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Company Description.doc

  1. 1. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 EXHIBIT C – PART I PRODUCTS AND SERVICES EXHIBIT C – PART I PRODUCTS AND SERVICES......................................................1 A.Short Company Description.........................................................................................1 B.List and Short Description of Products and Services...................................................2 B.1. Appraisals.............................................................................................................3 B.2. Consulting............................................................................................................4 B.3. Studies..................................................................................................................5 B.4. Training................................................................................................................5 A. Short Company Description AgileDigm, Incorporated is a process focused consulting company that provides consulting, training, studies, and appraisals for organizations that build, acquire or procure software-intensive systems. AgileDigm (pronounced ’agile, dime’) supports an agile paradigm for process improvement. AgileDigm, Inc. is a woman-owned, veteran- owned, emerging small independent provider of process improvement and management consulting services for domestic United States and international clients. Our staff has been working in process improvement since 1987 helping organizations improve and mature their key business processes. We are confident that we will provide the level of quality support that NC3A requires. AgileDigm, Incorporated is a Partner of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. SEI Partners and their staff undergo a rigorous selection, training, and authorization process. Successful candidates are licensed by the SEI to deliver the Institute’s technologies. AgileDigm, Incorporated is licensed and has all rights and responsibilities associated with delivering the CMMI Product Suite including formal Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPIsm) appraisals and the official Introduction to CMMI and the People CMM® Product Suite worldwide including the official Introduction to People CMM. Many of our consultants have been trained and are experienced in the use of PRINCE21. Several of our consultants have taught Project Management Institute (PMI) authorized project management training courses covering topics from the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Our consultants are recognized around the world, having worked with clients in over 20 countries to improve their processes. Our consultants have unique expertise in implementing and interpreting the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®), from helping clients move from Maturity Level 1 to Level 5 using both the CMM and CMMI. Our international, expert consultants and authors are often invited to speak at conferences. Most importantly, many of our consultants have worked with NATO and NC3A in the past. sm SCAMPI is a service mark of Carnegie Mellon University 1 PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) was developed and is maintained by UK Office of Government Commerce. G CMMI, CMM, and Capability Maturity Model are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  2. 2. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 B. List and Short Description of Products and Services AgileDigm, Incorporated provides the following products and services related to the following BOA Categories as shown in Table 1. The first column shows the BOA Categories from the Bidder’s List Criterium Selection Page that best match AgileDigm Services and Products. The second and third columns contain Services and Products that we believe match the BOA category. There is overlap between the BOA Categories and associated services and products. BOA Categories Services Products Management Advisory Appraisals Training Services o Risk Appraisals o Fundamentals of Process o Business o Baseline Appraisals Improvement Management o Formal CMMI/SCAMPI o Why Invest in Process o Corporate Appraisals Improvement? Management o Process Definition and o Project Consulting Development Management o Process and Method o Introduction to CMMI® Consulting o Agile Development with o Mentoring CMMI® Studies o Action Planning Workshop o Reports o Quantitative Thinking – High o White Papers Maturity Workshop o Surveys o SCAMPI Appraisal Team o Quantitative Data Member Course o Questionnaire Results o Custom Courses Human Resources Appraisals Training Services o Risk Appraisals o Introduction to People CMM® o Human Resource o Baseline Appraisals o Organizational Training Development o Formal P-CMM Program Development Appraisals o Custom Courses Consulting Studies o Process and Method o Reports Consulting o White Papers o Mentoring o Surveys o Quantitative Data o Questionnaire Results Vocational Training Appraisals Training o In-service Training o Risk Appraisals o Introduction to CMMI® o Manpower o Baseline Appraisals o Introduction to People CMM® Development Studies o Specific Process Area o Reports Courses o White Papers o Agile Development with o Surveys CMMI® o Custom Courses o Quantitative Data o Questionnaire Results NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  3. 3. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 Table 1: BOA Categories and associated AgileDigm Products and Services The following sections contain a brief description of each of the products and services shown in Table 1. A more detailed description of each service and product is available upon request. Please note that the appraisals and training courses listed represent the primary products and services; additional appraisals and courses are also available along with customized products and services. B.1.Appraisals AgileDigm, Incorporated provides a number of different types of appraisal services. These appraisal services include formal appraisals and less formal appraisals. An appraisal performed by an external appraiser or team is a fundamental concept in process improvement. The primary goal of these activities is to provide an expert review and analysis of an organization’s processes and behaviors when compared to a benchmark or standard. Appraisal usage includes both internal process improvement appraisals and external capability evaluations. An appraisal or evaluation will result in a work product, often either a presentation and/or a report. The format of these work products will depend on the needs of the sponsor. All of our appraisal services can be used as either internal process improvement appraisals or external capability evaluations. For NC3A the difference would be: o Internal process improvement appraisals used as part of an internal improvement program to help NC3A improve and mature their key business processes. o External capability evaluations used to select suppliers, to monitor suppliers against their contract, or to determine and enforce contract incentives. Our appraisal services include: o Risk Appraisals. This is a structured approach that uses real-world risk categories, factors, cues, and mitigations specific to the type of project or organization-level group being assessed. We provide specific risk appraisals for acquisition projects, development projects, process improvement projects, training programs, and human resource organizations. These appraisals include a planning phase, an on-site phase, and a reporting phase. o Baseline Appraisals. This approach is used to identify the gaps between current process definition and implementation within a project, organization, or organizational group when compared to a reference model. Reference models most often used by AgileDigm include the CMMI, People CMM, PRINCE2, and PMI’s PMBOK. Our techniques can and have been used with many other models and standards. At the conclusion of the appraisal, we will conduct a presentation with strengths and weaknesses (recommended areas of improvement) as compared to the selected reference model. These strengths and weaknesses often form the basis of an organization’s process improvement program. If required, a final report summarizing the appraisal and capturing all artifacts – plans, presentations, findings, etc. – will be prepared. Note that the source of all data provided by individuals or a project is kept confidential. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  4. 4. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 o Formal CMMI/SCAMPI Appraisals (Class A). This is a formal appraisal of a development or acquisition organization using the CMMI as a reference model. An organization seeking to recognize or advertise a formal CMMI maturity level rating must use a SCAMPI Class A Appraisal to evaluate its processes. This approach leverages trained internal team members to evaluate organizational maturity. Final findings from the appraisal may contain the Maturity Level Rating, as well as descriptions of strengths and opportunities for improvement for each process area within the appraisal’s scope. Our SCAMPI approach consists of periodic site visits to provide required training and a formal appraisal. Our SCAMPI Class A Appraisals are performed in accordance with the Software Engineering Institute’s SCAMPI A, Version 1.2: Method Description Document. The CMMI Class A Appraisal process is broken into three phases: 1. Plan and Prepare for Appraisal 2. Conduct the Appraisal 3. Report Results Each phase consists of a standard set of activities that are tailored to the needs of the organization being appraised. The Lead Appraiser works with the sponsor and an assigned internal coordinator to initiate appraisal planning and to tailor this process. o Formal People CMM Appraisals. This is a formal appraisal of an organization using the People CMM as a reference model. This approach leverages trained internal team members to evaluate organizational maturity. Final findings from the appraisal may contain the Maturity Level Rating, as well as descriptions of strengths and opportunities for improvement for each process area within the appraisal’s scope. Our approach consists of periodic site visits to provide required training and a formal appraisal. Our SCAMPI Class A Appraisals are performed in accordance with the Software Engineering Institute’s SCAMPI A, Version 1.2: Method Description Document. The CMMI Class A Appraisal process is broken into three phases: 1. Plan and Prepare for Appraisal 2. Conduct the Appraisal 3. Report Results Each phase consists of a standard set of activities that are tailored to the needs of the organization being appraised. The Lead Appraiser works with the sponsor and an assigned internal coordinator to initiate appraisal planning and to tailor this process. B.2.Consulting AgileDigm, Incorporated provides consulting in acquisition, development, process improvement, training, and human resources. Use of a consultant enables projects and organizational groups to execute their improvement programs more quickly and NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  5. 5. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 more directly than if they had to reinvent the consultant’s experience. Leveraging industry knowledge shortens the time to develop their deliverables, enables them to build effective deployment programs, and helps establish programs focused on measurable business goals. o Process and Method Consulting. In our consulting activities, our experienced staff works with your process teams, staff, managers, and executives throughout the entire process improvement lifecycle. We work with your staff to ensure that processes support your organizational culture and management style. Our primary consulting activities include: o Planning and Process Definition Working Sessions o Review of Plans, Status, and Measurement Results o Review of Process Documentation and Process Assets o Deployment Planning and Process Rollout o Providing Examples of Industry Practices. o Mentoring. In mentoring sessions, our senior staff works directly with your executives, managers, and staff one-on-one to help improve their efficiency in acquisition, development, procurement, process improvement, training and human resources. We work with a mentoring checklist to identify proven approaches that best fit your organizational culture and management style. B.3.Studies AgileDigm, Incorporated can conduct various studies for NC3A that provide information to structure new or ongoing initiatives. The purpose of these studies is to explore, develop, and (where applicable) share ideas within NC3A in order to help structure the discussion of issues of relevance to workforce development and organizational performance. AgileDigm, Incorporated can conduct a range of special studies that incorporate our management consulting practices (such as program reviews and mentoring) with structured engineering techniques (such as operational analysis, statistics, and productivity assessments). The information produced from these studies can be used to deliver practical solutions to management, technical, and administrative challenges in order to achieve higher performance and organizational capability. Our studies often review and report on current trends and issues facing organizations today in the areas of business management, acquisition, technology, and human resources. Studies may be requested before an initiative is undertaken to determine its feasibility in the client’s arena; during the conduct of activities to determine suitable benchmarks for comparison of progress and results; and at the end of an initiative to determine its ongoing value to the organization. The deliverables produced as part of our studies are generally in the form of reports, white papers, surveys, quantitative data, or questionnaire results. B.4.Training AgileDigm, Incorporated has a number of training courses and interactive workshops to help your organization improve. Many of these courses can also be customized for your needs. Customization may include unique content, formal accreditation, session length, and size of courses and workshops. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  6. 6. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 Our primary courses include: o Fundamentals of Process Improvement. This seminar explains the concepts of maturity models and characteristics of organizations at each level. It explains the phases of process improvement and how maturity models are leveraged for improvement. o Why Invest in Process Improvement? This interactive seminar describes why process improvement is essential to the organization. It identifies key roles in process improvement and describes costs and benefits of improvement programs. The presentation portion includes: o Experience reports from both large and small organizations from around the world o Business objectives that can be addressed by process improvement o What is in it for me for Managers and Staff? During facilitated discussions, the group will consider the best measures for the business value of improvement in the organization and how best to organize, initiate, and implement a process improvement program. o Process Definition and Development. This course covers the basic skills and knowledge required to effectively start defining and enhancing the organization's processes. This course introduces the concepts, tools, and techniques for writing clear, easy to follow policies, processes and procedures. o Introduction to CMMI®. This SEI official 3-day course introduces CMMI, Version 1.2. This course is composed of lectures and class exercises that allow ample opportunity for questions and class discussions. After attending the course, students will be able to describe the components of CMMI models and their relationships, discuss the process areas in CMMI models, understand the two representations of the models and the best uses of each, and locate relevant information in a CMMI model. The Introduction to CMMI course fulfills a prerequisite for attending advanced CMMI courses and being a SCAMPI appraisal team member. This course is limited to 20 students. This class is recommended to be given to managers and software personnel to set expectations and define the model used in assessing and organizing development and acquisition processes. o Introduction to People CMM®. This SEI official 3-day course introduces the People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM), Version 2.0, to those individuals who are involved in managing technical professionals and improving workforce management practices. This course focuses on fundamental concepts associated with developing a professional workforce, and the value brought to organizations. The People CMM is a framework that organizations can use to guide attracting, motivating, and retaining a talented technical staff. The practices in the model help an organization be “an employer of choice” and ensure that the staff has the competencies to achieve an organization's current and future business objectives. o Organizational Training Program Development. This course presents effective guidelines for implementing and executing a successful organizational training program. The course begins with a detailed review of NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  7. 7. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12351 the Organizational Training Process Area from the CMMI and its practices. The course presents guidelines for identifying and tracking training needs at the individual, project, and organizational levels, and effectively planning for and monitoring these efforts. Exercises focus on assisting participants to structure these activities in their own organizations. o Specific Process Area Courses. These courses are detailed courses that help an organization understand critical areas of process definition and improvement. They concentrate on the lowest-level of detail presented in the reference models, offer best practices gleaned from our years of experience institutionalizing these areas in organizations, and assist leaders in structuring the introduction of these techniques into your organization. o Action Planning Workshop. The Action Planning Workshop (APW) provides members of an Action Team with a project launch. The APW enables the team to build its first deliverables: Project Plan, Measures of Impact, and Detailed Work Plan for near term activities and high level work plan for later activities. o Quantitative Thinking – High Maturity Workshop. This workshop is designed to establish an understanding of quantitative thinking in students. This practical interactive workshop is based on the concepts embodied in the CMMI process areas at Level 4 and Level 5. Students leave the workshop with a solid understanding of a few practical techniques to establish performance measures, establish process capability baselines, define process performance models, and quantitatively manage projects. o Appraisal Team Member Training. For formal appraisals, all Appraisal Team Members must be trained to interpret the applicable reference model and to apply the Appraisal Method. This required training includes the Introduction to CMMI Course (3 days) or Introduction to People CMM Course (3 days) and SCAMPI Appraisal Team Member Course (3 days). Other courses may also be suggested based on organizational and individual appraisal team member experience. o Agile Development with CMMI®. This course is designed to strengthen the use of Agile Methods in an organization through the addition of practical discipline. It has been shown that the value from Agile Methods can only be obtained through their disciplined use. This course shows how the CMMI concept of Institutionalization can be used to establish this needed discipline by applying the 12 generic practices associated with maturity levels 2 and 3 to Agile Methods. NATO UNCLASSIFIED