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Construction Project Manager Engineer

  1. 1. For for more Sample Engineering Resumes go to - Customer #6 PROFILE Construction/Mechanical Project Manager and Engineer with over 25 years of experience including recent projects in the power industry. Expert at problem-resolution and planning and managing projects from inception through completion. Experienced in supervising all levels of technicians, engineers, and craft and in building relationships with international teams of managers and staff. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Areas of expertise comprise the following: Project and Site Management Turbines and Rotating Equipment Supervision Installation and Commissioning Planning and Development Repair and Maintenance Construction Projects Outages PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Company A., Boise, ID January 2004 - Present Brought in as a technical advisor and specialist in turbines and rotating equipment to provide project management and engineering support. Provided technical assistance, quality control, and direction to craft in relation to the systems, turbines, and rotating equipment from installation through commissioning and release to the client. Coordinated craft needs for both construction and commissioning to keep mechanical projects on schedule and within budget. Advised senior executives and the Corps of Engineers on staffing and equipment requirements. Planned, prioritized, and staffed projects at the site level. Projects totaled approximately $400M with $225M for turbine and related work. Projects: US Army Base, Camp Diamondback, Mosul, Iraq Project Manager (December 2004) Oversaw construction of camp from ground breaking to client acceptance. Installed utilities, defenses, offices, and quarters for 60-person man camp. Project budget was approximately $240K (included in above total) and was completed on time and within budget. Mosul Power Station, Mosul, Iraq Assistant Project Manager/ Mechanical Lead (September 2004 – November 2004) Acting project and site manager over 14 expat personnel and 28 Iraqi mechanics in the rebuild of one and top case of two GE Frame V gas fired turbines. Mullah Abdullah Power Station, Mullah Abdullah (Kirkuk), Iraq Assistant Project Manager/ Mechanical Lead (March 2004 – August 2004) Managed 62 expat personnel and 94 Iraqi mechanics and craft in the replacement of three GE Frame V gas fired turbines and top casing of two GE Frame V and one Frame VI turbines. Oversaw construction of utilities, offices, defenses, and quarters for 280-person man camp. • Contributed to team in being first to restore electrical operations to Iraq by bringing 8+ turbines on-line in Mullah and Baiji. Baiji I Power Project, Baiji, Iraq
  2. 2. Field Engineer/Mechanical Superintendent, Turbines and Rotating Equipment (January 2004 – February 2004) Supervised and provided TA/QC for the new installation of support systems and gas/oil fired turbines. Project included seven GE LM2500 gas/oil fired and one Vulcan Amp turbine. Supervised 18 expats and 72 Iraqi mechanics and craft.
  3. 3. Company B, Everett, MA February 2001 – December 2003 Mechanical Superintendent, Turbines and Rotating Equipment Supervised the new construction of two MHI 300M steam and four MHI 250M gas turbines. Provided technical support, quality control, and direction to staff in relation to turbines and rotating equipment for installation through commissioning and release to client. Oversaw work of approximately 110 millwrights, 20 electricians, 40 pipe fitters, and up to 25 ironworkers. Managed and directed mechanical subcontract work including equipment and contract evaluation. Assumed responsibility for increased scope of project to include completion of ACC’s, boilers, and piping. Completed all work within scope on schedule and within budget. Complete project budget totaled approximately $2.3B, peaked at 4000+ craftsmen, and took approximately 750,000 man-hours from start to finish for the turbine/systems and rotating equipment teams. Company C June 2000 – December 2000 Craft Supervisor (CLS) Directed up to 25 craft and provided technical assistance and quality control to assure projects were completed on time and within budget. Scope of project included the removal and replacement (R&R) of high, low, and intermediate pressure units (HP, IP, LP) and governor and throttle valves along with complete generator inspection. Conducted turbine outage for a Westinghouse 800M, dual LP turbine in Coalstrip, MT, and for a Westinghouse 900M, dual LP turbine in Oswego, NY (included both LP units). Performed regular outage and maintenance, overhauls, and component repairs according to work schedule set by Westinghouse. Company D, Marathon, Ontario March 2000 – May 2000 CLS Directed turbine outage for GE 60M. Scope of work included standard refit on single unit. Company E, Terrace Bay, Ontario January 2000 – February 2000 CLS Supervised 60M turbine outage. Project scope included standard refit. Company F, Bowater Resources, Thunder Bay, Ontario October 1999 – December 1999 General Foreman (GF) Managed recovery boiler refit, wet-end overhaul, layboy changeover, and chip handling overhaul. Company G, Windsor, Ontario August 1999 – September 1999 GF Oversaw the new construction of Auto Tac body (LS, RS) assembly line including the layout, alignment, and installation of all jig skids, robotics, and power-free rail. Company H, Spruce Falls, Ontario May 1999 – July 1999 GF Provided supervision for the Hydro Turbine rebuild and generation upgrade. Responsible for the R&R of 13M Vertical Hydro turbine/generator, complete rebuild, and inspection and repair of cal stocks and penstocks. Company J, Mission Island, Thunder Bay, Ontario February 1999 – April 1999 GF, Construction Supervised the power boiler and 150M steam turbine refit. Complete project involved boiler, tube repairs, north wall lower manifold replacement, overhaul of coal feeder systems, crushers, soot blowers, fly ash system, and turbine.
  4. 4. Company K, Dofasco #4 Furnace Reline, Hamilton, Ontario June 1998 – December 1998 GF Performed major refit of rotating equipment and mechanical components within the furnace/fume system to meet specifications and tolerances. Company L., Thunder Bar, Ontario April 1996 – December 1997 Steamplant Engineer As the dedicated Steamplant Engineer, engineered and coordinated capital projects and maintenance upgrades. Responsible for project development, equipment selection, contractor evaluations, and supervision. Also performed equipment costing and labor estimation for fiscal budget (approx. $62M for 1998). High profile projects included the fume scrubber expansion (approx. $17M) and the refit of the ABB experimental fluid bed combustor (approx. $4M). Previous Professional Experience 1970 – 1996 Experienced in the pulp and paper, fossil fuels, and hydroelectric industries as local 1151 millwright and machine fitter in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Shutdown priority projects included the following: • Nine paper machine upgrades/replacements for Beloit and Velmet. • Eleven boiler rebuilds for ABB Combustion and B&W. • Three gas (combustion) turbines, seven steamers, two co-gens (Westinghouse), and several hydro turbines. Additional projects: • Steel plants, smelting and rolling, Stelco, and Dofasco (Hamilton). • Auto plants for Chrysler (Windsor, Bramalee), Ford (Windsor, Oakville, St. Thomas), and GM (St. Threse). EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS Mechanical Engineering Diploma program, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 9 credits remaining Laser alignment certified, Rotaline, Hyatt Industries, Ltd., April 2000 OSHA Instructor’s Certification – Safety in Heavy Rigging, Construction Safety Association of Ontario, 1982 Construction Millwright, Class A (#426A-196/71149), Ministry of Education, 1976 Strong background in pressure vessel welding fabrication and procedures. Formerly held welding certifications (pressure vessels) through Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations COMPUTER SKILLS AutoCAD 12 and 14, MathCAD, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Project, and Scheduler CLEARANCES U.S. resident and Canadian citizen Registered US Army Contractor U.S. forces base and transport clearances equal to U.S. citizen Processed, screened, and cleared (January 29, 2004 – January 29, 2005 for Washington International) as a U.S. National for Army contractor purposes