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CPMR Student Program
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CPMR Student Program

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  • 1.
    • Center for Program/Project Management Research
    • Student Programs
    • Presented at the
    • 1 st Annual CPMR Fellows Conference
    • Presented by
    • Tina M. Chindgren
    • January 2005
  • 2. CPMR Student Programs
      • How can students learn about their discipline while incorporating program/project management concepts in their training?
  • 3.
    • CPMR Requirements Definition Workshop in December 2003
      • Eight graduate students invited
      • Representing science, engineering, business and education disciplines
      • Anticipated their involvement would expose them to cutting edge research opportunities in their field of study, as well as some of the top practitioners and researchers
      • Expected that the students would bring fresh insights and innovative ideas that could influence the selection of the research objectives
    History of Student Participation at CPMR
  • 4.
    • “ CPMR is critical to student development ”
    • CPMR can:
      • Provide a network and opportunity for interdisciplinary connections
      • Advocate for interdisciplinary work, i.e. university course flexibility, especially in engineering
      • Potentially guide students to internships or assistantships
      • Advocate for long-term, national space goals and projects
    • “ Recommend the establishment of a CPMR Student Council ”
    Student Reactions and Recommendations
  • 5. Student Program Activities 2004-2005
      • Offer an internship to a graduate student to provide stewardship for Student Programs
      • Create and facilitate a Student Council to foster student involvement in CPMR
      • Establish Student Council Charter and elect a Student Council Chairperson
      • Convene Student Council Meeting at CPMR Fellows Conference (January 2005)
        • Review research findings
        • Conduct Student Council business meeting
        • Provide feedback to CPMR and APPL
      • Other activities
        • Contribute to education journals
        • Participate in NASA GSFC PM Challenge Conference 2005
        • Establish partnerships with other student organizations
      • = Completed action
      • = In progress
  • 6. CPMR Student Council (CSC)
    • CSC Mission
    • Provides ideas and feedback to CPMR and serves as a liaison between students and CPMR. Emphasis is placed on representing student scholarship and student developmental needs in the program/project management arena.
  • 7. CSC Primary Functions
    • Liaison between the graduate student community and CPMR
    • Pursue learning opportunities for graduate students in the program/project management arena
    • Provide ideas and feedback to CPMR that contribute to mission accomplishment
  • 8. CSC Operating Functions
    • Virtual student council
    • Nominations for steering committee, general membership is open
    • Chairperson determined by majority vote and serves as primary interface with CPMR management and Student Programs
    • Two-year terms with a third of the council membership rotating
    • Annual meeting at the CPMR Fellows Conference and periodic teleconferences
  • 9. CSC Members
    • Founding Members
    • Alicia Aitken
      • University of Technology at Sydney
    • Tina Chindgren
      • Virginia Tech
    • Vinit Desai
      • University of California at Berkeley
    • Karen Marais
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Melissa Sampson
      • University of Colorado at Boulder
    • Brian Sauser
      • Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Steering Committee
    • Alicia Aitken
      • University of Technology at Sydney
    • Tina Chindgren
      • Virginia Tech
    • Jacqueline Delaney
      • The George Washington University
    • Vinit Desai
      • University of California at Berkeley
    • Melissa Sampson
      • University of Colorado at Boulder
    • Marcus Seiler
      • The George Washington University
  • 10. CSC Business Meeting Agenda for January 2005
      • Ratify CSC Charter
        • Mission, functions, composition, meetings, and action plan
      • Reflect on lessons learned from Fellows’ research
      • Identify Student Council activities the Council will pursue
        • Facilitate internships, summer work, and co-op learning opportunities
        • Create a secure website as an information clearinghouse
  • 11.
    • Thank you.
    • Please contact me with suggestions
    • or if you would like more information:
    • Tina M. Chindgren [email_address]