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Learn more about the 19 awards

  1. 1. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Action for Boston Community Crestwood Children’s Center Development, Inc. 2075 Scottsville Road 178 Tremont Street Rochester, NY 14623 Boston, MA 02111 Mary Jo Brach, MGCE Project Manager Emily Shea, MGCE Project Manager & FRC Service Director MGCE VISTA Supervisor Tel: (585) 436-0370 x 312 ABCD Director of Elder Services Fax: (585) 436-0482 Tel: (617) 348-6340 E-mail: mbrach@hillside.com Fax: (617) 292-4631 E-mail: shea@bostonabcd.org Linda James, MGCE VISTA Supervisor Tel : (585) 436-0370 x 302 Focus: Grandparents Raising Fax: (585) 436-0482 Grandchildren E-mail: ljames@hillside.com The GRANDS Project demonstrates the Focus: Older Adults Raising capacity of volunteer-led and supported Grandchildren/ Parents with Special groups to provide a range of services to Needs Children grandparents raising grandchildren, moving beyond informal social support to incorporate This project will expand/document the delivery of respite care, parenting training SKIP Generations program, which provides and health promotion. older adults raising grandchildren with information, education, and support in the community. More older adult volunteer mentors will provide home-visiting services to older adults. Easter Seals Oregon Fairhill Partners 5757 SW Macadam Avenue 12200 Fairhill Road Portland, OR 97239-3765 Cleveland, OH 44120 Carol Cookson, Project Manager & Stephanie J. FallCreek, MGCE Project MGCE VISTA Supervisor Manager & MGCE VISTA Supervisor Director Money Management Program President/CEO Tel: (503) 552-9919 Tel: (216) 421-1350 x 111 Fax: (503) 228-1352 Fax: (216) 421-8874 E-mail: ccookson@or.easterseals.com E-mail: sfallcreek@fairhillcenter.org E-mail: sfallcreek@aol.com Focus: Older Adults Raising Grandchildren/ Parents with Special Elizabeth Cisek Needs Children/Frail Elderly Associate Director, Management Services Tel: (216) 421-1350 x 117 The Money Management Program is geared Fax: (216) 421-8874 towards low-income persons raising E-mail: ecisek@fairhillcenter.org grandchildren, persons who are guardians of individuals with special needs and frail Focus: Grandparents Raising elderly. Grandchildren.
  2. 2. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Project will document the Fairhill Partners model of paid and unpaid staff role sharing. Families and Children Together Knoxville-Knox County Community 304 Hancock Street, Suite 2B Action Committee Bangor, ME 04401 P.O. Box 51650 Knoxville, TN 37950-1650 Barbara Kates, MGCE Project Manager Director of Maine Kids-Kin Edna Eickman, MGCE VISTA Supervisor Tel: (207) 941-2347 x 31 Program Manager Fax: (207) 990-3316 Tel: (865) 524-2786 E-mail: bkates@mainekids-kin.org Fax: (865) 546-0832 E-mail: edna.eickman@knoxcac.org Jan Bisbee, MGCE VISTA Supervisor Tel: (207) 941-2347 Barbara H. Monty, MGCE Project E-mail: jbisbee@mainekids-kin.org Manager Director, Office on Aging Deb Chapman, WWT Co-Facilitator Tel: (865) 524-2786 144 Third Street Fax: (865) 546-0832 Bangor, ME 04401 E-mail: barbara.monty@knoxcac.org Tel: (207) 852-2214 E-mail: debchapman55@gmail.com Fred Massingill, Assistant Director Tel: (865) 524-2786 Focus: Extended Families Raising E-mail: fred.massingill@knoxcac.org Children/ Parents of Special Needs Children Focus: Extended Families Raising Children/ Parents of Special Needs Maine Kids-Kin support program for Children/Caregivers of Frail Elders grandparents uses both paid and volunteer staff to provide direct and administrative The Volunteer Advocacy Corps will provide services. Project will strengthen this model of educational and professional level services excellence, making it possible for other and support to the Grandparents as caregiver support programs to strengthen Parents Program. their use of older volunteers. 2
  3. 3. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Mather LifeWays New York City Dept. for the Aging 1603 Orrington, Suite 1800 2 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor Evanston, IL 60201 New York, NY 10007 Carla Windhorst, MGCE Project Manager Janice Chu, MGCE Project Manager Tel: (847) 492-6801 Tel: (212) 442-3174 Fax: (847) 492-7513 E-mail: jchu@aging.nyc.gov E-mail: cwindhorst@matherlifeways.com Leslie Ann Warren, MGCE VISTA Karen Kolb, MGCE VISTA Supervisor Supervisor Manager Community Engagement Director, Grandparent Resource Tel: (847) 492-7732 Center/DFTA E-mail: kkolb@matherlifeways.com Tel: (212) 442-1071 E-mail: Lwarren@aging.nyc.gov Dawn Lehman, Director, Workforce Strategies Griselle Olivo, Development Unit Tel: (847) 492-7435 Tel: (212) 676-0644 Fax: (847) 492-6789 E-mail: golivo-02@aging.nyc.gov E-mail: dlehman@matherlifeways.com Ishrat Taleb Focus: Grandparents Raising Director of Development Grandchildren Tel: (212) 442-0962 Fax: (212) 442-1383 GRANDFamilies Program provides a variety E-mail: italeb@aging.nyc.gov of services to reduce the strain of grandparenting. The goal is to enhance the Focus: Grandparents Raising support group program by engaging older Grandchildren/Parents of Special Needs adult volunteers in the development, Children Caregivers of Frail Adults promotion, implementation of a self-help education program, Empowering Grandparent Support Group Program Grandparents Raising Grandkids, for low- Model is autonomous support groups income grandparents established and led by grandparent caregivers. More than 800 persons have been trained as support group leaders and created community-based coalitions. Partners In Care Roper St. Francis Foundation/ 6 South Ritchie Highway Lowcountry Senior Center Pasadena, Maryland 21122 125 Doughty Street, Suite 790 Charleston, SC 29403 Barbara Huston, MGCE Project Manager President/CEO Elizabeth Bernat, MGCE Project Manager Tel: (410) 544-4800 & MGCE WWT Supervisor Fax: (410) 421-9105 Executive Director E-mail: barbarahuston@partnersincare.org Tel: (843) 762-9555 Fax: (843) 762-7116 Joyce Cavey, Grants Coordinator E-mail: Elizabeth.bernat@rsfh.com 3
  4. 4. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Tel: (410) 544-4800 Fax: (410) 421-9105 Ann Weston Sass E-mail: joycecavey@partnersincare.org Grants Development Officer Tel: (843) 789-1614 Sandra Jackson, VISTA Supervisor Fax: (843) 724-2820 (Transportation VISTA) E-mail: anne.sass@rsfh.com Linda Dennis, Warm Houses VISTA Focus: Help to Frail Elderly/Respite Care Focus: Help to Frail Elderly This wellness model promotes a holistic This project will engage large numbers of view, including physical, intellectual, volunteers to support older, disabled adults emotional, spiritual, social and vocational and caregivers using service-exchange/time- wellness. The cornerstone is evidence- banking. based health promotion interventions. It relies heavily on volunteers who are integrated into daily center operations. Senior Services St. Mary’s Senior Companion Program 2208 2nd Avenue, Suite 100 P.O. Box 1628 Seattle, WA 98121 Grand Junction, CO 81502-1628 Cara Rice, MGCE Project Manager & Jacquelyn Pipe, MGCE Project Manager & MGCE VISTA Supervisor MGCE WWT Supervisor Tel: (206) 727-6216 Tel: (970) 263-9092 x 4 Fax: (206) 448-5766 Fax: (970) 263-9084 E-mail: carar@seniorservices.org E-mail: Jacque.pipe@stmarygj.org Gregory Townsend, Tamara Vliek Program Manager SCP Program Coordinator Caregiver Outreach & Support Tel: (970) 263-9092 Tel: (206) 727-6226 Fax: (970) 263-9084 Fax: (206) 448-5766 E-mail: tamara.vliek@stmarygj.org E-mail: gregoryt@seniorservices.org Focus: Help to Frail Elderly and Focus: Help to Frail Elderly Caregivers Grandparents/Relatives Raising Children The Senior Companion Program is an Caregiver Outreach and Support Program award-winning volunteer program using and Kinship Care Program served over 6,000 outcome-based performance planning to clients in 2007. This project will broaden the recruit, train and retain highly dedicated ability to meet caregiver needs with the senior volunteers. They enhance addition of well-trained, well integrated independence of elderly through respite volunteer advocates. Cultivating the next care, shopping, transportation, errands and generation of older volunteers. socialization, connecting with community services. 4
  5. 5. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Fifty Forward Living at Home Services Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey 174 Rains Avenue 253 Chestnut Street Nashville, TN 37203 Toms River, NJ 08753 Adrienne Lippard, Director Lynette Whiteman, Executive Director Tel: (615) 743-3419 Tel: (732) 505-2273 x 206 Fax: (615) 743-3480 Fax: (732) 505-5445 E-mail: alippard@fiftyforward.org E-mail: actprogram@msn.com Focus: Caregivers of Frail Elderly Focus: Caregivers of Frail Elderly Living at Homes Services components This program assists the disabled and include care management, adult day homebound elderly with daily tasks to allow services, and senior companion and respite them to live safely and independently in caregivers. They will host a volunteer their own homes, reducing the risk for summit and start an Advisory Council. institutionalization. It uses a model of intergenerational volunteering. Senior Friendship Centers Mountain Projects, Inc. 1888 Brother Geenen Way 2251 Old Balsam Rd Sarasota, FL 34236 Waynesville, NC 28786 Dennis Stover, VP Resource Development Victoria Young, Project Director Tel: [941) 556-3224 Tel: (828) 452-2370 x 2815 Fax: (941) 954-6066 Fax: (828) 452-6761 E-mail: dstover@seniorfriendship.com E-mail: vyoung@mountainprojects.org Nancy Hobson, Senior Program Director Yvonne Gold, Project Coordinator Tel: (941) 955-2122 Tel: (828) 452-2370 x 2813 Fax: (941) 954-6066 Fax: (828) 452-6761 E-mail: nhobson@seniorfriendship.com E-mail: jgold@mountainprojects.org Focus: Caregivers of Frail Elderly Focus: Help to Frail Elderly The goal of this project is to replicate their The Haywood Community Connections “Pathways to Engagement: Creating program addresses issues of long-term care Caregiver Supports” program across the and supportive services system through the national through a virtual platform. use of Senior Resource Teams and a Senior Leadership Program. Northshore Senior Center United Way of Westmoreland County 10201 E. Riverside Drive Bothell, WA 98011-3708 Bobbi Watt Geer, Project Manager Tel: [724] 834-7170 x 30 Lee Harper, Director Fax: [724] 837-1614 Tel: [425] 286-1032 E-mail: bobbi@unitedway4u.org 5
  6. 6. NCOA Multigenerational/Civic Engagement Grantees Fax: [425] 485-4954 Dana Bauer, VP, Community E-mail: leeh@seniorservices.org Investments Focus: Caregivers of Frail Elderly Focus: Caregivers of Frail Elderly The Family Caregiver Support Program The United Way “Faith in Action” program incorporates evidence-based wellness recruits, trains, and matches volunteers programs into its core services and self- with older adult clients who need services directed volunteer teams. New programs will such as transportation and escorts to be added and new volunteer teams reaching medical appointments, grocery shopping, out to minority and low income families. visits, and minor home maintenance. This model is unique in that, instead of developing very small, separately incorporated agencies to deliver the services, the United Way has served as the back office incubator for four new sites in its service area. Supportive Older Women’s Network (SOWN) 4100 Main Street, Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19127 Merle Drake, Executive Director Tel: [215] 487-3000 Fax: [215] 487-3111 E-mail: www.sown.org Focus: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren The grandparent program reaches families primarily in low income, at-risk communities. Many of the grandchildren have special needs. SOWN’s program helps grandmothers gain strength, advocate for the children n their care, and support one another to continue in this stressful yet essential role. Support services include community based support groups, telephone support groups, computer training, one-on- one counseling, and educational parenting workshops at the GrandFamily Resource Center. 6