM to determine project costs and scope of procurement management in the contempo- schedule variances and to forecast the likelihood of rary project management environment and the role and completing the project within the established PMB. responsibility of the procurement manager. Learn to Explain variances and likelihood of recovery. establish project scope, develop a procurement man- Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28 agement plan, select the proper contract type, define strategic teaming agreements, evaluate and select suppliers, and track supplier performance. Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28
  6. 6. Curriculum Project Cost Management Advanced Project Management Techniques (Mgmt X442.29 – 2.5 units) Using MS Project 2007 No organization has unlimited time, money, or (Mgmt X474.27 – 2.5 units) resources. For that reason, cost management can Gain advanced skills and knowledge in building and be used to evaluate the benefits and expenses of the managing complex projects using Microsoft Project project in relation to other potential projects before a 2007 (Windows). Review scheduling techniques and selection is made. Learn to evaluate and analyze the methods used to support Critical Path Method, the financial viability and non-financial issues. Review performance of Risk Analysis, and for the management basic financial terms and concepts that influence of multiple projects in an integrated team environment. project selection decisions and understand all aspects Learn to identify and resolve common problems, use of project planning. Discover how to prepare a cost methods for debugging the schedule, and develop estimate and budget in addition to considering ways custom reports. Study and apply techniques for the use how to monitor and control cost and manage changes of Earned Value method of performance measurement, to the cost baseline. Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28 tracking the progress of projects, resource loading methods, and advanced techniques for budget devel- opment. Recommended Prerequisite: Mgmt X474.24 Advanced PMBOK® Guide Applications Elective Courses (Choose 2) (PMP Preparation Exam) Systems Engineering for Project Managers (Mgmt X474.48 – 2.5 units) (Mgmt X472.85 – 2.5 units) Review the nine knowledge areas in the PMBOK® Guide Learn the benefits of combining traditional project and the key concepts in Professional Responsibility. management with a systems approach for an improved Prepare to pass the PMP® Examination with a focus product development cycle focused on customer needs on understanding how to integrate the detailed project and reduced overall costs. Ensure steady progress management processes. To measure your preparedness toward a project’s technical objectives through efficient for the exam, this course will provide exercises, practice use of financial and human resources, and timely questions, practice exams, and practical tips from Project completion of the project. In this effective system all Management Professionals®. The content of this course components interact harmoniously—encouraging is fully compliant and aligns with the Guide to the systematic and repeatable planning, design, and imple- Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® mentation throughout. Specific systems engineering, Guide) – Fourth Edition. Prerequisite: Minimum of 35 process and management topics will be reviewed. hours of project management instruction, 4,500 hours of project management experience with a bachelors Project Management Using MS Project 2007 degree, or 7,500 hours without a bachelors degree. (Mgmt X474.24 – 1.5 units) Learn the skills needed to enhance the outcomes of Managing Business Process Improvement Projects managing projects. Gain knowledge of the fundamentals (Mgmt X474.10 – 2.5 units) of project scheduling and the key area of knowledge Learn how the structured approach of business process for planning projects using Microsoft Project 2007 improvement (BPI) can be performed at all levels in an (Windows). This course will emphasize the importance organization. Through a series of training activities, you of defining the total project with the use of a Work will learn how to select, design, sell, implement, and Breakdown Structure (WBS); then formally issuing and institutionalize the changes necessary for effective BPI. controlling the project with the use of a Project Master Determine the process flow of a project, evaluate inef- Schedule (PMS). Prerequisite: None fective use of time, and change the process for improved effectiveness. In addition, collaborate on a class project that will allow for application of techniques to organiza- tion's processes and procedures. Prerequisite: None
  7. 7. Lean Project Management Managing Project Stakeholder Risks (Mgmt X478.3 – 2.5 units) (Mgmt X474.28 – 1.5 units) Review methods to enable dramatic reductions in Discover methods for significantly reducing risks that project cycle time while maintaining effective control arise from poor communications by applying risk over budget, resources, risk, and delivered value— management techniques to stakeholder management. organizations that have embraced these concepts Rather than handling communications and risk manage- have reported up to 75 percent reduction in project ment as separate processes, each producing separate life cycle with dramatic improvements in non-recurring outputs in the project plan, learn to integrate them for cost and customer satisfaction. Interactive exercises more effective communications that can improve a proj- explore topics such as how to eliminate organizational ect manager’s ability to manage key stakeholder risks. time barriers, the continuous-flow development process, Program Management and advanced strategies for exploiting knowledge (Mgmt X472.88 – 3 units) reuse and economies of scope on quick-turn projects. Develop the tools and techniques to manage a large, Management of Multiple Projects complex program. This one task covers a vast amount (Mgmt X478.6 – 2.5 units) of territory; jetliners, to ships, high-rise construction, Managing multiple projects typically presents unique to large public work projects. Learn how to take all of challenges compared to the management of one large these individual projects and integrate them together project. Build on your existing skills in the areas of for a successful program. Managing a program can be scope, time, cost, risk, human resources, leadership significantly more challenging than managing just one and teambuilding through a combination of lecture project. Discover the complexity of programs and how and team-based learning exercises. Learn to select the to successfully manage unique groups of multifaceted most effective strategies and responses for multiple, projects so that all elements finish within a pre-deter- small independent projects, portfolios, or large pro- mined order and are integrated with one another. grams. Individual and group exercises will explore Prerequisite: Project managers with at least five years scheduling techniques and honing in on an assess- of working experience. ment of project environments through stakeholder analysis. An adaptable multi-project simulation will also reinforce the benefits of cooperation for mutual gain. Prerequisite: Mgmt X442.28 Project Management of Information Technology (Mgmt X474.8 – 2 units) Focus on the unique challenges of managing an IT project in an enterprise. Discuss those elements of project management that are of greatest interest to IT workers, including requirements definition and use-case analysis, performance metrics, risk determination and mitigation, task identification, scheduling, verification and testing, and version control. IT staff members will learn to work more productively with business analysts, who frequently initiate IT projects.
  8. 8. Project Management Certificate Program (949) 824-7774