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    • DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MASTER VENDOR PROGRAM IT SERVICES WORK PROJECT REQUEST This Work Request is issued under your Contract with the Department of Management & Budget, Purchasing Operations (DMB), as established under the Master Vendor Program. Project Title: Period of Coverage: FleetFocus M5 (M5) - MVP 39 Award date through 12/31/2008 Requesting Department: Date: Michigan Department of Transportation 12-19-2007 Agency Project Manager: Phone: Viji Jayaraman (517) 241-2401 DIT Contract Liaison: Phone: Cindy Turben 517-335-6069 Category of Service Requested _____ Data Warehouse _____ Security _____ Business requirements/needs assessment/system design/quality assurance ___X__ Project Development Services – MVP 39 Required Skill Category Requested _____ Junior – a minimum of one (1) year of recent experience and demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities __X__ Journey – a minimum of three (3) years of recent experience and demonstrated journey level knowledge skills, and abilities _____ Senior – a minimum of five (5) years of recent experience, and demonstrated superior knowledge, skills, and abilities _____ Expert – a minimum of ten (10) years of increasing levels of responsibilities, and supervisory or management responsibility __X _ Project Manager – Expert skills plus a minimum of three (3) years of recent experience in managing projects Skills Matrix Note: The project will include, at a minimum, one project manager and one technical resource. The vendor will determine how to staff this fixed price project. For example, one resource might perform the data conversion, and another would install and configure the software. The roles to be used on the project should be identified in the vendor’s proposal. SkillKnowledge Requirement Yrs Experience Skill Required By Required Experience leading and managing technical IT projects 3 Project manager Experience managing the implementation of vehicle management systems 3 Project manager Experience developing IT technical documentation such as business 3 Project manager requirements and technical specifications Experience working with a structured programming management methodology 3 Project manager such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Ability to install Maximus FleetFocus M5 software 3 Technical resource Ability to perform system setup for Maximus FleetFocus M5 software 3 Technical resource
    • SkillKnowledge Requirement Yrs Experience Skill Required By Required Ability to configure Maximus FleetFocus M5 software 3 Technical resource Ability to convert existing data to necessary format for use with Maximus 3 Technical resource FleetFocus M5 software Ability to configure Maximus FleetFocus M5 software to interface with other 3 Technical resource applications Ability to configure/customize Maximus FleetFocus M5 reports 3 Technical resource Ability to provide Maximus FleetFocus M5 training for system administrators 3 Technical resource and trainers Ability to customize and enhance Maximus FleetFocus M5 software 3 Technical resource Ability to provide production roll-out and post-implementation support for 3 Technical resource Maximus FleetFocus M5 software Brief Description of Services to be provided: BACKGROUND: MDOT’s Fleet Administration unit is manages MDOT’s automotive and equipment fleet, which is comprised of:  Passenger vehicles,  Medium and heavy vehicles, and  Equipment The current Fleet Management System (FMS) no longer meets MDOT fleet management needs. The current FMS has many issues, including, but not limited to:  Problems relating to a distributed customer base,  Inability to schedule preventive maintenance services,  Inability to run detailed fleet reports, and  Limited ability to collect necessary data due to limitations of the system. PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The objective of this project is to install, configure, customize, test and implement a new fleet management system for MDOT. This request does NOT include procurement of the software – it is for services only. SCOPE OF WORK: This work effort will encompass the following tasks related to implementing the Maximus FleetFocus M5 software at MDOT:  Assess MDOT’s current fleet management business processes and document MDOT requirements  Configure hardware and software environments needed for successful implementation of FleetFocus M5 software  Install FleetFocus M5 software  Configure the FleetFocus software to support MDOT functional requirements and workflow – to include report configuration  Customize the FleetFocus software by developing all program modifications and enhancements; include interfaces to other key fleet-related applications  Create FleetFocus databases in development, QA and production environments  Provide documentation for system, including Software Configuration Management Plan, Security Plan, System Integration Test Plan, User Acceptance Test Plan, Installation Plan, Release Plan, Software Configuration Document and System Retirement Plan  Create data mapping and data dictionary for FleetFocus M5 database  Migrate data from legacy application. This is limited to converting records to establish Locations, Departments, Employees, Vendors, Parts and Units within FleetFocus; period level summaries of unit cost history; and part inventory balances. Detailed repair history is not included.  Perform all the required testing of FleetFocus software installation at MDOT  Provide post-implementation support  Deliver training for both technical resources and MDOT Fleet Operations staff
    • OUT OF SCOPE: The following IT commodities/services are out of scope:  Software procurement  On-going maintenance of the software TASKS AND DELIVERABLES: Tasks and the associated deliverables for this effort are outlined in the following table. # Tasks Deliverables 1 Project management  Kick-off meeting Contractor will assign a project manager to work on the  Implementation schedule implementation of FleetFocus™ M5, including:  Regular progress meetings  Conducting a project Kick-Off Meeting  Monthly project status reports  Developing and managing the implementation schedule  Conducting regular progress meetings  Providing regular project status report 2 Configure hardware and software environments:  Software and hardware configuration Contractor will assist DIT@MDOT’s enterprise architect and server document teams in configuring the hardware and software environment to allow for the successful implementation of FleetFocus™ M5. 3 Conduct business process reviews  Business process flow document The contractor will review MDOT’s current fleet management  Requirements document – to include business process to: specifications for modifications and  Identify opportunities to re-engineer processes to take full enhancements to the FleetFocus™ advantage of the functionality and capabilities of application needed to support MDOT’s FleetFocus™ M5. functional requirements and work-flows.  Outline FleetFocus™ M5 work-flows specific to MDOT’s business process and requirements  Identify reports to be created/customized for MDOT 4 Software installation:  FleetFocus™ M5 software installed and Install all software required for the FleetFocus™ M5 system on tested on State of Michigan servers at State of Michigan servers, to include: appropriate State of Michigan hosting  FleetFocus™ M5 center  Business Objects Enterprise Create FleetFocus™ databases in production, development, and QA  FleetFocus databases in production, environments. development, and QA environments Test the installation and create an installation profile  Installation profile 5 System setup and configuration support  Fully configured FleetFocus™ M5 Contractor will assist MDIT with the setup and configuration of the software FleetFocus™ M5 application to meet business processes outlined during the Business Process Review. 6 Interface configuration  Fully functional interfaces between Contractor will develop interfaces to the following systems: FleetFocus™ M5 software and Wright  Wright Express Fuel Interface Express and Pacific Pride fuel programs.  Pacific Pride Fuel Interface Contractor will also work with MDIT to develop and test system  Interface specifications interfaces between FleetFocus™ M5 and MDOT internal systems (i.e.; financial, payroll, fixed asset, purchasing) and external systems such as a fuel suppliers.
    • # Tasks Deliverables 7 System enhancement  Fully functional features incorporated Develop all approved program modifications and enhancements, as into FleetFocus™ M5 software, as documented in the requirements document (created in task #3). identified in the requirements document. Contractor will create a custom table for summarized maintenance  Summarized maintenance history data history data. table 8 Report configuration  Fully functional custom reports, as Contractor will develop all custom reports, as documented in the documented in the requirements requirements document (created in task #3). document (created in task #3). 9 Testing - The vendor will test the FleetFocus™ M5, including:  Fully functional FleetFocus™ M5  Installation installation, configuration,  System setup enhancements, and reports  Configuration  System Integration Test Results  Enhancements  User Acceptance Test Results  Reports  System Testing  System Integration Testing  Execute User Acceptance Test Plan Contractor will assist MDOT business owners in creating User Acceptance Test Cases 10 Pilot  Operational pilot system Contractor will work with MDIT to conduct a pilot implementation to verify that the application has been populated and configured correctly and is ready to deploy in accordance with specifications. 11 Data conversion  Converted Location, Department, Contractor will convert MDOT’s data from the current fleet Employee, Vendor, Part and Unit management system to work with the FleetFocus™ M5. This data records; period level summaries is limited to converting records to establish Locations, of unit cost history; and part Departments, Employees, Vendors, Parts and Units within inventory balances. FleetFocus; period level summaries of unit cost history; and part inventory balances. Detailed repair history is not included. Contractor will extract and load summarized maintenance  Loaded maintenance history table history data in a custom table that will be created. Create data mapping and data dictionary  Data Mapping  Data Dictionary 12 Production roll-out  Fully functional and operational The vendor will provide on-site support during the production system FleetFocus™ M5 application roll-out on a phased location-by-location basis for each will all configuration and MDOT region. customization, as detailed in requirements document (see step #3).
    • # Tasks Deliverables 13 Training for the MDIT technical resources and MDOT Fleet Operations staff Contractor will provide basic technical training for MDIT’s  Technical training technical resources following installation Contractor will conduct separate multi-day Security and Key  Multi-day security and key user User training sessions to familiarize appropriate MDOT staff training sessions with the setup and configuration of the application. Contractor will conduct a multi-day application training  Multi-day train the trainer session session to train MDOT trainers in the use of the application.  Training guides for The contractor will work with MDIT/MDOT to customize o System Installation guide training materials to match work flows and customization of o System Administration guide the software. o Configuration guide o Application user manuals PROJECT CONTROL AND REPORTS: A monthly progress report must be submitted to the MDIT project manager throughout the duration of this project. Each progress report must contain the following: 1. Project plan update: Indicate progress made in the project plan and the deliverable schedule. Indicate any delays or issues encountered during the period. 2. Accomplishments: Indicate what was worked on and what was completed during the current reporting period. Also indicate the type of work activities that will start during the next reporting period. 3. Funds: Indicate the amount of funds expended during the current reporting period, and the cumulative total to date for the project. The vendor must revise/refine the project plan and submit it for approval within fifteen days from the date of the contract award. SPECIFIC DEPARTMENT STANDARDS: None. PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  This is a fixed-price, deliverables based contract. Payment will be made based on satisfactory acceptance of each deliverable.  All deliverables must have an acceptance document, signed by the MDIT project manager.  MDIT will pay Contractor upon receipt of properly completed invoices which shall be submitted to the Project Manager not more often than monthly.  All invoices should reflect deliverables completed by the invoice date, and must be approved by the MDIT Project Manager prior to payment.  All invoices shall: o Provide a list of completed and accepted deliverables and associated charges o State the status of the project o Reference the purchase order number  Payment shall be considered timely if made by the MDIT within thirty (45) days after receipt of properly completed invoices. AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES:  The MDIT Project Manager must approve all changes to dates, deadlines, and personnel.  The MDIT Project Managers must approve all changes to the project budget.  The State will provide the following resources for the contractors’ use on this project: o Work space o Software development tools o Minimal clerical support
    • o Desk o Telephone o PC workstation o Printer o Access to copiers and fax machine CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES:  All resources provided by the vendor will have the ability to communicate effectively in English. This includes both written and verbal communication.  MDIT may request that any individual proposed for this work be interviewed based on resumes provided by vendor and confirmed in writing by the PMO Manager  All work must comply with published MDIT standards  All reports and deliverables provided by the vendor will be delivered to the MDIT Project Manager and are subject to written approval prior to acceptance. LOCATION WHERE THE WORK IS TO BE PERFORMED: Consultants will work at MDOT facilities in the greater Lansing, Michigan area. EXPECTED CONTRACTOR WORK HOURS AND CONDITIONS: Work hours are not to exceed eight (8) hours a day, forty (40) hours a week. Normal working hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. are to be observed unless otherwise agreed to in writing. PROJECT CONTACTS: The designated MDIT project manager is: Viji Jayaraman Manager, MDOT IT Project Management Office 425 W. Ottawa P.O Box 30050 Lansing, Michigan 48909 Business Phone: (517) 241-5792 Email address: JayaramanV@michigan.gov The designated MDOT Project Manager is: Dan Murphy MDOT Automotive and Equipment Garage 2522 W. Main Street Lansing, Michigan 48917 Business Phone: 517-334-6039 murphyd2@michigan.gov The DIT Contract Administrator for this project is: Cindy Turben Michigan Department of Information Technology Constitution Hall, Atrium-South Tower 525 W. Allegan Street Lansing, Michigan 48913 Phone Number 517.335.6069 Fax Number 517.241.8852 turbenc@michigan.gov Approval: _____________________________ ________________ MDOT Business Owner Date
    • Approval: ________________________________ ________________ MDIT Project Manager Date Approval: ________________________________ _________________ MDOT Automation Manager Date Approval: ________________________________ _________________ MDOT Client Services Director Date