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  1. 1. NEWSLETTER PMI Central Iowa Chapter, PO Box 71396, Des Moines, Iowa 50325-8101 W elcome to the January 2010 edition of the PMI Central Iowa Chapter Newsletter. Call your board members with your constructive ideas and concerns about your local PMI chapter. Additional contact information is available at the chapter web site, SUMMARY  Membership View (page 2)  PMI-CIC Calendar at a Glance (page 2)  Karen Tate Brings: Introduction to Six Sigma Workshop to PMI-CIC (page 3)  Karen Tate Brings: What Leadership-Minded PMs Need to Know (page 5)  Brenda Clark Hamilton Brings: Key Leadership Principles (page 6)  PMP Exam Class Announced for Spring 2010 (page 7)  Welcome the 2010 PMI-Central Iowa Chapter Board of Directors (page 9)  Volunteer Opportunities (page 10) In aligning with the overall strategic plan for PMI, it is important to consider sustainability. All members are encouraged to think green prior to printing this newsletter and read it electronically if possible. PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism In project management. 1 of 10
  2. 2. Membership View  587 Active Members  367 members PMP certified, 10 CAPM certified  Congratulations to the below new PMPs Mr. Bradley Clark, PMP; Mr. Richard L Ritter, III, PMP, CAPM; Mr. Danny Floyd Williamson, PMP; Ms. Natalia Shevchenko, PMP; Ms. Glenda Gail Graf, PMP; Ms. Natasha Lee Schuchmann, PMP; Mr. Tim Walz, PMP; Ms. Lanae Rohwer, PMP; Mr. James Richard Pioch, PMP; Mr. Kevin G. Armstrong, PMP; Mr. My Nguyen, PMP; Mr. Chandra Sekhar Poludasu, PMP; Mr. David C. Ingram, PMP; Mr. Ranae L Calvert, PMP; Mr. Molly Dragert, PMP; Mr. kevin lee morris, PMP; Mrs. Mary Watt Lagnese, PMP; Ms. Joyce A Vance, PMP; Mr. Mark A Vander Linden, PMP; Mrs. Holly M Boggess, PMP; Mr. Jay Westercamp, PMP; Mrs. Linda J White, PMP; Mr. Adam J Frederick, PMP PMI-CIC Calendar at a Glance Mark your calendar with these upcoming events  Six Sigma Workshop o Presented by Karen Tate o January 20th & 21st  Keeping Tabs on Emotional Intelligence: What Leadership-Minded PMs Need to Know o January Chapter Luncheon Meeting o Presented by Karen Tate o January 21st  Fresh Perspective on Key Leadership Principles o February Chapter Meeting o Presented by Brenda Clark Hamilton o February 18th  PMP Prep Class – Spring 2010 o Starts on April 6th PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 2 of 10
  3. 3. Karen Tate Brings Introduction to Six Sigma Workshop to PMI-CIC The PMI Central Iowa Chapter is honored to sponsor “The Top Five Ways Six Sigma Complements Project Management” By Karen Tate, PMI Fellow, MBA, PMP The Project Management Institute (PMI®) defines project management as: The application of knowledge, skills tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Six Sigma, on the other hand, is defined in evolving terms. Many quality experts argue it is the most popular management methodology in history. For project managers, the advantages to learning about Six Sigma are numerous. It is a complementary methodology that offers a structured and disciplined process for solving business problems. In other words, it helps cross-functional project teams identify root causes behind process and quality issues that impact deliverables. It helps to ensure positive project outcomes by revealing problems that—if unaddressed—lead to delays, cost overruns and dissatisfied customers. And while the Six Sigma methodology is ideal for improving systems, it does not, on its own, address critical aspects of effective project management such as Planning, Execution, and Close- Out. When combined with a proven project management methodology, however, it serves to greatly improve the overall project management process for deliverables that meet expectations and better outcomes. Six Sigma is primarily for improvement projects. Management is often more concerned with the results of projects than the process of projects. Higher profitability – measured by lower costs, increased throughput, or a larger market share – is usually achieved through improved features or new products. Executives maintain focus on stock prices because they are rewarded on operational metrics. Sig Sigma contributes to project management success in many ways, but there are five overriding advantages it brings to the discipline. It enables you to: 1. Clearly define business goals: Six Sigma provides a way to objectively define the business goals of improvement projects, which will translate into financial benefits and attainable project objectives. 2. Bridge quality target and performance gaps: Six Sigma draws upon a powerful PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 3 of 10
  4. 4. analytical toolbox to identify the gap between quality targets and current performance. Project results will correspond more closely to desired performance metrics, increasing the chances of recognition for a job well done. 3. Improve and sustain performance: Six Sigma is a tried and true methodology for improving and sustaining performance of project deliverables (product, process, or service). It has the respect of the business community and is easily understood by senior management. 4. Meet quality objectives: Six Sigma provides a framework to achieve the objectives of the Quality Management section of the PMBOK. Project managers who verify that Six Sigma quality targets are clearly expressed in the project charter and in the quality management plan will be more successful and receive better support from management. 5. Safeguard operational results: Six Sigma provides a Product Life Cycle to follow during Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Closeout – no need to reinvent the wheel. Project Managers can use principles and techniques from Six Sigma to ensure the desired business or operational results are met. Together, Six Sigma and project management pack a one-two punch, which is the focus of the upcoming ―Introduction to Six Sigma Workshop‖ in January. Ideal for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, this workshop is the first stop on the path to combing powerful tools and techniques to effectively manage Six Sigma projects. Each participant will receive a workbook containing comprehensive information and Six Sigma tools to maximize retention: Define: Defining the Problem Measure: Data Collection and Sigma Table Analyze: Cause Analysis and Root Cause Improve: Generating Solutions Improve: Evaluating and Developing Solutions Control: Reviewing Results, Process Capability, and Standardizing Improvements Appendix: Includes Sigma Conversion Table, S.I.P.O.C. Diagram, CTQ Tree, Lean concepts, and application of Six Sigma/Total Quality tools to workshop exercises. Bibliography and Glossary The workshop format is ―hands-on‖ with minimal lecturing and engagement through small group exercises. For example, working in competing teams, participants will use a tabletop catapult to measure process variations, determine causes, and identify improvements to reduce those variations. Upon completion of the 1.5 day workshop, participants will earn 10.50 PDUs. PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 4 of 10
  5. 5. Date: Wednesday, January 20th & Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Materials: Each participant receives a workbook covering the core concepts, terminology, and a host of Six Sigma tools Location: Hotel Fort Des Moines 1000 Walnut Street, Des Moines Fee: PMI-CIC Members - $275 Non-Members - $375 PDUs: Attendees will earn 10.5 PDUs for the event Registration: Online at Karen Tate Brings: What Leadership-Minded PMs Need to Know Karen Tate will wrap her visit to the chapter at our January Chapter Luncheon Meeting with her session ―Keeping Tabs on Emotional Intelligence: What Leadership-Minded PMs Need to Know‖. Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Time: 11:15AM – 1:00 PM Location: Hotel Fort Des Moines 1000 Walnut Street, Des Moines Fee: PMI-CIC Members - $20 Non-Members - $30 Students - $10 PDUs: Attendees will earn 1PDU for the event Registration: Online at PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 5 of 10
  6. 6. Brenda Clark Hamilton Brings: Key Leadership Principles Brenda Clark Hamilton is a dynamic keynote speaker and workplace trainer who provides fresh perspectives in leadership, communication skills, team-building, and offering one’s best self to life, relationships, and career. A skilled and respected educator, Brenda’s career experiences include coordinating professional development for 1200 teachers, serving on the Iowa Department of Education’s Professional Development Stakeholders Group, and managing multiple projects as Professional Development Consultant for an Iowa education agency. Brenda holds a Master’s degree in English Education, has supervised student teachers for two Iowa colleges, and has taught numerous graduate-level courses for teachers. Since launching Fresh Coffee Professional Growth Programs in 2005, Brenda has become a frequent and much-lauded speaker at conferences, conventions, association meetings, and within workplaces in every field imaginable. Audiences are quick to note Brenda’s sense of humor, in- depth and timely knowledge, and skill at keeping an audience engaged throughout her presentations. They often use the words "practical" and "fun" to describe how Brenda provides them with concrete, usable strategies and combines presentation of content with audience interaction, which inevitably leads to funny, spontaneous moments. The content for Fresh Coffee presentations comes from Brenda’s everyday career and life experience combined with her ongoing study of how to maximize individual potential. ―I’m someone who really pays attention to how people live their lives, and I’m an avid reader of materials related to personal and professional growth. I’m always trying to come up with new ways to educate, intrigue, and challenge individuals to come up to the next level.‖ Brenda grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa, and she lives in Algona, Iowa, with her husband, Chris, and their three, school-age sons. She shares her home office with the family’s abandoned alley-cat, Hendricks, who Brenda refers to as the Certified Attitude Trainer (C.A.T.) of her Fresh Coffee office. She describes these five ―men‖ in her life as those who awaken her best self. PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 6 of 10
  7. 7. Brenda will be speaking at our dinner chapter on Thursday, February 18th about the research that supports Key Leadership Principles: • According to current research, what is the most powerful question you can ask your employees to determine if you have a strong and productive workplace? • What does the phrase, ―Co-workers will pay to punish slackers,‖ mean? • What is the Three in a Circle study, and what can it teach us about our attitudes? This informative, interactive session will answer these questions and introduce eight key principles of effective leadership, based on current research on the subject. You will see how these principles apply directly to your work and leave this session armed with practical strategies that can be implemented right away to make you a more confident and effective leader. Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2010 Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Location: Jordon Creek Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites 6075 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, IA (515) 309-3900 Directions Fee: PMI-CIC Members - $20 Non-Members - $30 Students - $10 PDUs: Attendees will earn 1PDU for the event Registration: Online at PMP Exam Class Announced for Spring 2010 PMI-CIC is pleased to announce Brad Aplin, PMP, will manage the Spring 2010 Project Management Professional Exam Prep Class. The class will take place on Tuesday evenings April 6th through June 1st. Classes will meet from 5:30-9:30 at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. More details and registration information will be available in an upcoming newsletter. Contact Brad Aplin with questions at or Pam Thomas at PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 7 of 10
  8. 8. Welcome the 2010 PMI Central Iowa Chapter Board of Directors Let’s welcome the 2010 PMI Central Iowa Chapter Board of Directors. Over the last several years, our chapter has made changes to our By-laws and made changes to the organizational structure, in an effort to meet our mission and goals. Driving our success is our volunteer leaders, and the need to increase the number of members who we serve. We can now honestly say that we are succeeding in having you, our members, stepping up to become volunteer leaders of our organization. As we can see in the organizational chart below, we are achieving our goal! We should all be proud of our chapter and the progress we continue to make in fulfilling our mission and continuing to deliver the positive impacts of Project Management in our communities. With all of our volunteer leaders and other volunteers of our chapter, we are well on our way to making 2010 a great year for our Chapter!! PMI-Central Iowa Chapter 2010 - Board of Directors ELECTED OFFICER POSITIONS Appointed PRESIDENT Director Positions Lyle Holman, PMP Other Appointed Director Director Positions Audit Strategic Planning pending Norm Veen, PMP Immediate Past Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President PRESIDENT Vice President President Communications & Membership & Operations Professional ELECT Treasury & Finance (Ex-Officio) Marketing Volunteerism Mark Havlieck, PMP Development Dave Gard, PMP Dave Hudson, PMP Jan Post, PMP Venkat Gupta, PMP Jim Keys, PMP Pam Thomas, PMP Director Director Director Director Director Membership Communications Logistics PDD Project Budgets Julie Andresen, PMP Kelley Peiper, PMP open pending Russ Cooner, PMP Director Director Director Director PDU/REP Marketing Volunteerism Records Management Natalia Ajit Kumar, PMP Open Patricia Cooper, PMP Shevchenko, PMP Director Director Director Project Manager – Newsletter Registration Programs C2S pending Anu Valluppara, PMP John Stein Katie Richards, PMP Project Manager Director Outreach & Director Technology PMP Prep Cass Public Relations Madhab Raj, PMP Brad Aplin, PMP Bruce Stone, PMP Director Project Manager Website CAPM Prep Class Pending open PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 8 of 10
  9. 9. POSITION EMAIL NAME Chapter President Lyle Holman, PMP VP of Communications Venkat Gupta, PMP & Marketing VP of Membership & Volunteerism Jim Keys, PMP VP of Operations Mark Havlicek, PMP VP of Professional Development Pam Thomas, PMP VP of Treasury & Finance Dave Hudson, PMP Immediate Past President Jan Willem Post, PMP President Elect Dave Gard, PMP PMI Central Iowa Chapter Appointed Positions POSITION EMAIL NAME Director of Audit Pending Director of Strategic Norm Veen, PMP Planning dir-communications@pmi- Director of Communications Kelly Peiper, PMP Director of Marketing Ajit Kumar, PMP Director of Newsletter Pending Director of Outreach & Public Bruce Stone, PMP Relations Director of Membership Julie Andresen, PMP Director of Volunteerism Open Program Manager, Katie Richards, PMP Collaborate to Succeed Director of Logistics Open Director of Records Patricia Cooper, PMP Management Director of Registration Anu Valluppara, PMP PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 9 of 10
  10. 10. Director of Technology Madhab Raj, PMP Director of Website Pending Director of PDD Pending Natalia Shevchenko, Director of PDU & REP PMP Director of Programs John Stein Project Manager, PMP Exam pm-pmp-workshop@pmi- Brad Aplin, PMP Prep Workshop Project Manager, CAPM Exam pm-capm-workshop@pmi- Open Prep Workshop Director of Project Budgets Russ Cooner, PMP Do you have the desire to get more involved with your Chapter? Become a Volunteer Leader! If you are interested or have questions regarding the below Open positions for 2010 titled below, please contact the Immediate Past President at: or for more information on the position descriptions, click here Open Positions Time Commitment Director of Volunteerism 5 – 10 hours / month Director of Logistics 5 – 10 hours / month Project Manager CAPM Preparation Class 30 hours PMI Headquarters: Central Iowa Chapter: Building professionalism in project management. 10 of 10