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  • 1. In-Depth How To: Project Delivery Life Cycle
    • Construction Management Phase
    • Presented by: Brenda Marcus
    • ODOT Contract Administration Unit
    • December 4, 2009
  • 2. Construction Management OVERVIEW ODOT is responsible for the proper expenditure of Federal funds on Local Agency transportation projects. ODOT is also responsible for assuring that the Local Agency provides adequate inspection and oversight to ensure the projects are completed in conformance with the contract requirements.
  • 3. Construction Management OVERVIEW The Construction Management duties are the responsibility of the Project Manager. The Project Manager can be an ODOT PM, a Consultant PM or a Local Agency PM. Be aware that the Consultant or Local Agency PM has the same responsibilities as an ODOT PM, but has no authority to approve contract changes, adjust contract time or approve contract payments – these remain with the Agency.
  • 4.
    • TOPICS
    • Before On-Site Work Begins
    • Construction Management of On-Site Work
    • Completion of On-Site Work
    • Project Closeout / Acceptance of Project
    4 Construction Management
  • 5. Construction Management BEFORE ON-SITE WORK BEGINS
    • There are many Construction Management / Contract Administration tasks that must be performed prior to Contractor beginning any On-Site Work. Section 00180.40(b) identifies the tasks the Contractor must have received or accomplished prior to beginning on-site work.
    • Tasks that the Project Manager must perform include, but are not limited to:
    • Hold the Pre-Construction Conference and Partnering Workshop (if requested)
    • Receive, review and approve the Contractor’s Quality Plan, Schedule, Traffic Control Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan and Pollution Control Plan ( CM - Chapter 11 ).
  • 6. Construction Management BEFORE ON-SITE WORK BEGINS
    • Set up the Project files. Identify the required quality documentation and complete the applicable Test Summary sheets. Meet with the Region Assurance Specialist (RAS) to review documentation requirements ( CM - Chapter 12 ).
    • Receive and submit required Training Plans to OCR for approval ( CM - Chapter 18 ).
    • If Steel Escalation/De-escalation provisions are included, receive the Contractor’s participation notice.
  • 7.
    • Once the Contractor commences work on the project, the Project Manager will need to issue First Notification, using the ODOT Notification of Commencement and Completion, form 734-3233 ( CM - Chapter 13 ).
    Construction Management ON-SITE WORK BEGINS Section 00180.50 of the project Special Provisions will identify the type of Contract Time applicable to the project – Calendar Day or Specified Completion Date. 7
  • 8. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
    • Inspectors must recording Project information on a daily basis using the General Daily Progress Report ( CM Chapter 12-A ).
    • All Project Inspectors must be certified through the ODOT Inspection Quality Assurance Program.
    As the Project work progresses, the Project Manager’s tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • 9.
    • The Project Manager is responsible for monitoring the Contractor’s Quality Control Program with one or more individuals who will perform the Quality Control Compliance Specialist (QCCS) function as defined in the Agency’s Quality Assurance Program.
    • The individual(s) fulfilling the QCCS role must be experienced and certified by the Agency’s Technician Certification Program for the specific discipline being monitored.
    Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
  • 10. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
    • Contract Administration:
    • Ensure the Contractor completes and submits the required Erosion Control, Turbidity and TP&DT Reports.
    • Ensure the Contractor obtains all required permits.
    • Ensure the Contractor submits all required quality documentation prior to incorporation of any materials into the Project. Pay close attention to Buy America Requirements if there are any Federal funds on the project.
    • Work must be measured and paynotes prepared to justify quantities of work performed for which payment is to be made ( CM - Chapter 12D ).
  • 11. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
    • Contract Administration:
    • Paynotes are entered into the Contract Payment System (CPS) ongoing throughout the month and progress estimate is completed by the 5th of each month ( CM - Chapter 25 ).
    • Ensure the Contractor submits the required Certified Payrolls for its employees, all Subcontractors and approved owner-operators of equipment. Project Manager must perform Certified Payroll reviews, Employee Interview Reports and Owner-Operator verifications ( CM - Chapter 19 ).
    • Record any changes to the Contract Plans on the As-Constructed Plans ( CM - Chapter 12-H ).
  • 12. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
    • Contract Administration:
    • Issue appropriate Contract Change Orders, after obtaining the required approvals, before affected work begins ( CM - Chapter 15 ).
    • Monitor project costs to ensure the Project authorization is not exceeded. If estimated costs will exceed the authorization, the PM must request and obtain proper approval for additional funding.
    • Perform interim Project inspection when Project is between 50% and 70% complete.
    • If the Project contains any ARRA funds, ensure Monthly ARRA Employment Reports are submitted by the Contractor, Consultant and/or Local Agency.
  • 13. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK
    • Contract Administration:
    • If Project contains interim completion dates, issue Second Notification for each interim date. Assess liquidated damages and issue Weekly Statement of Contract Time if work is performed beyond the interim completion date ( CM - Chapter 13 ).
    • Process any Contractor-submitted requests for adjustment of contract time or claims ( CM - Chapter 27 ).
    • Promptly resolve all discrepancies noted by the RAS during periodic project documentation reviews.
    • Complete the Prime Contractor Performance Evaluation annually, on the date of NTP, or within 60 days of issuance of final Second Notification.
  • 14. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK COMPLETED
    • When all On-Site Work is complete, issue Second Notification
    • Within 60 days of issuing Second Notification, complete the final Prime Contractor Performance Evaluation.
    • If the Project includes planting or seeding establishment, the Project Manger must ensure that the establishment work is accomplished, and payment for the work is made.
    • Once all work on the Project has been completed, including establishment work, the Project Manager and Area Manager must recommend acceptance of the Project by preparing a memo or a Recommendation of Project Acceptance form.
  • 15. Construction Management ON-SITE WORK COMPLETED
    • Project Acceptance: Within 90 days after issuance of Second Notification, the Project Manager is responsible for carrying out the following tasks to prepare the project for final acceptance by ODOT:
    • Final Project Documentation Submittal: The Project Manager is responsible for compiling the final project documentation and submitting to ODOT for review and acceptance, as guided by Chapter 37 of the ODOT Construction Manual:
            • All project quality and quantity documentation
            • Certified payrolls and labor compliance documentation
            • Project Narrative
            • As-Constructed Files
            • Right-of-Way Monumentation
            • All reports, warranties and required forms
  • 16. Construction Management PROJECT ACCEPTANCE Once all project documentation has been submitted and approved the Project Manager will be notified that Third Notification can be issued. Within 30 days of issuance of Third Notification, ODOT will make final payment to the Contractor, issue the project acceptance letter, and notify FHWA of project acceptance. ODOT is responsible for archiving the submitted project records according to the Secretary of State Retention Schedule. At this time the retention period for construction project records is 20 years. The Project manager is required to maintain the remaining project records until notified by ODOT that the records are eligible for destruction.
  • 17. Thank You !
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