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    • JSC Systems Engineering Development Initiatives Jason Nelson JSC Human Resources Development
      • Summary
        • There are a number of activities underway at JSC in Systems Engineering Development.
          • JSC Space Systems Engineering Development Program (SSEDP)
          • Centerwide Curriculum Strategy/APPEL Systems Engineering Training
          • Academia/University Activities
          • JSC Engineering Academy
      • JSC Space Systems Engineering Development Program (SSEDP)
      • 18 month development program beginning in October 2008
      • 26 students competitively selected from Engineering, Program Offices, and Project Offices. Target audience is employees who are 1-2 years from serving in a lead systems engineering role on a major project (Orion, EVA, etc.)
      • Curriculum partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology
      • Surveyed and benchmarked other Centers’ SE development programs
      • - Goddard Spaceflight Center – Systems Engineering Education Development (SEED)
      • - Glenn Research Center – Space Mission Excellence Program (SMEP)
      • - Ames Research Center – Ames Project Excellence Program (APEX)
      • - Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Systems Engineering Advancement (SEA)
    • JSC Systems Engineering Curriculum
      • Communication/Personal Effectiveness
      • Leadership Skills for Managing Crucial Conversations
      • Leadership
      • Leading Through Influence
      • Project Management
      • Advanced Project Management
      • Core
      • Advanced Systems Engineering
      • In-Depth
      • Innovative Design for Engineering Applications
      Project Systems Engineer
      • Communication/Personal Effectiveness
      • Communicating Technical Issues†
      • Dynamics of Daily Negotiations
      • Leadership
      • Management of Space Technology Programs †
      • Influencing Others: The Leader’s Toolkit
      • Leading Through Influence
      • Seminar in Leadership
      • Project Management
      • Leading Complex Projects†
      • Core
      • Applied Space Systems Engineering
      • NPR 7123.1A Overview ‡
      • NASA Systems Engineering Handbook ‡
      • In-Depth
      • Requirements Development and Management
      • Risk Management†
      • Space Launch & Transportation Systems
      • Continuous Risk Management
      • Developing a Systems Engineering Management Plan
      • Space System Verification & Validation
      • Transition, Product Delivery, and Mission Operations
      • Decision Analysis
      • Concept Exploration & System Architecting
      • Exploration Systems and Space Operations
      • Innovative Engineering Design
      Subsystem Lead
      • Communication/Personal Effectiveness
      • Technical Writing for Engineers
      • Team Membership
      • Communication Skills for the Technical Professional
      • Leadership
      • Team Leadership
      • Situational Leadership
      • Assessing Your Leadership Skills
      • Crossing Department Lines
      • Crossroads
      • Project Management
      • Introduction to Project Management
      • Art of Project Management
      • Project Planning, Analysis, and Control
      • Core
      • Lifecycle, Processes, & Systems Engineering
      • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
      • Introduction to Aerospace
      Technical Engineer or Project Member Supplemental Classes Systems Engineering Curriculum Proficiency Level
    • JSC Systems Engineering Behavioral and Leadership Competencies
    • JSC Systems Engineering Technical Acumen and Processes
      • APPEL provides core and in-depth systems engineering training for JSC and other Centers.
      • In FY ‘08, JSC conducted 8 APPEL Systems Engineering courses with total participation of 183 employees
      • Anticipated APPEL Systems Engineering courses for FY ‘09:
      • - Decision Analysis
      • - Requirements Development & Management
      • - Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
      • - Developing & Implementing a Systems Engineering Management Plan
      • - Space Launch and Transportation Systems
      • - Transition, Product Delivery, and Mission Operations
      • - Space System Verification & Validation
      • - Concept Exploration and System Architecting
      Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL)
      • Academia/Universities
        • Stevens Institute of Technology Pilot (2007-2008)
          • Participated in Space Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate and Masters Programs targeted for space systems applications
          • (8 participants)
          • Very well received for a number of factors including quality of instructors with real-world experience and expertise in space domain, curriculum content and format, and APPLICATION of classroom training to on-the-job projects.
        • University of Texas
          • Providing input into curriculum for Master’s in System Design
        • Systems Engineering capability needs assessment underway to determine SE skills needed to be incorporated into graduate and undergraduate programs in Systems Engineering (i.e. University of Houston, UT)
        • Other Academic Pilot Programs
          • Participated in pilot program at University of Southern California
          • (15 participants)
          • Participated in pilot program at California Institute of Technology
          • (24 participants)
    • Discipline Knowledge System Engineering Project Management Leadership Engineering Mentoring & Knowledge Sharing Engineering Foundation Engineering Academy Development Model Senior Leader Manager First Line Supervisor Influence Leader Program Manager Large Project Manager Major Subsystem or Project Manager Small Project Team Member Small Project SE&I Team Member Major Subsystem or Project SE&I Leader Large Project SE&I Leader Program SE&I Leader Professional Knowledge Mastery of Specialty Area Authority in the Field Multi-disciplinary Authority
      • Engineering Academy Systems Engineering Initiatives
        • Four Divisions of Engineering participated in an SE Capabilities Needs Assessment
          • Critical capability needs identified included application of knowledge in:
          • - System Environments - Requirements Management
          • - System Architecture - Interface Management
          • - Technical Requirements Definition - Configuration Management
          • - Product Implementation - Technical Data Management
          • - Product Integration - Technical Assessment
          • - Product Verification - Leadership
          • - Product Validation - Communication
          • - Operations
        • Developing a Just-In-Time training curriculum for Systems Engineering/Project Management
        • Knowledge Management through continuous learning
          • Brown Bag Lunch and Learns/Technical Talks – learn from the experts
          • Case Studies - under consideration